Haul: Burberry Eyeshadow Steals!

Here’s a haul that had successfully slipped under the radar and go unmentioned for a good period of time.

I would have just left it unmentioned though seeing as it’s my first Burberry purchase (yes, really!) and also a CP by my dear pal Eliza, who trooped all the way down to the Luxasia sale, these shadows have to see the light of day.

Or at least have to be seen on the blog.

I’ve always wanted to get myself a Burberry eyeshadow, because the packaging is too darn pretty, much like how I’ve always wanted to get myself a million other things. Though eyeshadows aren’t always top of my list so I sat on that wishlist of mine… until Eliza chanced upon these at the Luxasia sale that is.

Going at S$12 each during the sale, how could I pass them up!

The little ‘issue’ with these sale purchases is that the expiry date (as printed on the boxes) is drawing close – almost within 6 months for some. Though since these are eyeshadows, I don’t have an issue with them ‘expiring’ on me unless they’ve gotten odd in consistency or don’t pick up well anymore.

As stated above, these would have expired January this year but they still seem to be working fine for me so far!

It’s cute that these individual shadows come with a pouch each. Yes, it is a bit unncessary but it adds to the luxe factor all the same.

I snatched up three shades from the haul, 2 of which I had my sights on for awhile and another just cause.

The embossing is so precious and pretty that whenever I use these shadows, I aim to dip my brush in that top left spot only. Ha, I think most Burberry eyeshadow owners would do the same?

Here’s a closer look at the three shades I got:

Chestnut – The one I got on a whim because it would be ‘nice to have’. Turns out, of the 3 this ended up getting the most use to date! It has a tiny bit of shimmer running through but it’s very delicate and hardly chunky.

Dark Sable – because you can’t go wrong with a dark deep brown shade for contouring the eye with!

Khaki – I was most intrigued about this olive-y neutral shade. It seems to appear different under varying lighting – sometimes more green, other times more of a greyish-brown, I just had to have it!

If you’re into the deep and smokey looks, these 3 would work well together, giving you a mossy eye look. Though I personally rarely use them together, the pairing is either Chestnut with Dark Sable or Khaki with Dark Sable.

Regardless they are all gorgeously soft (these Burberry shadows do make a dent quite quickly with use) and smooth without much kick-up.

Here’s a quick look at an eyelook I had done primarily using Chestnut and Dark Sable.

Very simple and straight-forward, that’s what I like the shades I picked up for. I know I have loads of neutrals and that I don’t need more, but neutrals get the most use of my stash so they are the most ‘practical’ to get!

Though in practicality, I don’t need more makeup. Oops.

Eitherways, thanks for reading! Have you tried Burberry eyeshadows? What are you favorites?