Sephora's Upside-Down Mascara!

I know, I still owe you guys the results of the L’OCCITANE Angelica Festive giveaway and I will get to that shortly!

As usual, work’s been a bit of a hurricane and it’s been a while since I had left the office while the sun is still up (and roads were still packed with rush hour traffic) but work calls, what can we do?

In the meanwhile I was a little too intrigued / flabbergasted / fascinated by news of this that I just had to take it to my blog.

Yes, say what, an upside down mascara? What does that even mean?!

I got this news source from international bloggers, not from Sephora Singapore as of now, so I cannot report on whether it will appear in our stores (or is it already there?) and provide more information about it but… I think I’ll just let the images and concept sink in while we wait for this to appear in person.


I know I’m still digesting the idea of this.

There are apparently various ways of using this – clamped together like a ‘flatiron’ for your lashes, but without the heat or worked with the wands together.

It’s all very intriguing and I can tell your eyebrows are probably up just taking this in so I suggest we wait for more official information before we jump to gimmicky conclusions.

If you want to see this on an official page, it’s over at for USD22.

Thanks for reading! I hope the Sephora Singapore team gives us more information about this soon. I foretell a messy gimmicky situation but hey, I could be wrong!

Nonetheless, I’m certainly intrigued.