Onsugar's Email Notifications Glitchin' Once More

So I can’t be sure if this is just something I suffer from or if it may be affecting a bunch of Onsugar users but I found the statistics derived from the site a little peculiar of late, so with a suspicion in mind I checked around and true enough found out that Onsugar is at it again!

Glitching, I mean.

For some reason those who are subscribed to my RSS feed via email (e.g. you get email notifications when I post) haven’t been getting email notifications since my Lancôme Lip Lover entries. That would make it since the start of June!

Now it’s just a little peeving for me knowing that I am writing and yet those who are subsribed to my content because they want to read it aren’t able to receive it due to a glitch on Onsugar’s end. Thus, I am writing this to mention it and highlight it to them in hopes it gets fixed soon.

Thankfully I don’t monetize my blog else I can imagine if anyone did, they would be hopping mad at this glitch.

Though, I do have a suggestion for some of you who still embrace the Email ways of subscribing to blogs – why not give Bloglovin’ a go!

Follow this link to find me!

I recommend them only because I have been using them (Bloglovin’) to keep updated with my beauty news and while they have had their fair share of glitches over time, they have come a long way!

Sure the platform isn’t sleek and bug-free as of yet but if you want to be doubly sure to get content that you are interested to read (not just from me of course, I’m not that narcissistic) it certainly helps!

They also have an iPhone and Android compatible app for on-the-go reading pleasure, so if you haven’t hopped on Bloglovin’ yet, I suggest you do!

Until then, I can only hope the RSS feed bug gets fixed soon!

I know I have been going on about me losing my mojo to blog but I think I am slowly but surely finding my path back again. It’s still a little awkward and a little blank but I have been feeling quite inspired of late so let me translate all that to words on this blog / page as soon as I can!

Thanks for reading!