LOTD: Not that Crazy over Crazy Paris

This look probably doesn’t matter a whole lot because the product featured isn’t exactly available anymore (unless you try evil-bay, maybe?) but I guess it’s just as well since it’s not a raving review or look either.

I had given mention to some of Guerlain’s holiday products but skipped out the Crazy Paris Eye Palette because I just wasn’t feeling it.

Some of the colors were quite lovely and as a whole the palette was pleasing to admire and collect but it just isn’t an ideal palette for me, for the looks I do.

Though I can imagine expert hands (or gorgeous eye features) working this well.

I think there is just about a few ways to go with this palette so it looks fine and maybe this approach is just a big no-no but heck, I shall post it anyway.

What not to do with the Crazy Paris Eye Palette? Heh.

  1. I first applied the grey all over my lids, wanting to use it as a ‘base color’ for the lighter shades – probably a big mistake. The grey was a little hard to work with and didn’t apply smoothly / evenly on.
  2. Then I dabbed some hot pink the centre of my lids for a pop
  3. Followed by the copper-brown (most gorgeous color in this palette, I find) in the outer half
  4. For my brow bone highlight, I used the pale yellow champagne shade blending it a little way down

Looking back, I think sans grey, this would be quite a decent look otherwise.

If you’d like to see the Crazy Paris Eye Palette in better light, I think Karen (of Makeup and Beauty Blog) did a pretty good job with her very spring-esque look !

I’ll admit mine is far from a desirable color combination and I thought it was just me but Teri (of Bellachique) had the same sentiments I did – this palette sure makes for a bit of a cray cray eye look if you’re up for it!

Did you pick this piece up? What are your thoughts about this unusual combination?

Thanks for reading!