Guerlain Updates their Stars – Star Product, I mean!

Oops. I am just a little bit obsessed over the extremely hyped K-Drama ‘You Came From the Stars‘ and am apparently spreading word of this drama all over to whomever I meet. As well as star-ifying everything I do right now. Well, yes, call me a little obsessed – just a little.

Though anyhoo…

Earlier this year, the beauty world was abuzz with news of Guerlain reformulating their cult product – the Meteorites.

If you haven’t heard of these little pastel colored balls that cost quite a bit to give the look of nothing (it’s quite a perfected level of nothing, mind you!) then I don’t know which rock you have been under but here, let me give you a hand out of there.

Available in 3 shades now ranging in depth – from Clair #2 (lightest) to Medium #3 and Doré #4 (the darkest) – I have the lightest of the 3 available to showcase.

Now, my only prior experience with these Meteorites would be through limited edition runs because I always felt the ‘normal’ ones were always available (should I want them) and franky, not as exciting as the LE ones.

Though regardless of that, these permanent pieces are still beautiful veils on the skin with a whisper of color-correction and a skin-enhancing glow but compared to the mix of blue-toned pearls thrown into the sun-kissed Pucci pearls or perhaps the crimson touch with the Crazy Pearls, these do get out-shone just a little.

Though the meh factor of this is probably what makes it so versatile, wearable and appropriate for the everyday context because it is just so easy to wear.

If you are one who doesn’t understand the hype or concept of these barely there veils and why everyone is fawning over it, it’s really something that is hard to describe. Apart from describing, it’s something hard to photograph even. The only way you can experience the draw of Meteorites is to try it for yourself, on yourself.

What they do to the skin is so slight but it does enhance all the same. In my experience, I find my skin is brightened with a sweep of these Meteorites. While I can’t speak of how color-correcting they truly are, since I use them after my foundation is set and done, they do mix up to a nice soft color – nothing too pink, green or white on the skin.

The pearlescent quality of these is so fine that it provides a touch of dimension on the skin in a glow that is barely discernible and hard to pin-point, but evident in person.

This is as close as it gets to faking a glow so natural it almost looks like it isn’t there… but it is!

Like I said, it is crazy to describe this. So now that you have an idea of what these Meteorites are, let me get to business proper.

The New vs The Old –

Since I haven’t had an encounter with the old regulars, I can’t be the best judge for comparison but I will tell you what I know about the reformulation.

Apart from knocking some weight off the product (boohoo Guerlain), leaving it at 0.88 oz instead of 1.05 oz, Guerlain had also revamped the packaging of the Meteorites. Though fret not, it is still the metal tin and they haven’t decided to go retro with the cardboard again.

The packagine sees an update in design and the scalloped emboss along the sides of the tin make a very lovely contrast to the smooth and minimalistic lid design.

I have noticed that unlike the 2 Meteorites I had before hand that made use of a pretty blah rubber piece to ‘protect’ the pearls from falling around in the tub, these Meteorites actually come with a fairly good and proper looking puff.

Not that you would use a puff for application of these Meteorites (I’ll cover the application tool a little a later on) but it could perhaps be recycled for other base purposes.

The main purpose of this reformulation is to make the pearls ‘softer’, allowing for an easier application and for more color to be applied with every brush stroke. This was something I noticed the moment I opened the packaging – the pearls indeed seemed a lot softer and perhaps crumblier, even.

With my earlier experiences with the Meteorites, I have noticed that these balls seemed to hold together quite well and I rarely got too much of a crumbly or powdery mess though with the new Meteorites, I immediately noticed that the pearls seemed to have rubbed off on each other. Instead of solid look pearls that are pronounced in color, these do seem a like a tad of a powdery mess.

Though at the same time, these aren’t so fragile that they will get crushed and disintegrate with the lightest of shakes.

I did notice that the reformulated pearls seem to impart more color, be it due to them being softer or containing more pigmentation, I’m not too sure. Thus, if you are typically heavy-handed with the Meteorites, perhaps you might be able to pick it up on the skin a little more now. For those who were frowning at how invisible the Meteorites were before hand, perhaps now you might have a better impression of it since it is more evident.

I can’t say if this new formula being softer is a good or bad because ultimately it depends on what your beef with the initial Meteorites is, if any at all.

While yes I personally note that the new formula is softer, maybe a little bit more evident than before, it ultimately still works as good and perhaps I need a lighter hand, a little less swirling and maybe some times more buffing for a more invisble look but it still is a beautifully skin enhancing product to me so… reformulated or not, it doesn’t bother me too much.

Maybe until the day I try to travel with it and fear it all crumbling away in the luggage…

Though to give you a little more information about the shades, here’s what Clair #2 is described to do for your skin.

Clair offers a harmony of green pearls for extra redness correction, white pearls to reflect the light, and champagne pearls to adapt to the skin and gently illuminate it.

Just for mindless aesthetic purposes, I picked out the varying shades found wi
thin Clair and swatched them to give you an idea of what you are getting within the mix.

After all, I can’t swatch the mix of shades for you since that wouldn’t show up much at all.

I’m sure, compared to what you previously know of the Meteorites, these swatches are considerably pigmented.

Perhaps I’ll feature these Pearls in a LOTD to come, to simply give you a brief idea of how they would look when dusted on as a veil over the face though don’t expect much since, as I had mentioned, this is impossible to really represent through photos.

To aid you with the application of these little Pearls, Guerlain has a lovely-designed brush to best dust on your subtle Guerlain glow.

White the brush is quite the looker and exquisitely designed, the brush itself sadly didn’t perform as well as I had hoped.

I felt the bristles were rather scratchy on the skin and there are probably a good number of brushes out there (perhaps cheaper even) that feel a lot softer on. It isn’t terribly scratchy if you use a light hand but it certainly doesn’t caress or stroke your cheeks in a very soft manner – quite an upsetting point given how luxe it looks.

Though in other points, I didn’t notice much shedding with this and it picks up the product just right and dusts it on my face well too. I just wish the bristles were of a better quality, such a pity!

The Meteorites (Perles de Poudre) retails for S$81 at all Guerlain counters island-wide, these are permanent and said to replace the existing range.

I’m not too certain about the price of the Meteorites Brush, though.

Thanks for reading!