The Weekend LOTD!

Woohoo, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper LOTD post. Not a look feature, not prominently highlighting or talking about any brand per se but simply what I slapped on my face, and over the weekend at that!

Last last weekend, to be precise. Oops, yes… I am a little clogged up with churning the pictures out.

Now, to the average person it’s no big deal because… weekends are for LOTDs, right am I?

But for me, my usual weekend slap-on goes a little something like this – sunscreen, brows.

So the whole works (not even that much really) as featured in this post is quite something to shout about, hence this post. Hurhur.

Given the rare opportunity, what had incited this weekend slap-on?

Even though my birthday is in July (shameless plug, hurhur), it isn’t a party of any sort but a simple act of catching a flick with the colleagues over the weekend! Transformers, to be exact.

Weekends are usually blocked out for family time (which I love and enjoy too, no doubt) but sometimes adding a little variety or changing things up – like hanging out with friends over the weekend – makes things quite exciting. Even when the ‘exciting’ situation is pretty much a norm for much of the population.


Look at this crazy girl getting so excited about going out with friends for a movie over the weekend… that’s how I roll every weekend y’all.


So anyway, the look:

It isn’t any much different from my usual myriad of looks though I did try to incorporate a mish-mash of items within this short weekend joint – some new items, some dearly beloved but neglected and of course some trusty items that I can put on without fretting much about.

One of the ‘new’ items in this look is one I have been trying to showcase a little in the series of photos thus far.

Yes, it would be the eyeshadow.

I have been playing around with Shu Uemura’s fairly newly released (and sadly Limited Edition, boo) Pret-A-Palettes. These come in a range of 4 colors and the one I have here is the more pink-hued one which is unimaginatively called Pink Hues.

I’ll talk a little more about these to come because they are quite lovely and deserve more mention but you can have a look at one of my preferred ways to wear it here.

Incase you couldn’t tell, because it is that subtle, I added a dash of jewelled purple to the look by means of YSL’s Faux Cils Mascara in Captivating Purple on the lower lashes.

It’s been so hot, humid and stuffy these days in Singapore that it isn’t entirely wrong to say that I have been hit with the Summer bug.

I have found myself preferring simpler, fresher and lighter makeup looks (well, basically doing the same ole thing for the eyes) with a glossier and more natural pout of color. I still like the occasional red or bold lip but I haven’t been reaching for the intense mattes or satins as much as I used to.

How about you?

Though in this case while I quite liked the simple and casual look of Dior’s Rouge Dior in Wild Pink on (seen above), I figured I wanted a tiny bit more statement and shine so just before I left the house I swapped my lip color out to this:

Revlon’s Just Bitten Balm in Romantic. I have been loving these Just Bitten Balms all over again. The perfect combination of balmy, glossy shine and color.

 Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
 Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed
  Biore UV BB Cream
 MAC Moisture Cover Concealer
 Urban Decay NAKED Loose Powder
  Dior Backstage Eye Primer
  Shu Uemura Pret-a-palette in Pink Hue
 Starlash Lightning Waterproof Liquid LIner in Black
  Starlash Gel Liner in Black (lower lash line)
  YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Captivating Purple
  CLIO Art Blusher in Peach
 Dior Rouge Dior in Wild Pink
 but later changed to
 Revlon Just Bitten ColorBurst Balms in Romantic

Now to get the elephant out of the room…

I felt Transformers was a little lackluster. Something about the cast and the screenplay, it just lacked oomph and a lot of it felt it could have been summarized. Some scenes were unnecessary but yet not sure how so… overall I’m just glad I caught it in IMAX 3D because at least the visual effects were awesome and made my 3 hours worth it.

Otherwise, I can’t say I am actually too keen on the next part to this. Which is so sad given Transformers was something I used to enjoy so much.

So what did you think?

Of the look and flick? What’s your usual weekend slap-on?

Thanks for reading!