The Dior Rouge Dior Revamp – Darling & Trafalgar (Swatches)

Last year was the 60th Anniversary of Dior’s iconic Rouge Dior range and it saw the revamp of the said lipstick’s case along with the introduction of new colors and matching tip & lip combos!

I know, I’m about a month late about this mention, making it a ‘so last year’ news but regardless, these newly added colors are here to stay so lets have a look at two of the them – Darling and Trafalgar!

Dressing women’s smiles for sixty years, this capsule collection release features 4 shades that takes you through the lipstick color spectrum – a nude, a pink, a tangy coral and a clean bright red.

There’s a lip look for everyone!

Lips aside, they have released corresponding Vernis shades as well, for lip and tip matchers out there. Though I’ll only cover the lips in this post!

With the revamp and reintroduction of Dior’s Rouge Dior line, the lipstick cases got a facelift, giving them a smoother and sleeker tube (as opposed to the quilt all over the case previously) and an accent ‘band’ quilted with a pattern that is undeniably Dior.

If you ask me, I prefer how they look like now – more feminine and sexy even though, yes, I know it’s just a tube of lipstick.

Darling and Trafalgar were nicely pigmented and have a creamy slick of color, along with the casual soft glossy sheen.

I have noticed that these shades (notably Darling) pulls and looks different on everyone, depending on your skintone.

  • Darling pulls a little deeper on me, not quite as vibrant a pink from the tube and a whole lot more wearable.
  • Trafalgar is a lovely coral shade and while a nice dose of color, can also appear rather neutral on. It’s something easy for me to throw on when I want a natural look without it being too ‘nude’.


Rouge Diors aren’t cult favorites without a reason, these have a lovely saturation of color and a nice boost of shine. On top of that they feel light and balmy too, it’s really quite lovely.

The one thing I especially love about them is how beautifully they hug the lips.

It is incredibly easy to apply straight from the tube and once it settles and sits well on your lips, you have a perfectly painted pout with a lovely color and shine.

I think the only way to get my point across is through lip swatches so, here:

Darling –


Trafalgar –

Don’t they just look perfect?

And I swear I hardly practiced much precision and thought while swatching these – just swipe and snap.

Of the two I may prefer Trafalgar a tad more (just because I am not always inclined to pinks) but both are extremely wearable yet would still work great in a dressier look as a soft lip color.

I don’t notice any bleeding or feathering with these and these shades are a tad neutral and soft to stain much but they don’t wear off too easily either, despite the glossiness.

They don’t survive scratch-free from a meal but they wouldn’t disappear completely either. Though it depends on how you eat ;)

While I had a lone Rouge Dior sitting in my stash from before, it wasn’t till these came along that I got to truly appreciate and understand this cult favorite.

If you ask me, these lipsticks are lovely to have, especially so if you are picking out a gift and / or introducing someone to the world of lip color. Why not start with something that has been painting smiles over sixty years ago, it’s hard to go wrong there!

Thanks for reading!

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