LOTD: That Red Eye Obsession…

Right before I started getting way minimal, fresh, and basic with my looks (not that they weren’t of a minimalistic level already), I went through a couple of makeup phases…

There was that nude-ombre lip look that I had talked about (and will shed a little more light on because of a certain product), and then there was this – the Red Eye!

Obviously the term ‘red’ and ‘eye’ don’t always go together, much less desirably. Though where make up is concerned, I think something about using tones of crimson (strategically and carefully) in an eye look is quite an edgy look.

Of course I am not parading down runways so my exploration of this edginess needs to have a good amount of wearability to it and I think I did quite okay with this rendition.

The red liner that is playing the star role in this look is the CLIO Professional Kill Blood Liquid Liner.

This product isn’t new, it has been sitting in my stash for awhile, and have ever tried donning it on its own only to put it away after. Perhaps I wasn’t feeling the whole red eye look then because it felt too queer and too red on for my liking.

Though right now, for that red-eye phase I just went through (crimson shadow and all), it is absolutely perfecto.

As for the shimmy-shimmy lid color, well I can’t quite recall what I slapped on right now (goldfish memory, so inconvenient) but I think it could have been Dior’s Golden Snow palette (from the Holiday 2013 collections).

I’m not sure but it is neutral and it is shiny, I don’t think it’s too hard a look to dupe.

On the lips is Tom Ford’s Lip Color Sheer in Sweet Spot but it was so haphazardly applied that it looked so patchy on camera! I was quite startled given how normal they seemed in person.

As they say, a camera’s flash can really bring out details and highlight things that the naked eye doesn’t catch.

So… I skipped out on a lot of full-face shots and am only posting the ones where the lips look pretty okay.

Overall, I really enjoyed that red-hued eye phase I went through (though brief and undocumented for the most part). Something about amping up my daily looks with a bit of vamp and edginess, very very slight mind you, made me feel a little more made up even though the people around me could hardly even tell.


As of now, with the erratic one-minute-hot-one-minute-rainy but in all extremely humid weather, I have been simplifying my looks and am even opting for a softer color palette where the cheeks and lips are concerned.

It’s a lot of gloss, shimmer and coral right now and I am liking it rather much. After all, there’s plenty of time to get back on the vamp-tram once Fall comes around!

Thanks for reading!

Tell me, what’s a current makeup obsession that you have right now?


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Of Site Maintenance and Make Up (Store) Piles!

Heyo everyone!

Before anyone thinks that I am abandoning this shiny new space this soon, fret not because I haven’t and I wouldn’t!

Or rather, as much as I can afford / help it, I wouldn’t want to be silent for too long on here because I have so so much to share and am buzzing with this newfound excitement to blogging.

I guess it does help to have a new layout, a spruced up and pretty site plus much better facilities to work with.

I feel inspired to blog once more!


But anyway, to account for the radio silence over the week and some oddity you may have noticed in your email or perhaps Blog Feed (like that generic ‘Hello World’ article?), it is because I finally got the help of some staff over at WordPress to fix my import issues.

I didn’t post much because this maintenance involved wiping the site of its existing content so to help with restoring it once the wipe is done, the lesser posts I have to replace, the better, yes?

While I had gone ahead and done an official ‘YAY NEW BLOG’ entry awhile back, there were a couple of kinks and hiccups that I didn’t quite smooth out and I wasn’t comfortable just waiting about this long for them to be fixed first.

The wordpress end of things were taking awhile to get back as well so a part of me did think that I would never get it fixed, hence the ‘early’ launch I suppose… I tried to move on from that and be enthusiastic about the whole New Slate thing though in truth I did want some entries on here; the more recent entries from this year at least.

Long story short, finally that has been sorted and I do have a wee bit of history on this shiny new space! At least this history allows more categories to show up, more tags to be present and of course, more related posts to be prompted at the end of every entry.

Yay to all that!


[Authors Note: My darn browser crashed just as I was typing that last sentence and it feels so good to be able to restart everything and still have this whole chunk that I had written! I would have gone bat-shit (excuse mah language) if this was done on Onsugar cause I would have lost everything…]


So anyway!

After all that Site Maintenence talk, I guess… I should just rejoice and round this post up with a Make Up (Store) pile! I have so so much to share from this generous and bubbly brand (because the brand person is so exuberant, hence the description) and I haven’t gotten around to it so a whole mountain is forming right now.

A Spring, Summer and Fall mountain, at that!


So yes… lots to talk about, lots to clear and now with everything set straight – no hiccups and glitches anymore backend – and this new space 100% to my liking, I can’t wait to power on with more makeup rambling!

Once again, if you haven’t followed me on Bloglovin’, go ahead and do so if you have an account! I have set this site’s feed such that you can read the blog from the Bloglovin’ mobile app, without having to ‘open original site’.

If you don’t get what I mean, get on Bloglovin’, follow me, get the mobile app and you will see!


Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you guys real soon!

pssst, notice the Haute Files image in the sidebar? That’s to come real soon!

A Cute Illustration of Eye Shape Do’s & Dont’s

While a large part of this is subjective (and sometimes make up is all about fun and breaking / bending rules) I thought this illustration was a little too cute not to share.

As seen on Michelle Phan, and created by Rachel Yap. So, to be clear, not my art :)

Though, like what I was saying, while this chart has some truth to it in terms of what does and doesn’t work for some eye shapes, it is quite a general statement so some of us with Small Eyes may not look good with the recommended ‘Do’ while it could be a smashing look for others.

Remember, it’s all for the fun of!


For me, I think that I fall under the ‘Heavy Lidded Eyes‘ category because I always felt my eyes were on the hooded end of things.

Coincidentally, the diagram under ‘Dos’ for Heavy Lidded Eyes is exactly how I usually prefer to wear my eye makeup because I feel that best compliments my eye shape.

And I guess I’m not the only one who feels so?

I have also tried dabbing a deeper color in the middle of the lids once or twice, not often that’s for sure, and I remember it just wasn’t the best look for me. I have ever tried accentuating the darkest color in the inner corners too (like the reverse of my norm) but that was too queer as well.

A little too smokey and awkward, somehow.


But anyway, that’s me!

For the rest of the diagrams, I think Small Eyes and Close-est Eyes could be a tad questionable… more accustomed to your own taste perhaps.

It isn’t wrong but for someone not too comfortable with showy make up, the Small Eyes Do could be too much shadow all over da eye.

So… that’s what I think anyway.


What say you? Which category do you fall under and do you wear your eye look that way?

Just sharing some random make up musings (and also testing out some Feed RSS prompts, hurhur), but something light-hearted to read while we welcome the mid-week!

Thanks for reading!

LOTD: The Birthday ‘Bleu Metallique’ Look

Phew, so I have been so caught up with site matters (this whole migration deal) that I feel so backlogged in every way possible.

I feel backlogged with my posts, because it has been awhile since I have churned rapidly, and I also feel backlogged with catching up on posts. My bloglovin’ feed has slowly climbed up to about 450 unread posts!

But anyway, as I am slowly getting settled and cozy on here, I thought I would ease into things with some casual mentions before I pop on the heavy weights. By heavy weights I mean srssss (serious) brand stuff – new launches, reviews, product mentions etc.

This also helps give those who haven’t converted over to my new site some time to get that done so they don’t miss out!



Back to this LOTD which I had promised you in my last (or likely second last) post on my previous site – the Birthday LOTD and I did use some of my birthday gifts in this look!

Okay, fine, I used ONE because I was completely itching to see how Chanel’s Eyeliner in Bleu Metallique swatches.

And the verdict?

Smashingly – gorgeously well!

I paired this eyelook with a hint of green from an old KATE Eyeshadow Palette which I used to love but forgot about along the way.

As I seem to do with a lot of products. I think it’s about time I dig up some old favorites and give them some love again.

With a rather striking stroke of blue liner on the lid, I would usually opt for something more understated on the lips or perhaps with a failproof red lip (funny how a red lip feels so comfortable right now).

Instead, I went with the more playful route and popped on a bubble gum blue-pink, courtesy of Make Up Store’s latest Fall collection.

I can’t wait to share a quick look at those items because they are mighty perfect for some make up rule-bending and fun! Vibrant pops of contrasting colors and tones – so fun!

Products Used:

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glaze

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care
Lancôme Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation
Make Up Store Cover All (concealer)
Urban Decay NAKED Loose Powder (to set)

Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base in 01
KATE Real Create Eyes Palette in GN-1
Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bleu Metallique
StarLash Lightning Waterproof Liquid Liner in Black
MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved

I can’t recall, oops!

Make Up Store lipstick in Graphic


Aside from the face I slapped on, here are a couple more snaps from the simple dinner I had with the family on my birthday.

As much as I like having some sort of get-together and celebrating with multiple groups leading up to my birthday, I very much prefer spending the actual day with my loved ones having a simple, casual and quiet day together.

No great parties, just lots of lazing in bed, catching flicks and of course having some delicious birthday mee sua (click here if you don’t know what that is!)

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to this new space of mine if you haven’t already!

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New Site, New Slate

Okay, I will admit this whole new slate thing is also because I have been arm wrestling this blog import option and for some glitchy reason it just wouldn’t work right. I have imported my blog before (as a back up then) so I knew it was quite a straightforward affair but I’m not sure why it is such a chore right now.

Though given that, as I was fretting about how this can best be done, I thought to myself…

Why am I so adamant on including all my old entries?

To a certain extent, yes credibility because it goes to show that I have ‘history’ but readers who know me, and follow me, would know that I have been around and have been writing for a good while so…. maybe I should take this chance to start fresh and anew.

Plus I did do a good amount of customization to my older template so importing all that over could also mean code chaos for some entries so… just, nevermind.

I am still trying to get cozy and comfy with this wordpress hosted blog site and a good number of people did ask me, why not just self-host?

I have probably explained it a few times – while a large part in me thinks it would be so fab to own a .com, another part of me just isn’t sure about the commitment factor of it since I am not even earning from this space (even during times I do, it is incredibly sporadic). So… yes, I like the appeal but am also rather comfortable being hosted somewhere.

Though I can imagine once I get tired of not having the reigns I may consider self-hosting. And hopefully by that time, the idiot that is somehow squatting on icyabstract.com would have released it. Yes, can you believe it? Someone is actually site squatting!

But anyway

Welcome to my new site!

Let me do a quick run down on why I like this little new space better than my Old Onsugar!

  • So new and shiny!
    Self explanatory… Plus did you know that top left banner image changes with every refresh? ;)
  • The cool ‘functions’ enabled –
    aside from the sharing buttons below, if you’re reading my site midway and have to go, simply hit ‘Pocket’ to drop this into your Pocket account (if you have one) to continue reading later!
  • This site is mobile friendly –
    it loads easily on mobile devices (tablets or phones)
  • The RSS loads perfectly fine –
    if you had an issue with Onsugar’s RSS not displaying well, images especially, this one works well allowing you to head it from Blog Readers e.g. Bloglovin’

Speaking of which, do start following my wordpress site over at Bloglovin’!

And for those who hopped on here out of curiosity or something, you can still read my old entries over at icyabstract.onsugar.com. It dates all the way back from 2014 to 2008 so, go knock yourself out!

Thanks for reading and what would you know, it’s the first of August as well – new month!