On My Nails: YSL's Gris Underground & Sepia 7E Art

Remember the little polish poll I had a little while ago? Well, maybe a tad more than a ‘little while‘ seeing as it was done last year.

So much for polling the order inwhich I should post these up because here I am putting up 2 of those polishes in the same entry. Though to my own credit, whatever credit I have that is, I did swatch them in polling order!

It was Gris Underground first followed by Sepia 7E Art after but I didn’t get around to posting them sooner hence this collective post.

Gris Underground –

Following what semblance of an order we have left, first up is Gris Underground – a gorgeous soft blue-grey pastel. I absolutely love colors as such because they wear beautifully (and so easily), give a soft dose of color without being too much, allowing it to be co-ordinated with every / any look.

I also like that it adds a dainty touch, soft and creamy, making me feel feminine just wearing it.

Though shades like this are hard to word and a ‘blue-grey pastel’ is my best shot at describing it. It’s a little grey-toned but sometimes blue and sometimes a hint of periwinkle or lavender under varying lights.

Gris Underground applied easily and achieved a nice creamy opaque finish in 2 coats – 1 coat is good too but could leave a visible nail line for some.

It’s a pity that this color is Limited Edition, which means here I am being a tease again, showing you a color that you probably wouldn’t be able to easily get your hands on now. My bad!

Though if it is of any consolation, NARS has a permanent polish (Galathée) that is very similar. Of course it isn’t identical and Galathée is lighter, more grey, and lacks the hint of lavender but at a quick glance, who’s to know, right?

Sepia 7E Art –

At the opposite end of the spectrum, here’s a deep plummy-maroon polish that appears an almost-black under most lights.

Sepia 7E Art is great for those who favor dark polishes yet always want that something extra, aside from wearing black alone. In it’s own way, dark polishes are also easy to wear and pull off though giving a whole different vibe from the dainty pastel featured above.

A colleague of mine (of ethnic mix) loves wearing Sepia 7E Art as it compliments her tanned skin very well and adds color in a way that isn’t obnoxious. Classy, she calls it.

Sepia 7E Art (what a unique name, really) was also easily opaque in 2 coats. While 1 might be enough to do the trick, I slicked on a lighter second coat for good measure.

Also released in YSL’s Fall 2013 collection (along with Gris Underground above), it seems that Sepia 7E Art is a rather elusive one as some have whined about how incredibly hard to find this was.

In a way, this is also a quiet contender in the Fall 2013 release as Gris Underground and Beige Gallerie seemed to get all the spotlight and raves.

Off-hand I can’t think of a dupe for this Limited Edition shade but I’m certain that deep almost-black maroons aren’t too hard to dupe. The nuances may vary and I love how this has a hint of plum and aubergine amidst the ‘wine-y’ mix but it’s such a soft shift that you would have to be looking hard to notice.

Nonetheless, these 2 polishes remind me why I like YSL’s La Laques so much – from the brush, the formula, to the pretty quick dry down (relatively), and of course not forgetting the pretty bottles.

While these aren’t available right now, you can still browse YSL’s arsenal of colors available. The La Laque Coutures retail for S$37, I believe.

Thanks for reading!

Last but not least, happy birthday everyone! It’s the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, which makes it 人日 (literally, human day) – a day that in Chinese belief is the day humans were made! While I don’t know the premise of this tradition, it is still so joyous to just go around and wish everyone a happy birthday :)