The Camera ‘Testing’ LOTD

Frankly this isn’t a LOTD entry to be a LOTD entry but it was spawned from me testing a new gadget out.

By testing, I mean light testing which went a little like this…


No, I haven’t gotten myself a new camera just yet but given the issues with my 7-year-old extremely loved SONY A350, it is about time I looked around and invested in one.

I decided to go for a different ballgame altogether – brand and built – by delving in the realm of compact cameras. Yet a large part of me can’t give up on the need for manual customizability while shooting so… I am considering a couple of Olympus options.

Mainly the Olympus EP5 or EM10.

Before I decide to commit, a colleague / friend of Hubs decided to lend me her Olympus EP-3 to play around with just so I can get the feel of Olympus models, the menu, how the dials click and such.

While this specific model isn’t one that I am considering, it is almost like a way for me familiarize myself to mirror-less and point and shoot cameras once more after being so reliant on my DSLR all this while.

There are still a lot of functions and menu options / ease of accessibility I am not accustommed to but slowly but surely, I am easing into a simplified way to shoot, be it life or for the blog.

Since most of my camera usage is for blogging purposes be it pictures of myself or products, what better way to test how comfortable I am with Point-and-shoots than to well, take a LOTD!

Though granted the Lens Hub’s friend has on is a 12mm Prime Lens and not the most ideal for self portraits or product macros, I had a good feel for the way to handle a camera this built, no less.


With all that said, let’s have a look at what I threw on my face to test this camera’s #selfie capabilities.

The images here have of course been treated with some color correction and such, hence it does appear a lot more ‘polished’ (I feel, to some extent) compared to the gif above. But it is done so that the colors appear more true-to-life!

I usually treat some of my pictures in Photoshop after (mild color correction, crop and of course image sizing) and it helps to be able to have that knowledge especially when fiddling about with new devices but hopefully if I do commit to a new camera I can get the hang of it quick enough that I can eventually cut out a good part of post-editing!

Such as now with my DSLR, I hardly do much aside from crop and watermark followed by tweaking some white balance.

Okay, enough.

Enough about camera talk and back to the makeup –

Who says you can’t pair smokier-than-neutral eyelooks with a vibrant lip color!

But okay to be fair my definition of smokey is far from the actual smokey eye effect but compared to my norm of a pale champagne wash of color on the lids with some crease definition, this taupe-y grey eye look is considerably made up for me!

I grabbed and played around with a couple of new stuff I had on hand – a Make Up Store grey-blue eyeshadow (called Clouded Sky) and both of my Shu Uemura Pret-A-Palettes (Warm Browns & Pink Hues).

Of course I selected varying colors to use since we are talking about two full palettes here. In the case of Shu Uemura’s Pink Hues Pret-A-Palette, all I used from there was one sparkly pink carefully dabbed in the centre of my lids for added shimmer.

It is such a gorgeous sparkly pink.

Which defeats the purpose of using the silky smooth and matte grey-blue Make Up Store shade but… ah well, life is all about experimenting.

And now with said striking pink lip color, NARS Schiapp. A color I fall in love with all over again each time I use it.

It’s not everyday that you feel up for a cool-toned vibrant fuschia but once this color goes on, I am always astounded by how it perks up my entire complexion and looks dressy yet playful all at the same time.

Major love.

So here’s the product rundown again if my rambling lost you mid-way.


 Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
 Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glaze

 Biore UV Whitening Aqua Rich SPF50
 Lancôme Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation
 MAC Moisture Cover Concealer
 Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Palette
 Urban Decay NAKED Loose Powder

 Lancôme Aquatique Waterproof Eyebase
 Make Up Store Eyeshadow in Clouded Skies
 Shu Uemura Pret-A-Palette in Pink Hues (pink shimmer color)
 Shu Uemura Pret-A-Palette in Warm Browns (taupe & deep brown)
 Starlash Lightning Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black
 MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved

 MAC Mineralized Blush in Happy Together

 NARS Lipstick in Schiapp

Well, I apologize for this post ending up waaaay rambly-er than what I had in mind, the simple task of showcasing an LOTD and having a little camera chit-chat as well.

It’s quite nice, nonetheless to be talking so casually in an LOTD post. Somehow I feel like I haven’t done this in a while since most of my looks these days ‘mean business’ with an evident product showcase or mention in them.

Eitherways, thank you so much for reading and well, you never know, you might just be seeing a difference in shots to come soon!