Happy Lunar New Year!

Here’s wishing all my readers a very Happy Lunar New Year!

If you celebrate this festivity, I wish you collect loads of angpows and if you’re giving them out, I hope you win it all back at card games or mahjong! Ha!

’tis the season for feasting on heaty and unhealthy snacks / food so remember to stay hydrated to keep from falling sick! Your skin would thank you for it too!

It’s the year of the Horse again and it’s a reminder that I’m at yet another 12 year cycle in my life. Omygawd I feel old. I know I am at a pretty ‘young’ stage of life but still, the thought of being 24 is daunting. It felt like just yesterday that I turned 21, where did all that time go?!

Nonetheless, hope this year turns out smooth sailing for everyone out there!

Have a good one you all! ♥

Spring-time Glossiness! What's to come!

I may be a few springs too late but… it’s spring time nonetheless and better late than never, yes?

What I’ve noticed is after the glitz and glam of the Winter / Holiday collections, everything gets a lot lighter, brighter and sheerer come spring.

If you favor lipglosses, you would have been pretty pleased with all the revamps that brands have been doing to their lipgloss line – amping up the formula, stylizing a cute and practical applicator etc.

While lipglosses are still glosses – sheer, translucent and glossy – they have come quite far with modern day technology and sure don’t feel / smell like the same glosses I’ve seen on my mom’s vanity back in the day!

Anyway, what I am trying to say is… while I may have skipped over mentioning some of these glosses at their launch, I feel they deserve a little word all the same because after all, while I don’t reach for glosses as much these days, I can’t deny that they were my stepping stone to dressing my lips up!

Shh, don’t tell my secondary school teachers but I loved to pop on some sheer gloss just before school started. I guess that’s the beauty of it, you can get away with a slick of gloss even in school, not that I am advocating it but… yeah.

Stay tuned for these glossy mentions!

I know they aren’t new (aside from the YSL) and you can head over to counters to swatch it for yourself etc, but sometimes some blog mentions ignite my interest in existing / permanent products all the same so I hope these overviews will do the same!

Thanks for reading!

p.s. incase you notice a cute little icon around on out-going links (like this), it is an indication that these out-going links will open in a new window / tab depending on your browser setting! It’s a small random addition but I thought it would be quite spiffy to have these around incase you’re wondering what links open where and don’t want to override your current window.

p.p.s. I didn’t include the little icons for the side-bars else they’ll be all over the place! In current / newer entries, pictures will no longer be clickable while you will see little arrows beside images in 2013 and earlier entries because I can’t go sorting my entire archive and those open in a window.

Nothing’s going wrong, don’t worry!

The Dior Rouge Dior Revamp – Darling & Trafalgar (Swatches)

Last year was the 60th Anniversary of Dior’s iconic Rouge Dior range and it saw the revamp of the said lipstick’s case along with the introduction of new colors and matching tip & lip combos!

I know, I’m about a month late about this mention, making it a ‘so last year’ news but regardless, these newly added colors are here to stay so lets have a look at two of the them – Darling and Trafalgar!

Dressing women’s smiles for sixty years, this capsule collection release features 4 shades that takes you through the lipstick color spectrum – a nude, a pink, a tangy coral and a clean bright red.

There’s a lip look for everyone!

Lips aside, they have released corresponding Vernis shades as well, for lip and tip matchers out there. Though I’ll only cover the lips in this post!

With the revamp and reintroduction of Dior’s Rouge Dior line, the lipstick cases got a facelift, giving them a smoother and sleeker tube (as opposed to the quilt all over the case previously) and an accent ‘band’ quilted with a pattern that is undeniably Dior.

If you ask me, I prefer how they look like now – more feminine and sexy even though, yes, I know it’s just a tube of lipstick.

Darling and Trafalgar were nicely pigmented and have a creamy slick of color, along with the casual soft glossy sheen.

I have noticed that these shades (notably Darling) pulls and looks different on everyone, depending on your skintone.

  • Darling pulls a little deeper on me, not quite as vibrant a pink from the tube and a whole lot more wearable.
  • Trafalgar is a lovely coral shade and while a nice dose of color, can also appear rather neutral on. It’s something easy for me to throw on when I want a natural look without it being too ‘nude’.


Rouge Diors aren’t cult favorites without a reason, these have a lovely saturation of color and a nice boost of shine. On top of that they feel light and balmy too, it’s really quite lovely.

The one thing I especially love about them is how beautifully they hug the lips.

It is incredibly easy to apply straight from the tube and once it settles and sits well on your lips, you have a perfectly painted pout with a lovely color and shine.

I think the only way to get my point across is through lip swatches so, here:

Darling –


Trafalgar –

Don’t they just look perfect?

And I swear I hardly practiced much precision and thought while swatching these – just swipe and snap.

Of the two I may prefer Trafalgar a tad more (just because I am not always inclined to pinks) but both are extremely wearable yet would still work great in a dressier look as a soft lip color.

I don’t notice any bleeding or feathering with these and these shades are a tad neutral and soft to stain much but they don’t wear off too easily either, despite the glossiness.

They don’t survive scratch-free from a meal but they wouldn’t disappear completely either. Though it depends on how you eat ;)

While I had a lone Rouge Dior sitting in my stash from before, it wasn’t till these came along that I got to truly appreciate and understand this cult favorite.

If you ask me, these lipsticks are lovely to have, especially so if you are picking out a gift and / or introducing someone to the world of lip color. Why not start with something that has been painting smiles over sixty years ago, it’s hard to go wrong there!

Thanks for reading!

LOTD: Spring-hued Eyes with YSL

Remember the LOTD I promised featuring YSL’s Pivoine Crush Eye Palette and Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (in Captivating Purple)? Well, here it is!

I’m not too well updated with the the stock situation over at YSL so I can’t say for sure whether the Pivoine Crush is indeed still out of stock or there is a glimmer of restocking hope to hold on it, that is assuming you have interest in that palette. Though I said I would showcase it so here it is all the same.

How I decided to use the Pivoine Crush Eye Palette here is with my own familiar color placement method, no fancy overlaying and blending that is recommended of YSL’s Ombrés 5 Lumières Eye Palette.

Straight out, you would notice the colors are sheer, far from what is displayed in the palette, and even the darkest shade just adds a touch of definition.

For those who like the softness of Ombrés 5 Lumières wouldn’t have an issue with it and those who prefer a light wash of color will be glad for it but for the pow-wow fans, it is understandably a little sad the palette doesn’t translate as well from pan to lid.

Nonetheless, it is still pretty in its own worth and while I wish it could have a little more oomph – creamier texture, smoother blending, less chalkiness – to make up for the pigmentation, it is what it is and still sold out all the same./p>

Major wow!

For the look, I used 4 shades from palette, skipping the pink for a more peachy-themed look.

  • I used the champagne gold (center) as a highlight and also on the inner corners of the lid
  • Then I dabbed the pinkish-coral tone (bottom left) on the middle of the lids, blending outwards
  • For added definition, I used the deep maroon (bottom right) on the outer-v, blending to the crease a little
  • To blend the edges, I swiped on a little of the light coral (top right) in the crease – hardly noticeable

…et voilà!

Though as mentioned, this palette works well with layering and I’ve yet to explore that yet though I am intrigued to.

Not forgetting, that little peek of blue-ish purple you see on my lashes there, that’s the work of the Volume Effet Faux Cils in Captivating Purple. I’m not kidding, it is quite captivating isn’t it?

I’m glad I managed to capture the soft pink-peach hues on my lids because while it is evident in person, it is a light wash of color and nothing too strong. When it comes to pinkish hues, it’s just as well since I am a little afraid of the ‘sore eye look’ when pinks aren’t done right.

I apologize for my lipstick to be a little haphazardly applied because I was rushing out the house towards the end (that explains the car-selfies too).

While I would have loved to use the blush released together with the YSL Flower Crush Spring 2014 collection, I hadn’t snap shots of it yet and didn’t want to ruin its perfect surface. Heh!

Products Used:

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed

Clarins Whitening Plus Aqua Milk
YSL UV Shield SPF 50 PA+++
Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation
NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder

NARS Smudge-proof Eyeshadow Base
YSL Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow Palette
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black
MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved
YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils in 22 Captivating Purple

I forgot! Oops!

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in Darling

Highlighted Products were provided by companies/distributors I am not obliged to use/feature them in LOTDs, decisions made were my own

While I will still be playing around with this palette, trying out that interesting layering method and all, I’m not too sure if I would be keen to post up LOTDs of that, given the palette is already out of stock (last I checked).

Guess I’ll see how it goes and if it serves as an interesting post on layer shadows, why not right?

Thanks for reading!

YSL Spring 2014 – Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (in No. 22)

To tell you the truth, mascara hardly excites me anymore.

I think it boils down to the fact that I rarely wear mascara these days given how I am in frames all the time; I dislike the feeling of coated lashes rubbing against frames, hence.

Though when I received the YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (in 22, Captivating Purple – whoa long name), I actually felt that long-lost mascara excitement spark through me once more.

YSL’s Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils is an award-winning volumizing mascara, aimed at giving you dramatic lash results in a single stroke.

I think ‘a single stroke’ is an ambitious statement since we all have to give the usual one, two – wiggle it on, dabbing an extra coat once the first dries etc.

Now, did this little bugger win awards with me?

Well, I’d say it faired relatively well and especially so with the shade (captivating purple) which sadly is Limited Edition. I’m not sure of the quantities but last I checked, they were still quite well stocked.

I like my colored mascara to lend some color (well, duh) yet still be able to define my lashes. So, definitely no fluttery hot pink or stark white-based purple on my peepers for me.

Which brings me to what ignited my excitement to wear mascara, specifically this mascara – the color!

Yes, I love my blacks and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with black (or brown, if you prefer) mascara, it’s the perfect way of life. Though sometimes a little color that does exactly the same as a black mascara, except with a little more is not too bad a venture!

Isn’t the purple just… captivating?

I really like the jeweled aspect of it, glinting a blue-ish purple when it hits the light and appearing deep / dark all the same, allowing for a nice coat of definition on the lashes.

The brush applicator is simple, straight-forward, combining nylon fibres of varying lengths to help comb through each and every strand of lash, evenly coating them with just the right amount of product.

I’ve given this a couple of uses and while I don’t do the whole works (upper lash, lower lash) daily, I like to occasionally pop a quick coat of this on my lower lashes.

The colored aspect adds a nice hint to the look and definition, without being snuffalapagus-level of too much, is welcomed.

I didn’t manage to snap eye shots for this particular entry but I do have a LOTD featuring this, coming right up so you can see it there!

The downside (see what I did there!)

I think this adds a nice amount of volume and given that it isn’t dark black, it’s definition without the harshness (and a subtle color to boot). For my lashes it seems to tick all the right boxes, except one very important one – it doesn’t hold curls, boohoo.

My lashes aren’t stick straight and usually don’t need more cajoling to stay curled but sometimes, just sometimes, some mascaras go on and they’ll start wilting like plants with microwaved water. Okay, maybe not that bad. They’ll still have a curl to them but are a little drooped, minimizing that whole mesmirizing fluttery eye look, sad.

Though that isn’t too bad if all you want is a natural everyday sort of look – nothing too preened and curled. However those that need heavy duty mascara that defies gravity, maybe you want to thread with caution here.

Over all, I still love this and I like that I can at least use it on my lower lashes for a hint of color, if anything! At least this seems to be the best way for me to be using mascara in my four-eyed days!

Thanks for reading, how do you feel about colored mascaras?

This is Limited Edition and already available at YSL boutiques and counters island-wide

Restarting my 2014 (A random personal ramble)

All words, no pictures – okay cool? Let’s go…

Hello you guys (by that I mean you ladies)! 

Wanted to post a casual ramble to let off some steam and rant? Well about nothing in particular but I wanted to just type words and not have to list down product information, texture description and key information in the process. Basically I just want to blog a little ambiguous life update.

So 2014 has been nothing but chaotic and blah this far. I certainly didn’t start it on a very good note.

There were some highlights – Angelica workshop (scary but fun!), meet up with pals amongst other things but my general mood has been so down in the dumps and everything going on around me just isn’t helping. I refuse to believe or read too much into things like The Secret but at moments like this, I can’t help but feel there’s a little truth in it – negativity breeds more negativity.

So maybe this post is like a reset to myself, let me shake all that madness away and start 2014 anew once again! At good time too since I had just successfully wrapped up a major work event (which contributed to the stress). There’s one more on the way but at least dealing with one is better than the thought of two!

Okay this post is getting really pointless for my blog but I guess what I’m trying to say is I haven’t been on here much because I’ve been swamped and also wallowing in my own misery for a bit, I’m only human! But no more – chin up and ready to take on the world.

Not sure where the random bout of moodiness came from because I’m not feeling that sore about getting a year older. Or perhaps subconsciously I am and I refuse to admit it which caused a whole snowball of emotions.

Though now I’m done rambling / ranting so I shall attempt to push all negativity away be it people, situation or even myself.

In 2014 I aim to be more gracious with my emotions, be the bigger person and be more forgiving about things. Majority of this sounds bizarre cause I appear so happy and carefree on here but in person I can be very demanding (esp work-wise, I expect a lot of people) and I seem to live life on a fast forward button, no time to smell the roses despite what it may seem or what I may portray online.

While I’m not going to hit slow-mo, I will attempt to take a walk in the park when I can, take things slow, calm and of course aim to be a better version of myself.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading this random-ness, do you have any personal goals and state of mind for yourself in 2014?

On a happier note, I’ve got loads of lovelies to share once I climb out of this emotional rut and get my blogging mojo back. Hold out for me! :)

L'OCCITANE Festive Giveaway Winners & Angelica Skincare Workshop Round Up!

Instead of spamming you with bits of pieces of my recent eventful interactions with L’OCCITANE, I figured I would just lump it all into this one entry. So, here’s annoucing the winners of my recent L’OCCITANE Angelica Festive Giveaway along with some shots and thoughts of the Angelica Skincare Workshop I had conducted at TANGS Seviin!

In lieu of more L’OCCITANE Angelica giveaways to come (no solid promises but that is my plan!), the giveaway I had just wrapped up will be termed the ‘Festive Giveaway’!

First of all, thank you to all that have taken part and took time to jot your skin concerns down, sharing with me your skin woes. I’ve been through my fair share of skin problems along with good skin times and likewise I feel a skincare routine is crucial to both bettering and maintaining your skin.

With that, L’OCCITANE is bringing to light the fact that they have a good range of skincare products ready to help you tackle your skin concerns be it hydrating, oil control or combating redness.

While the brand isn’t famed for their skincare, it’s never too late to start discovering and learning about what they have to offer – trust me, their stuff is pretty good!

Angelica Festive Giveaway Winners

Enough said, I’m glad to be able to share some L’OCCITANE Angelica products with the 3 lucky winners below!


Congratulations to you lot and for everyone else that didn’t win, fret not! Like I said, I have plans for more giveaways coming up soon – after all, it is my duty as the Angelica Angel to spread the Angelica love!

The 3 winners have been notified via emails, please check your inbox (maybe even spam / junk mail) for further instructions! Should anyone fail to reply within 48 hours, another winner will be drawn.

The Angelica Angel Workshop

On the note of sharing, I was excited (and totally anxious) about the L’OCCITANE Angelica Angel Workshop though thankfully I think everything went relatively smooth! I did have my bouts of nerves and little hiccups with my presentation but I think overall I did pretty okay.

I can only hope that the participants present had a great time discovering the Angelica products and loved the whole experience of it!

Of course I also have to thank the L’OCCITANE Team for being such awesome people and handling every aspect of this workshop such that I needn’t have to worry about anything at all.

The workshop was held at a lovely and cozy room at SEVIIN at Tangs – the setting and deco was perfect and the little bites added a nice classy touch, I couldn’t be more glad about how my first ever beauty workshop went and I’m happy to share this experience with a bunch of jovial and enthusiastic team!

Oh hello Sophia (makeupblogette)!

Overall, it’s hard to sum the experience up but I can see why some would get addicted to holding such presentations, workshops and/or hosting. Not for the attention (unless that’s your thang) but rather the feeling of conveying information, helping people understand a product better and hopefully allowing them to have enjoyed the session yet learnt from it at the same time. It’s really quite priceless :)

With that said, this doesn’t mean I’ll be doing workshops anytime now because I need to keep my nerves and heart rate in check! I can’t deal with this presentation anxiety on a daily basis! Ha!

Thanks again everyone!

p.s. Putting a little pause button on my blog right now because work is a total killa but you’ll hear from me as soon as I can! As usual, loads to shout out and talk about but not enough time. No time, never enough time! Ha!

Baby's CNY Outfits! (Thanks to FOX Fashion)

This post would be the rare nod to my mommy side of life and also a more personal glimpse into our little family time, outside of my love for makeup and dolling up.

Over the recent weekend, we were invited to a preview of FOX Fashion (or simply FOX)’s upcoming Chinese New Year collection. In the western world, this would probably be better termed as Spring Summer given the floral prints, soft flowy materials and bright colors used.

Though in Singapore, with Chinese New Year sneaking up very quickly this year, it’s a great place to drop by and shop up a storm for the kids.

As adults, I know I personally can’t be too bothered with shopping for new clothes every New Year but when it comes to dressing kids up, it’s quite a fun affair. What’s more if you shop at FOX, it is inexpensive and stylish too!

My snaps are a little more biased towards baby and girls because I have a baby girl but they have items for boys and ‘big kids’ too!

I’ll also need your help towards the end, so stay tuned! :D

There were some bites on hand given the event was held in the early morning but it seems like everyone was too busy shopping to eat!

While I digested my surroundings, baby was attracted to the little kids corner with kid-sized tables and toys. Hubs also took the liberty to start warming baby up with some shades, heh!

Alright, on to the clothes.

Everything looked so girly, cute and small I had to resist trying everything on baby.

I think unlike me, baby probably isn’t too keen on multiple outfit changes. By the third outfit she was yawning and frowning so I’m glad she managed to tank on through the whole morning – phew!

The entire FOX store at City Square was decked out in their New Arrivals, be it casual tees to jeggings (super cute on babies) to shorts, pretty dresses, camis, and more!

Baby shoes are so adorable these days. Even though we know they will outgrow them pretty quick, it’s still hard to resist.

We picked out a couple of pretty dresses (since Baby has an abundance of casual wear and rompers already) and it was off to the changing room!

Baby was required to snap 2 outfits for the first 2 days of Chinese New Year. While she really is quite a tomboy-ish, curious and cheeky girl, I think we did quite a good job giving her a pretty dainty and girly appeal in her outfits, heh!

I was so glad that hubs (and his parents) were around to help too as I didn’t think I could manage with baby alone at the event!

See, the enthusiastic daddy making sure his girl looks her best!

Would you like to see Baby posing with the 2 Outfits?

Yes, hop on over to FOX Fashion’s album and while you’re at it, drop baby a LIKE if you like her outfits! It’s a super quick process and all you need is a Facebook account, which most already have! So, do drop her a vote if you can!

What’s in it for you?

You may just get to walk away with a Canon Selphy Photo Printer (worth S$199) for yourself, along with a FOX CNY outfit too!

That is if baby comes up as the winning kid!

Do help spread the word (use http://on.fb.me/votebabyk to share) as well, that would be greatly appreciated :)

While baby was required to pose for 2 outfits for the little contest, we decided on dressing her up for a spunky third outfit. Just for kicks. I think while the florals are really pretty this best suits my little girl’s cheeky personality!

In the meanwhile, do check out FOX Fashion if you still need to get some CNY Clothes shopping done for your kiddos!

Thanks for reading and thanks for voting~

List of FOX Kids and Babies stores in Singapore!

YSL Spring – Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches)

Hello you guys (or girls / ladies)! I’m still alive and well though I’ll admit that I’ve been putting blogging off because I just haven’t got the ‘mood’ to churn anything out due to work and the constant paranoia of deadlines, not sending a certain file across, not finishing something up in time, etc.

Basically there’s too much on my mind to think about blogging right now.

Though sometimes, just sometimes, blogging creeps into the picture and that’s when I realize I could put a pause on my blog but the world is still buzzing about and time still flying by.

With that, let me briefly shed some light and love on the Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow palette that was released with YSL’s feminine and flirty spring collection.

Bathed in a whirlwind of flowers and the breathe of Spring, YSL’s Spring collection artfully features the feminine color palette of spring amidst a dash of sultry smokiness.

The palette design is, as always, stunning with a jibe of youthful-ness, taking a nod at the contemporary femme fatale – liberated, unafraid and yet delicate in persona.

It could be our Chinese culture and the fact that Chinese / Lunar New Year is occuring a lot earlier this year but the palettes released in YSL’s Spring collection feel in-theme with the Chinese festivities – almost like an exquisite red packet design.

Now, if only YSL distributed red packets in this print, that would be lovely.

Though do not confuse the Spring palettes with their special and very Limited Chinese New Year blush palette (Beauty Blossom Palette)

The shades in the Pivoine Crush palette are undeniably Spring-themed with hues of soft rose, coral, pinks, champagne and a sultry maroon all dancing in tune and in the light as each shade is well-shot through with refined shimmer.

While it may appear daunting, the shimmer actually takes on a relatively subtle role (as you will see in swatches later), working to enhance and capture light more than obnoxiously blinging up the lids.

The palette appears to be such a beauty that I couldn’t help but help feeling a tad disappointed at the quality of the shadows.

Though to its own credit, it is the typical formulation and pigmentation of YSL shadows – not the creamiest though decent, picks up moderately and the boldest of shades go on as a sheer peek of color with a notable translucence.

Though in light of spring time and its daintiness, this palette would work beautifully for those that fancy sheerer work-safe shades that allow for layering and better control over the pigmentation.

In fact, when I went by the YSL boutique (at ION), I approached the Makeup Artist for tips on how to best utilize this palette and his immediate reply was to layer the colors because that allows for each shade’s complexity to show up better. While they cannot compete individually, the result of layering is a whisper of colors perfectly complimenting each other and enhancing your eyes.

I haven’t tried this out on myself but the Makeup Artist demonstrated the techniques and I am intrigued – I cannot wait to try it out. I hope the natural look photographs well so I can showcase it to you all!

My favorite of the 5 shades would be the coral (2nd from left) because that works well worn on it’s own or paired with the darker maroon for a quick look in my usual style.

In fact, I do have a look coming up though this was before I learnt the secret and technique of layering so, I would say it’s not the best representation!

Unfortunately the last I checked, the Pivoine Crush palette was already out of stock at the YSL Boutique (in ION). Though I am uncertain if they have more stocks to replenish the shelves. You could also go by TANGS and give it a look or try your luck at ION again!

It’s not a must-have palette but if you are an avid collector of pretty packaging or the shades / usage of the shadows are right up your alley, this would be an exquisite palette to have in the stash.

Thank you for reading!

Now, let me hurry back to the land of paranoia and give my to-do list a one over again.

Sephora's Upside-Down Mascara!

I know, I still owe you guys the results of the L’OCCITANE Angelica Festive giveaway and I will get to that shortly!

As usual, work’s been a bit of a hurricane and it’s been a while since I had left the office while the sun is still up (and roads were still packed with rush hour traffic) but work calls, what can we do?

In the meanwhile I was a little too intrigued / flabbergasted / fascinated by news of this that I just had to take it to my blog.

Yes, say what, an upside down mascara? What does that even mean?!

I got this news source from international bloggers, not from Sephora Singapore as of now, so I cannot report on whether it will appear in our stores (or is it already there?) and provide more information about it but… I think I’ll just let the images and concept sink in while we wait for this to appear in person.


I know I’m still digesting the idea of this.

There are apparently various ways of using this – clamped together like a ‘flatiron’ for your lashes, but without the heat or worked with the wands together.

It’s all very intriguing and I can tell your eyebrows are probably up just taking this in so I suggest we wait for more official information before we jump to gimmicky conclusions.

If you want to see this on an official page, it’s over at Sephora.com for USD22.

Thanks for reading! I hope the Sephora Singapore team gives us more information about this soon. I foretell a messy gimmicky situation but hey, I could be wrong!

Nonetheless, I’m certainly intrigued.