The Trend in Makeup…

No, I’m not exactly talking about the whole BB / CC Cream bandwagon though to a certain extent those do help me a little with stating my point.

What I am talking about is if you’ve been an avid makeup / beauty junkie and always reading up blogs about new ranges from brands, new products etc, you would know what I mean about this whole beauty trend thing.

Though, it’s a not a new logic… fashion has trends, phones have trends, so why not makeup?

It’s just, if you asked me a few years ago, I probably thought that most brands just go about doing their own thang. Maybe I wasn’t that well-versed with the makeup realm or maybe it wasn’t as competitive years before but these days once a certain brand puts the wheels in motion for a new range or product, you’re bound to see 2 or 3 other brands popping up with their take on the concept.

It’s not wrong. It’s fun actually, for beauty lovers, and sometimes it can get a little tacky and out of hand – hello tinted moisturizers disguised as BB Creams…

Anyway, I just wanted to create a pointless article about what struck me again as I chanced upon the article about Lancôme’s new Lip Lover. We don’t have much news about it locally but from what I have heard, we will see it making its appearance this year.

Though to my knowledge I know of another brand with a similar balmy glossy lip-oil concept. I can’t say who yet since no word is out and we did get a majorly sneak peek but I’m guessing that after the whole lipgloss wave, this is probably the next lip trend to follow.

I haven’t tried Lancôme’s but I can’t wait to and I can’t wait to see if other brands will start popping on this bandwagon!

Ah well, that’s that for a makeup ramble. I’m glad Friday is just around the corner; it’s about time!

Thanks for reading! What other makeup trends have you picked up?

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