Hair Refresh: Keeping it Purple – Same, Same but Different!

Hello everybody!

I know, I’m slacking on the promptness of this post, my bad, and most of you would have probably caught a glimpse of my refreshed do if you follow me on instagram.

Nonetheless, here it is in a long essay, if you’re interested to know!

While I can easily plop on the end-product and showcase a couple of posey snaps because, frankly speaking, that’s what everyone fast forwards to anyway, I like to ramble, be thorough and share my thoughts.

While not everyone is interested to know, those here for the end-look can simply scroll straight down, skipping everything else. Though for those who are intrigued about the process, they can catch a glimpse of what to expect and read about how I felt through it… it’s a personal preference really, because when I scout blogs for reviews, that is what I look out for – the process more than the end product alone.

So, I figured I would share my thoughts that same way!

Long story short, that is the reason for my rambles. Though the one that I just plopped out is uncalled for, oops.

Let’s get on to the actual entry now, shall we?

With this visit, I had no idea what I wanted Jerry to do because… I still loved my hair! Faded and all, I loved the whole ashy-purple ‘do and I didn’t know what else could be done with it.

Thankfully Jerry had the same sentiment and the only thing that irked him was the faded ‘washed out’ bits – at the bleached-beyond-repair portions.

So the master plan really was just to touch up my base color and leave the purple bits alone to do their thanggg till they faded away.

The Touching Up –

The arduous task of segmenting… Since the base had to be colored and the purple portions left alone.

Jerry kept mum about what he had planned and all this while I assumed he was just touching it up to the same dark black-like ash shade. Though as it turns out, he had a little ‘twist’ in stored!

Stay till the end to see how he refreshed the look and gave it a different spin without doing too much!

How’s this for some side-swept hair? Ha.

After the base color was smeared on, I sat around for a bit letting the color do its thing. I know, I’m letting a lot of things / people ‘do their thing‘, heh.

A Quick Treatment –

After the quick coloring session, Jerry scheduled me for some hair pampering with the Mucota SCENA Treatment. He seems pretty bent on getting my hair back on track and as healthy as possible again!

I know my hair still doesn’t look like much but wait for the end where it’s all blown out and dried!

p.s. I have on my lips (in this whole set of photos) YSL’s Glossy Stain in Bourgogne Artistique and Tom Ford’s Cocoa Mirage on my eyes.

The treatment part isn’t much to look at, I know and essentially what happened the whole way was: Application – steaming my head – wash, repeat.

I wasn’t keeping track of what was going on, occasionally looking up to snap a pic but I believe I did a hair mask before the Mucota SCENA Treatment.

Maybe my hair needed extra extra care this time but whatever it was, my hair was left ultra soft and smooth, to the point that my colleage (who is a Headlines Hairdressing convert – no kidding) was itching to book another hair appointment.

I know blow drying helps but look at how sleek it is, I love! Why can’t my hair look like this every day?

Alrightey, so now with the ‘process’ part done, it’s face-spam time!

Not that I haven’t been spamming my face already but here it is preened and posey!

The Reveal –

Firstly in indoor light!

It is a rather dark shade indoors but unlike before, it doesn’t look mainly black and has a tinge of red-ness / maroon running through it. according to Jerry he injected a bit of purple into the ashy base for a twist to the hair color.

Thus when the purple ends start to fade, the whole look tends to ‘blend’ together a lot better. Forward-thinking, me likes!

The bits that were previously a strange ashy-blue that came out of nowhere is now an ashy purple!

That’s that for how it looks indoors where it’s a lot darker, sleeker and more understated.

Outdoors, the reddish hues are far more obvious and the whole look takes on a more ‘summery’ vibe, I feel!

The wind was going crazy while I snapped these so, don’t mind the mad hair! Though it does help with showing the layers and hidden colors.

I didn’t think that I could love my hair anymore than I already do but apparently it is possible – I love this refresh variant of my purple ‘do and can’t wait for it to fade and transform to all sorts of ashy goodness!

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Thank you again to Jerry for his magical hands and thank you all for reading!