TOKYO YO! – Ramble, Haul Overview, Round Up, etc…

It’s been a long time coming you guys…

After a good amount of sweat, hardwork, carpal-tunnel inducing hours and mindless copy-pasting of image URLS, it’s finally here… the Tokyo travelouge!

Well that is if anyone was looking forward to that, that is, ha!

I kid, it really wasn’t that painstaking a process to pen my recent travels down though I will admit the photo editing portion was quite a nightmare…

That’s what you get for being overly camera-trigger-happy while on holiday. Though the up side of that is being able to capture each and every moment about it.

Some say that it’s best to live in the moment than to see the world through a viewfinder, which I do agree with. However our memories can only serve us this well, or perhaps my memory, and sometimes photos capture the moment a lot better. The one thing we have to put our devices down and enjoy will be the feeling, the sensation and the experience. Now that one, is almost impossible to capture in images alone.

But for now, here are some of the million of shots I had taken of the trip (for those who perhaps are too lazy to read the detailed daily account).

If you would like to make sense of the whole picture spam above or are just looking for some reading material during your chill weekend, feel free to read my rambly daily account of our trip!

While it did take awhile to complete, I enjoyed doing this up. It felt like I was revisiting Tokyo again and certainly gave me the creeping feeling of wanderlust once more.

Tokyo Travelogue (on
Day 01 – Ginza and makeup hauling
Day 02 – Yoyogi, Sakuras & Nakano Broadway
Day 03 – Nakameguro, desserts & Omotesando
Day 04 – Tokyo Tower & Ameyoko Exploring
Day 05 – Tsukiji, Akihabara & Asakusa Roaming
Day 06 – Donki / Shibuya & heading home

Aside from that, here’s a little peek of my very humble loots from Japan.

To the surprise of a lot of my pals, I didn’t go overboard with makeup purchases, instead I zoomed in to the few items I was interested in adding to my stash – such as ADDICTION, Chikuhodo etc.

It is true that there are loads to buy in Tokyo but it’s the case of ‘so much to buy yet nothing I really want to buy‘, if that makes any sense.

I picked up some basics from Uniqlo, but that’s probably not very eventful to talk about.

And of course the few brand items I had mentioned earlier, Chikuhodo, ADDICTION and (some) more!

It’s such a restrained and ‘good’ haul, isn’t it?

I’ll come back with proper features for the brushes, ADDICTION palette and perhaps a masking on session with Lululun, sharing my thoughts about this very hyped up sheet mask.

The one on the bottom left, for those who are wondering, are eye drops so there isn’t a lot to discuss about that except it’s the Rohto brand that everyone requests for if someone is heading to a country that stocks this (the one we have locally seems a little different).

That aside, we also picked up some snacks for ourselves (stocked up on Japanese instant noodles yo!), souvenir for baby and whatnot.

The cheeky little girl so gleefully posing with some of her gifts. Some…

Mark my words, your priorities for shopping changes once you have a little being in the house.

To sum it all up, hoping I don’t make this lengthy entry any lenghtier, I really enjoyed Tokyo and am glad that the weather was great to us the whole time we were there. The food there was great, culture was pretty good and the immaculate service we received everywhere we go is certainly missed. What a vast difference it is the minute we stepped back to Singapore. Given we do encounter decent service here, it truly isn’t the same.

So yes, if you ask me I am glad I decided to head to Tokyo in the end to experience such a lovely culture and country. If we were to ever head back to Japan, we do have hopes of conquering other parts of it such as Kyoto, Osaka or even Hokkaido. Tokyo is fun but, like Hong Kong and Singapore, is very much a developed city area so there is only so much ‘personality’ to the place.

Okay, enough of me yabbing on here, head over to our Tokyo Travelogue for more of my yabbing over there!

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