L'OCCITANE's Cerisier Rouge (Red Cherry) Fragrance for 2014

Love is in the air, or it could just very well be L’OCCITANE’s new Cerisier Rouge fragrance wafting about this Valentines’ Day!

Every year, L’OCCITANE puts their fun and romantic spin on Cherry Blossom and what we get is a special limited run of this Cherry Blossom with a twist.

This year, Cherry Blossom gets a tint of fun and personality as Cerisier Rouge is steering clear of the soft dainty romantics and instead is bursting with freshness, juiciness and yet still poised and mature enough with its soft touch of musk.

Before you dive into this bed of Cherry Blossoms, let me first tell you that maybe you want to shake any preconceived scent-expectations of Cherry Blossom because this sure isn’t the soft, sweet and airy blooms that you would be accustommed to.

Or at least that was what I expected with this Red Cherry, and not quite what I got…

Though that’s not exactly a bad thing!

“As evening falls on the first summer nights on the Luberon hills, cherry blossom petals turn red in the setting sun. Soon the branches of the trees will be covered with juicy fruits glistening like deep-red pearls.”

A beautiful accord of floral and fruity notes, the Cerisier Rouge Eau Intense comes in a gorgeously gradiented bottle – transcending from a sheer pale pink (almost clear) to a crimson and deep red.

It is almost as if every aspect of this fragrance is aimed at getting a transitional message across, the shifting of seasons from the soft spring to vibrant summers and from an innocent crush to a playful and slowly maturing relationship.

I’m getting ahead of myself now but to me, that seems to be what Cerisier Rouge is.

As compared to the soft and dainty pale pinks of Cherry Blossoms, this seems to be a playful and and bright take on what Cherry Blossoms would be like when you inject a little color, a little personality and a whole lot more juicy fruity notes in.

While it has a fruity twist, it doesn’t over-power the floral bouquet of the fragrance and in fact it allows this fragrance to thread very carefully between flashing a berry scent at times and exuding a soft floral note in others.

On me, the fresh juicy opening of Cerisier Rouge, sadly, doesn’t stick around for too long – my body chemistry tends to fast forward fragrances and bring out the base / warmer nuances more than their fluffy and fun top notes.

For those worried about the longevity of this, I am quite happy to report that with my experience, this lasts and lasts and lasts… After all, it is an Eau Intense / Eau de Parfum.

One reason why I enjoy using this is because I absolutely love the creamy and smooth mix of how this particular scent wears on me. While I usually steer clear of blackcurrant in scents like plague (because my skin seems to amplify sweetness of berries by ten fold, making it the only thing I can detect), the mix of blackcurrant in Cerisier Rouge is actually quite refreshing.

What I love about Cerisier Rouge is how the scent morphs and seems to cover all bases, going from a fresh burst to soft florals, a dainty sweetness one second and a playful peek the other before mellowing down to a beautifully creamy base scent that has a dash of floral, musk and a peek of green-ness (thanks to Olive wood).

It is evident but wafts with a beautiful fade that prevents it from being too overpowering in its musky state; present but peeking, absolutely lovely.

Cerisier Rouge is a beautifully transitional scent and perfectly portrays what the perfumer (Karine Dubreuil) had in mind when she created this scent: to celebrate the beauty of Cherry Blossoms and the bearing of its fruit.

I’m certain this is something you must spritz on yourself to discover because given the spectrum of notes, there is so much potential for it to pull different on everyone.

Top Notes: Lemon, Orange, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Wild Lily of the Valley, Red Cherry, Raspberry
Base Notes: White Musk, Heliotrope, Olive Wood

The Cerisier Rouge collection is available with a whole line-up of shower and body products if you wish to immerse yourself in the Red Cherry fragrance and layer it up.

Cerisier Rouge Prices:

Eau Intense (50ml) – S$72
Fragrance Touch – Roll on (15ml) – S$37
Shower Gel (250ml) – S$33
Beautifying Lotion (250ml) – S$48
Hand Cream (30ml) – S$15.50

The Cerisier Rouge (Red Cherry) is Limited Edition and is now available at L’OCCITANE stores island-wide.

If you’re upset about how Cerisier Rouge is only available for a limited time, fret not as L’OCCITANE does have a permanent range of Cherry Blossom available.

This range, Fleurs de Cerisier, is much softer and portrays the trademark dainty and airy Cherry Blossom bloom – very feminine and a lot more subtle.

The Fleurs de Cerisier range had recently undergone a facelift and here I have showcased is the Soft Petal Cream, a beautifully dreamy moisturizer that goes on lightly yet hydrates the skin well.

It is also gently scented with the Cherry Blossom scent, making moisturizing your skin a very delicate and pampering affair.

I really can’t decide which of the Cherry Blossoms I prefer because they have a different personality to cater to your different moods. If layering the Cerisier Rouge scent alone is a little too fruity overall, why not mix and layer the more floral Fleurs de Cerisier with Cerisier Rouge and create your own Cherry Blossom scent!

Fleurs de Cerisier (permanent) is available in quite a huge array of products – see them all here.

Thanks for reading! Do you favor Cherry Blossom scents? What’s your favorite?