Spring-time Glossiness! What's to come!

I may be a few springs too late but… it’s spring time nonetheless and better late than never, yes?

What I’ve noticed is after the glitz and glam of the Winter / Holiday collections, everything gets a lot lighter, brighter and sheerer come spring.

If you favor lipglosses, you would have been pretty pleased with all the revamps that brands have been doing to their lipgloss line – amping up the formula, stylizing a cute and practical applicator etc.

While lipglosses are still glosses – sheer, translucent and glossy – they have come quite far with modern day technology and sure don’t feel / smell like the same glosses I’ve seen on my mom’s vanity back in the day!

Anyway, what I am trying to say is… while I may have skipped over mentioning some of these glosses at their launch, I feel they deserve a little word all the same because after all, while I don’t reach for glosses as much these days, I can’t deny that they were my stepping stone to dressing my lips up!

Shh, don’t tell my secondary school teachers but I loved to pop on some sheer gloss just before school started. I guess that’s the beauty of it, you can get away with a slick of gloss even in school, not that I am advocating it but… yeah.

Stay tuned for these glossy mentions!

I know they aren’t new (aside from the YSL) and you can head over to counters to swatch it for yourself etc, but sometimes some blog mentions ignite my interest in existing / permanent products all the same so I hope these overviews will do the same!

Thanks for reading!

p.s. incase you notice a cute little icon around on out-going links (like this), it is an indication that these out-going links will open in a new window / tab depending on your browser setting! It’s a small random addition but I thought it would be quite spiffy to have these around incase you’re wondering what links open where and don’t want to override your current window.

p.p.s. I didn’t include the little icons for the side-bars else they’ll be all over the place! In current / newer entries, pictures will no longer be clickable while you will see little arrows beside images in 2013 and earlier entries because I can’t go sorting my entire archive and those open in a window.

Nothing’s going wrong, don’t worry!

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