Get Your FREE For Beloved One Little Miracle Kit Now!

I have said this before and I will say it again, while I don’t give For Beloved One enough love in this space of mine, I am a huge fan of the brand and the products they put out because of a extremely satisfactory experience with their Hydrating Range.

On hand I do have more products of theirs to explore and eventually share about (oops for not sharing the Hydration one, I finished it even before I realized!) for some reason I take absolutely forever to finish anything skincare so… you’ll have to hold out on that one.

It will come eventually, just wait for it!


Redeem your FREE little Miracle Kit!

Though one thing you don’t quite have to wait for is to try your hand at a couple of new products up and coming from For Beloved One!

p.s. There has been an update to how this is redeemed so the following is the most recent and most accurate as of 20th August 2014.

Here’s how you can get your hands on a sampler kit (named The Miracle Kit) which consists of:

  • Soothing Cleansing Liquid (20ml)
  • Red Wine Anti-Oxidant Night Jelly (5ml) – the new bombbbbb!

Pop by this Facebook Event Page (click) that For Beloved One Singapore has created and first, Join it.

The rest of the instructions is best followed when you already are in a Sephora store, waiting to redeem your Miracle Kit.

Simply comment within the Event Page about why you like For Beloved One, followed by which Sephora branch did you redeem your Miracle Kit from, show that posting to the Sephora BA close by and voila!

If my instructions aren’t very clear, the Facebook Event Page has another set of instructions too or simply pop by and ask the helpful Sephora BA if they can help you out with it.

The promotion is currently underway (from 15th August 2014) while stocks last!

Purple Divider

On a separate but yet still relative note, if you are a CLEO Mag reader, you will notice a little write up about For Beloved One’s products in their September Issue.

I used to be a fond reader of CLEO, back in the secondary school days, but have since stopped on magazines as a whole – not enough space in the house for everything already!

Here’s a little peek but if you are interested to read more about what For Beloved One has to offer, do grab a Mag at news stands!

Unless you want to squint and read on here…

In all, a great hurray to For Beloved One for gracing our press and here’s to hoping more people will get on board with this great skincare brand hailing from Taiwan.


Thanks for reading!

Have you tried anything from For Beloved One?

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