L’OCCITANE GIVEAWAY – 2 Sets of Angelica Lemon ‘Starters’

As part of my angelic duties (waha! – I’m cringing as I type that, heh) I am here to bestow upon 2 lucky readers a ‘starter’ set to the Angelica Lemon range!

I say starter but that’s just my own term for it because what I have up for grabs is 2 sets of:

  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Foaming Cleanser (150ml)
  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Mattifying Toner (200ml)


Now that I have them typed out like that, that’s a lot of ‘ultra’s!

If you are ultra keen to try them out, why not take part in the Giveaway that I am currently hosting!

Unlike previously, this will be an Instagram Giveaway so here’s what you have to do to take part (if you haven’t already seen it on instagram)!

– How to Take Part –
  1. Follow me on Instagram ! Simple enough?
  2. LIKE‘ the L’OCCITANE Giveaway picture (as seen above)
  3. Leave a comment saying “pick me!” (or something like that) along with your email address. This is very important as I will contact you here if you win.


And that is it!

The giveaway will run from 28th February to 14th March.

While it’s not necessary to re-gram and spread the word etc (complicated mechanics I’ll dabble in once I get the hang of IG-giveaways), you can feel free to share the Angelica love… if you wish.


Alrightey, thanks for reading and good luck everyone!

p.s. I thought I would get more time on my hands after wrapping up a major work event but who knew that after finishing that up, I’ve opened the floodgates of ‘pending projects’ that were shoved aside to revisit once the work even is over. KILL MEEEE. That said, there may or may not be a little silence on this space but I’m trying to at least have one new entry up a week! :)

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