Benefit Bathina Body Mist, Coming Soon!

I am so so so excites!

Fellow Bathina fans will probably feel the same amount of eagerness and excitement wash over them like the scent of Bathina being misted all over your body, hair, face… yeah you heard me right!

Hair and face as well given this formula is alcohol-free! Though maybe I wouldn’t recommend the face bit but just saying you probably could if you wanted to…

Why? I don’t know and I don’t question / judge.

But, I digress.


Doing something right, Benefit is going to be putting out a Bathina Body Mist that is said to smell exactly like the soft, sensual and delicately soothing Bathina Body Oil which has quite a following because of how captivating its scent is.

While I haven’t given my Bathina a whole lot of use – I like to conserve the things I love the most, I am weird that way – I am so stoked about drenching myself in this powdery soft goodness and may even obsess about it to the point of misting it on my curtains, bedsheets… okay someone has to stop me.

Benefit’s Bathina Body Mist is formulated to actually provide hydration (don’t know the science to that yet) so don’t be afraid to spritz that on all o’er gurl~


For those not on the Bathina bandwagon yet, do pop by your nearest Benefit and give their Body Oil a go to be introduced to this serene world of powder soft flirtiness. It isn’t a scent so out of this world it is unique but it is beautiful enough to want to douse yourself in it whenever and wherever possible.

Thus, I think Benefit did a fairly good call with the Body Mist option over a Perfume.

Details of this little fella is still sketchy so I don’t have much else to say except I hope this pops by our shores soon, real soon!

In the meanwhile I can only keep my antenna up for news!


Thanks for reading!