Snapshots of Dior Addict's Growing Family

Well, trust me now there are better representations to come of Dior’s esteemed and growing population of the Dior Addict clan.

It started with the rouge, that certainly got a lot of people addicted to the brand. From here on I believe my knowledge is a little fuzzy so don’t quote me on the facts but since then, the range has expanded to their Haus of Parfums, and now even spreading their sensual lure to your peepers.

A good while back we had the opportunity to check out (I shan’t say preview since items were already launched then) the expanding Dior Addict family – get a whiff of the new and alluring Dior Addict EDT as well as swatch the vibrant pops of addictive It-Line (eyeliner) and It-Lash (Mascara) shades.

The whole experience was swift and… productive, I should say.

Though given the quick setting the snaps, set up and such were a little short but hey, let’s just say the shimmery golden backdrop is there to signify how fabulous the Dior Addict range is. Yes?

First things first, the fragrance named after the line itself – Dior Addict Eau de Toilette.

Since we are on the topic of Addict fragrances, Dior Singapore (not sure if its the same internationally) seems to have done away with the Eau Delice fragrance which I had heard was quite popular with a certain group of fresh, juicy, berry scent lovers.

If you are expecting Dior Addict EDT to smell likewise then, I am sorry, it does not.

This one smells… very interesting. Almost a little generic at first spritz but once you let it settle and sit on your skin, the scent that greets you is quite beautiful. To a certain extent it is a ‘commercial’ fragrance and doesn’t play heavily on peculiar notes but at the same time the meld of sweet, soft, floral and powdery notes that greet you almost make it feel like some scent journey into a feminine wonderland.

Now I’m not going to dedicate this whole post to describing the scent so I’ll just say that it is positively delightful. I fell in love at first spritz and have a deluxe sample bottle on hand which I have been loving and using.

For your reference, the notable notes are Sicilian mandarin, Jasmine Sambac, Tunisian neroli, Sandalwood, and Vanilla amongst a blend of others.

On a side-note, Neroli seems to be my recent scent obsession these days. I will gladly bathe in anything that is Neroli (Orange Blossom / Bitter Orange) these days.

So uplifting, zesty in a perfectly dainty way and unobtrusive.

Anyway, back to the rest of the Dior Addict line up.

After having reintroduced Dior Addict to their existing Addict fragrance line up of Eau Fraiche (pink bottle) and Eau de Parfum (dark blue bottle), the Addict range has overflowed back into the makeup realm of things and found home in a range of eye-wear.

Beautifully embodying the aesthetic essence of Dior Addict with a square-ish built and that signature CD knob atop, the It-Lash and It-Line range consists of 4 sleek tubes of colors each – a pink, an electric blue, a mid-tone purple and of course a classic black.

Sadly, the pop shades are limited edition and last I heard, they were in high demand so I’m not sure if they are sold out right now but if so, I wish Dior would bring them back seasonally because the colored variants are such a collectible.

Sure the shades aren’t unique to the point they can’t be duped but to have this vibrant a slick of color in such a chic packaging with Dior engraved upon, isn’t that just ticking all the right boxes for a makeup collector / hoarder? Hurhur.

For the sake of the black, with it being permanent and all, I will be doing a proper review of how this wears and looks on so keep a look out for that if the It-Lash or It-Lines interest you.

In the meanwhile here’s a quick eye swatch I did, at the event, of the lovely purple liner.

I didn’t bother with swatching It-Lash at the event but I do have the pink (or was it blue?) one on hand to showcase if you are interested!

So, like I said, this is a quick snapshot and rough sweep of the Dior Addict range and while I have a mind to get a proper, well thought out, curated-almost sort of a post up, I figured given how these are selling like hot cakes I had better churn something out first.

Here’s the rundown again:

Dior Addict’s EDT is new and permanent to the fragrance line.

It-Lash and It-Lines are new and only the black shade is permanent. The colored pops are all Limited Edition (why, Dior, why?).

I don’t have the price off the top of my head but with Dior, if you want it, you are usually willing to pay for it, yes?

With that I will check back with you again with my reviews once they are ready. Though in the meanwhile if you are hoping down to pick up anything from the Addict range, why not flash this instagram picture of mine!

You could stand to get a 3 piece goodie bag, if stocks are still available.

It’s a great way to give the perfume a spritz, try out the It-Lash formula and also give the Fluid Sticks a go if you have been eyeing them.

Thank you for reading and TGIF~

I’m off to check out Bar Naked this evening, would I be seeing anyone else there?