New Year, New Hair: HIS – Matchy Matchy Purple!

Much of the new year has gone by and while I had intended to post up the HIS part of this Headlines Makeover – His & Hers Edition, life caught up and I am only about to draft this up well after Chinese New Year is over.


Though to squeeze it into another theme of some sort, Valentines’ Day had just zoomed by and if you’re still in the spirit of love, here’s a look at the ‘couple pur-pleee hair‘ that we had for the past 3 months.

Hub’s hair had grown out from his last visit and the red faded off to what I term the ‘ah beng hair’, ha! So boy was he glad to be able to fix that head of gold and get a good trim as well.

In case you’re wondering why am I typing up Hub’s entry instead of him, he really wanted to but given how men have a lack of words (“I don’t have much to say about my hair again..”) and how he’s been so busy, I decided to take over the reigns from him, else this post would only be up this December!

The Cut –

First thing Jerry did was to shape the hair, giving Hubs a new cut but something similar to what he had before since Hubs prefers that style for now.

Bleaching it up! –

After the trim, Jerry went ahead to give hubs a good coat of bleach just to get all his hair ‘on the same page’.

The thing about Hub’s hair is that it hates color, it doesn’t take it well and the only way to smack a shade on and have it stay on is to give the hair a good walloping with bleach.

Even when it comes to bleach, his hair is still a little slow on accepting it and be stripped of color so hubs seems to sit with bleach on his hair for twice as long as I would.

Maybe it’s quite a good thing that he doesn’t mind black hair since it’s so hard to color his!

Super stylish hair do, no?

Slappin’ the Color On –

After the bleaching business was done, it’s on to the color!

Hubs and I were suppose to have the same shade of purple on (just done differently) though one look at how ultraviolet it looked in the pot, he decided its way too loud and preferred a more subtle look.

So here’s his subtle but still purple color.

Jerry added a bit of maroon / red to it so it’s a tiny but more acceptable / wearable a color.

Again, we wait!

As I said, hub’s hair doesn’t take color very well so a little extra help had to be wheeled out to speed the process up. Else we would have sat at the salon till their closing hours again!

After all that waiting it was finally off to the wash!

While it seems quick in pictures, I swear we sat around for quite awhile, him and me included (for my own hair).

After all that, here’s a first look at that magnificent purple head of hair!

If mine was spunky, his is kinda regal – the color I mean. I actually like the purple he had and wouldn’t even mind having a whole head of that eggplant!

The Final Look!

Styling is very important to bring out the best of a look, especially so for guys! How you work the textures and layers in your hair for a look that best suits your attire is key which is why even the most fuss-free guy I know (not hubs, for sure) spends a little time on his hair.

While the look may seem similar to what Hubs had before, Jerry had actually put a different spin on.

The previous cut was ‘skinnier’ and focussed more on the faux-hawk while this cut is choppier and gives a more volumized look. According to hubs, this is also trickier to style and required a little more effort, along with my hair curler, for the best effect.

Eitherways, I like how pouffy and volumized this look is and while it’s a fun and funky purple, somehow it seems to look very professional too – by professional I mean the funky artsy creative industry sort of professional. ha!

Indoors –

Indoors it’s quite a dark inky shade that is still prominently purple when it hits the light.

Outdoors, that is where this color really shines (in a relatively subdued manner).

Outdoors –

Look at the different textures and layers!

The volume and textures really do bring out the varying tones of purple so that Hub’s head of hair looks dimensional instead of just a flat slap pf purple, a very gorgeous color if I may say so myself. I would really love a purple like that for myself too!

Of course, to complete the His & Hers entries, here’s a couple shot with our (somewhat) matchy matchy purples!

If you’re up to give your special someone a make over (or if you are a guy chancing upon this), head over to Headlines Hairdressing and look for Jerry! He really knows his stuff be it locks or chops!

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Do call +65 6221 6866 to book an appointment as their schedule can be quite packed!

Also, check out their Facebook Page for more of their ‘works’!

Quote ‘SARA’ at the salon for a 15% discount!
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Thanks for reading! If you haven’t seen my hair makeover, head over here to read all about it!