Life For the Next 7 Days…

Will be spent ‘uninterestingly’ at home! Hurhur.

Yes, it’s the home-bound period again and this time around, unlike previously where we had a staycation planned, I’ll just be back at my parents’ place with hubs, baby, and of course my parents!

It’s quite random and I probably don’t need to give this a shoutout given that I have more entries planned for this period than the amount I typically put up in a 7 day span (ironic) but… I guess what I am saying is it’s nice to be back (home home) and it’s nice to take a break from the madness work has been for the past few weeks.

Though what I am doing is essentially hiding in a bomb shelter because it is still crazy at work but what can I do, family calls and I am needed to take care of baby while in-laws are abroad.

After having some experience with it from before, this next 7 days are possibly going to be tougher and more tiring than work days (plus lesser time to myself and the computer), it is going to be so rewarding spending time with my cheeky little baby girl.

Kids grow up too quickly it seems…

So yes, anyway, if you’re interested to read about baby, you can follow my Pampers Journey thus far (3 entries down, 2 more to go)

That aside in some beauty news, I’ll be plopping on a fair amount of Lancôme entries because that’s what I feel in the mood of and for these days. So, that’s coming up!

Looks, swatches, mentions, reviews, all that so stay tuned!

I have also recently got on Carousell to hopefully, in due time, clear a little of my stash so you can find me on there if you wish. No prizes for guessing my moniker on there – icyabstract! See you on Carousell (hopefully soon) if you’re on there as well!

In the meanwhile wish me luck for the next 7 days to come, hurhur.

Thanks for reading and remember, stay tuned!