Lancôme 24H Art Liners – Go Bold or Go Black! (Info & Swatches)

Celebrating 20 years of perfectly rimmed and flicked cat eyes at Lancôme with the help of the good ole classic 24H Artliner, Lancôme has to do something modern and fun by throwing out an array of pop (yet still wearable) Artliner shades!

Typically the 24H Artliner is only available in Black in Singapore.

While I can’t be sure about the offerings in the US, I do see quite a few shade selections on overseas websites that showcase the Artliner (e.g. Lancôme USA and Sephora USA).

The First Encounter (My Liner-Noob days)…

It’s a story I never told but my first encounter with liquid liners actually began back in the day with Lancôme.

*cue an unfocussed reminiscent stare*

As far as eye essentials are concerned – mascara, eye makeup remover and eyeliner – Lancôme was my first proper experience, probably due to a set of items my Mother-in-law (then: bf’s mom) had gifted to me; knowing my love for makeup and given her love for Lancôme.

Though I’ll be frank and say that for someone who is a complete liquid liner noob, Artliners aren’t the best to kickstart this eyelining journey.


With my initial experience, I gathered that Lancôme Artliners were really wet so you get a liquid-loaded brush each time. The foam-tip applicator was really soft and flexible as well, which spells bad news for shakey / non-experience liquid liner hands. Plus I wasn’t used to liquid liners enough to master wand applicators so the whole thing just worked out to be a mess and I swore off wand-applicator liquid liners after that (all me though, nothing on Lancôme).

Though I am glad that I eventually got back to liquid liners, even if it took the training wheels of a pen-style liquid liner to get me there, heh!

So… after that long backstory, onward to these newly improved (and reformulated) 24H Artliners!

Now that I am equipped with well-trained eyeliner hands and liquid liner know-how, what do I think of these Lancôme 24H Artliners?

I would say aside from looking downright gorgeous, these are mighty fine too!

Perfectly lasting (by my standards) on the lids with a glimmering light-catching quality.

The bright jewelled color, shine and definition is all done with a sophisticated air, nothing jarish or gritty about these pearly pretties. They are nice way to add a soft glimmer of color to your look without being too self conscious about it.

Now, here comes to the science.

Afterall, someone’s got to explain how these buggers can be water-proof, budge-proof, essentially life-proof lasting 24 hours looking fab and yet is so easy to swipe off with the ease of a gentle eye makeup remover at the end of the day.

Lancôme recommends Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover though Bioderma Micellar water (what I use right now) works just fine.

New Formula, New Tip –

Featuring a bolder and better formula (infused with Flex Polymer Complex) to turn the spotlight to your eyes and give you an alluring gaze. Lancôme’s 24H Artliners feature a newly improved formula for longer lasting color vibrancy and easier control be it if you prefer a thicker stroke or a refined flick.

After all, you should be concerned with how to wear your liner look and not how your liner look will wear!

The improved precision foam-tip applicator is firmer and denser, allowing for easier control with this sleek wet formula that promises no skipping, only intense and saturated color with every stroke!

With all that essential and important product information related, let’s get on to the fun part, all da COLOURS!

The Black (Black Diamond) is permanent and easily found at all Lancôme counters island-wide, though the vibrant and bold colors are sadly Limited Edition and only exclusive to Sephora.

I know right… Why? Why Limited Edition?


Anyway, Lancôme mentioned that they brought in a good amount to meet the demand so everyone should be able to get their hands on it! Though don’t take that for granted and do head down if a particular shade catches your eye!

Black aside, we have 5 colored variants to choose from depending on your preference – be it purple hues, jeweled emerald or a regal gold.

If you ask me, I think all 5 shades are equally stunning making it almost impossible to pick from the lot. My suggestion, get them all! It is Limited Edition after all…

Amethyst is a funny shade, doing that whole ‘tricky to photograph’ color shift, being blue sometimes and purple in others. In person it is quite an ultra-violet shade but given that, it isn’t stark either and gives enough depth on the eye while maintaining its pop of color.

It truly is beautiful and one of my favorite of the lot.

Following close would be Emerald and Silver, it’s a little tricky picking a favorite from here on.

If you are familiar to the Artliners, perhaps having used them before, you would know that one trait of theirs would be how incredibly wet they are.

These do require some ‘wiping down’ at the mouth of the bottle before you apply them to your lids for fear of a huge wet glob of color wherever the brush first lands.

Though the ‘wetness’ hasn’t changed because it does provide for a smooth and undisturbed sleek line, I feel the improved and firmer applicator does help to control the liner application a whole lot more.

It is still flexible enough to wing out a soft flick or get really close to your lashline and yet it possesses enough resistance to draw a steady line without bending or flopping all over. That was one of the issues I had with this back in my noob-days.

Given how ‘wet’ these are, the formula is bound to separate so Lancôme recommends shaking these up before use and also recommends against putting these on their side (especially when they are open).

Here’s a swatch of the colors to show you how intensely saturated they are:

Upon initial swatch, they feel wet, watery and glossy but as they set and dry down, they start to hug closely to your skin giving it a patented vinyl-like finish. Almost like a second skin conforming to your first, the film that these
Artliners dry down to allows for them to last perfectly well through the day.

If you pay some attention to it while it dries, which does take a short while given how wet they are, you can almost feel the ‘wrapping’ effect as it dries and adheres to your skin. Almost like the liner is infusing itself into you but of course nothing of that sort. I’m watching too many superhero-mutation movies these days…

The shades are all intensely pigmented with a pearly (metallic for some) finish, save for the black which is just a glossy patent and intense shade.

Here is a comparison of Lancôme’s 24H Artliner’s Black to a softer black in my stash, to show you how smooth and dark Black Diamond is.

I especially love the depth to all these colors as they do carry some ‘pop’ but also lightly define the eyes in the process, it is all about the ‘jeweled’ finish of these shades.

Here’s a better shot of the sparkles in dimmer light.

To help you understand how these function as a film over the skin that enables them to wear for a long period of time and yet remove easily, here’s what happens if you really get in there and rub at these.

Of course you would never apply the same sort of pressure to your eye area and given that the skin around the eyes aren’t as taut as the back of the hands, it wouldn’t be an easy task to do this sans water either.

I have been rotating these liners since I got my hands on them, and will come back with a post about how they look on the eyes and how I prefer to wear them (nothing revolutionary though, given my neutral makeup rut). If you are interested to see how they look on, do check back!

I’ll also talk about how these wear through the day with an end-of-day shot and such but if you want to take my word for it, these are tenacious and lasting little buggers!

Though to disclaim, I only use liquid liners on my eyelid (no undereye / waterline and you shouldn’t too) and I typically don’t have issues with liquid liners on there! Only the one or two that seem to disintegrate upon bare contact with water of any sort – case in point Lancôme Plume’s liner, quite the opposite of Artliner.

If you’re in need of a good, saturated and long-lasting liquid liner than look no further! Especially so if any of these pop of colors catch your eyes because they are Limited Edition so grab them while they last!

Lancôme 24H Artliner in Black Diamond is permanent and found at all Lancôme counters island-wide.

Lancôme 24H Artliner in other shades (Jade, Emerald, Amethyst, Silver & Gold) are Limited Edition and available at Lancôme Sephora only.

Thanks for reading!