Giveaway – Hello Kitty Pot Reboot!

Wow, what a timely situation to be re-doing my Hello Kitty giveaway that I had held a little while back on my own blogging space.

With the spotlight on this little kitty (can I even say that anymore?), if you have decided to come to terms with your Hello Kitty obsession or have always been a fan of this… londoner(?), I’m offering you a chance to take part in my quick Hello Kitty Pansy Pot giveaway once more!

The reason why this is a reboot (from this earlier giveaway) is because my blog was facing some site glitches when I held the earlier giveaway – no RSS was being sent out, people weren’t getting notified of entres etc… – so I decided that it would be a nice gesture to hold this giveaway one more time, with the same (and previously mentioned) terms and conditions.


The Giveaway

All you have to do to take part is:

  1. Follow {Flipping Notes} on their Facebook Page (click)
  2. Input your information in this form (click)
  3. Voila~ Keep your fingers crossed and wait!

p.s. This Giveaway is only open to those residing within Singapore.

The winner will be picked at random, so good luck to everyone!

Contest ends: 12th September 2014

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Here is a quick shoutout to the previous winner of the Hello Kitty Pansy Pot giveaway I held on my instagram. Congrats again to @koreenhong for winning this adorable piece!

Thanks for checking this post out and if you are a Kitty Fan, hurry and take part now!

Good luck everyone!

LOTD: A Lancôme-y Weekend

The last weekend was quite a Lancôme-y affair as I decided to pop by the Grandiôse mascara launch event that was happening at Sephora ION.

I know I often spotlight Lancôme on here but it isn’t for any reason other than the fact that Lancôme’s brand people are generous with their press pieces and are truly looking to spread the makeup love.

It also helps that the new makeup pieces that Lancôme has been putting out have been a joy to use and most of them manage to make their way into my list of daily used items, or even staples because of how easy they are to use (such as being lazy and skipping SPF with Blanc Miracle) and effortlessly polished a look they give (like the Blush Subtils with their soft radiance and flush).


So anyway, back to this!

I don’t often attend events over the weekend because it is hard to slot that in amongst errands and family time but because there was a fairly special significance to this event, I decided to pop by and join in the celebrations!

I didn’t put much thought into my outfit given I expected it to be a quick run-by so I did feel a little under dressed amongst all the other very glammed up people, but I wasn’t going to run my errands (after the show) in high heels, a skin-tight skirt along with a baby in tow so… such is life!

Seeing as it was a Lancôme event, I did have a mind to put together, as much as possible, a Lancôme face and it was also a good time for me to finally break into the Hypnôse Star Palette in Brun Au Natural which I have had sitting around but haven’t explored.

This palette is quite a run-of-the-mill neutral palette but leaning towards the golden and warm browns this time instead of the cool ashy taupes I seem to prefer these days.

I am also fiddling about with my new camera so if you do notice a difference to pictures here, that would be why.

The whole process of finding the right lighting, angle, position and way to snap face shots is a whole lot tricker and more of a transition than product shooting, which seems to work so long as the set up is right.

For the lips, I wanted to reach for my trusty Lip Lovers but decided to give some love to a dearly beloved but forgotten product, the Rouge in Love lipsticks.

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glaze

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfetion Hydrating Care
Lancôme Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Palette (concealer)
Urban Decay NAKED Loose Powder (to set)

Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base in 01
Lancôme Hypnôse Star Eyes in ST7 Brun Au Natural
Starlash Lightning Waterproof Liquid Liner
MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved

Lancôme Blush Subtil in 030

Lancôme Rouge in Love in 132M

Purple Divider

About the Lancôme Grandiôse launch event, I didn’t snap many pictures of it because I wasn’t very well-equipped and all I had on hand, baby girl aside, was my iPhone which normally works great but just isn’t the best at zooming.

This little fella was so excited about the show, clapping away and so transfixed on the models walking up and down the miniature runway.

The turn out for the event was tremendous, which is all fab for Lancôme but we were quite far from the stage to capture decent pics without the right gear but it was a fun experience all the same with the outrageous and rule-bending makeup looks, couture fashion pieces and whatnot.

A very lively and edgy event all the same, that added a nice touch of glam to my otherwise very homey weekend.

Wrapping it up, Lancôme’s Grandiôse mascara is already available for sale at Sephora stores islandwide and it retails for S$60 a piece. I am still collecting my thoughts about it so I will share them soon, once I pick up words too…

Ha! Yes, I am still battling that word-block situation. I can still write entries but they are just not as fluid as I would like and take far, far too long.


Thanks for reading, the weekends are almost here again and I can’t wait for it. I need sleeeeeeep!

Do share, what are some of your Lancôme makeup loves?

New: Shu Uemura Brave Beauty 2014 (Info & Swatches)

Alrightey so this collection is already available at Shu Uemura counters islandwide (it has been out since 1st August) so I’ll try to keep the rambling to a minimal because you can always just pop by a counter and swatch / feel these for yourself if they catch your eye!

Or I am assuming most of you makeup addicts have already gone and given these a swatch.

However if, somehow, Shu Uemura’s Brave Beauty collection managed to slip under your Beauty Radar (if there ever was such a thing, I need it!), I hope this quick round up from me proves useful!



While I said this would be brief a little backstory has to be said about Volume 01 of Shu Uemura’s Vision of Beauty installment which features Mr Uchiide-san (International Artistic Director of Shu Uemura)’s take on exploring the realm of makeup and beauty.

Volume 01 – The Brave Beauty

Almost like a refresh and reboot to the creative style that Shu Uemura had undertaken all this years, Mr Uchiide-san’s vision of beauty is about playing on the bolds – rocking color, vibrance and fun in this dull concrete jungle.

Bending the rules and taking on the world in a feisty and colorful burst of personality and rebellion while looking picture-perfect all the time, Brave Beauty is about paying tribute to the female warriors of the world.

It feels almost like a loud declaration for all females to gather up, put their bright lippies on, paired with a work-appropriate eye look that carries a playful pop of color, along with glowy cheeks for radiance and confidence.

If you ask me, while this collection looks all youthful and fun in packaging (and also color choices), it is very much a perfect piece for you office ladies who want a little more spunk in your norm.


So much for a short introduction, I think I got fully carried away there so without further ado, here are the items in the Brave Beauty collection.

Shu Uemura’s Brave Beauty collection has you well covered and colored from the eyes to the lips. The only thing missing to complete a whole look would be a couple of base products but for that we have the upcoming Shu Uemura Lightbulb Oleo Cream Compact (excitessss~) so that’s to come!

Right now, let’s start with your peepers!


Brave Beauty Eye Palette

Available in 3 easy-to-use color palettes, the Brave Beauty Eye Palette is quite a nice mix of shades that can be worn simply or cleverly paired together for a bold look.

These palettes swatch with a good dose of pigmentation, enough for the color to carry through and are soft to the touch. What I like is the soft subtlety that these colors seem to have that allows them to still be very wearable while being playfully vibrant.

The mix of textures within this palette helps as well as you get a nice blend of pearly finishes, irridescent sheens or high-shine metallics with a soft and smooth matte thrown in.

Enough talk, I should just let pictures speak for themselves.

Pink Palette

Orange Palette

Green Palette

If you ask me, I think the Green Palette is probably the most unique of the bunch and also the prettiest with a nice combination of neutrals and also vibrant shades. The matte emerald shade is downright beautiful (even to the touch) and I can almost imagine that it would look fab with the olive and that darkened green for a sultry smoked out look!

Or you could always go neutral with the sage tone all over, that icy-mint color in the inner lids and perhaps a pop of lime in the middle and a little olive at the outer corners, just because.

The possiblities are endless and the combination of colors are so inspiring that I am thinking up eye looks just by looking at the swatches I had done.

Though alas, I didn’t leave with this in hand. I succumbed to my never-ending crave for browns and picked the Orange Palette. I seem to have also developed this curiosity in wearing Orange, like pure straight Orange, much like the one seen in the far left of the Orange Palette.

If you’d like to see how I wear that palette (I have no clue myself, really) then do check back!


Gel Eye Pencil

If eyeshadow is a little too much of a hassle for you to add some colors to your look then why not consider these Gel Pencils?

Available in an array of 3 shades that are dark enough to provide definition, yet saturated and colored enough to stand out from being black, these are perfect for the ladies who love wearing their colors through the flick of a cat-eye.

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the pencils, hence the press picture above but I did get some swatches of these, so here you go:

I can’t decide if I personally like the Wine or the Violet Purple more but if those seem a little too ‘loud’ or colored for you, Green would make a nice alternative to black.


Rouge Unlimited

Not forgetting the lips, this collection sees the introduction of 6 new (limited edition) lip shades, making sure there is a color for everyone.

These lipsticks boast a hybrid pigment and high color fidelity coupled with a melting texture that provides comfort and also hydration to the lips with wear.

The shades go on with some translucence and seem like a glaze of color at first swatch but they are build-able should you prefer to wear them more intensely on.

While they appear to have a glossy slick in these swatches (which were freshly made), they do settle down to a semi-matte (very natural looking) finish. The term matte can be quite alarming as far as lip products go but these wear really well and comfortably thanks to the light and moist texture of it.

It’s quite hard to pick 1 shade from the lot because they are all equally stunning and surely shades I would wear but ultimately I picked the orange because unexplainable orange kick aside, it seems to be a shade relatively unique to my stash and given the size of said stash, that’s quite something!

Though I think the red and fuchsia are absolutely darling and perfectly wearable since most people aren’t strangers to brights these days. The nude is quite lovely too, a soft beige with a hint of muted pink, plush and smooth, great for nude-lovers!


Satin Radiant Stick

Now that you’ve got the eyes and lips covered, what’s left would be the cheeks!

With a good amount of color going on in all the other areas, it’s enough to give the cheeks a very soft and muted flush. The key here is to play up on enhancing your complexion so in this scenario, radiance plays a much bigger part than color itself.

To get that done, Shu Uemura has introduced a new product (which sadly isn’t seeing permanent status as of yet) – a satin radiant cheek stick!

This emollient cheek stick offers a soft wash of pigmentation to the skin along with very fine shimmer strewn in to offer some shine to the complexion, not in the way of the unwanted disco-ball but in a very radiant and glowy manner.

They do swatch a little lightly on my hands but I believe if you wanted to build it up on the cheeks, that would be possible. Though again, the point of these would be subtlety so a little (slick) goes a long way!

Bronze Gold immediately caught my eye with the soft peachy pink hue and alluring golden sheen, very much reminiscent of NARS’s Orgasm which I haven’t used in awhile. I don’t have the multiple version of that to compare but off the top of my head, they do appear to be quite similar.

In fact, I am not usually a fan of cream cheek products because of the hassle (by the time I remember to use them I would have already set my face) but these do look lovely and I am willing to introduce some cream color products back into my life via these Radiant Sticks!


False Lashes & Face Studs

Of course, no Shu Uemura collection will be complete without a funky pair of false lashes to compliment the look.

The Brave Beauty False eyelash is perfect for a warrrior-chic look that blends edginess with some form of wearability though to be frank a false lash of this amount of volume is definitely pass the lines of ‘natural’. However, let’s just say as out there as this pair of lashes look, it’s not too daunting to wear this for a fitting situation and the little metal chain strip (can’t really see from the picture) adds just the right amount of edginess and glint to the volume of black.

If you’re feeling exceptionally edgy and punky, Shu Uemura also has these face studs for you to don should you wish to add a statement to your look, or perhaps match some hardware on your arm party / bag. Hurhur.


Artist Edition

Though if you are feeling extremely extravagant, or have this insatiable thirst to collect all of Shu Uemura’s very artsy and couture falsies, then may I interest you in the Artist Edition – a set of 3 lashes housed within an acrylic case that comes at a hefty pricetag of over S$500.

Gasppp, yes there is no mistake there.

These pieces are handmade and meant to cater to the true make up artists that use such couture lashes to put some edge into their editorial looks.

I especially love this pair which is inspired by the punk era, hence the colors, patterns and also the very DIY / hand-made vibe to it. It totally reminds me of a checkered punk-ish skirt that I have stashed somewhere in my wardrobe…

Purple Divider

Anyway, this wraps up the round up for the Shu Uemura Brave Beauty collection, which somehow ended up a whole lot ramblier than I would have expected.

I know I keep saying this but for some reason I am failing with words these days and writing a quick round up like this took me twice, or maybe even thrice the usual amount of time I would need. I think I need to find my words, somehow… and along with that clear the mountain of work I have in front of me both at work and also at home (in terms of freelance).

I believe the work along with the pressure / lack of time and whatnot just amounted to leaving my brain very distracted and short on words. I believe, at least.

I may fall a little silent on here, I hope you don’t mind! I just need to get things sorted so I can come back with full spammin’ force!

But back to this, thanks for reading and the Brave Beauty collection is now available at all Shu Uemura outlets island-wide!


Press File Disclosure

NEW: Lancôme’s Grandiôse Mascara – Bend the Rules of Mascara!

I am running around with my hands empty here (I have only previewed this but I haven’t got my hands on it – long story short the press piece is at my parent’s place) but I am still so stoked to share information about this new Lancôme innovation, and also stoked that we (Singapore) are amongst the first few people to get our hands on this product!

Typically items make their way around the western part of the globe before it eventually lands on our laps but… I think, and I could be wrong, that we are getting it first this time around?


So anyway, yes, the talk of the town right now is surely Lancôme’s latest mascara introduction – Grandiôse, which as its name implies is grand and elegant in alls means and ways.


Innovation for Effortless Technique

With a trademarked and unique Swan-Neck™ wand, this mascara is set to redefine and also very literally bend the rules of mascara usage through the elegantly displaced neck of the wand, which bends at a calculated angle of 25 degrees.

I am assuming that this whole train of thought of a bent wand was probably sparked from observing make up professionals at work backstage because if you ask around, some of the make up artists actually like to bend their mascara wands a little upon removing it, just so it is easier to work around.

I haven’t tried bending a mascara wand for myself to know but I have seen it being done.

Thus with that mind-bending idea, years of research and development went into place to find the perfect angle and also perfect way to execute this thought, which resulted in this 25 degree swan-neck™ that is touted to be able to maneuver around crevices of the face and also get intimate with the shorter and harder to reach lashes.

With that said, here is a little diagram from Lancôme on how to best angle this little guy about to leave no lash uncoated!

I haven’t tried the product on myself to see how accurate or simple it is to werk this wand but I certainly can’t wait to.

Even though my relationship with mascara does need a little rekindling (we used to be BFFs and all until an eye irritation broke us apart), these days mascara just doesn’t work with my frames though I have been told this formula is softer and doesn’t leave your lashes feel firm and crisp so… maybe, just maybe frames and Grandiôse might be able to work together.

Also, it is possibly because this formula isn’t waterproof but with my experience with Lancôme’s non-waterproof formulas, unless you’re caught in a downpour or thinking to swim with this, it shouldn’t matter too much.


Ultra Black & Smart Formula

What’s more, this unique applicator aside, the formula is said to have received a boost and is capable of ticking the three major boxes of Volume, Length and Curl.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, especially where Curl is concerned because while my lashes aren’t stick-straight they do need cajoling from a lash curler. Thus, I would be curious to explore how this applies on without that tool but I wouldn’t expect much either… check back to find out what I think about it once I get to it!

Where volume and definition is concerned, Lancôme has your back covered with a color-amplifying polymer for an intensely rich and ultra-black color.


Lash-Loving Benefits

Of course you can’t talk about Lancôme without at least a little mention on skincare so, aside from the aesthetically aiding aspect of the Grandiôse mascara, this seductive little siren also comes enriched with Lancôme’s exclusive Native Rose-Cell extract.

Giving my lashes a little pampering boost while I beautify them? I’m down for that!

Grey Divider

Though with all that said and done there is a little downside to packing so much cool, so much innovation and all these lash loving / amping qualities into one gorgeously designed tube of mascara – the price point which is a little step higher than their usual at S$60 a pop.

I can’t justify if that price is worth it or not based on usage because I haven’t given this a go but if anything, Lancôme mascaras have always been consistently priced at S$50 (for most pieces) over the years that I am not too taken aback at the price tag of S$60 for the amount of innovation, novelty and also promising aspects of this mascara.

My point of this entry is to introduce the product so I can skip out the technicalities when my actual opinions and thoughts are formed, so do check back for that once I’ve gotten time to give this a go!

I guess I’m just way too excited about this intriguing mascara launch that seems to be fanning the dimming mascara flame of mine. It’s been way way too long since I have associated mascara with excitement given I rarely wear it now with my frames (eye irritation and all that’s still not going away…). Though that is a story I will tell in my review, if even necessary so keep a look out for that!

Make Up Maestro Demo @ Sephora ION

All this aside, one thing you can keep a look out for if you wish to get in on the Grandiôse hype and happening is, do drop by ION Orchard’s Sephora tomorrow from about 2.45pm onwards because Lancôme will be doing a little demonstration with the maestros of the makeup realm!

From what I have heard they will be showing how they incorporate Lancôme’s Grandiôse into their makeup rule-bending way so that should be quite an event to look out for!

It’s 2.45pm (onwards) at ION Orchard Sephora, the exhibition area!

I’ll see you then if I manage to pop by!


Till then, thank you for reading and I can’t wait to pick up and play with my Lancôme Grandiôse! It looks so promising from what I have heard!

I feel in a rambly mood, of some sort but this entry is long enough so… perhaps I’ll save the ramble for another time!

Are you excited for this launch? Are you a mascara fiend?

Lancôme’s Grandiôse mascara retails for S$60 and is a permanent item.
It is currently available at Sephora ION and will launch island-wide sometime start September.

Press File Disclosure

Nails: Vampiric Desires (with piCture pOlish)


Well, life has been an absolute whirlpool of drama (at work, not in work but around work… long story really) and busy-ness of late and this whole thing has thrown me into a bit of a frenzy because I am working almost every waking moment and haven’t had a good time to properly de-stress by popping on this space, till now.

When life gets so out of hand, sometimes we do have moments we just want to sink our teeth or fingers into the offending people / situation / anything… no?

Well.. okay, maybe I am divulging a little too much of my violent tendencies but I assure you, I have my moods under control and no one has been harmed by my imagination, thus far.


So, if you can’t resort to violence there is a way to wear satisfy your vampiric tendencies and that is to wear blood-red polish! True bloody bloody redness that glistens and glosses like an actual dollop of blood painted across your nails.

I swear this sounds like a morbid matter but the color itself is very chic to wear, here have a look:

This piCture pOlish color, Vampire, is absolutely stunning and the truest form of Blood Red I have ever encountered.

It has a jelly-like finish which allows it some transparency at edges and also allows you to build the color up to a burgundy-black tone while still have crimson peep through at the edges.

Isn’t that almost exactly like blood? Such a beauty I tell you!

So, tell me, would you like to get some blood (red) on your fingers now? ;)

Thanks for reading!

Picture This, A piCture pOlish Haul!

I really shouldn’t be doing this, and by this I mean hauling more polishes given how infrequently I paint my nails these days.

I still love having prettily varnished talons (who doesn’t, right?) but time is an obstacle and no amount of fast dry polish can help me when I need to tend to baby, stat.

That aside, another reason for the lack of nail mentions these days is because of the horrid eczema I had been plagued with.

Thankfully now things are way better (after 2 visits to the skin centre and medication stock ups), but there is still the occasional stubborn rash that pops up on some fingers – acetone is a huge B when you have open wounds on fingers – or unruly cuticles that I think shouldn’t be seen by the world.


But anyway, back to hauling these.

What can I say? When a girl’s gotta haul, a girl’s gotta haul.

My picks, after some deliberating and browsing on PP’s Instagram account would be Vampire and Blue Dog while Attitude is a gift from Eliza (thank you love!)

I was drawn to Vampire because of how perfect a blood-red it is. This is true blood right here, yo!

I know it sounds bizarre and maybe even a bit morbid (blood on your nails?!) but it is quite a lovely look and in some cases especially chic because it is so dark it is almost black / maroon but yet under light there is that jelly redness to it.

Forgot words, I slapped it on pronto so a nail entry is coming up!

Blue Dog captivated me with it’s multi-shimmers and intriguing cool dusty-blue base.

I am normally not a fan of shimmery bits within polishes because they can be a pain to remove but this was too gorgeous plus the bits seemed fine and small enough to not cause too much problems during removal.

Lastly, Attitude!

I wasn’t even aware of this shade but I’m so glad Eliza picked it out for me because this right here is a true reflection of some perfect cosmic galaxy!

Maybe the true world out there is a little darker, a little more blue but I love me some purples and the jewelled tones, darkened edges and shimmer / shine are absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to paint this on as well!


So that concludes my little hiatus from nail polish hauling, which frankly I was very good at. That hiatus I mean, not the hauling part.

Because a sensible part of me knew that in most instances if I majorly hauled polishes, they wouldn’t be getting much use so yes. It makes more sense to pick up a lip product on a whim than a beloved polish but in this scenario, it’s piCture pOlish man, how could I pass it up?

Thanks for reading!

Do share, do you have any piCture pOlish shades you love and would like to recommend?


piCture pOlish is available via their website and they ship internationally.

Prices do vary for different shades.


Benefit Bathina Body Mist, Coming Soon!

I am so so so excites!

Fellow Bathina fans will probably feel the same amount of eagerness and excitement wash over them like the scent of Bathina being misted all over your body, hair, face… yeah you heard me right!

Hair and face as well given this formula is alcohol-free! Though maybe I wouldn’t recommend the face bit but just saying you probably could if you wanted to…

Why? I don’t know and I don’t question / judge.

But, I digress.


Doing something right, Benefit is going to be putting out a Bathina Body Mist that is said to smell exactly like the soft, sensual and delicately soothing Bathina Body Oil which has quite a following because of how captivating its scent is.

While I haven’t given my Bathina a whole lot of use – I like to conserve the things I love the most, I am weird that way – I am so stoked about drenching myself in this powdery soft goodness and may even obsess about it to the point of misting it on my curtains, bedsheets… okay someone has to stop me.

Benefit’s Bathina Body Mist is formulated to actually provide hydration (don’t know the science to that yet) so don’t be afraid to spritz that on all o’er gurl~


For those not on the Bathina bandwagon yet, do pop by your nearest Benefit and give their Body Oil a go to be introduced to this serene world of powder soft flirtiness. It isn’t a scent so out of this world it is unique but it is beautiful enough to want to douse yourself in it whenever and wherever possible.

Thus, I think Benefit did a fairly good call with the Body Mist option over a Perfume.

Details of this little fella is still sketchy so I don’t have much else to say except I hope this pops by our shores soon, real soon!

In the meanwhile I can only keep my antenna up for news!


Thanks for reading!

Get Your FREE For Beloved One Little Miracle Kit Now!

I have said this before and I will say it again, while I don’t give For Beloved One enough love in this space of mine, I am a huge fan of the brand and the products they put out because of a extremely satisfactory experience with their Hydrating Range.

On hand I do have more products of theirs to explore and eventually share about (oops for not sharing the Hydration one, I finished it even before I realized!) for some reason I take absolutely forever to finish anything skincare so… you’ll have to hold out on that one.

It will come eventually, just wait for it!


Redeem your FREE little Miracle Kit!

Though one thing you don’t quite have to wait for is to try your hand at a couple of new products up and coming from For Beloved One!

p.s. There has been an update to how this is redeemed so the following is the most recent and most accurate as of 20th August 2014.

Here’s how you can get your hands on a sampler kit (named The Miracle Kit) which consists of:

  • Soothing Cleansing Liquid (20ml)
  • Red Wine Anti-Oxidant Night Jelly (5ml) – the new bombbbbb!

Pop by this Facebook Event Page (click) that For Beloved One Singapore has created and first, Join it.

The rest of the instructions is best followed when you already are in a Sephora store, waiting to redeem your Miracle Kit.

Simply comment within the Event Page about why you like For Beloved One, followed by which Sephora branch did you redeem your Miracle Kit from, show that posting to the Sephora BA close by and voila!

If my instructions aren’t very clear, the Facebook Event Page has another set of instructions too or simply pop by and ask the helpful Sephora BA if they can help you out with it.

The promotion is currently underway (from 15th August 2014) while stocks last!

Purple Divider

On a separate but yet still relative note, if you are a CLEO Mag reader, you will notice a little write up about For Beloved One’s products in their September Issue.

I used to be a fond reader of CLEO, back in the secondary school days, but have since stopped on magazines as a whole – not enough space in the house for everything already!

Here’s a little peek but if you are interested to read more about what For Beloved One has to offer, do grab a Mag at news stands!

Unless you want to squint and read on here…

In all, a great hurray to For Beloved One for gracing our press and here’s to hoping more people will get on board with this great skincare brand hailing from Taiwan.


Thanks for reading!

Have you tried anything from For Beloved One?

Take the ‘Angelica Challenge’ & WIN!

Boy do I have a good amount of promo news to dispense!

Promotions, competitions, we seem to be on this freebie roll right now~

For now, here’s a little Angelica mention about something that L’OCCITANE has running over at their Facebook Page (ending on 20th August, so hurry).



I’m not going to lie but I get a little shy about seeing my face plastered in places and even sometimes I get shy about plastering my face all over the blog so seeing things like this does make me blush a little. Though at the same time, I can’t help but feel a little proud and happy at this collab we have going on, being the Angelica Angel and all.

While I haven’t publicised it, I do have a new video up on my abandoned youtube channel, I kid you not, and in that clip I share my thoughts and opinions about the new kick-ass L’OCCITANE Hydra Vital Gel and Cream.


That should say enough about how much I like it, yes?

But I shouldn’t blabber anymore, if you would like to win yourself a Hydra Vital Gel (worth S$62) to give this new love of mine a shot and find out for yourself why I am raving about this, go watch the clip and take part in the contest!

Contest ends 20th August 2014 so, go go!

Go (clickkk)

Thanks for reading, and good luck everyone :)

LOTD: Simple Sage!

Another day, another look of the day!

In truth I have loads of new stuff to share and I know I have been mentioning that non-stop, it’s about time I stopped talking and start showing, right?

Unfortunately I haven’t managed to sit down and shoot the growing pile of products I have yet to mention / feature and that pile is adding up to the point that I’m not even sure where to start!

There are also a couple of items I can’t wait to share about but yet I haven’t gotten my hands on them. I have previewed them but the press pieces haven’t reached me though once I get a hold of them, along with a little time, I guess they could be cutting the photo queue!

Heh, so wrong of me but I’m sure you would like to see those soon as well.


Anyhoo, as I was saying…

I have been taking my makeup quick and simple these days and I had a mind to document my usual 1 – 2 eye look (quick and swift – 2 colors is all you need) but a torrential downpour happened this morning in the West side of Singapore and it put me in a full out Fall mood.

Sans the deep dark smokey eyes and vampy lips but I did take the tone down a little from my usual irridescent champagnes and glossy corals.

You can still argue that this is threading in neutral grounds and you’re not wrong. Like I said, my makeup is truly a yawn these days.

A yawn I do like, but all the same I understand it’s not knocking anyone’s socks off.

Because it was gloomy and dark out, I felt like dreaming up my own little garden and reached for the long forgotten Stila In the Garden palette.

Though… if I were to be honest I actually had in mind to reach for the Naked 3 palette but somewhere along the way I went off course and settled for this.

Highlighted below, with little purple tabs, are the shades that I had used.

Another day, Naked 3, another day…

Products Used:

 Vichy Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care
 Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Makeup Base 25 SPF PA++
 MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
 Dior White Reveal Pure Transparency Loose Powder
 ELF Bronzing Powder in Warm
 Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base
 Stila In the Garden Eye Palette
 - Breeze, Bark, Sage, Chinois & Nectar
 Starlash Lightning Liquid Liner in Black
 MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved
 Sleek Makeup Powder Blush in Pixie Pink
 Lancôme Rouge in Love in 365N

Sidetracking from the color play – face-wise, I dug up a couple of sample tubes that Dior had handed us a good while ago and realized that some of them were actually the Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Makeup Base that I had my sights on a good while ago!

I have heard some positive mentions about this, the glowy complexion, softened skin appearance and just overall healthy prep it gave the skin and I have to agree that with this one use, I am completely smittened with it.

I’m in love and it is deadly because I believe the Capture Totale range is anything but cheap.


So… let’s just see how this plays out but if you are intrigued, you should go check this out and hopefully ask a nice enough BA for a sample because this pink-tinged cream is quite a thing of wonder on the skin.

You will love it!

psst, I only have the base on followed by concealer and some (light coverage) loose powder over.


Thanks so much for popping by this LOTD!

Do let me know if you have any particular entries you would like to see more of! Product mentions (that I have been saying I would do), reviews, more LOTDs etc.

I feel like these days I have been doing what comes to mind so much I have no clue what you all would really want to see.

Are these okay or… too many LOTDs? Too much rambling?

Let me know!