Nails: Bridging Spring and Summer (Lancôme Vernis in Love 343B)

Guess what! I am finally back with some nail polish!

I can’t even explain how amazing it feels to have colors painted on your nails after leaving them bare for so long.

For those who haven’t been following my skin rants, I had (and actually still sort of have) a pretty bad bout of eczema breakout on my hands and that caused me to stay off painting my nails because it was a total Bi— to remove.

Even an acetone-free nail polish remover (liessssss) would sting my wounds so I guess I would rather just do without all that fancy schmansy for a little while.

But it’s so good to be back to the land of painted talons and what better way than with a pop of pink – perfectly cheery but still so wearable!

I actually have a bag of Lancôme Vernis in Love sitting in a corner of the room, not receiving as much love as it should. I think I may have forgotten about them in the flurry of everything when I first got them but recently, while tidying the room, I uncovered these and fell (Vernis) in love with this beautiful pink.

Lancôme’s Vernis in Love in 343B Rose Pitimini is a perfect sort of brightening pink to wear that isn’t stark yet doesn’t go unnoticed.

You don’t need to prepare your heart to wear it since it isn’t a neon shade that could only work on some occasions, yet I did have some reservations before I thought ‘oh what the heck, I want me some color!’.

I love this color because of how cherubic it is, it just seems to put a smile on my face with how cheery, statement yet feminine it is.

For those who haven’t tried Lancôme’s Vernis in Love, these polishes are generally pretty good. They do not have as glossy a finish as Dior’s Gel Effet polishes but the creaminess and opacity of it is good and it paints on beautifully.

Not forgetting, the bottle is really dainty and feminine as well.

I had no issues working with the brush though for observation purposes I did find the bristles were a little softer than some so a steadier hand would be required.

Overall it shouldn’t be hard to grasp painting these on, here’s how the radiant Rose Pitimini looks on my currently chopped short nails.

I am currently embracing short chops because should I subconsciously or accidentally scratch a rash, it wouldn’t end up being that bad – because nails this short is fairly harmless.

That aside, somehow I feel a whole lot cleaner and lighter, almost like that feeling you get when you chop your long locks off. I am guessing it is mostly all in the mind but having shorter nails also mean lesser dirt and whatnot ‘trapped’ under them, yes?

Doesn’t this just look like Spring and Summer dancing about on your nails? So cheery, bright and fun, yet at the same time relatively work-friendly too (depends of course on your line of work…).

Lancôme Vernis in Love retails for S$30 at Lancôme counters island-wide
343B Rose Pitimini is a permanent color.

Thanks for reading!