YSL Spring is coming your way + Limited Edition CNY Palette!

With the new year, it’s time to kick start the cycle of trends once more!

While we’re barely one foot through the door of 2014, Spring has been creeping up on us the whole time we were singing Christmas carols and cheering the holiday season.

Here’s a quick group peek at some the generous ‘gold bars’ that YSL had provided me!

I’ve got a fair bit of straightening out to do at work but I’ll give you a low down on YSL’s upcoming Spring collection as soon as I can!

In the meanwhile, you may want to keep your eyes peeled on a special Chinese New Year collectors palette coming to YSL boutiques real soon. I’ve heard that quantities are limited so grab if you fancy!

I don’t know of the launch date but you can stalk call up the counters to check.

Sorry for the low-res imagery, pictures were grabbed off Selfridges. I am surprised to see this Beauty Blossom Collectors palette available there, since it is a Chinese New Year exclusive but given that it is pretty and covetable enough, regardless if you celebrate this festive occassion or not.

With that said, I’m back to busying about my business. Loads to straighten out for 2014 and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) this big project I’m working on kicks off well, I can’t wait to present it to you all but for now… it needs loads more tweaking.

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch up with you all soon!

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