Onsugar's Email Notifications Glitchin' Once More

So I can’t be sure if this is just something I suffer from or if it may be affecting a bunch of Onsugar users but I found the statistics derived from the site a little peculiar of late, so with a suspicion in mind I checked around and true enough found out that Onsugar is at it again!

Glitching, I mean.

For some reason those who are subscribed to my RSS feed via email (e.g. you get email notifications when I post) haven’t been getting email notifications since my Lancôme Lip Lover entries. That would make it since the start of June!

Now it’s just a little peeving for me knowing that I am writing and yet those who are subsribed to my content because they want to read it aren’t able to receive it due to a glitch on Onsugar’s end. Thus, I am writing this to mention it and highlight it to them in hopes it gets fixed soon.

Thankfully I don’t monetize my blog else I can imagine if anyone did, they would be hopping mad at this glitch.

Though, I do have a suggestion for some of you who still embrace the Email ways of subscribing to blogs – why not give Bloglovin’ a go!

Follow this link to find me!

I recommend them only because I have been using them (Bloglovin’) to keep updated with my beauty news and while they have had their fair share of glitches over time, they have come a long way!

Sure the platform isn’t sleek and bug-free as of yet but if you want to be doubly sure to get content that you are interested to read (not just from me of course, I’m not that narcissistic) it certainly helps!

They also have an iPhone and Android compatible app for on-the-go reading pleasure, so if you haven’t hopped on Bloglovin’ yet, I suggest you do!

Until then, I can only hope the RSS feed bug gets fixed soon!

I know I have been going on about me losing my mojo to blog but I think I am slowly but surely finding my path back again. It’s still a little awkward and a little blank but I have been feeling quite inspired of late so let me translate all that to words on this blog / page as soon as I can!

Thanks for reading!

LOTD: That Nude-Ombre Lip Obsession

So, even though words are failing me now, makeup sure isn’t and I have been going through my own fair share of… makeup phases. You could call it that.

One that I have been dabbling in for awhile would be the Nude-Ombre lip look. I have sported this on numerous occasions be it a more dressy variant or a more subtle one for a natural / daily look. It’s just that I haven’t quite gotten around to talking about it on here, word block and all.

Until now that is!

So… for those who may not have seen it, what is a Nude-Ombre lip?

Well, frankly it isn’t a very new look because I’m sure this has made its rounds on runways and the editorial makeup scene.

It is only of late that it is brought to the mainstream makeup scene, possibly by some K-Wave but eitherways I am not here to debate its origin or how this lip look got its shot to stardom.

I am simply here to express my love for it and in a very dramatic LOTD, no less.

I assure you, there are more natural ways to wear the ombre lip but lets start with a bang, shall we?

I will give you a product breakdown but if you must know, like right now, what I used for my lips is MAC’s Lip Erase in Dim (Pro) and Lancôme’s Lip Lover in 362 Bordeaux Tempo.

I happened to be in a dramatic crimson-toned eye makeup phase as well… hence the dramatic eye and equally dramatic lip mix up. Heh.

Well, makeup is about bending the rules, yeah?

If you ask me, what is it about this Nude-Ombre lip look that I like… it would be a little hard for me to explain. But something about them gives this slightly natural (ironic for a dramatic look), sensual and yet girly vibe. That, and I have always liked the ‘berry-stained’, post-kool-aid or ice-pop sort of a lip gradient.

Except this is doing it in a whole new and deliberate way with a pretty clear nude and color portion. As opposed to a gradient lip look with varying intensities.

As much as these give a ‘effortless’ (I don’t care to apply my lipstick properly y’all) look, it actually requires a little more effort than the usual color-within-the-lines way of slapping lip color on.

Depending on how dramatic you prefer it to be, there could be some lip concealing involved, blending after the color goes on and even more concealing to perfect the look.

So it isn’t as effortless as it seems… but it sure looks it!

Lancôme Le Sourcil Pro Brow Pencil

YSL CC Cream in Apricot
Urban Decay NAKED Skin Loose Powder

Lancôme La Base Paupières Pro in 01
MAC Eyeshadow in Real Drama
L’oreal Infinite Wear Eyeshadow in Brazilian Duo
Star Lash Liquid Liner in Black
MAC Powerpoint liner in Engraved

Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint

MAC Pro Lip Erase in Dim
Lancôme Lip Lover in 362 Bordueax Tempo

Frankly, this look would have been a lot more ‘put-together’ and not as avant garde-ish as it looks right now if I had thrown on some proper lashes or maybe even false lashes but with me and glasses these days, lashes just get in the way of things.

I have also noticed that, maybe it is due to me skipping out mascara for a good while but wearing it again seems to irritate my eyes a little. Grr. It isn’t expired / old or gross either.

Ah well.

Though enough of me and this, for now. I’ll probably be back with more nude-ombre lip looks that I have done and snapped during the peak of this obsession.

As of now, while I still love nude-ombre lips, I haven’t been throwing them on all that often. I have a bit of a new phase creeping up on me and that is the pink-red-hued eye sort of a look.

Almost like you’re tired, but it is kept edgy with a slick of eyeliner but overall not over the top because I still need to look normal for work.

So anyway, that will come soon so until then, thank you for reading!

Haul: Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo (in Nude #4)

I don’t actually know too much about these Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylos and even when initial word of them got out, sure yes my interest was piqued, but no research-frenzy ocurred after.

Though even with all that said and done, I sit here with one Femme Nude Lip Stylo in hand (courtesy to Eliza for snagging it up in Brisbane!).

The purchase was a little bit ‘spur of the moment’ and a little bit ‘reminiscent of my nude lip loving days’, I believe those were probably the reasons why I ended up picking up this Nude Lip sensation even when nude colors aren’t something I gravitate towards much these days.

Launched in 6 varying ideals of nude, I picked up Nude #4 which I assumed would compliment my skin best.

Nude #4 is probably right there in the middle of the spectrum, a rosey nude with hints of pink in beige, to prevent the color from applying too dead.

Depending on your skintone, there are fairer pinks and browner beiges in the collection of 6 shades so there’s bound to be an ideal Nude for you. Though aside from that, you can choose to indulge in a bubble gum milky pink or perhaps go deeper with a mauvey neutral, unlike foundation nude lip colors are quite a thing of fun and you don’t have to stick with what’s best for your shade.

With a Paraben, Fragrance, Phthalate and Sulfate free formula, these Nude Lip Stylos are housed in a sleek darkened metalic tube that is typical of most Hourglass packaging.

I’m a little wary about how much the tip of it sticks out (yes you can’t retract that portion) because I tend to be a little clumsy and rushed with capping my lip products sometimes so I have to be careful not to smoosh this one up.

Though the up-side is that the refined tip allows for a slightly pointed (hurhur) application though you don’t always have to be too careful with nudes.

The retractable factor of this also makes it an ease to use because sharpening is not necessary.

Before I get on with swatches, I do want to rave about how lovely and sleek the packaging of this is.

In person, the tube is a little shorter than I had envisioned but it makes it pretty compact and cute. While it is, somewhat, a chubby lip pencil, Hourglass had done this in a very sleek and refined manner making this quite a pretty thing to whip out and touch up your lip color with.

Now, about the formula…

We all know that the perfect nude lip look is a combination of both the right tone of nude along with the texture and glide of the product. Anything too dry leaves you with ‘chalky’ lips and anything too balmy or greasy just looks unappealing.

So how did these fare?

Well, I would actually say they aren’t too bad on first slick. They are fairly soft with a nice slip and glide on the lips but at the same time, the texture of this is a little on the ‘dry’ side.

I know that description is probably confusing the heck out of you so let me take a moment to explain.

The Nude Stylos themselves, in terms of texture, feel nice and soft and do not tug on the lips with wear.

Perhaps it could be the warmer climate here but they have a nice slip straight on the lips without the need to ‘warm it up’, the tip glides on just fine and lays down color as it slicks over the lips.

Though the color, is where the ‘dry’ term of it comes in because it does initially apply a tiny bit patchy and would require some lip rubbing or maybe finger dabbing for the color to properly set and come off as a perfect nude lip.

It’s a common issue where nude lips are concerned so I wouldn’t write this down due to that as it does eventually become quite a lovely lip look once the color is all set.

The texture of this product seems to hug the lips quite closely, hence a nicely exfoliated and hydrated lip surface is a must. Though I quite like how the color hugs the lips because it almost appears like a ‘second-skin’, but in a lip form of course.

It’s quite hard to describe so here, swatches.

While it isn’t the overly creamy and balmy sort of a texture, it is melty and soft all the same, hence the slight ‘dent’ in shape of the tip after one application

As mentioned, while it has slip it is of a thinner formula allowing it to give a very natural lip-like apperance instead of a plushed look that certain more buttery and balmy consistencies would give.

While it wouldn’t hurt if this was somehow a tad more hydrating and plush on, I think that for what it is worth, it is a pretty good performer for the nude realm! If you are a nude lip lover these are certainly worth checking out given you should be no stranger to prepping and hydrating your lips for nude shades.

While there is a little way before this is perfect, it’s still pretty darn nice and I’m glad nude lips are having some proper appreciation these days! I remember, back in the day, finding that perfect nude was such a rare occurence!

These Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylos are not available in Singapore (as of now), but you can get them from Hourglass.com. I believe they are permanent.

Thanks for reading!

MAC's Mineralized Collection Gets A Facelift – Yay, or Nay?

See what I mean by I can’t stay away, or rather the minute I try to go on a break the inspiration and urge to write comes flooding back at full force. It’s almost as if I can’t even take myself / my thoughts seriously now.

But anyway, it’s still a little too early and a little too busy at work for me to come back entirely. I am still rushing matters, tying loose ends and dealing with a bit of the usual work annoyance but… what’s new?

Well in a cheesy spin of events, I can tell you what’s new!

If you haven’t already heard, MAC’s Mineralized products are going to get a little revamp and redesign for a more ‘durable’ hold. Or at least that is what MAC promises.

Here’s a look:

To cast some light to this packaging refresh and kick it off proper, MAC will be launching a Mineralized collection complete with new colors along with some old repromoted favorites.

Since they are pulling their whole Mineralized family into the spotlight, the Skin Finish Naturals will finally get a little bit of attention too! These workhorse beauties have been sitting around, quietly doing their job of smoothing skin with a softly sheened glow. They don’t get as much attention as their marbled and stronger hue-ed siblings but are a beautiful offering all the same.

I have one on hand (have had it for so long) and while I use it occasionally, because it’s a smidge fair for me, I do love that soft glowy skin look. Not quite as refined or as pearlescent as the Meteorites but hey, it’s a whole different ball game all together – finish, and price.

If you are a MAC Mineralized fan and would like to know the line-up (I feel like soccer terms are all I think about now in this World Cup season), head over to Temptalia to give it a peek!

Thanks for reading!

p.s. Have you voted? Yes, I’m keeping at this till it ends ;)

Of Rambles, Videos, Votes & K-Dramas. And Oh Yes, Backlog.

Hello hello you people!

Well truthfully this is really just a sneaky little post to remind everyone to help vote for my baby girl on her Pampers Journey!

So with that intention in mind, shall I just go ahead with that first?

Of Votings –

So yes, if you have noticed I recently did a bit of a Pampers stint on here and while I am done with sharing my adventures, the adventure isn’t over just yet because now the focus shifts over to you guys – the readers aka voters!

If you have enjoyed reading about My Pampers Journey thus far, please hop over to OMY’s Contest Page and drop me some lurve!

(click for the full image)

Here’s a simpler step by step:

  1. Go here!
  2. Select the little radio button beside me (Sara Kye)
  3. Proceed to fill in your details
  4. Select agree-ing to their simple and generic T&Cs

It’s that simple and get this, you can vote once, every single day.

Egads, that’s a lot!

Though 10 lucky voters stand a chance to win 2 packs of these Pampers Baby Dry to give these diapies a shot on their own so more submissions / votes is equivalent to more chances! It’s win-win for both you and me ;)

Though there is a tiny restriction and that is voters will have to be Singporean or at least hold a NRIC Number (be it PR, etc). So if you are an international reader and have the intention to vote, I am sorry but this sadly doesn’t allow for it though thank you for the thought.

Voting ends on 19th June at 12pm (Singapore local time) so, get voting!

Also if you are too lazy to read about my Pampers Journey as a whole, I have summed it all up in a clip (which I spent a fair amount of time and effort on) so please humor me and just watch that.

And then go vote for me for the effort, hurhur! ;)

But no really, every vote counts, thank you all for the support! I truly appreciate it!

This is truly truly going to be my last dabble in these voting thingamjigs in awhile. I know I always say that and somehow I find myself pulled back to the whole whirlwind of voting competitions – I don’t even know how!

Of Videos –

So, videos… Well there isn’t a whole lot to discuss about because it’s me doing my Angelica Duties once more. This time around, I will be sharing about the new moisturizers from L’OCCITANE’s Angelica skincare range.

And also a little bit about my current L’OCCITANE skincare regimen as well (same same but different!).

I have given them a brief mention in my skincare ramble post and I will still be reviewing them proper in a blog post closer to their launch date!

Though the video is more for L’OCCITANE’s side of things, to better showcase the texture and also elaborate on how they feel and which you should grab for your skintype!

I will cover those aspects in my blog entry too but sometimes words can only say so much and visually seeing how the creams apply and smooth out is rather self-explantory so I’ll pop the video in that review mention as well, just so you can fast forward through my blabbering and see the texture (in action) for yourself.

Of K-Dramas –

Okay, before I go to my obligatory ramble about me being busy and life taking its toll on my blog hence the backlog, lets shift to the entertainment side of things.

It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed what I was watching of late, not that anyone really cares but hey since this is my rambly post, I shall ramble on.

I’m not the biggest K-drama fan, well I do watch what is fairly popular at a point of time, but I never avidly continued K-Drama after K-Drama. Though these days, after managing to persuade the Hubs to watch some with me, I’ve been on quite a kick and managed to complete a good number of dramas since the start of the year.

I shan’t mention them all but here are the ones I have finished up fairly recently, for anyone who is interested to know.

Cunning Single Lady

So we watched this because Hubs is a bit of a Lee Min Jung fan, after watching BIG. I thought BIG wasn’t as bad as all the hate it seems to be getting but this, Cunning Single Lady, is a way better portrayal of her acting skills. It helps that the male lead did a great job at being all cool-like yet still goofy at the same time.

Full of sobs, laughs and revelations, a pretty good show overall!

The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Okay, so I became quite a bit of a Kim Soo Hyun stan after the alien show that everyone is talking about. So much so I went back to re-watch Dream High 1 that I had already completed years back! Somehow he didn’t stand out to me much in that film but I always found his acting quite captivating.

So about this… I think it’s a great show, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t typically like period dramas. Though somehow this one manages to shine through with the child actors (awesome job for those kiddos), humor and also the sappy sob-story. I didn’t like the whole sobby bits but I understand it is meant to be a melodrama that tugs so painfully at your heart strings so… yeah.

The Master’s Sun

Wow okay this one I never imagined I would watch because it’s a tad too horror for my liking. Though since Hubs wanted to see it too, he loves horror films, I figured why not! The whole horror aside (which isn’t that bad, you kinda get used to it), it’s quite lovely. Though I felt the ending bit a little too draggy and dull (just get it over with already), I absolutely loved the start and middle of this drama.

Great for the spooks and laughs, if you dare…

So after all that drama chasing and being half-amused, half-frustrated at the noble idiocy found within K-Dramas (really tho, just live life y’all!), we’re back to some laughs with Running Man. We have been following that regularly since it started almost 4 years ago and it gets a little old now but still funny and nice to revisit here and there.

That aside, we are going back to the realm of American TV and starting on this TV Series I had bugged Hubs to watch (with me), Orphan Black. So far so good! We are 2 episodes in and it’s safe to say I am quite hooked.

Who else is on this bandwagon with me, or probably
ahead o
f me?

Of Backlogs & Posts to Come –

So anyway, moving on from Dramas, I hope that for those who aren’t too huge a K-fan you skipped past that point. If you didn’t and somehow decided to plough through, good on you!

Now about my blog.

Yes well, I guess it’s the usual of work being work and getting to me. Somehow whenever I have a lot on my plate at work, my blogging-brain tends to shut down or go into overdrive mode, both of which leaves me finding it hard to find words to describe what I really want to say.

I want to talk about Shu Uemura’s upcoming Drawing Pencils but I have no idea where to start. I want to showcase the mighty gorgeous Stila Foil Shadows but I haven’t managed to shoot them proper. I want to ramble about this ombre lip phase I am going through but I can’t seem to piece the entry together.

Plus all the unmentioned hauls I have been sneaking behind-the-scenes of this blog.

So… well yes I have a lot to say but not much of a time to both organise my thoughts and also piece it together coherently.

The keyword here being coherently because I have a little bit of an expectation for myself when it comes to writing entries. Not so much so that it has to be top-notch quality because look at this rambly mess that I am churning out thus far. It’s more of… that it needs to come from me, it needs to be something I am interested to write about to begin with.

The entry needs to have a spark, a personality and an underlying fire behind it even if all I am talking about is frivolous items like eyeliners, foundation, lipsticks etc.

My motto is that if I enjoy writing, hopefully people will enjoy reading. The effort and the passion is communicated, I would like to believe.

So, with that said sadly right now my passion and spark seems to have faded a little because my mind is so distraught and distracted right now.

I think as much as I am afraid to say this, for fear that everyone will think I am going to MIA forever and then jump ship on me, I think a breather may do me some good.

Though who knows, perhaps the minute I go on a breather I feel inspired to write again. After all, based on my history here I can’t seem to stay far from my blog for too long. Unless I had a legit reason about it, such as just having given birth.

Hurhurrrr, so yes I maaaay be gone for a little longer than I am used to, maybe just a week, we shall see! I want to just calm my mind, collect my thoughts and properly arrange my entries instead of feeling frazzled to post things up amidst other (more important, ugh, work) matters I am caught up with as of now.

I want to think about blogging, be inspired and blog for me again. I think along the way I started to put a lot of pressure on myself to churn new things out as soon and as much as I can but thankfully I figured it out soon enough and just need to take a step back to breathe once more and to realize, that isn’t me.

So I’m stepping out but I’ll be back, alright? :) I promise I wouldn’t be long… I think.

As always, don’t forget to follow me on instagram and also to VOTE for Baby K (from now till 19th June)!

And thank for you for reading this ramble. Much much love~

The Pampers Round Up – VOTE for Baby K's Pamper-ing Journey (& win for youself)!

So this is it you guys.

The time we bid farewell with moisture clouding our vision and hot warm tears streaming down our faces…

Or not….

Well, okay maybe it’s not that dramatic because while it is the end of me documenting Baby K’s pampers journey, it certainly isn’t the end of the relationship between her and Pampers!

Through this stint, we have definitely grown to love the Pampers Baby Dry series for so so many reasons, all of which I have constantly highlighted and reiteriated through My Pampers Journey so if you’re feeling up for revisiting some moments, you can definitely check them out below:

Now, I’ll try not to make this too long-winded, sappy and whatnot so I shall share some of our experiences with diapers. I had initially wanted to write this in the first post but given how that was primarily focused on sleep, it could have ended up way too long and unnecessary.

Thus, this wrap-up actually seems like a pretty good spot to reminisce.

The Light in Our Diaper Tunnel…

So, our initial diaper journey actually looks like this…

A couple more hidden in bags, but there’s Merries somewhere in there too…

We have been to the extremities of diaper-purchasing – feeling that the cheaper ones are good enough, followed by thinking otherwise and investing / trying a whole bunch of varying diapers.

We even found ways to acquire the more ‘exotic’ packs of diapers that aren’t easily or readily found locally just because we were on some quest to find the best.

See what I did there? ;)

While I think we are still a long ways away from calling ourselves diaper connoisseurs, I believe we have sufficient experience with a good number of diaper brands under the sun to easily point out perks and flaws across the brands.

Thus, with all that experience, knowledge and also exposure to varying brands of diapers (Pampers included actually, but the Japan variant), we decided to take on this Pampers Baby Dry adventure to evaluate these diapers and see how good they actually are, compared to what we already know of diapers.

Comparing them across the board with all the brands we have tried, I think it’s quite to safe to say that Pampers Baby Dry works out to be one of our top picks for a multitude of reasons.

Though to sum up this whole experience, I’ll list down quick points about the Pampers Baby Dry series that I particularly like. I’ll try not to ramble but as always you can head over to my previous Pampers Journey posts and read it all in detail for yourself!

I like Pampers Baby Dry because it is…

  • Thin and soft!
    Feels comfortable and also sleek when worn (see here)
  • Breathable
    So it allows baby’s skin to breathe
  • Highly absorbent, staying ‘dry’
    So baby’s skin isn’t exposed to a damp surface (see here)
  • Absorbent & Leakproof for hours!
    It’s one thing to be absorbent and it’s another to be able to absorb for hours while remaining comfortable and leak-proof on!
  • Leak-proof frills
    Frilly protection to prevent poop or pee from spilling over (see here)
  • Comfortable fit
    So it hugs baby closely but not uncomfortably so (see here)
  • Baby-friendly fit
    With flat seams, soft panels and STRETCHABLE EARS! I can’t get enough of that one. (see here & here)
  • Easy & quick to wear!
    Now the perfect answer to parents with a squirmy kid. Pampers Baby Dry is something I personally can wear in record time due to how convenient the folds, stretchable ears and such are!

Though, all these are just my own thoughts. Let’s hear it from the person who is actually wearing these Pampers, shall we?

“Well baby, what do you think about Pampers Baby Dry?”

Wow, I think baby probably feels the same about Pampers Baby Dry as I do, but perhaps a little differently since she doesn’t have to worry much about leaking (since she doesn’t clean up), how easy it is to wear (since she probably just lies there) though it is crucial that they feel it is comfortable on because diapers are things that kids will have on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Basically for the whole of their babyhood so it is important to pick a good one else you will be facing even more problems on top of the many you already have when you enter parenthood!

To commemorate this little Pampers Journey that Baby K had undertaken, I decided to do up a quick video compilation, with hopefully a slightly home-video yet still decent film-ish quality sort of a clip for you!

I tried capturing important moments of Love, Sleep & Play because Pampers has you covered during these beautiful moments of life!

Help Vote for Baby K & Win Some Pampers! –

But before you go, Baby has a very important favor and announcement to make!

She needs all your help to vote for her to win more Pampers (you can too) to prolong her wonderful Pampers Journey thus far because now that she has had a taste of how lovely these are, I think it’s going to be hard to get her to switch out any time soon!

All you need to do is:

Apparently you can do this every single day (1 entry per person a day) until 19th June 2014!

Of course it’s quite a request to have you vote every single day but that would also mean you have up’ed your chance to win 2 packs of Pampers Baby Dry (of your choice of size) to give these awesome diapers a go!

Yes, you heard that right!

10 lucky voters will win 2 packs of Pampers Baby Dry each!

So what are you waiting for, start voting (for me!!) right away!


Feel them for yourself!

If you are curious about how these Pampers Baby Dry feel, how soft and smooth they are, you can actually try checking out your nearest supermarket because they may have some size samples laid out for you!

I found these at a Cold Storage near my place.

Thank you for reading and following on with baby’s Pampers Journey, it was a fun month of laughs, exposing baby’s little theatrics and such. I don’t think I have ever shared this much about my baby girl before but it was quite a fresh change from my usual content.

I hardly share about baby online because I deem private life as private but just for you Pampers, here’s a bit of a glimpse into our family-time / family-life and also Baby K!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did through this and if you like the idea of parenting tips and such, I could keep some coming. Though perhaps in a smaller scale than this little adventure :)

Thank you again!

To give you a special goodbye, here is Baby K dancing to one of her favorite tunes – Mr Roboto by Styx. Take it away little bugger~

Special thanks to Pampers and OMY once more, do pop over to the Pampers Everday Me site for more information about the products!

And don’t forget to vote for Baby!

The After-Hours Chronicles of Lancôme's Artliners

Okay, I know I did mention in my earlier Lancôme post that when I obsess over some brands and recently used items I could talk about them all the time, non-stop, forever.

But I assure you that initially the plan to ramble on about Lancôme (for now) had stopped in the earlier post and I was all ready to start painting a new picture and ramble on about other stuff but as it turns out, I forgot to give some mention to the long-wearing ability of these Artliners, which rightfully is one of their selling points.

Thus, here I am checking in sheepishly to plop on some less-than-flattering close ups of my eye but hey, it’s all in a days work.

If you haven’t already checked it out, head over to see how these Artliners wear when they are all fresh and beautiful in my Lancôme Artliner Look Book feature.

Now, if you are ready, here is how a couple of them look after hours, which frankly isn’t bad. It’s just my mildly greasy skin and creased (lower lashline) liner that I am a little ashamed of.

Pretty good for 10 hours of wear, if I say so myself.

When everything else looks a little worn, fatigued and faded, these are still going strong with their pigmentation, sparkles and pristine shape! Check out the tips of my flick looking as sharp as they did when I first drew them on in the morning.

These definitely do live up to their claim of being long-wearing though I have a teeny tiny bit of a complaint, which I forgot to mention in earlier entries too.

Slight Con…

These ‘peel’ or ‘flake’ off because of their vinyl / film like quality that actually enables them to stick and hug the skin well. Though this also means that the best way to remove these would be to rub in one direction. This way, it prevents the little bits and pieces that ‘peel’ off from getting into your eyes. I am having a rather sensitive eye moment right now so little flecks that accidentally fall into my eye can irritate my eye a lot so I have noticed this and taken extra care during removal.

It isn’t totally a con because this is just how the formula is and most of the time our eye cleans itself out anyway but if your eyes are easily prone to irritation, you might want to take note of this.

So, with that said, I think I’ll put a lid on Lancôme on here for a bit. I still have a lot of Lancôme loving to give but I’ll shift the spotlight a little for now, alright?

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t checked out my recent Lancôme swatch-fests and look books, follow the links below!

Look Feature: Colors of the Rainb- No, Wait, I mean Lancôme 24H Artliners

Hello y’all!

I know I’ve been giving a fair bit of Lancôme lovin’ of late because… I seem to have this problem.

With new releases (of a particular brand) I tend to obsess over every single bit and incorporate it into my every day which means the pictures I snap on a day to day basis is well, a whole lot about that brand and right now it’s Lancôme!

I’ve had my NARS days, my Dior days and also the mish-mash days where I am a lot better at being diverse but for now just enjoy the Lancôme lovin’ because these items are pretty fancy and dandy!

So… all about these Lancôme 24H Artliners!

I’ve done a (relatively) detailed introduction about the product, colors and also what to expect with their new presence (better formula and better applicator), so go read that if you haven’t!

In this post, I will be spamming you lots of pictures of my very unimaginative eye looks – I’m sorry I love neutrals and am in a neutral rut – to showcase how these liners look on!

A lot of them are absolutely gorgeous and I tried to wear them and show them as well as I can and I can only hope these pictures do them justice!

The Looks –

I didn’t bother taking note of what I used per eye look (Lancôme liners aside) because I didn’t think it was very important. Though if somehow you are interested to know what I used for a certain eye look, you can enquire below and hopefully I remember it enough to let you know!

Black Diamond

Starting it off with the staple, the signature and a color you probably can’t live without as far as eyeliner goes – black. Black Diamond is an extremely rich and intense black that can draw (hurhur) drama and intensity to your eye like no other.

Definitely not for the weak but if strong and boldly lined eyes are your thing, I dare you to take on the challenge and embrace this diamond, you probably wouldn’t look back after.


Now, if you kinda like it dark but yet still want a little something something to your look (perhaps a glint of green?) then Emerald is looking perfect for you!

This shade came out a little darker than I expected – almost black even – but the minute it hits the light, the green tone within shimmers and shines for all to see. Beautiful for brown-eye ladies *ahem myself*


If you like your green a little mossy, a little murky and dirty than Jade is probably the right color for you. This shade doesn’t have as much depth as Emerald does and almost looks a little like a olive-pewter at angles but it is a lovely shade all the same.

Good enough if you like light definition or like to top the look off by tightlining with black after using this.


For those that love to spice their look up with a pop color, Amethyst would be a perfect shade for you.

A vibrant shade of blue-purple that seems to shift depending on the lighting, Amethyst is bright and bold but not so much so that it is stark on. There is enough dimension and sparkles to it but is kept sophisticated as a whole. If there is one color that you would need to check out from this range, it would be this (though frankly you probably should check all of them out).


Now, moving on to the more classic and regal of things, here is a very common accent liner shade – Gold!

Lancôme’s variant is, needless to say, very intense and saturated enabling the Gold to truly show up in all its sparkly and golden glory – a wee bit metallic even. Though I can’t help but feel very cleopatra-esque everytime I try to wear an accent gold liner on my lids. Given gold is quite a light tone, this doesn’t offer a lot of depth so if you want some definition to your eye area, tightlining or using a mascara would certainly help.


After Gold, comes Silver! This silver isn’t just any ole silver, it’s a very pretty pink-sparkle-ified version of silver that almost leans a little grey-ish-lilac under certain lights.

Okay the lilac portion is probably my eyes playing tricks on me but due to the pink shimmers within, it does seem to have more to it than just metallic silver alone, absolutely gorgeous if you ask me!

So there you go, all 5 beautiful Limited Edition colors along with a classic black that is in the permanent range.

I had previously mentioned that my pick of the lot would be Amethyst, Emerald and Silver but truly, I can’t say that I don’t like the other colors either. I feel they all serve a particular purpose and crazy as this might sound they all have a place in the stash and would work perfectly will for their own type of looks.

Given they are Limited Edition, do hurry down to Lancôme at Sephora to pick your picks today!

Lancôme’s 24H Artliners retail for (I believe) S$30.

The black is available islandwide and permanent. The colored versions are Limited Edition and only available at Lancôme Sephora

Thanks for reading! Which is your favorite of the lot?

Lancôme 24H Art Liners – Go Bold or Go Black! (Info & Swatches)

Celebrating 20 years of perfectly rimmed and flicked cat eyes at Lancôme with the help of the good ole classic 24H Artliner, Lancôme has to do something modern and fun by throwing out an array of pop (yet still wearable) Artliner shades!

Typically the 24H Artliner is only available in Black in Singapore.

While I can’t be sure about the offerings in the US, I do see quite a few shade selections on overseas websites that showcase the Artliner (e.g. Lancôme USA and Sephora USA).

The First Encounter (My Liner-Noob days)…

It’s a story I never told but my first encounter with liquid liners actually began back in the day with Lancôme.

*cue an unfocussed reminiscent stare*

As far as eye essentials are concerned – mascara, eye makeup remover and eyeliner – Lancôme was my first proper experience, probably due to a set of items my Mother-in-law (then: bf’s mom) had gifted to me; knowing my love for makeup and given her love for Lancôme.

Though I’ll be frank and say that for someone who is a complete liquid liner noob, Artliners aren’t the best to kickstart this eyelining journey.


With my initial experience, I gathered that Lancôme Artliners were really wet so you get a liquid-loaded brush each time. The foam-tip applicator was really soft and flexible as well, which spells bad news for shakey / non-experience liquid liner hands. Plus I wasn’t used to liquid liners enough to master wand applicators so the whole thing just worked out to be a mess and I swore off wand-applicator liquid liners after that (all me though, nothing on Lancôme).

Though I am glad that I eventually got back to liquid liners, even if it took the training wheels of a pen-style liquid liner to get me there, heh!

So… after that long backstory, onward to these newly improved (and reformulated) 24H Artliners!

Now that I am equipped with well-trained eyeliner hands and liquid liner know-how, what do I think of these Lancôme 24H Artliners?

I would say aside from looking downright gorgeous, these are mighty fine too!

Perfectly lasting (by my standards) on the lids with a glimmering light-catching quality.

The bright jewelled color, shine and definition is all done with a sophisticated air, nothing jarish or gritty about these pearly pretties. They are nice way to add a soft glimmer of color to your look without being too self conscious about it.

Now, here comes to the science.

Afterall, someone’s got to explain how these buggers can be water-proof, budge-proof, essentially life-proof lasting 24 hours looking fab and yet is so easy to swipe off with the ease of a gentle eye makeup remover at the end of the day.

Lancôme recommends Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover though Bioderma Micellar water (what I use right now) works just fine.

New Formula, New Tip –

Featuring a bolder and better formula (infused with Flex Polymer Complex) to turn the spotlight to your eyes and give you an alluring gaze. Lancôme’s 24H Artliners feature a newly improved formula for longer lasting color vibrancy and easier control be it if you prefer a thicker stroke or a refined flick.

After all, you should be concerned with how to wear your liner look and not how your liner look will wear!

The improved precision foam-tip applicator is firmer and denser, allowing for easier control with this sleek wet formula that promises no skipping, only intense and saturated color with every stroke!

With all that essential and important product information related, let’s get on to the fun part, all da COLOURS!

The Black (Black Diamond) is permanent and easily found at all Lancôme counters island-wide, though the vibrant and bold colors are sadly Limited Edition and only exclusive to Sephora.

I know right… Why? Why Limited Edition?


Anyway, Lancôme mentioned that they brought in a good amount to meet the demand so everyone should be able to get their hands on it! Though don’t take that for granted and do head down if a particular shade catches your eye!

Black aside, we have 5 colored variants to choose from depending on your preference – be it purple hues, jeweled emerald or a regal gold.

If you ask me, I think all 5 shades are equally stunning making it almost impossible to pick from the lot. My suggestion, get them all! It is Limited Edition after all…

Amethyst is a funny shade, doing that whole ‘tricky to photograph’ color shift, being blue sometimes and purple in others. In person it is quite an ultra-violet shade but given that, it isn’t stark either and gives enough depth on the eye while maintaining its pop of color.

It truly is beautiful and one of my favorite of the lot.

Following close would be Emerald and Silver, it’s a little tricky picking a favorite from here on.

If you are familiar to the Artliners, perhaps having used them before, you would know that one trait of theirs would be how incredibly wet they are.

These do require some ‘wiping down’ at the mouth of the bottle before you apply them to your lids for fear of a huge wet glob of color wherever the brush first lands.

Though the ‘wetness’ hasn’t changed because it does provide for a smooth and undisturbed sleek line, I feel the improved and firmer applicator does help to control the liner application a whole lot more.

It is still flexible enough to wing out a soft flick or get really close to your lashline and yet it possesses enough resistance to draw a steady line without bending or flopping all over. That was one of the issues I had with this back in my noob-days.

Given how ‘wet’ these are, the formula is bound to separate so Lancôme recommends shaking these up before use and also recommends against putting these on their side (especially when they are open).

Here’s a swatch of the colors to show you how intensely saturated they are:

Upon initial swatch, they feel wet, watery and glossy but as they set and dry down, they start to hug closely to your skin giving it a patented vinyl-like finish. Almost like a second skin conforming to your first, the film that these
Artliners dry down to allows for them to last perfectly well through the day.

If you pay some attention to it while it dries, which does take a short while given how wet they are, you can almost feel the ‘wrapping’ effect as it dries and adheres to your skin. Almost like the liner is infusing itself into you but of course nothing of that sort. I’m watching too many superhero-mutation movies these days…

The shades are all intensely pigmented with a pearly (metallic for some) finish, save for the black which is just a glossy patent and intense shade.

Here is a comparison of Lancôme’s 24H Artliner’s Black to a softer black in my stash, to show you how smooth and dark Black Diamond is.

I especially love the depth to all these colors as they do carry some ‘pop’ but also lightly define the eyes in the process, it is all about the ‘jeweled’ finish of these shades.

Here’s a better shot of the sparkles in dimmer light.

To help you understand how these function as a film over the skin that enables them to wear for a long period of time and yet remove easily, here’s what happens if you really get in there and rub at these.

Of course you would never apply the same sort of pressure to your eye area and given that the skin around the eyes aren’t as taut as the back of the hands, it wouldn’t be an easy task to do this sans water either.

I have been rotating these liners since I got my hands on them, and will come back with a post about how they look on the eyes and how I prefer to wear them (nothing revolutionary though, given my neutral makeup rut). If you are interested to see how they look on, do check back!

I’ll also talk about how these wear through the day with an end-of-day shot and such but if you want to take my word for it, these are tenacious and lasting little buggers!

Though to disclaim, I only use liquid liners on my eyelid (no undereye / waterline and you shouldn’t too) and I typically don’t have issues with liquid liners on there! Only the one or two that seem to disintegrate upon bare contact with water of any sort – case in point Lancôme Plume’s liner, quite the opposite of Artliner.

If you’re in need of a good, saturated and long-lasting liquid liner than look no further! Especially so if any of these pop of colors catch your eyes because they are Limited Edition so grab them while they last!

Lancôme 24H Artliner in Black Diamond is permanent and found at all Lancôme counters island-wide.

Lancôme 24H Artliner in other shades (Jade, Emerald, Amethyst, Silver & Gold) are Limited Edition and available at Lancôme Sephora only.

Thanks for reading!

My Pampers Journey #4 – Cheat sheet in the World of Diapers

Baby K says information here is top secret, shhh. Tips and tricks here will exponentially make diaper changing a whole different experience and the hassle a thing of the past.

Well, I kid….

If only there were such a thing in the unpredictable world of stuff a little baby passes out through their body. Hurhur.

Though what I will do in this post is share some little tips and things that I do, in hopes that these can help prepare you for the diapering world ahead. You will need all the preparation you can get but at the same time, don’t kick yourself once you down and dirty with diapering and find out that it’s a little trickier than what you were expecting.

The thing about the whole diapering experience is very much like having kids: It’s only when you settle down to change diapers that you actually learn.

Though fret not because being prepared and knowledgeable about diapering does help, to some extent so it is still a good idea to read up on what other moms (or dads) do.

Knowledge may not help you clean the little bottoms but it will give you a good idea of how it should best be done and when it should be done!

Of course some things go without a doubt but… if you need a chart like the one below to tell you how to check on your baby’s diaper then perhaps I would suggest you read a whole lot more on diapering before you start! Ha!

While sometimes it is a little tricky knowing when you should change, you will eventually develop the keen diaper-sixth-sense and become quite a guru at it. Though sometimes baby could help you along…

Someone got a little too excited? Hurhur!

But anyway, first and foremost, the very initial thing you need to get over when entering the realm of diaper changing is…

Don’t be Squeamish.

At the end of the day, it is your little being’s produce so… I don’t know about you but I was quite indifferent about it. Yes it doesn’t look good much less does it smell good but I never found it ‘disguisting’ – that’s a pretty harsh word. It is icky but it really isn’t that bad.

Especially for infants and fairly newborns, the poop and pee they produce may be odd in color and smell but I think it’s one of the cleanest they will ever produce in their entire life. After all, during that period all they are digesting would be milk be it yours or formula, I don’t see how gross that can be.

Being squeamish also doesn’t help things and doesn’t change your diapers any quicker so the sooner you get over the poop-phobia, the better!

Maybe a humorous diagram of what to expect, pee aside, would help you look at this a little more light-heartedly!

While Pampers Baby Dry doesn’t absorb solid or part-solid material either (the day someone invents a poop-absorbing diaper… wow), they do a pretty good job of soaking up pee and masking it well with the colored portion.

What’s more it doesn’t even look damp, soaked or icky so it would most likely make your usual diaper changes a lot more pleasant if you happen to be slightly squeamish but trying means and ways to fight it.

Remember this pic about a used diaper I posted awhile ago? I know it’s icky posting a shot of a used diaper but here’s me showing you that it really isn’t that bad to look at.

Keep Essentials Close By

This has probably been said again and again and at least for this tip, I think it’s actually quite useful to know and remember.

When you have a wailing baby (worst if the baby knows how to flip or omgosh, walk) with a bum that needs to be wiped down, the last thing you want is to realize that your wet wipes are across the room, your nappy cream is in the bedroom and the diapers are somewhere else.

It’s important to set up a little diaper changing area just to house all these important pieces so you can get to work quick and put on a fresh new diaper for baby.

If you do not have the means of space to set up a dedicated diaper area, you can always improvise and use changing mats on your bed while housing everything in baskets you can quickly and easily move from place to place. Just remember to bring it along with you or keep it close by!

Water Works Best

While wet wipes are handy and quick to use, these do contain trace amounts of cleaning chemicals and agents. No matter how mild they claim to be, they will still be fairly drying and stripping on your baby’s sensitive skin.

While you can make up for it by moisturizing with an ointment, why even expose your baby to these chemicals when sometimes something as simple and readily available as water works best.

Since baby was an infant, we often try to use cotton pads soaked with warm water to clean her little bottoms. It’s only in fairly urgent situations or once in awhile that we whip out the wet wipes.

Though these days, as she is older and her skin not as delicate as before, we do use wipes for the ease but we still try to wash / wipe her with water as much as we can given that she has fairly sensitive skin.

Wiping Down. Literally.

Another tip that is constantly mentioned would be to always wipe baby in a downward motion, never upwards towards the genitals. This method of wiping front to back is especially important for baby girls to help prevent any unwanted infections. For baby boys, always be thorough about wiping under folds of skin and around, leaving time for it to dry before diaper-ing them up.

The Back Up Plan

Changing diapers isn’t always a walk in the park.

You may get lucky sessions whereby you escape scot-free but other times, and this happens quite a fair bit especially in younger infants, you get a nice little poop or pee shower while changing the ammunition.

Yes not very pleasant.

Though frankly speaking if it gets on you, it’s not the end of the world but if you happen to be changing baby on a surface that is absorbant (basically not changing mat material), then… well the hassle involved is quite something.

So through experience we have learnt that the best way to combat this is to be super prepared to begin with by laying a new and clean diaper behind baby before removing the soaked one.

This way if you are in the midst of cleaning / cream-applying and baby does a 1 or 2 you can quickly (depending on your reflex now) swoop the diaper clo

se and prevent or lessen the ‘spillage’ involved.

Often times this has helped saved us quite a bit!

Or else there is always the changing mat but that has proven to save your furniture / surface but not quite yourself, nor whatever your baby has on.

Use the Right Diaper – Use Pampers Baby Dry

While this seems like a vague statement, it is important to know which diaper works best for your baby be it fit, comfort or even the way the diaper functions.

The right diaper for your baby should fit snug and comfortably around the waist and also around the thighs but yet not too tight that it causes marks on their skin. For this Pampers Baby Dry has deviced a way to fit the baby well in the most comfortable of means to prevent any unwanted leakage.

Baby can be stretching, crawling, squating and doing all sorts of odd baby stances and you know they’ll be comfy regardless (and your bed / sofa will be safe)!

The diaper material both inside and outside should also be soft and smooth, nothing that will rub against and irritate baby’s skin. The material used on Pampers Baby Dry is soft and almost cloth-like, smooth to the touch and flexible.

There is really no way to show smoothness on here but… here’s baby deciding it’s soft and smooth enough for her to put it (a clean one btw) against her face.

Also, did you know that some diapers (or rather most) are actually scented with perfume? This could sometimes irritate the skin of some babies, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Pampers Baby Dry does use a diaper fragrance as well but their diaper perfume ingredients have been thoroughly assessed and tested for safety, especially so to rule out skin irritation. It has been proven to be non-allergen, non-irritating and will not cause any cases of diaper rash.

So the next time if any other X Brand diapers cause irritation to your baby, perhaps it is more than the material and it could be the diaper fragrance.

Last but not least the right diaper should just feel right and feel easy to use!

Pampers Baby Dry has greatly improved our diaper changing experience with how soft, flexible and also stretchable some parts of the diapers are. I find myself often reaching for Pampers Baby Dry in a quick situation because I know it is a lot easier to get on baby rather than having to struggle with her to fasten it down.

Strangely enough, perhaps baby knows Pampers is easier to wear or more comfortable on, she doesn’t seem to struggle as much when we wear this on her.

A Pleasant Disposal

Well after all that information about how to wear diapers, did you know that how you dispose of diapers are pretty important too.

It’s bad enough that without seeing them you can often smell them so investing in a trashbin with a lid (these are pretty commonly available) is most ideal unless you want to do the hassle of dumping every diaper into the rubbish chute. That would be so inconvenient if you stay on a landed property or the new places with a common rubbish chute.

Aside from masking the smell, one way to help make the bin look a lot more pleasant (and tone down the scent a little) is to properly wrap the diaper up before you dispose of it.

It is a quick step to do and often times it makes managing used diapers a lot more pleasant.

Wrapping this up (hurhur, see what I did there), as I had mentioned, tips and tricks can only prepare you so much for the messy journey ahead but I guess a little bit of an idea is better than none!

Though the realm of diaper changing, like having kids, can only truly be felt when you experience it for yourself but fret not because if you are equipped with the right diaper, you will find that it plays a perfect supporting role and allows you to focus your attention on your child instead of fretting about other issues!

A great diaper would make diaper changing sessions a breeze, shoo away any uncomfortable nappy rash episode and importantly comfortably on! It will be part and parcel of life but never adding to the burdens and problems of life! If you ask me, while I can’t say I love changing diapers I certainly don’t find them to be a chore anymore.

After all, given how frequent these little ones go, you will have plenty of time to get acquainted with the process ;)

Moms out there, if you have some special little tips and tricks you do during diaper changing moments, do share!

It is always fun to share mom tips and discover ways around small little problems that are a teeny tiny bump in your otherwise pretty smooth (though incredibly windy) path of parenthood.

Diapering is a tricky enough adventure for a new parent, let Pampers iron out that road for you so you can spend time working out other kinks in your kiddo’s childhood – such as why No means Yes to them and Yes means Boring. Tsk!

Thanks for reading!

As always, thank you to Pampers Singapore and OMY for this opportunity. Don’t forget to pop by Pampers’ Everyday Me site for more diapering info!