LOTD: That Red Eye Obsession…

Right before I started getting way minimal, fresh, and basic with my looks (not that they weren’t of a minimalistic level already), I went through a couple of makeup phases…

There was that nude-ombre lip look that I had talked about (and will shed a little more light on because of a certain product), and then there was this – the Red Eye!

Obviously the term ‘red’ and ‘eye’ don’t always go together, much less desirably. Though where make up is concerned, I think something about using tones of crimson (strategically and carefully) in an eye look is quite an edgy look.

Of course I am not parading down runways so my exploration of this edginess needs to have a good amount of wearability to it and I think I did quite okay with this rendition.

The red liner that is playing the star role in this look is the CLIO Professional Kill Blood Liquid Liner.

This product isn’t new, it has been sitting in my stash for awhile, and have ever tried donning it on its own only to put it away after. Perhaps I wasn’t feeling the whole red eye look then because it felt too queer and too red on for my liking.

Though right now, for that red-eye phase I just went through (crimson shadow and all), it is absolutely perfecto.

As for the shimmy-shimmy lid color, well I can’t quite recall what I slapped on right now (goldfish memory, so inconvenient) but I think it could have been Dior’s Golden Snow palette (from the Holiday 2013 collections).

I’m not sure but it is neutral and it is shiny, I don’t think it’s too hard a look to dupe.

On the lips is Tom Ford’s Lip Color Sheer in Sweet Spot but it was so haphazardly applied that it looked so patchy on camera! I was quite startled given how normal they seemed in person.

As they say, a camera’s flash can really bring out details and highlight things that the naked eye doesn’t catch.

So… I skipped out on a lot of full-face shots and am only posting the ones where the lips look pretty okay.

Overall, I really enjoyed that red-hued eye phase I went through (though brief and undocumented for the most part). Something about amping up my daily looks with a bit of vamp and edginess, very very slight mind you, made me feel a little more made up even though the people around me could hardly even tell.


As of now, with the erratic one-minute-hot-one-minute-rainy but in all extremely humid weather, I have been simplifying my looks and am even opting for a softer color palette where the cheeks and lips are concerned.

It’s a lot of gloss, shimmer and coral right now and I am liking it rather much. After all, there’s plenty of time to get back on the vamp-tram once Fall comes around!

Thanks for reading!

Tell me, what’s a current makeup obsession that you have right now?


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