Make Up Store's Punky Persona – Amarillo Marbled Eyeshadow

For the longest time I was a little mistaken about this product, thinking it was released earlier this year with Make Up Store’s Spring 2014 collection.

Though upon doing some research – like just, as I was typing this up – I found out that this particular Marbled Eyeshadow was actually released last year I believe.

Released with their Punk Collection last September, Amarillo is a perfect blend of something a little smokey but generally neutral.

Almost as if a punk rocker wanted an effortlessly mauve-y and smokey eye look. The sort that makes it look as if they had partied a little too hard last night or haven’t slept for days.

Regardless of that description, Amarillo is actually very wearable (even if you aren’t going for that editorial ‘druggy’ look) and very beautiful on.

But I do feel a little bad for this belated mention given perhaps you may not be able to readily find this at Make Up Store right now. You could try your luck because they do have a good amount of stocks on hand but otherwise, I do have more Marbled Eyeshadow mentions coming so wait up for those!

Given that, I will quickly explore and showcase the wonders of these Marbled Eyeshadows first and shan’t rant on too long about Amarillo lest it isn’t available and not easy to find.

Amarillo is a speckle of burnished red, dusty blue, pale pink and some taupe hidden in the mixture of everything.

These kind of shadows are interesting and really fun because depending on where you put your brush, the color you get from the swatch will differ.

Of course the gist of the color is there – a taupey sort of base color – but the nuances do shift.

In the case of Amarillo, you can either achieve a cool mauvey taupe, a burgundy tinted brown, or perhaps catch a glint of icy blue within the mix.

It is quite lovely and sometimes one Marbled Eyeshadow is all you need for a smoked out look with shifted tones.

Could you believe that the varying swatches above are all derived from this lone Marbled Eyeshadow?

I didn’t manage to snap any looks with this on to show but I believe that’s for the better, given this was released awhile ago. I don’t want to be any more of a tease than I already am.

Though, if these Marbled Eyeshadows seem interesting enough to you, I have a few pieces from their Spring 2014 collection to share and from what I know, those should still be in stock!

I haven’t gotten down to shooting and using them yet but expect to see them on here soon!

Make Up Store’s Marbled Eyeshadow retails for S$27

Thanks for reading!