On My Nails: YSL's Spicy La Laque Coutures / (N°41 – N°43 with N°47 Feuille d'Or)

About time, I know, and even then this isn’t a swatch of the full batch of polishes from YSL’s recent Spicy La Laque Couture Collection.

What can I say?

I’m trying and thankfully my fingers are recovering (thanks to seafood abstinence and willpower not to scratch), the eczema is starting to heal up.

I still don’t know what caused this outbreak and I don’t want to jinx it by rejoicing too soon, but I see light – a glimmer of hope that I’ll be back to swatching and switching polishes every other day… or something like that.

Anyway, about the Spicy La Laque Couture collection, here I have featured 3 of the 6 along with some special appearances of the highly sought after N°47 Feuille d’Or Topcoat.

That topcoat is one gorgeous polish to own and I can see why it was snatched up and sold out in a matter of moments. Though last I heard, it was restocked at TANGS (and possibly ION too) so do check again if you were told it was Out of Stock before!

I’ll get to the deeper and stronger tones in a bit but for those who love a ‘neutral’ / natural soft nail color (as far as the word neutral goes these days), this entry is for you!

About the polishes – how they apply…

One general observation I have noted with these polishes is that they appear to be thicker than what I am used to, than what I remember YSL polishes felt like to me as well. Though thicker not necessarily in a bad way as most of the colors slicked on nicely opaque in one coat. The brush allows for good control though do try and thin them out a little instead of laying too thick a coat on.

I personally would rather 2 thin even coats than one that is too plush and thick. With that said, these polishes are of good quality and I faced no issues with using them.

N°41 Eau de Rose

I am boring like this but I think this is probably my favorite of the 3 – it is the perfect nude with a hint of soft peach-pink. Almost like mannequin nails but not as grey or dead. Though given how light it is, some have experienced streaking with this shade. However if you lay it thinly in 2 even coats, you should be good to go.

I didn’t bother with N°47 Feuille d’Or over because I personally liked how it looked alone.

N°42 Saffron Leaves

The ‘it’ color this season, we can’t help but get a little intrigued when mustard colors like these come along. They are a bit of a rarity and something about them is so peculiarly ‘off’ that we feel tempted to try. That’s exactly what went through my mind though I will admit, no matter how much of an ‘it’ color it is, mustard does not belong on my nails.

It is lovely and I think a select range of skintones can pull it off but on me, it makes my skintone a little more sallow. Though compensating the manicure with N°47 Feuille d’Or does help!

N°43 Opulente Cannelle

This muted mauvey salmon color was quite a a surprise because I didn’t think much of it but once on, it was actually a lovely color to wear. It belongs in a fairly neutral category yet with just enough color to make itself known – the perfect balance between soft and vivid colors.

I quite like how it wore on its own but the top coat (N°47 Feuille d’Or) does give the manicure a little more glamour.

The reddish hues are coming through a little strong in my pictures but in person they are slightly more muted and milky.

So, here’s 3 out of 6 of the polishes from the Spicy collection and I know by the time I get to churning the second part out the collection is probably unavailable but for my own archiving sake, I guess, here they are!

After all, they are about a million nail swatches out there already, all done within record time – a huge kudos to those dedicated beauty bloggers.

I do envy the quiet time they have to paint and switch up polishes this often because the whole eczema annoyance aside, having a baby / toddler means not being able to sit around and let your polish dry. Painting is the no problemo part but drying… well, Seche Vite isn’t even going to save you there, unless your kiddo is asleep.

Ah well, that said, thanks for reading and keep a lookout for Part 2!

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