L’OCCITANE GIVEAWAY – 2 Sets of Angelica Lemon ‘Starters’

As part of my angelic duties (waha! – I’m cringing as I type that, heh) I am here to bestow upon 2 lucky readers a ‘starter’ set to the Angelica Lemon range!

I say starter but that’s just my own term for it because what I have up for grabs is 2 sets of:

  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Foaming Cleanser (150ml)
  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Mattifying Toner (200ml)


Now that I have them typed out like that, that’s a lot of ‘ultra’s!

If you are ultra keen to try them out, why not take part in the Giveaway that I am currently hosting!

Unlike previously, this will be an Instagram Giveaway so here’s what you have to do to take part (if you haven’t already seen it on instagram)!

– How to Take Part –
  1. Follow me on Instagram ! Simple enough?
  2. LIKE‘ the L’OCCITANE Giveaway picture (as seen above)
  3. Leave a comment saying “pick me!” (or something like that) along with your email address. This is very important as I will contact you here if you win.


And that is it!

The giveaway will run from 28th February to 14th March.

While it’s not necessary to re-gram and spread the word etc (complicated mechanics I’ll dabble in once I get the hang of IG-giveaways), you can feel free to share the Angelica love… if you wish.


Alrightey, thanks for reading and good luck everyone!

p.s. I thought I would get more time on my hands after wrapping up a major work event but who knew that after finishing that up, I’ve opened the floodgates of ‘pending projects’ that were shoved aside to revisit once the work even is over. KILL MEEEE. That said, there may or may not be a little silence on this space but I’m trying to at least have one new entry up a week! :)

Haul: the Two from THREE (Flash Performance Liner & Blush)!

I’ve heard nothing but raves and positive sentiments about THREE’s eyeliner products so when the opportunity presented itself, I just had to grab me some THREE products!

Special thanks to Eliza for hovering over the THREE counter snapping and swatching all their products for us! Aside from the liners, there is little news about the rest of their range (blushes, lipsticks etc) so while we were intrigued it’s all quite a mystery and hit-and-miss situation to us.

So with that, I settled with a very simple and humble haul of one eyeliner (cause I really don’t need anymore) and a blush – all of which have received some mentions online.

Better to be safe? Heh

Starting with the liner, named Flash Performance Eyeliner, these are raved to last well through the day and come in an assortment of lovely shades.

I exercised control and only picked up one from the eight colors available.

The THREE Flash Performance liners are pencil liners with a sponge-tip applicator on the reversed end to help with smudging and blending them out if you prefer.

The smudger was surprisingly dense and different from the usual sort that I am used to. This feels like a solid piece of rubber for some heavy duty smudging, instead of the foamy and soft sort I often see.

While I rarely smudge my liners with these, this time around the color I picked worked best drawn over the lids and then smudged out for a softer look.

The shade I picked is 07 Eye Doll, a medium…. well, I’m not sure how to describe.

It’s mostly olive but yet very neutral, has some gold reflects along with shimmery pink ones within. It’s generally neutral with a hint of murky along with shine.

In short, it’s beautiful; here see:

Aren’t those little flecks of pink just beautiful?

While it isn’t my usual deep dark shade for me to line my eyes with, or bold / bright enough to be used as an accent liner, this is lovely all the same and how I like to use it is messily drawn on then smudged out – gorgeous!

I promise you a LOTD one day though I’m guessing it’s not going to photograph as well and complex as it looks in person, which is sad. Though this shade is a true beauty, no doubt about that.

Another item that I threw caution to the wind and hauled would be the Color Veil for Cheeks.

I don’t know what made me want these THREE blushes given I’ve not heard much about these. Perhaps it’s curiosity?

Regardless what it is, I am glad I went ahead and picked this up because I love it, from the simple and sleek packaging to the color and the way it diffuses a flush on the cheeks. It’s so perfect!

The blush I have here is 19 Love Kick, quite a kick of color in comparison to the rest of THREE’s Color Veil shades available.

While this looks extremely bright and vibrant in the pan, what I like about the Color Veils is (as the name hints at) these go on like a soft veil on the skin. They are pigmented, but in a way that nicely diffuses color on the cheeks no matter what brush you use.

It’s beautiful, it’s delicate but yet it shows up. I can’t say enough about these and after my experience with Love Kick, I’m kicking myself for not picking up more!

Though I blame it on the lack of swatches online and inaccurate swatch images via THREE’s website. It makes it such a gamble to buy these Color Veils without seeing them in person!

In that hand swatch they are still swatched on rather heavily, here is how it looks (as a soft diffused flush) on the cheeks.

It’s so beautiful and hardly any blending is required for that soft look! If you’re a blush junkie, I highly urge you to give THREE’s Color Veil for Cheeks a look if you haven’t.

Of course, a good number of their Color Veils look relatively light in tone and Love Kick is one of their more pigmented and stronger ones, their target market is obviously for fairer skintypes. Though Love Kick would be able to show up nicely on skintones till about an NC 35 or maybe even 40 if you layer it a little!

It’s so soft and diffused it probably wouldn’t look patchy on either.

So that wraps up my first encounter, and certainly not the last, with THREE. I need more Color Veils in my life but I shall pace myself, perhaps give their lip products a little peek too in the mean while…

Thanks for reading!

Do you have anything you love from THREE to recommend?

NEW – L'OCCITANE's Angelica Lemon Range (For Oily / Combination Skin)!

Fairly new, that is.

L’OCCITANE’s Angelica Lemon range has been available for a month or so but if you are wondering what sets this apart from the existing Angelica and Iris Angelica that was introduced last year, well… read on!

If you have oily / combination skin that flares up with angry spots now and then, could use with oil control and needs a little love and hydration amidst repairing and ‘disciplining’?

Well, I think the Angelica Lemon range could be what you are searching for!

Back when I held my Festive Angelica Giveaway, I asked for participants to list their skin concerns. A good amount of the replies I got included oily / combination skin, pores, and in some cases oily yet dehydrated skin at the same time.

With that, I feel the launch of the Angelica Lemon range would perfectly address many of your needs and concerns!

How does Angelica Lemon Work? –

The added ingredient of Zinc along with Organic Lemon Essential Oils help to regulate sebum production and keeps oilies at bay (for as long as they can fend it off!), as well as purifying and tightening the pores. Thus with regular use, your skin should see an improved condition of being less oily with an overall better complexion!

All that aside, the base formulation of Angelica (Angelica Root & Angelica Water) helps with the nourishing aspect and improves hydration along with protecting the skin from free radicals (which damages your skin and speeds up the signs of aging, eeps!).

While the Zinc and Organic Lemon Essential Oils cleanses and fixes your skin concerns, the Angelica formulation provides comfort and soothes the skin so it doesn’t act up!

Voila, that’s the best way to explain this one-two combo found within the Angelica Lemon range as simply as possible!

Angelica Lemon, like the Iris Angelica range, is an add-on to the exisiting (and extensive) Angelica line from L’OCCITANE. What you get with this range is a few key items to introduce to your regime as opposed to a whole new routine from A – Z with Angelica Lemon.

The 3 key products found in this range would be the:

  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Foaming Cleanser
  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Mattifying Toner
  • Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid

Rightfully the Ultra Matte Fluid was the stepping stone to the Angelica Lemon range as it had been formulated with the key ingredients (Organic Lemon Essential Oil and Zinc) while being launched earlier with the Angelica range. To put it simply, this isn’t new but it is now roped in with the in-crowd and properly brought to light again.

Not to confuse anyone it will still stay named as Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid while it stands together with the Angelica Lemon range!

Before we dive into the products, I want to preface this by saying my skin is currently in Normal and mildly Dry days so these products are not a match for my skintype. Even with that said, I am still sharing my thoughts based on how I felt they work on me though I can’t be a proper judge of the properties these carry (oil control etc).

Angelica Lemon Ultra Foaming Cleanser –

Everyone loves a foaming cleanser… right? It’s just so much more fun to squish a ball of foam around and smear that on your face? No?

Jokes aside, the Ultra Foaming Cleanser does foam and it certainly cleanses well. The foam it produces isn’t a watery drippy mess either and is actually a nice light-weight foam that while seemingly ‘dry’ does sud up well on the face and leaves you feeling squeaky clean. Yes, it does end up feeling a tiny bit drying for me, making my skin slightly taut post-wash though I’m sure oily skintypes would appreciate the thorough cleanse – though remember to moisturize after!

Digressing to the scent, for those who adore the fresh and crisp celery-like scent the original Angelica range carries, you’ll be sad to know the Angelica Lemon products smell fairly neutral with no celery whatsoever. Boohoo for me.

Angelica Lemon Ultra Mattifying Toner –

If the Angelica toner felt a little too hydrating for you, you’ll be glad to learn that this Ultra Mattifying Toner seems to be lighter in texture (not as heavy / hydrating on the skin) without as much of a stick after. It is still a western toner so it isn’t completely weightless and has some moisturizing elements to it, as opposed to the water-like quality of some asian toners. Though it is just as well because even though your skin is oily, it doesn’t mean it should be deprived of moisture!

In terms of the mattifying aspect, I can’t be the best judge but it did hydrate my normal / mildly dry skin adequetely. As a personal preference I still enjoy using the Angelica Toner more as it felt more hydrating and nourishing for my skin concern.

Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid –

A lightweight gel-fluid-like moisturizer to ease and introduce oily skintypes to using a moisturizer because often times when you have oily skin, most cream (or even gel) moisturizers can feel a little too thick or heavy on. For me personally, I feel this is really light weight and best for use during the day. While L’OCCITANE claims you can use this both day and night, if you sleep in drying conditions, it’s best to use a moisturizer that is a little thicker just for that extra moisture.

While the Ultra Matte Fluid didn’t really agree with my normal / midly dry skin (it made my skin feel dry and broke me out a little by day 2), Hubs with his oily / combination skin loves it. He uses it in the day and enjoys how light-weight it feels yet hydrating it is through the day. He has also noted that his face feels less oily by the end of the day and he doesn’t feel the need to splash or wipe his face through the work day, that’s got to be a good thing!

Since he has been using it for almost a month now, he has also noticed the effects of the Angelica ingredients as he noted that his skin seemed to regenerate and hea
l a
lot quicker and better – a pimple scar of his has smoothed out over use.

Not just hubs but a handful of people I have spoken to swear by this product, namely those with oily skin concerns looking to keep oilies at bay and to feel better in their skin through the day!

In all…

While my skintype isn’t the most ideal for test-driving these Angelica Lemon products, I can imagine that this range will easily be loved because it targets the concerns of a large amount of Singaporean women (and men) out there.

Hubs has been testing this range for me, after I did my initial 1-2 week run with it, and he’s been enjoying the benefits that he sees in his skin. Previously he would randomly mention mid-day that his face felt a little oily or that he wanted to splash up to refresh himself. Though these days he doesn’t seem to do that anymore and his skin does appear more hydrated and certainly less oily through the day!

I can’t say that if it works for him it will work for you since everyone’s skin is different but it is certainly worth a look.

If you’re considering only 1 item, why not start with the Ultra Matte Fluid!

Thanks for reading and stick around because, as you would have guessed, I’ve got a giveaway just around the corner! ;)

My Marc Jacobs Beauty Haul (From 2013) – Part 2

It took a while inbetween but here’s the second part to my Marc Jacobs beauty purchase – this Lovemarc Lip Gel that I had added to cart, along with my nail polish purchases.

I had no intention of picking this up and I was solely fixed on the nail polishes. Though out of curiosity, I chanced upon a swatch of this stunning Lip Gel and into the cart it went…

Thinking back, I’m glad it did!

Marc Jacobs’s Lip Gels are made with a unique gel formula though don’t let that trick you into thinking these colors are sheer because most of them are anything but!

Available in 16 shades, ranging from nudes to pinks and the classic reds, I had somehow fallen for the plummy deep and vampy Saboteur.

Here’s an interesting trivia: Marc Jacobs’s lip gels have names inspired by the man’s favorite movies and Saboteur happens to be this really cool vintage one with murders, fires and all that thrilling stuff!

This is besides the point, but fun to know.

Lovemarc’s packaging is, needless to say, very sleek and these lipsticks snap to a magnetic closure. The case is a glossy black with metalic touches that give it an overall polished look.

Saboteur exudes its charm once swatched, so while it doesn’t look like much from the tube, do read / scroll on!

In the tube, Saboteur appears to be a brown-toned deep red that while dark, isn’t too interesting to the eye.

Though once swatched, the hidden plummy and vampy tones show through making this an interesting and special color for those who like to thread a little on the wild side.

it’s a little cool-toned and while it imparts a rich color, it isn’t too bright, making it easy to wear.

The slight plummy undertone gives this lipstick a soft vampy edge, just enough vamp to spice up a look without falling into the boundaries of gothic and being ‘over the top’. A very classy sort of vampy, if you ask me.

Swatched alongside true reds, you’ll be able to see that plum undertone show through a tad more.

I think the true beauty of this shows up best when worn on the lips.

The gel formula allows the Lip Gel to glide smoothly over the lips with enough slip yet enough tact to prevent any feathering or unwanted slip / sliding from occurring.

The Lovemarcs are easy to apply, even for the dark or the bright shades and while the pigmentation is intense, there is that gel-like translucence to these that make them wear so easily over the lips – blending in almost so, unlike some creams, they don’t ‘sit‘ on the lips.

Paired with dark hair, Saboteur seems to really give the overall look the perfect kick and the added strands of purple highlights are delightfully vampy toppings on this otherwise already great combination!

I didn’t get to try it with blonde locks and while I think it would be a great look too, it would exude its own flavor.

There you go, that’s it for my Marc Jacobs haul for now!

I do have a couple more things in mind that I want to get but at the same time I’m not in too much of a hurry to acquire them so I would likely wait for them to hit our shores and give everything a good swatch before deciding!

I hope this helps if you’re planning a Lovemarc shopping list! Just for the information, these Lip Gels retail for 30USD on Marc Jacobs.

Thanks for reading!

A Throwback LOTD – Lancôme Fraîcheur Rosée Eye Palette

Thursdays are famed for the whole ‘throwback’ thingamajig that people do all over Instagram and sometimes Facebook so I decided to take that throwback concept to the blog and put up some old looks that I had done, snapped yet forgotten to blog about.

To be fair, the items in this look are still very much available and something I feel is worth showcasing because these Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palettes are quite a gem!

These palettes were launched a good while ago when Lancôme added a troop of them (ranging from neutrals to smokey blues) to the permanent line up.

I didn’t manage to give them a proper mention when I got to preview them a while back, better late than never, especially with these permanent offerings! While it’s nice to gush about this during its launch, sometimes with everyone posting the same thing up some people are bound to skip some mentions, yes?

Regardless, here’s one of my favorite looks to do with the Fraîcheur Rosée Eye Palette.

I wore this during my blonde hair days, ash hair days, seaweed hair days and even now in my purple days!

This look is one of the two ways I like to use the Fraîcheur Rosée palette.

Though both ways (while slightly different in nuances) photograph fairly similarly so there’s not much of a need for me to snap that look too, unless I happen to be wearing it while featuring something else!

Whenever I need a put-together neutral eye that looks effortless yet provides a bit of something-something (shimmer) while being pressed for time, I find myself reaching for the Lancôme palette and doing this eye look.

It’s neutral and simple but definitely not boring in my books at least. It’s got a little warmth and a tad of shimmer, giving it a soft glossiness, almost.

Here’s a quick breakdown of where I placed what.

One thing I like about the Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palettes is that I can easily use all the shades within an eyelook, getting the best out of the palette without overdoing my look.

And here’s the rest of the face that went with that eye look!

Products Used:

K-Palette Eyebrow Liquid in 01
Shu Uemura Brow Mascara in Honey Glaze

YSL Top Secrets UV Shield High Protection UV Skincare SPF 50 PA++++
Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder (to set)

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base
Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palette Fraîcheur Rosée (color breakdown below!)
CLIO Professional Brush Liner in Black
Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eyepencil in #1 Black
Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

LUSH Emotional Brilliance in Passionate (dabbed lightly)

I highly recommend for you to check out these Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palettes as while they aren’t released with the biggest of bangs, they are perfectly decent quality shadows that are nicely pigmented and blend well into each other.

If neutrals aren’t your thang, there are some greens, blues and pinks too!

I have a little more to share with regards to the Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palettes so perhaps I’ll just post all that up another time for those keen!

I don’t think I’ll churn many (or any) more looks of Fraîcheur Rosée out just because this palette works beautifully well the way featured here and I like it enough for that and that alone. I could throw on a smoked out look but when the occasion calls for it and if ever that occurs, I’ll be sure to snap a LOTD!

Thanks for reading this little throwback, an excuse for me to throw you back to my backlogged entries! Heh!

New Year, New Hair: HIS – Matchy Matchy Purple!

Much of the new year has gone by and while I had intended to post up the HIS part of this Headlines Makeover – His & Hers Edition, life caught up and I am only about to draft this up well after Chinese New Year is over.


Though to squeeze it into another theme of some sort, Valentines’ Day had just zoomed by and if you’re still in the spirit of love, here’s a look at the ‘couple pur-pleee hair‘ that we had for the past 3 months.

Hub’s hair had grown out from his last visit and the red faded off to what I term the ‘ah beng hair’, ha! So boy was he glad to be able to fix that head of gold and get a good trim as well.

In case you’re wondering why am I typing up Hub’s entry instead of him, he really wanted to but given how men have a lack of words (“I don’t have much to say about my hair again..”) and how he’s been so busy, I decided to take over the reigns from him, else this post would only be up this December!

The Cut –

First thing Jerry did was to shape the hair, giving Hubs a new cut but something similar to what he had before since Hubs prefers that style for now.

Bleaching it up! –

After the trim, Jerry went ahead to give hubs a good coat of bleach just to get all his hair ‘on the same page’.

The thing about Hub’s hair is that it hates color, it doesn’t take it well and the only way to smack a shade on and have it stay on is to give the hair a good walloping with bleach.

Even when it comes to bleach, his hair is still a little slow on accepting it and be stripped of color so hubs seems to sit with bleach on his hair for twice as long as I would.

Maybe it’s quite a good thing that he doesn’t mind black hair since it’s so hard to color his!

Super stylish hair do, no?

Slappin’ the Color On –

After the bleaching business was done, it’s on to the color!

Hubs and I were suppose to have the same shade of purple on (just done differently) though one look at how ultraviolet it looked in the pot, he decided its way too loud and preferred a more subtle look.

So here’s his subtle but still purple color.

Jerry added a bit of maroon / red to it so it’s a tiny but more acceptable / wearable a color.

Again, we wait!

As I said, hub’s hair doesn’t take color very well so a little extra help had to be wheeled out to speed the process up. Else we would have sat at the salon till their closing hours again!

After all that waiting it was finally off to the wash!

While it seems quick in pictures, I swear we sat around for quite awhile, him and me included (for my own hair).

After all that, here’s a first look at that magnificent purple head of hair!

If mine was spunky, his is kinda regal – the color I mean. I actually like the purple he had and wouldn’t even mind having a whole head of that eggplant!

The Final Look!

Styling is very important to bring out the best of a look, especially so for guys! How you work the textures and layers in your hair for a look that best suits your attire is key which is why even the most fuss-free guy I know (not hubs, for sure) spends a little time on his hair.

While the look may seem similar to what Hubs had before, Jerry had actually put a different spin on.

The previous cut was ‘skinnier’ and focussed more on the faux-hawk while this cut is choppier and gives a more volumized look. According to hubs, this is also trickier to style and required a little more effort, along with my hair curler, for the best effect.

Eitherways, I like how pouffy and volumized this look is and while it’s a fun and funky purple, somehow it seems to look very professional too – by professional I mean the funky artsy creative industry sort of professional. ha!

Indoors –

Indoors it’s quite a dark inky shade that is still prominently purple when it hits the light.

Outdoors, that is where this color really shines (in a relatively subdued manner).

Outdoors –

Look at the different textures and layers!

The volume and textures really do bring out the varying tones of purple so that Hub’s head of hair looks dimensional instead of just a flat slap pf purple, a very gorgeous color if I may say so myself. I would really love a purple like that for myself too!

Of course, to complete the His & Hers entries, here’s a couple shot with our (somewhat) matchy matchy purples!

If you’re up to give your special someone a make over (or if you are a guy chancing upon this), head over to Headlines Hairdressing and look for Jerry! He really knows his stuff be it locks or chops!

18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday 10.30am – 8.30pm
Saturday 10.30am – 7pm
Sunday & Public Holidays 10.30am – 5pm

Jerry is personally off on Tuesdays.

Do call +65 6221 6866 to book an appointment as their schedule can be quite packed!

Also, check out their Facebook Page for more of their ‘works’!

Quote ‘SARA’ at the salon for a 15% discount!
*not applicable for promotions

Thanks for reading! If you haven’t seen my hair makeover, head over here to read all about it!

L'OCCITANE's Cerisier Rouge (Red Cherry) Fragrance for 2014

Love is in the air, or it could just very well be L’OCCITANE’s new Cerisier Rouge fragrance wafting about this Valentines’ Day!

Every year, L’OCCITANE puts their fun and romantic spin on Cherry Blossom and what we get is a special limited run of this Cherry Blossom with a twist.

This year, Cherry Blossom gets a tint of fun and personality as Cerisier Rouge is steering clear of the soft dainty romantics and instead is bursting with freshness, juiciness and yet still poised and mature enough with its soft touch of musk.

Before you dive into this bed of Cherry Blossoms, let me first tell you that maybe you want to shake any preconceived scent-expectations of Cherry Blossom because this sure isn’t the soft, sweet and airy blooms that you would be accustommed to.

Or at least that was what I expected with this Red Cherry, and not quite what I got…

Though that’s not exactly a bad thing!

“As evening falls on the first summer nights on the Luberon hills, cherry blossom petals turn red in the setting sun. Soon the branches of the trees will be covered with juicy fruits glistening like deep-red pearls.”

A beautiful accord of floral and fruity notes, the Cerisier Rouge Eau Intense comes in a gorgeously gradiented bottle – transcending from a sheer pale pink (almost clear) to a crimson and deep red.

It is almost as if every aspect of this fragrance is aimed at getting a transitional message across, the shifting of seasons from the soft spring to vibrant summers and from an innocent crush to a playful and slowly maturing relationship.

I’m getting ahead of myself now but to me, that seems to be what Cerisier Rouge is.

As compared to the soft and dainty pale pinks of Cherry Blossoms, this seems to be a playful and and bright take on what Cherry Blossoms would be like when you inject a little color, a little personality and a whole lot more juicy fruity notes in.

While it has a fruity twist, it doesn’t over-power the floral bouquet of the fragrance and in fact it allows this fragrance to thread very carefully between flashing a berry scent at times and exuding a soft floral note in others.

On me, the fresh juicy opening of Cerisier Rouge, sadly, doesn’t stick around for too long – my body chemistry tends to fast forward fragrances and bring out the base / warmer nuances more than their fluffy and fun top notes.

For those worried about the longevity of this, I am quite happy to report that with my experience, this lasts and lasts and lasts… After all, it is an Eau Intense / Eau de Parfum.

One reason why I enjoy using this is because I absolutely love the creamy and smooth mix of how this particular scent wears on me. While I usually steer clear of blackcurrant in scents like plague (because my skin seems to amplify sweetness of berries by ten fold, making it the only thing I can detect), the mix of blackcurrant in Cerisier Rouge is actually quite refreshing.

What I love about Cerisier Rouge is how the scent morphs and seems to cover all bases, going from a fresh burst to soft florals, a dainty sweetness one second and a playful peek the other before mellowing down to a beautifully creamy base scent that has a dash of floral, musk and a peek of green-ness (thanks to Olive wood).

It is evident but wafts with a beautiful fade that prevents it from being too overpowering in its musky state; present but peeking, absolutely lovely.

Cerisier Rouge is a beautifully transitional scent and perfectly portrays what the perfumer (Karine Dubreuil) had in mind when she created this scent: to celebrate the beauty of Cherry Blossoms and the bearing of its fruit.

I’m certain this is something you must spritz on yourself to discover because given the spectrum of notes, there is so much potential for it to pull different on everyone.

Top Notes: Lemon, Orange, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Wild Lily of the Valley, Red Cherry, Raspberry
Base Notes: White Musk, Heliotrope, Olive Wood

The Cerisier Rouge collection is available with a whole line-up of shower and body products if you wish to immerse yourself in the Red Cherry fragrance and layer it up.

Cerisier Rouge Prices:

Eau Intense (50ml) – S$72
Fragrance Touch – Roll on (15ml) – S$37
Shower Gel (250ml) – S$33
Beautifying Lotion (250ml) – S$48
Hand Cream (30ml) – S$15.50

The Cerisier Rouge (Red Cherry) is Limited Edition and is now available at L’OCCITANE stores island-wide.

If you’re upset about how Cerisier Rouge is only available for a limited time, fret not as L’OCCITANE does have a permanent range of Cherry Blossom available.

This range, Fleurs de Cerisier, is much softer and portrays the trademark dainty and airy Cherry Blossom bloom – very feminine and a lot more subtle.

The Fleurs de Cerisier range had recently undergone a facelift and here I have showcased is the Soft Petal Cream, a beautifully dreamy moisturizer that goes on lightly yet hydrates the skin well.

It is also gently scented with the Cherry Blossom scent, making moisturizing your skin a very delicate and pampering affair.

I really can’t decide which of the Cherry Blossoms I prefer because they have a different personality to cater to your different moods. If layering the Cerisier Rouge scent alone is a little too fruity overall, why not mix and layer the more floral Fleurs de Cerisier with Cerisier Rouge and create your own Cherry Blossom scent!

Fleurs de Cerisier (permanent) is available in quite a huge array of products – see them all here.

Thanks for reading! Do you favor Cherry Blossom scents? What’s your favorite?

New! – YSL's La Laque Couture Spicy Collection (Info & Pics)

If you know how quickly YSL’s Limited Edition releases move then, ’nuff said, get yourself down to TANGS Orchard nao if you want to grab yourself some La Laques from YSL’s Spicy Collection.

A collection that seems (to me) born from the rich brown and warm tones of Fall adds a little spice (ahem, pun intended) of earthiness to the pretty pastels that are flooding the beauty scene right now.

The 7 exotic shades released with the Spicy Collection feature varying nuances of warmth – from a pale pink to mustard, a fiery orange and deep plummy reds.

Of them all, the standout will probably be the one you see on the far right, N°47 Feuille D’Or which serves as a gorgeous accent with gold leaf flakes suspended in a clear polish.

I haven’t been able to give that one a whirl yet but of swatches I have seen, it is absolutely stunning.

Here’s a run-down of the polishes:

  •  N°41 Eau de Rose – A soft and beautiful shell-pink color that is subtle in tone yet perfectly polishes up a whole look giving it a dash of feminity.
  •  N°42 Safran Sultan – An intriguing mustard color, one of those that colors you either love or hate. I can’t wait to give this one a go.
  •  N°43 Opulente Canelle – Not a color I typically reach for (do I even have one like this?) but this rose tan was favored by my tan-skinned bestie and it looked like a stunning neutral shade on her.
  •  N°44 Ambre Gingembre – The color heading this Spicy Collection’s campaign is one I’m actually afraid of. Orange isn’t a shade I like to wear on my nails but I think this has an edge to it, setting it apart from most orange / corals I have seen.
  •  N°45 Pimento D’allieurs – This color is beautiful, a slightly purple and muted red shade that exudes class in an understated manner. It is probably my favorite of the cream shades but with that said, this isn’t the most unique color. Though it is gorgeous nonetheless and something I can easily reach for – classic with a matured twist.
  •  N°46 Poivre Noire – My current obsession with deep plums makes me adore this darkened plummy maroon. This is another shade that is simple and classic to wear and while dupe-able, it is nice to have if deep maroons are your thing.

Last but not least, we have N°47 Feuille D’Or which I assume wouldn’t need much explanation. It is a brilliant top coat that would add an extra touch to a manicure and I can predict this selling out incredibly quick so hurry and get your hands on it!

Now I’m sorry for this being quite a sad excuse of an entry but I haven’t managed to swatch them all proper and I wanted to get the information up as quickly as I could.

Nail swatching isn’t an easy task for me, time and annoying eczema combined, though I will go through the lot and swatch them as soon as I can! I personally can’t wait to try out the shades too.

The La Laque Couture Spicy Collection is now available at YSL TANGS Orchard.

Run down, RUN.

Thanks for reading!

Dior Backstage Studio – New Boutique with Opening Promotions!

Look who’s got a new space in town!

Opening along the stretch of beauty boutiques at ION Orchard (B2, right infront of Orchard MRT), Dior edges an edgy dash of Backstage flair amidst the other white and brightly lit beauty stores.

It’s exciting to see this part of ION Orchard becoming quite the beauty hub with Shu Uemura, YSL, Chanel, Estee Lauder and more, all in a row! Who would have thought!

Though back to Dior!

This new flagship boutique titled Dior Backstage Studio is just that – meant to mimic the energy, spunk and of course artistry that happens backstage at a runway show.

(click to enlarge)

From the decor of the the store space, you’ll see it is quite a different vibe from your usual Dior counters with glossy black walls and bright strip lights running across the walls and floor. It seems to be pulsating with vibrancy even though much of the store is dark.

The store space isn’t too huge but comfortable enough to browse in and the thematic display helps too as you have a corner for nails, another space for all the lip products and another with all you need for an eyelook!

Speaking of which, this is also the only Dior store in Singapore that carries false lashes!

The lashes are displayed with these unique ‘hooks’ that allows you to preview what your look would be like with each pair. It’s quite genius really, and great fun to try!

Apart from the exclusivity of these false lashes, Dior’s Backstage Studio also boasts exclusive products (such as the much talked about Air Flash), services and will also be the exclusive distributing point of some of Dior’s special collections to come.

We don’t have much word on it yet but all you have to know is if you truly want to shop Dior’s product line, this is the place to come.

We got to play around with the Air Flash Spray Foundation (retailing for S$88 at Backstage Studio only) and I was quite impressed with how it felt and looked in person. While mostly invisible, it has a soft sheen that looked very appealing.

I liked the idea of being able to use this as a quick ‘foundation’ for the body given how easy it is to work with for large areas of skin.

I’m still deliberating this but if you’re interested, you can head down to give this a try!

To best fit the Backstage concept, the makeup artistes (or Backstage Artists) here are cream of the crop, not only with their makeup skills and knowledge but also their vivacious personality so you can be assured that you’re speaking to people who know their stuff.

I’ve gone on alot about this little darkened space but, honestly, this isn’t all!

The Dior boutique is actually of an L-shaped and in a tiny corner there is a doorway to the otherside which, while still very Dior, is a whole different environment from the dark and neon set up of the Backstage Studio.

(click to enlarge)

The opposite side of the boutique showcases Dior’s skincare products and also fragrances.

Unlike the whole hustle and bustle of the Backstage portion, this side isn’t as busy and feels quieter, even. You can get settled in a corner and have a fragrance consultation or slowly browse the display of scents available.

(click to enlarge)

Continuing the exclusivity of this space, Miss Dior’s new Blooming Bouquet ad campaign is seen here and will only be launched in other Dior counters island-wide in March 2014.

So in all, this new Dior boutique, Dior Backstage Studio is exclusive space of sorts with first peeks, special launches, special services and generally a whole different energetic vibe coursing through this uniquely designed space.

It’s hard to put across in images because everything is just static and this space is best felt for yourself so do head down to B2 at ION Orchard and give this space a look!

Here’s even more reason why you should pop by:


From now till 14th February, stand to get a full sized Dior Lip Maximizer (S$44) just by popping by Dior’s new Backstage Studio, snap a shot of the space and upload it (to instagram) with the hashtag #diorbackstagesg!

The first 25 everyday (till 14th February) will get the Lip Maxi!

Aside from that, spend S$120 at Dior Backstage Studio and you’ll receive a S$135 Kim Robinson voucher (valid for a wash, cut and style) – while stocks last!

The folks at Dior shared a little ‘cheat sheet’ with us to look perfect for an evening out – purchase a Dior makeover (redeemable with products) at S$120 and then head for the Kim Robinson pampering hair session with your voucher after!

That’ll leave you looking all ready and prepped for perhaps a date night after? After all, Valentines’ Day is coming right up ;)

Dior Backstage Studio is now open at B2-44/46 ION Orchard, right infront of the Orchard MRT gantry. Hurry down and snap your shots!

Thanks for reading!

Haul: NARS Future Red (from Guy Bourdin collection)

Remember NARS’s tie-up with Guy Bourdin?

The collection with the whole hooha controversy?

Well yes, good, because I hauled one little item from there and am only talking about it now, oops. Though it isn’t much really, it’s just a red lipstick that I absolutely had to have because it’s such a lovely red.

Now, I don’t want to get into the whole controversial aspect of the Guy Bourdin collection because at the end of the day, I view this collection as makeup and simply makeup. Obviously I wouldn’t support violence on women but at the same time the works that were chosen to be featured were works that Guy Bourdin had done in his time, as his own form of artistic expression (as we do with makeup) without knowing they would end up being pushed into a commercial collection so…

Guess what I’m trying to say is no matter how, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choices and by buying one lone lipstick it doesn’t mean I’m saying that I support violence on woman, that’s rubbish.

So much for me saying I didn’t want to get into it…

So anyway, Future Red.

There’s a good amount of raves over this color and yes indeed, it is a stunning red.

Though I will admit, I liked it a lot more before I bought it, apparently…

Future Red seems to be of a satin finish – not quite a matte and definitely not a glossy shiny red. It applies well and easily on the lips with a glide though what I noticed with this lipstick, on me, is that it seems to feather a tiny insey winsey bit.

It’s odd because everywhere I read, everyone loves this. Also because I hardly have any feathering issues with my lipsticks – ever. Unless that lipstick was born to migrate or something, that is.

So the idea of this lovely red not staying sharp, sleek and in my lip line baffles me a little.

Thankfully I don’t get clown lips from this and regardless I still use it since the feathering is so minor I can overlook it.

After all, it is a lovely, almost-perfect red!

For comparison sake, I had to swatch it alongside my other reds.

It is when they’re all swatched together, as such, on my skintone that I noticed Future Red isn’t actually that deep or rich a red – I do favor deep reds with a slight vampy edge, my weakness.

It’s actually a little more everyday, almost, which is peculiar given how it seemed to be so rich and bold when viewed alone.

It is more of a mid-tone red without the richer and deeper bases as with Majella or YSL’s Mats so it works well for a fun and perky red lip that is ‘light’ enough to wear through the day.

Nonetheless, I love reds and I don’t mind another in my stash. Though don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful color all the same and deserves merit for that, though for those of you who didn’t manage to get your hands on Future Red, you can always seek out YSL’s Pur Couture lip color in 203 if you want something slightly similar with a bit more depth!

Do share, what are some of your favorite reds?

Thanks for reading!