New Year, New Hair: HERS – Purple? Pshh, Ultraviolet.

It’s the new year and I had been so caught up slogging the last of my 2013 away, along with errands and catchups that came along, that in November, I skipped my monthly visit to Headlines Hairdressing.

Thus, this now overgrown and also faded mop of mine needed extra fixing and magic to whip it back in shape for more upcoming festivities – Chinese New Year, groan.

In the spirit of the new year, I’ve got a special hair makeover entry – a His & Hers edition!

Be it if you are looking for some change (hair-wise) this year or in need of a good refresh for Chinese New Year, stay tuned to see the magic that Jerry had worked on my hair (and my hubs) to make us look all presentable and proper once more!

From the title you could probably tell that this post is going to be all about my hair first since I think us girls require more time to ponder the hair options available.

I’ll talk about hub’s hair revamp shortly if you’re looking to convince your significant other about a new year, new change. For now, ladies first!

A last look at the outgrown and affectionately labelled seaweed hair.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted in mind – to try purple because it is a color I haven’t conquered. On top of that I wanted it to be fun yet conservative enough for Chinese New Year, aka no weird stares and comments from the elderly folks. Hence a whole head of bright bold purple is a no-go.

After the discussion, Jerry shared that he too had a mind to try purple on me. With that, I left everything in his hands and just waited to see the end result.

1. Sectioning – What Goes Up, What Goes Down.

Jerry’s vision for my hair includes sectioning the upper and lower portion so the tedious task of deciding what goes up / down happens first.

Sectioning is actually a lot more important than it sounds because it decides how the color flows through your hair and how it will peeks out under the layers.

2. Bleaching it Even

After deciding what goes where, the under layers were treated to a round of bleaching.

Most of my hair had been subjected to a good amount of bleach (except for new growth) so this step is simply to strip away the mess of colors so the purple has a fresh canvas to adhere to.

This reduces unncessary color mishaps from happening too!

Since there was a good amount of sitting around while waiting for the bleach to work, I got a little bored and amused myself at the tuft of hair sticking up.

After washing the bleach off, I thought the mid-way-there hair looked pretty cool – in its own way of course.

Very scenekid-inspired and the old 18 year old me would be dying to have something like this back in the day.

The tedious task of sectioning continues after my hair was blown dry.

3. Pilin’ on the Purple!

Here comes the fun part, check out the madness that is about to be plopped on the lower section of my hair!

It’s so bold and bright that even my camera was going crazy trying to capture it right. It’s the sort of blue-purple that looks a certain way in person and photographs a whole different way depending on your camera (and setting).

I can’t tell you how excited I was the whole time I saw a section of my hair getting slathered with this ultraviolet shade.

And we’re done with the purple so… we wait again!

Here’s the hubs and I getting our hair worked on at Headlines Hairdressing. What you don’t see within the picture was how busy and crowded the salon actually is!

Hubs turned to me a couple of times and said, “Wow they’re so busy today” and it’s true! I guess everyone was getting their hair done for the New Year!

5. The Rest of It.

Now that the ‘star of the show’, the purple, is taken care of it’s time to deal with the rest of my hair – the upper section.

To create a subtle yet sleek look, Jerry decided to do a dark dark violet ash shade to cover up the mishmash of colors and to allow the purple to stand out. Not that the purple needs much help.

It hardly looks like much but when left to develop…

It becomes a little something like this and yes, this is going on top of my head. Though I assure you, I’m not going to turn out to be a walking eggplant.

The bold purple portion was foiled up to prevent color transfer though the foil didn’t hold up with me turning and fidgeting all over the place. Oops.

With this visit I didn’t have to do any wrapping and ‘microwaving’ of my head, thankfully, and I allowed the color to develop over time while Jerry busied about with hubs and his numerous other customers.

If anything this is a sure sign that if you want to get your hair done here before Chinese New Year swings about – book fast!

6. Wash and Trim

I was buzzing with anticipation when I was motioned to the wash area to rinse my hair.

Knowing how unexpected my hair can be in the face of color (these days), I’ve learnt not to expect too much and always prepare for any odd colors that may come about due to my hair rebeling after being subjected to so much ‘abuse’ before.

I’m not going to reveal it yet but here’s a peek!

Can you spot the purplish hue? It’s like my hair is on fire – the blue flame sort of fire. Woots!

After the color, Jerry did a little cleaning up by trimming and shaping my hair and voila, we’re all set.

Are you ready to see my final outcome?

I can’t tell you how much I love it.

Though it’s a tad darker than I’m used to (after the light stints)


Okay enough suspense.


First, unveiling how it looks under indoor lighting.

As I’ve said, this blue-purple (blupple?) has a tendency to shift and appear more blue or more purple depending on the lighting and camera.


Under indoor lighting the base color (by base I really mean the color on the top) looks almost-black and the blupple gives a stark contrast without being a light (in tone) color.

It has this almost gothic vibe to it which quite a reversal considering we’re moving out of the gloomy Fall / Winter into a brighter cheery spring but… I love it and that’s what matters!

Now that you’ve seen how it looks indoors, lets take it outdoors under bright sunlight where you’ll get to see the colors come to live!


You’ll notice that the black isn’t all quite black and amidst it, there are streaks of bluish grey along with a hint of violet nearing the scalp / root. It’s a sleek mishmash of colors in its own way yet everything just works!

I simply cannot stop raving about how much I love my new hair – how bold and striking the purple is (and what a perfect shade it is) along with how it is just understated enough to prevent strange stares from coming my way.

Most that have seen my hair have expressed that they really like it and they would attempt it if they feel up to it.

I haven’t had dark hair in a good while and while the base color is a rather deeper ashy shade, I feel it balances the look out enough that I don’t have to worry too much about coordinating my makeup, lipstick, or clothes to my hair.

It’s bright yet dark, bold yet understated.

I think you get it, I really love it so here are more pictures. Heh!

The wind was a little crazy when I was outdoor trying to get snaps of my hair.

A glimpse of the POW WOW ultraviolet, purple, blupple, whichever, hidden under the layers of ash.

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Okay you’re probably sick of seeing my face now so… one last picture before I wrap this up and leave you with details on how you can head over to Headlines Hairdressing if you are eyeing something similar!

If you have salon-phobia during the Chinese New Year period because of their insane price hikes and whatnot, you would be pleased to know that prices are as per usual over at Headlines Hairdressing and last discussed, the discount is still valid when you quote my name!

18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday 10.30am – 8.30pm
Saturday 10.30am – 7pm
Sunday & Public Holidays 10.30am – 5pm

Jerry is personally off on Tuesdays.

Do call +65 6221 6866 to bo
ok an appointment as their schedule can be quite packed!

Also, check out their Facebook Page for more of their ‘works’!

Quote ‘SARA’ at the salon for a 15% discount!
*not applicable for promotions

A huge thank you again to Jerry for this awesome ‘do that I love to bits. And thank you all for reading!

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Hair: HERS – Purple? Pshh, Ultraviolet.

  1. icyabstract says:

    rhaindropz: Aww, if you can get away with it maybe a little hidden streak of color underneath? Like mine but way more subtle? haha :)

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