LOTD: The Weekend 5 Minute Slap-on

In an ideal world, I would have a lavish amount of time to sit pretty infront of my dresser, peruse my foundation bottles, pick one out for the day followed by slowly carassing the foundation brush over my skin and then setting it gently with a powder puff.

Though unfortunately that exaggerated situation is quite far from the truth, especially so during the weekends. As far as makeup goes, I hardly have time for it or as the hubs says, “Why bother?”.

Most of my weekends consist of errand running, toddler-chasing and bouts of unglamorous yet necessary chores so… indeed, why bother.

I don’t have to look all prettied up but there’s no harm in looking decent and presentable, yes? Polished but not overdone – the whole no makeup makeup definition.

So while playing with some newly acquired items last weekend, I’m glad to have found a quick and presentable ‘face’ for weekends to come!

I used to say that I can’t live without eyeliner and while yes, I still like rimming my eyes, these days I aspire to look fresh before anything else. My definition of that would be an evened out skin appearance (not necessarily perfected), some brow definition and of course a glowy flush.

A little eyeliner wouldn’t hurt but it is not the key for me these days.

  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery BB – the 2-in-1 step for skin perfecting and sun protection. Given how insanely warm our weather is these days, it is more comfortable to have on lesser layers!
  • NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder – the loose powder variant is my HG but this pressed version works well enough to set the Biore UV BB since that base does not need much to set it.
  • Benefit Gimme Brow – hardly the perfectly shaped and lined brow but what this does is, really, give me eyebrows. My brows are light and sparse by nature so I have to fill them in or risk looking like an alien and this is a great way to fill them in during the weekends.
  • Lancôme Blush Subtil in 030 – frankly this is interchangeable but as of now I am currently obsessed with the Lancôme Blush Subtil in 030. This shade, 030, gives a beautiful coral flush along with a golden sheen, providing this healthy glow without leaving you looking metalic or ‘shimmery’. I assumed this would go on too shimmery, given how it seemed to glisten in the pan but instead, it works immensely well to give the look of a soft sun-kissed flush and glowy skin.

The overall look does still have some ‘raw-ness’ to it as the skin isn’t perfected, brows aren’t sharp and defined but for a casual 5 minute slap-on, I think this is good enough for me! After all, everything appears harsher on camera, in flash. The blemishes and skin imperfection aren’t as glaring in person.

I especially love the sheen the Lancôme blush lends as it really does brighten the look and skin up.

Well, I know that’s a lot of words for a look that hardly takes much to do but sometimes using less is harder than working with more. This isn’t the case of course, it’s less that is easy to do!

When it comes to the whole ‘no makeup’ approach, there is always the option of throwing on sunscreen and dashing out the door but we women are funny like that. We like more but are always in persuit for ways to use less for the look of more.

I didn’t mention any lip products here because I’m usually content with a slick of balm or tint given that gloss or lipstick may end up getting on my wiggle-worm baby as she struggles when I carry her, hence!

Though I wouldn’t deny that a pop of color on the lips would give this quick look a lot more life.

Thanks for reading and do share, what are some of your quick makeup routine favorites!

Get Hypnotic Eyes with Lancôme's Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes (Permanent)

When I get sent / provided something that is permanent, I tend to take my own sweet (very long) time with it… Which is horrible, I know. Especially when it is such an incredibly handy and ‘user-friendly’ product as such!

So, finally, here is my mention on Lancôme’s Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes!

Launched in Spring 2013 (yes, a whole year has gone by – oops), this permanent array of palettes come in 12 variants that fall into 3 category of eyelooks:

  • Doll Eyes – Softer, neutral shades that are easy to wear
  • Star Eyes – Dressier shades with a little more glitz and glam
  • Drama Eyes – Smokey shades with a mix of more intense colors

Though ultimately you can use these palettes as you wish, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Depending on your preference for color there is something for everyone, be it smokey eyes or subtle neutrals. Though honestly speaking, that is often the case with most eyeshadow releases these days, no?

However the one thing I particularly applaud Lancôme for is the varying takes on neutral, instead of just one sole generic brown palette to fit the neutral spot.

You will find a good mix of soft browns that lean a little peachy, or rosey, perhaps cooler in tone, or taking on a tinge of mossy green. It is quite a selection and if you are a neutral lover, you will be swatching up a storm to make a decision – it is incredibly hard to settle on one.

I swatched and snapped shots at random while previewing these so there’s no particular reason why I am featuring some shades and not others.

Neutrals-aside, there are also blues, greens and purples for those who embrace color and prefer a little drama-mama.

Granted Lancôme’s definition of pigmentation isn’t that of Urban Decay’s, this has it’s own appeal lending a more sophisticated level of pigmentation.

I feel the pigmentation of these are at a comfortable level and if you are accustomed to pow-wow swatches in 1 swipe then maybe you are not going to be blown away but that doesn’t mean these do not perform well either.

They are bright yet soft enough for the typical neutral lover to introduce themselves to color and wear it in a comfortable way.

Now that I have introduced the collection to you, lets have a closer (and more high res) look at the palette I ended up taking home with me – Fraîcheur Rosée.

As I had mentioned, there were so many beautiful neutral variants in this collection that it was impossible to decide. I was torn between this and ST2 Kaki Chic but in the end, I opted for the cool-toned rosey-hued taupes.

I was in my blonde days then and was obsessed with cool-toned browns because that worked best with the whole blonde and blue hair get up.

One thing I enjoy about these palettes is the carefully thought-out combination of shades within. Or at least for the one I picked up.

I know, at a glance it just looks like any other 5-color eyeshadow palette but when you get started on using it, you realize that every color has its own purpose within an eyelook. It may not always have the same place on the eye but they work extremely well with each other and balance the look out.

All 5 colors can be incorporated into a look and they can work harmoniously without making it look over the top. The colors are distinctive enough alone and blend well into each other at the same time.

I know the palettes aren’t too attention grabbing from their visual appeal alone but these are great palettes to own if you want 1 palette that you can rely on regardless.

Maybe 2… one for the neutral days and the other to turn up the drama.

If that is not reason enough to go give these Lancôme palettes a look, how about some geeky makeup tech-iness?

Yes, the applicators are magnetised to the pan so they don’t fall out – how cool is that!

I find applicators quite a chore because firstly, I never use them and secondly, they are always falling all over the place when I open my palettes. So my usual protocol is to remove the applicators, dump them into the product box and chuck those aside.

It’s a sad world for applicators, I know.

Though the ones that come with the Lancôme Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes are actually not bad.

To help you along, Lancôme has produced a series of videos (on youtube) featuring models doing their own eye looks using everything found within the palette – shades, applicators and all.

Watch it below!

It’s quite a fun watch and I believe the approach here is to make a statement that these palettes are well planned, from the color combination to the tools such that anyone can use the palette to look runway ready! Well, sort of.

Of course, there is always finishing up with eyeliner and mascara ;)

I don’t want to go on too much about something you can (and should) go check out yourself but I must highlight the flocked spatula applicator because this looks unassuming but in actual fact is quite an awesome little tool.

The applicators are firm yet flexible and I like how dense the foam is, making these feel very well-made. That also allows for the applicators to pick up, pack on and blend colors well.

The fine yet firm tip of this allows you to apply the darker shades close to the lashline while smudging it out a little, giving you that soft liner definiton.

If you need a well-illustrated guide on how you can best use the eyeshadows, the Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes come with a little eyechart on the 3 different ways you can use your palette, regardless if it is of the Dolly, Star or Dramatic eye variant.

Lastly, this is quite a useless thing to mention given they don’t give it out now but it is so clever I feel like I need to give it a mention. Hopefully they will do a re-run of this idea once more, just because it’s so cute.

Back when these palettes were first launched, Lancôme were giving out these handy ‘eye chart’ stickers / decal with every purchase of the Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes.

The purpose of these transparent decals would be for you to easily adhere them to your mirror so you can refer to it while you put your makeup on. The decal quality of this makes it recycleable, such that you can continually stick and remove it from surfaces.

Though it’s a pity these (the decals) are no longer available, though I hope Lancôme does a run with them again!

Wrapping it up, you can check out the eyelook I had done using this palette over at this post if you haven’t!

These Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes retail for S$90 a palette, which sounds like quite a heft but I feel that these palettes are a great investment for the quality and thought gone into it. They will certainly have a nice place in your stash and for me at least it is a palette I can easily rely on and work with.

Definitely a worthy investment for those who may not have many eye palettes on hand or if you have a lot but are still on the lookout for that one workhorse palette you can reach for anytime, anyday!

Lancôme’s Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes retail for S$90 at all Lancôme counters island-wide. These are permanent.

Thanks for reading!