A Cute Illustration of Eye Shape Do’s & Dont’s

While a large part of this is subjective (and sometimes make up is all about fun and breaking / bending rules) I thought this illustration was a little too cute not to share.

As seen on Michelle Phan, and created by Rachel Yap. So, to be clear, not my art :)

Though, like what I was saying, while this chart has some truth to it in terms of what does and doesn’t work for some eye shapes, it is quite a general statement so some of us with Small Eyes may not look good with the recommended ‘Do’ while it could be a smashing look for others.

Remember, it’s all for the fun of!


For me, I think that I fall under the ‘Heavy Lidded Eyes‘ category because I always felt my eyes were on the hooded end of things.

Coincidentally, the diagram under ‘Dos’ for Heavy Lidded Eyes is exactly how I usually prefer to wear my eye makeup because I feel that best compliments my eye shape.

And I guess I’m not the only one who feels so?

I have also tried dabbing a deeper color in the middle of the lids once or twice, not often that’s for sure, and I remember it just wasn’t the best look for me. I have ever tried accentuating the darkest color in the inner corners too (like the reverse of my norm) but that was too queer as well.

A little too smokey and awkward, somehow.


But anyway, that’s me!

For the rest of the diagrams, I think Small Eyes and Close-est Eyes could be a tad questionable… more accustomed to your own taste perhaps.

It isn’t wrong but for someone not too comfortable with showy make up, the Small Eyes Do could be too much shadow all over da eye.

So… that’s what I think anyway.


What say you? Which category do you fall under and do you wear your eye look that way?

Just sharing some random make up musings (and also testing out some Feed RSS prompts, hurhur), but something light-hearted to read while we welcome the mid-week!

Thanks for reading!

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