A Blog Update – It’s An Icon Thing!

So… I recently discovered a little thing to this Theme that I am using here on WordPress. Based on the ‘Format’ that I select, which oddly enough doesn’t seem to have an effect on the actual format of the post, the little icons atop the entry will change!

Now it’s very frivolous and largely visual but I was thinking that it could serve as a good visual cue to segment my posts. That is if you are viewing my blog from the web because the mobile (and blog reader) versions are displayed without that icon.

For the most of you who are popping by my site from mobile, blog readers or those who never took much notice to the post ‘headers’, here’s what I am talking about!

So frankly… I don’t have any idea why I am discussing this revelation on here because I don’t intend to start tagging every single post in detail (less I forget which one belongs to what myself) but it is a nice option and thought to be able to.

For now, I have only dedicated one other symbol to another purpose that being the ‘speaker’ for Giveaways and Promotions.

In a way, even though I know it’s a volume icon, it looks like some loud hailer of sorts so… I guess that works? Plus it stands out being grey, amidst the usual black headers.

Incase you’re wondering, the one right at the top (darkest black) is the usual design for ‘standard’ posts, which is almost all my posts.


Though these little things are inspiring me a little to start posting more random snippets. Would you all like quick sneaky shots, like previews maybe, of upcoming posts before I actually post about it with fullout information, rambles and all?

For example if I were talking about a palette, I would spam palette pictures and swatches first and then tag that to the Camera icon under a ‘Sneak Peak’ sort of title? And then a proper Review post to come where I discuss the palette, textures and all?

I guess that’s most ideal for those who are here for the images more than my rambles.

I don’t know what to do with these yet but… I guess it’s nice having that little toggling option and I’m loving this theme a little more (than I already am) now. If anyone has any cool suggestions, feel free to let me know! :)

Thanks for reading!

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

Well, who would have guessed that Hourglass would do a Ambient Powder on their Ambient Blushes!

Previously, Hourglass made quite a sensation when they released a Limited Edition Ambient Powder palette featuring 3 different Ambient Powder finishes – Dim, Incandescent and Radiant – with one of them (Incandescent) being a shade that is exclusive to this Trio Palette.


Since then, the Ambient Powder Palette has been made permanent and Hourglass continued on in making splashes in the beauty market with their Ambient Blushes, of which I own none.

I knew I was holding out for a reason because for some odd logic the blushes alone to me were pretty but not ~needworthy~ though pop them in a palette and I’m going completely gaga over them.

It’s ridiculous I know but if you’re as ridiculous as me, here’s the palette.

The shades are:

  • Luminous Flush
  • Incandescent Electra (the exclusive one)
  • Mood Exposure

Right now this is flagged as Limited Edition but knowing Hourglass, it could be added to the permanent ranks if the feedback is good (and I sure hope so).

Temptalia had done amazing swatches of these, as always, so check that out.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to sit here and plot how to get my hands on Hourglass given how tricky they are to hunt down in Singapore.


Thanks for reading!

Are you a fan of the Hourglass Ambient Powders / Ambient Lighting Blushes?

The Temporary Housing Situation Make Up Bag!

Heyo! So if you pop by my space quite regularly – weekly or even daily (woo, I love you then!) – you would know my current housing situation.

If you don’t perhaps this post would serve well to shed some light on that though I’ll still reiterate anyway.

The place I usually stay at (with the hubs at the inlaws) is currently undergoing some renovation works (which turned out to be quite a tiresome process for all no thanks to sloppy and shoddy workers, bah) so Hubs, Baby K and I moved over to my parents place in the meanwhile because it is a much more conducive environment as far as a baby is concerned.

We wouldn’t want her running about a dusty and broken concrete-slab laden floor where there are dangerous tools lying about everywhere. Not to mention, the rowdy and rough workers banging about with their huge buckets of tiles or conrete. A nightmare really and I’m glad I didn’t have to be a part of that.

It’s just the cleaning up after I’m not too keen on but… you can’t have it all.

So anyway, yes, reno works should be wrapping up this week but I did promise to give a little mention to the Makeup Situation at my parents place. Or to put simply, the pieces I brought with me during this 2 week long stay.


Frankly, I didn’t have to bring that much. Just the basics that I rely on daily because as far as cheeks, lips and eyeshadow alternatives, I actually left a good amount back at home-home (what I call my parents place) to sift through and choose from.

But I brought some of my own anyway…

Let’s have a quick look at what I brought okay?


The Face Base

I had some issues breaking down what to shoot within a picture and how to categorize them but I’ll say this is the bigger bottles of face stuff, from moisturizer to liquid foundation and sunscreen.

Left to right now,

  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Whitening SPF50 PA+++
    Pretty straightforwad, this stuff is sunblock that I am trying to use up. I think it’s on its last few squeezes now, the end is near…
  • YSL Youth Liberator Liquid Foundation
    A foundation I quite like for daily use when I want a more luxurious glide to the face with a skin-loving and skin-care loaded foundation. I don’t reach for this on days I want to head out or look fresh and nice post-work because it does wear out by evening. Though I still love it because it is comfortable and enjoyble to wear – almost like skincare when it is actually foundation.
  • Dior Diorskin NUDE Liquid Foundation
    This is another foundation I like to reach for regularly but with different expectations from YSL’s Youth Liberator. Unlike that one, which feels comfortable and skin-care like (I want to say BB Cream but it’s not the same), Diorskin NUDE is very much a liquid foundation that lends a second-skin sort of finish. It is easy to wear, light-weight on and wears relatively well through the day. Overall it’s a really nice foundation to use daily to mimic the look of better skin. Coverage is about a medium bit buildable.
  • Biore UV Aqua Rich BB Cream SPF50 PA+++
    This one is more for weekend purposes where I can quickly slap on my sun coverage and also a little bit of skin coverage at the same time. It goes on fairly lightweight without much stick but I do prefer quickly setting it with powder after. The oil control isn’t fantastic but it’s good enough for my weekend use.
  • VICHY Normaderm Tri-Activ Hydrating Care
    Pretty much, this is a day cream. I like the Vichy Normaderm range when I used it awhile back and I particularly liked the day cream from the entire routine I was sampling at that time and while this is a newly reformulated version, it feels and works just as well if not better. I love the Normaderm range for calming my skin should it get irritated or itchy, which was the reason why I turned to this again during that random bout of skin itch and congestion I got fairly recently.


More Base, Samples & All

  • Sephora Tub – Dior Star Liquid Foundation
    Housed within that little tub is a sample of the Dior Star Liquid Foundation which I have been loving to bits. I have a full sized bottle now (thank you Dior!) so I’m trying to finish up this sample. I brought it along because of my picks above, I don’t have a proper long-lasting foundation so this was handy to bring.
  • Dior Capture Totale Base de Teint Multi-Perfection
    I failed to realise how much Dior base I brought along with me (it’s not a lot but mentioned consecutively, it sure sounds like it) but I had a sample of this base and I just had to bring it. This is a Dior base I had been lusting over ever since I read raving reviews about it a good while ago. It wasn’t till recently that I discovered I had samples of it lying around, which I took to using almost immediately of course. This is a beautiful base and it deserves an entry of its own. Maybe once I buy the full size!
  • Lancôme Teint Miracle Corrector
    I brought this along to give it some use but of late I haven’t been reaching for it too much either. I don’t generally incorporate this into my routine and only use it on days I look completely zombiefied and could use the extra brightening under my eyes.


The Setting & Concealing

  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
    I loveeee this concealer duo and have some hitpan action with the blemish side of it (I don’t always use the undereye corrector side cause it’s pretty heavy duty). It’s really high coverage so a little goes a long way and I know I’m always covered with this (hurhur)
  • Urban Decay NAKED Skin Loose Powder
    The one loose powder to set them all (erhem, see reference)
  • MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
    This little guy is for the undereyes and I’ve got a review / mention of it coming up soon so I’ll elaborate more on there!
  • MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium
    The weekend dusting for quickly refined and illuminated skin. I don’t use this daily because the shade is a tiny bit pink and light for me but not so noticeable when used as a light buff across my face.


The Eye Basics

  • Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base
    A slightly shimmery and emollient eyeshadow base from Lancôme that’s great for the everyday use because majority of the base shadow I sweep on all over my lids have some shimmer quality to them. Plus given the emollient and smooth nature of this, it’s really easy to blend over the lids!
  • The Body Shop InstaBlur Eye
    I brought this along to give it a go and some use too but it’s not reached staple level just yet though I will admit it is nice to reach for and use. I have some fine line concerns and mildly crepe-y skin where my undereye is concerned (genetics I believe…) so a little priming there is nice when I have the time.
  • Dior Backstage Eye Prime
    This one is another eyeshadow base I really like too, for the matte finish and while I don’t reach for it as often, (as the Lancôme) because it takes a bit of work and blending to get on, it’s beautiful when I want that satin or matte lid look.


 The Rest of The Eye Army

Now… I realize I don’t have to bring this many (if you consider this many) eyeshadow palettes for 2 weeks away from home but you gotta have options, right?

  • Lancôme Hypnose Eye Palette in Brun Au Natural
    The warmer neutral cousin of the Fraicheur Rosee palette within my stash, I’ve been giving Brun Au Natural more use (than Fraicheur Rosee) these days because creamy soft warm browns are quite a thing I’m into these days. The warm brown bit, mainly because when am I not into neutrals, right?
  • Make Up Store Marbled Eyeshadow in Rosso Asiago
    I’ve declared my love for this little pot already (here) and it’s no wonder that I’ll pack it along with it. It’s a beautiful glistening champagne, warm and auburn-ish eye look all in one. So easy to slap on and all you need is this one pan.
  • Shu Uemura’s Brave Beauty Orange Palette
    This one I packed along to give it some use so I can hopefully feature some looks from. It should still be available (if it’s not sold out already) and I’m liking it for the options of going warm, pink-hued or even going a little sultry-neutral with some cranberry hues.
  • Maquillage Palette in BR722
    The only seemingly cool-neutral palette of the bunch. I often find myself benefiting more from cool and taupe-y colors, probably because I was all about warm browns way before and a little change in taste is nice too, but these days I seem to have gone back to the warmth though even then, this palette is still HG status and I can always count on it to whip up an eye look.


Finishing & Contouring

Some slightly miscellaneous but still important face products to bring along!

  • Make Up For Ever Contouring Kit
    Featured within this is a 2-pan kit for contouring and highlighting though what I like about this is that the highlighting portion isn’t shimmery, glittery or too fair so it makes for a great product to set the edges of my eyeliner without making my undereye area look ghastly or shiny (eeps). The contour is a nice brown that straddles between warm and ashy so it perfects the look of a shadow and is versatile enough for most skintones.
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
    Once in awhile, or more often than once in awhile, I like to dust my skin with some finishing powder. Some days I feel I need more glow, other days more radiance (the healthy color sort) and sometimes absolutely nothing except a little skin perfecting / blurring so this palette is perfect to tout along.


The Cheeks

On hindsight, I really didn’t have to pack any blushes given I have a drawer full here… but just in case.

  • Lancôme Blush Subtil in 030
    This is a go-to blush shade for me so I packed it along for situations where I’ll need to brighten my cheeks and add a soft flush of pink at the same time.
  • Dior Blush in Rose Diorette
    I don’t give this enough use at home since it’s tucked away in a corner in my drawer. It’s a lovely soft-pink on the cheeks and given the soft pigmentation of this, it’s quite hard to go wrong in the bleary-eyed mornings.
  • YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in Corail Affranchi
    This was a just-incase thing but I actually haven’t used it yet the whole week and a half I was here. Heh!
  • Laneige Styling Romantic Blush
    This one is something I brought to rediscover and boy do I love it! I forgot how pretty a shade this is to lend a healthy flush that threads between pink and coral. The soft golden sheen (even softer than Lancôme Blush Subtil 030) gives a nice glow to the cheeks as well.


The Lip Service

To make it a point to discover and use The Body Shop’s Color Crush lippies which I didn’t give enough attention to otherwise, I brought the set (and minimal lip alternatives) along with me so I can focus my attention on these! I’m giving them some use right now so expect a mention (finally) about them soon!

TBS Color Crush aside…

  • Lancôme Lip Lover (forgot the shade!)
    Because I never know if I want a casual and glossy lip look over the weekends. I truly love these Lip Lovers and have converted so many friends.
  • Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic
    There isn’t a alarming ringing hawt blue-pink within the TBS shades so… just incase I wanted to rock that look, I brought this along.

Grey Divider

Now I know this entry is as long as it gets, and unnecessarily so, but looking back at my hastily grouped and snapped product pictures I realized I missed out a whole bunch of them, liners to be exact, so here’s a point form mention of the heroes I forgot to shed light on.

  • Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
  • Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glaze
  • Starlash Lightning Waterproof Liquid Liner
  • Lancôme Artliner in Black
  • MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved

Et voila~


That aside, this isn’t all because I brought along a bag of products to shoot during my stay (so at least I get some productivity going too) and from there I have picked out, shot and also placed a couple of items into the pile of things to use just so I can give them some use during this period.

Yes, it’s not the best shot but low lighting conditions during the night time isn’t the best time to shoot. I didn’t manage to finish shooting everything I brought (and we should be able to move back this weekend already!) but I’m glad I did get some shooting done and I have given a few of the items above fairly regular use to form opinions about how they wear so expect some reviews and mentions soon!


Pardon the length of this post, I got a little out of hand with rambling about why I brought what. But what’s new, right?

I think it’s best I round it up here and I hope in some way this ramble has been interesting and informative to give you an idea about some of the items I use on a daily basis and some I am (re)discovering right now. If you have any questions about any product, feel free to drop me a comment about it!

Thanks for reading!

Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary with Sephora!

For someone who claims to not be a fan of Hello Kitty (talking about me here), I sure talk about this little lass a lot!

Though it’s hard not to when she’s this adorable and while I’m not a hardcore fan, I wouldn’t deny that her merchandise can be quite cute… and the excuse that I make for myself whenever I pick up cute Hello Kitty plushies would be that my little girl is the fan, not me.

Which isn’t wrong because Baby K does love her Kitty but she has since moved on to the world of trains, dinosaurs and cars, with a little soft spot in her tiny heart for the occasional kitty bag, shoes or shirts.

So anyway, back to this!

Because it’s her big 4 0 , some celebration is due so Sephora has teamed up with our favorite Kitty cat to launch an extremely adorable and collectible collection so that we adults can properly justify our Kitty obesessions.

It’s one thing to buy a Kitty plush but it’s absolutely fine to get Kitty Nailpolishes, Eye Crayons or Eyeshadows, yes?

Let’s have a look:

Let me disrupt the slew of pictures to say – how cute is this ring! And it pops open to feature a solid perfume! Absolutely perfect to carry about and flaunt your kitty love while surreptitiously touching up your scent the whole night.

I think this cute thing has got my eye!

So that’s a look at most of the items that are part of this collection, if you would like a run down, here it is in words.

  • Pop Up Party Eyeshadow Palette
  • An Apple A Day Trio Lipbalm Set
  • Hello Kitty Solid Perfume Cocktail Ring
  • Kawaii Nail Set
  • The Red Row Beauty Diaries (the box with it all)
  • Ruby Compact Mirror
  • Original Fragrance Ruby Roller Girl
  • Milk Money Make up Bag
  • Ruby Hand Held Mirror

Grey Divider

From the looks of it, it seems like this is a collection that is perfect for gifting, with all the ‘set’ pieces and also very adorable yet practical inclusions, like the ring that I had highlighted above.

This collection is already available in Sephora US but I am assuming it is going to reach us together with the rest of Sephora’s Holiday delights! I’ll be popping by the Sephora Holiday Media Showcase so I’ll make sure to give you a heads up if I spot this over there!

Thanks for reading!

Tell me, are you a kitty fan? Are you eyeing anything here?

p.s. don’t let the Kitty mirrors fool you because those actually end up being really expensive!

Swatches: MAC x The Simpsons Blush in Pink Sprinkles

While I’m not sure if this is still available for purchase at MAC Cosmetic branches at TANGS and Bugis (the 2 places that stocks MAC x The Simpsons collex), I’m just going to talk about it anyway.


If it makes you feel any better, in the scenario that it is out of stock (I heard it is but I’m not sure if any minor restock is going to happen…), the blush itself isn’t terribly unique though given that, it is one of those shades that are a true delight to wear because of how easy yet lovely it is once on.

Though I do believe that if you’ve got your sights set on this, you’re not looking at the blush as much but rather the packaging, right am I?

Described as a blue-based soft pink, the blush housed within this incredibly adorable compact is a shade that I’m not sure if Marge should be wearing against her so-very-yellow skintone but against most of ours, it should be quite a stunner.

Speaking of compacts, if you haven’t seen this in person, the compact case is slightly larger than MAC’s typical blush pans – more along the lines of their Beauty Powders so you get a little more product (at a little more of a cost) than their usual blushes.

The embossing of Marge in the blush pan is incredibly cute too and it does seem embossed deep enough that it would take some use before it blurs away.

The blush is a blush pink (hurhur) shade that applies softly on the skin, like a wash but with a nice evident flush. The slight blue-based quality to it helps to lend a brightening effect to the complexion. On my skin it seems to still be a rather natural warm flush but adds just that tinge of perkiness to my cheeks and complexion.

I believe this blush could work beautifully across most skintones (except Marge’s, I’m sorry gurl~) but deeper skintones may require more work for this to show up, given the sheer nature of it. It is build-able though, so if you don’t mind going back and forth, you can still werk it.

I like how easy a shade it is to wear on a day to day basis and given the soft pigmentation of it, you can’t quite go wrong with it. I wouldn’t say it is impossible to overdo but you have the option of going soft or going bold.

What lends this blush its cool edge is actually the faint blue-pink sparkles within, that adds a nice and barely detectable shine to the complexion when worn. It isn’t visible to the eye, less you take a magnifying glass to your face perhaps, but it helps with the overall finish and ‘glow’ of the blush.

When swatched, you’ll be able to see a nice shine imparted from the blush, perfect for giving you that glowy and fresh complexion!

Though this is viewing the swatch up close and with the camera flash (see, told you I’m having tricky lighting issues at my parents place).

On the skin, it’s a subtle flush that gives you a nice healthy complexion without looking like much. Enough talk, here are pictures!

Incase you’re wondering, for the contour I have going on, I used an old ELF Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Duo I managed to dig up. I used the bronzer as a contour, for a warmer change from the MUFE Sculpting Kit I brought.

So anyway… that’s a detour.

So here you have it, the very beautiful and highly wearable Pink Sprinkles blush that while isn’t extremely unique, it is one that is nice to have. Especially so with the The Simpsons packaging!

While I’m not a Simpsons fan, as I had said, I do find MAC’s take on this collection very darling and everything was done well – the packaging design, the colors used etc.

It definitely has made me, a non-Simpsons fan (never was quite a fan of the show) want to collect the pieces and admire the compact case.

Enough said, if you’d like to get your hands on some Simpsons pieces, I suggest your hurry down to MAC now!

The Simpsons collection is Limited Edition and only available at MAC TANGS and Bugis.

The Simpsons Blush in Pink Sprinkles retails for S$42

Thanks for reading!

TGIF, I can’t say how glad I am that the weekend has finally rolled by! I feel like I haven’t been productive enough on here and IG as well because lighting conditions are truly tricky. It’s back to the old regimen of weekends being product shooting days because of my reliance on the sun (and even then grrrr, shifty sunlight) so, lets see how much we can get out of this weekend yes? I hate to say this, but I do miss my lamp (that I  use to shoot pics with at the inlaws place).

Sponsorship disclosure

Packin’ & Settlin’ – Home Away From Home!

I wanted to start this entry saying it’s been awhile but truthfully it hasn’t been that long a while since an update on here because I have been posting with rather quick and easily-put-together entries. Though sadly to say not the full bulk and substantial sort… I keep saying I want to get to it but with this temporary housing situation it is shifting me to a more Holiday Mood than ever.

Especially when I am away from my stash as of now. Here’s the last I saw of my stash, at stage 2 / 3 of the packing and sealing process.

Here, let me explain a little about this ‘move’ I have been talking about. I know not everyone cares but… humor me.

So there are currently some renovation works going on at my place (or rather my in-laws place where I stay right now) so in the meanwhile because using a temporary toilet and living in dust filled corridors with a toddler just isn’t an ideal scenario, Hubs and I have moved over to my parents place.

It also helped that my bro had just enlisted into the army so his room is vacant for a couple of weeks, perfect timing really.

So for the next 2 weeks and a bit more I am living from bags I had carted over (as seen at the start of this post) and my stash consists of a well-filled and gigantor pouch.

It’s not everything but it is sufficient and I do feel a little bad I couldn’t cart over some new stuff to give a go at (YSL Leather Fetiche Palette, I miss you…) but I had to pack practically and bring what I typically would use more of.

I have in mind to do a little feature on the makeup and perhaps skincare I brought over… if anyone is interested in that?

All that aside, I guess to a certain extent, it’s good to be back.

Don’t get me wrong I do love staying at the in-laws place because I have shifted things around and tweaked the space enough to call it my own but something about going back to where you spent years of your life growing up at – the neighborhood, the whole place as a whole – is just really tranquil. Almost like coming home.

Though I’ll admit it is a bit more of a B to get to work from, but I can deal.

Grey Divider

I have also brought my camera along with me (but of course) along with some products I want to shoot and try out during my stay, so I can still be productive. As much as I can, that is. I can’t guarantee it given lighting conditions are tricky to get used to once more but I will try.

In the meanwhile here’s a little snippet of some shots I managed to snap over the weekend, both lifestyle and upcoming-on-the-blog!

Shots are taken with my Olympus OMD EM10, I loooove this camera so much and am so glad I got this in the end.

The shots with Baby K are done with a Olympus 45mm lens and the product shots are done with the 14-42mm kit lens.

So all these, plus a round up of what I carted with me here, and perhaps some backlogged mentions should be up soon!

You know me, while I really should be keeping with the times and posting what is most current I tend to let my words get swayed with my thoughts and end up writing what I randomly feel like for that day. Which often results in rambles more than productivity but I would like to think that’s what makes you guys read me, yes?


Thanks for reading!

Sephora’s Color Festival Blockbuster Palette For 2014!

It’s still a little while away from the holiday season but I’m not going to make the same mistake as I did in previous years, but starting my festive mentions a little too late and having to speed through them as Christmas / New Years drew closer.

Though granted we don’t have to give mention to everything, which as a result is what I did with some less than impressive holiday pieces last season, but I did skip out some pretty value deals and gorgeous buys so… here’s me starting way early in September!

I don’t promise to keep to constant mentions but I’ll try and post what I can when I get it!

’tis the season for sharing, after all.

Every Christmas Sephora never fails to bust out their Blockbuster palettes, palettes with about a million and one eyeshadows, lip colors etc etc.

These Blockbuster palettes are quite impressive – in terms of fitting so many items into a small little compact chunk as such – and fare quite well in terms of pigmentation and texture. Not phenomenal but good enough; after all, you can’t have everything!

What’s more, this year they come in an extremely adorable and as-compact bow-shaped case that swivels out to form a fairly impressive display of all the ‘trays’ within. Almost like you’re your own little makeup artist!


The set comes with:

  • 72 Eyeshadows
  • 28 Lipglosses
  • 8 Blushes
  • 4 Cream Cheek-Lip Products
  • 6 Looks (tutorial sheets)
  • 2 Mirrors

While I don’t know how much this is going to cost when it reaches us, it’s good to know that the US pricing of this is listed at $49.50 which really isn’t too bad for everything you’re getting! Product aside, let’s not forget about the cute and compact case.

Even though this is immensely cute, Sephora’s Blockbuster palettes aren’t on my radar because I have enough of each category separately to justify splurging on this one do-it-all but I can imagine it would be a fabulous gift for that one friend starting on makeup and doesn’t have much in her stash or pals that are always on-the-go, scooting all over the world and always have difficulty deciding what makeup pieces to pack!


Hope this contributes to a good gift idea for some of you, look out for it to come!

Thanks for reading!


WINNER of {FlippingNote}’s Hello Kitty Pansy Pot

Hello all!

Just a quick pop by to announce the winner of my recent and also rebooted giveaway of {Flipping Note}’s Hello Kitty Pansy Pot!

Incase you somehow want to check back on the giveaway page, it is the one I had over here.


Anyway, the winner of this delightfully adorable Pot is


Shuning Swee

Congratulations on winning yourself a kitty pot!

I will be passing your information onwards to {Flipping Notes} so they may contact you with regards to picking up and redeeming your pot!

Grey Divider

In the meanwhile, thank you to everyone else that took part and while this giveaway is a slight departure from my beauty related entries, everyone loves Hello Kitty and crafts is something I have always admired but never quite had the talent with.

You would think that being a Graphic Designer means you can build the whole world with your hands or something… but no. Crafts is beyond me and while I can try my hand at scrapbooking I don’t quite the patience and tranquil mindset to sit, snip and glue everything down in layers… give me a computer and I’ll do a scrapbook layout for you on there! Ha.

So yes, thank you again and it’s back to the beauty broadcast here on! Perhaps a little life ramble to come as well about my living situations as of now.

I don’t know who will be interested to know but I guess it’s nice to share (for me, hurhur) about it somehow!

You know me, I love myself a good ramble.

Thanks for reading and catch you around soon!

Oh No… Spikes, Spikes Errrwhere~

I could be the minority in this situation but… I don’t know about you though I felt a sense of dread, a sigh and also a little bit of an eyeroll that I managed to hold back when I caught wind about the upcoming Christian Louboutin Nail Polish collection.

Sure, there was the signature red polish that they have already launched (right am I?) in the USA that a good number of beauty bloggers had spoken about.

It’s this one here, in case you’ve missed it.

Yes it’s a bit excessive but it’s very Louboutin in a way. That red, the spikes, the over-the-top-ness and edginess, so all that I can forgive.

But now, there are talks that Christian Louboutin would be launching a 30 piece nail polish collection featuring a whole range of colors from poppy and cheery brights to moody and sultry dark colors, which frankly do look like a nice mix of shades.

image by fashionforlunch.net

image by fashionforlunch.net

image by fashionforlunch.net

Okay fine, I’ll admit, those cream shades look absolutely delicious…

Though I have one problem with this range of polishes, and that would be that spike.

I know many love it for being so edgy but I feel it is extremely excessive, and not to mention, incredibly difficult to store!

So while I haven’t actually gotten my hands on these to try, I can’t help but feel like this is yet another fashion label looking to bang on the cosmetic buck but then again… there’s no such thing as too much polish in the world, right?

While I can’t say I’m 100% on board with the Louboutin polish phase, I am intrigued, and curious but I sure as hell hope that somehow Louboutin would tweak the design of his bottles and make that ginormous spike removable ala the usual nail polish caps because carrying these bottles around otherwise could prove quite murderous!

Though knowing Christian Louboutin (the man who said that he dislikes the idea of comfort for shoes), I doubt we will see practicality and ease being incorporated into a design. It’s all about being high, high fashion.

So, tell me, what do you think about this Louboutin polish range? Any thoughts on the Louboutin polishes so far?

Thanks for reading!

MAC Cosmetic Mentions – Upcoming and Already-Out Collex!

Hey y’all!

Now that I’m facing a move and living life from packed boxes, okay I exaggerate but it is a slight move to my parents place due to renovation works where I live. Life is as per normal otherwise and nothing much should change but in the scenario that somehow I don’t get to shooting the products I plan to shoot and posting about them during this period, I thought that I should at least give these items some semblance of a mention before it gets too late!

So, with that here’s me elaborating a little more on the MAC pile that I had posted on instagram.

And yes, as you can see, I’m still dragging my feet around proper ‘official’ wordy press release sorta entries. I just want to ramble, y’anno?

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So, first and foremost are things you can buy now!

A Novel Romance

This collection may make you squirm just from a glance at the promo visuals and while some might be going gaga over it but that’s definitely not my reaction.

I’ll admit that whole hunky ‘romantic’ approach is cheesier than a cheese burger but the products within the collection are worth the look! If you can get past the mental imagery of the promo visual that is.

Oh, why, MAC, why…

So from that collection we have

  • 3 Eyeshadow Quads
    – which I have 1 on hand and am racing against time to feature (before MAC takes this collection off their racks),
  • 6 Lipsticks
  • 5 Lipglasses
  • 2 powder blushes
  • 6 Nail Lacquers
  • 7 Fluidline Eyepencils
  • 8 Electric Cool Eyeshadows (not pictured here).

That’s quite a hefty collection, not to mention the Mascara and Eye pencil Brush inclusion just to amp up the collection a little more. Not that it needs it!

This collection has been out for awhile, if you haven’t caught the cheesy visuals via MAC’s huge lightboxes out and about town / malls then I don’t know where you have been but I have swatched a polish from this collection so far and I will have a couple more mentions from this collection to come, so stay tuned!

I fear by the time I’m done with the mentions, amidst moving and busy-ness, it could be too late but MAC has a knack for repromoting things to death so perhaps I can bank on that…

The A Novel Romance collection has been out for awhile, go grab it right now!

Next up is the one collection everyone has been talking about!


MAC x The Simpsons

I am going to be honest here and say that I don’t watch The Simpsons. I’m not going to pretend to be all, omgawd the simpsons~, but I will admit that I like MAC’s take on the collection. The feature on Margie, the colors and the quality / pairing of everything within this collection is actually quite pretty.

I had the initial impression of this being a marketing gimmick but gimmick or not the pieces are lovely and I think that has since softened my cynical outlook on it and made me find this quite endearing.

Especially when everyone talks about how beautiful the peachy-pink blush is, I just had to get on that bandwagon.

The MAC x Simpsons collection features:

  • 2 Eyeshadow Quads
  • 4 Lipglasses
  • 1 Powder Blush (available to us)
  • 1 set of Nail Stickers
  • 1 set of Margie’s False Lashes

It’s a collection that could go horribly cheesy (again, I hate that that word comes up so often when I describe MAC) but thankfully it turned out really cute and really nice as a whole.

Now, I just really want that Simpsons tessellation as a wallpaper for my computer! It’s so adorable.

The Simpsons collection is currently available at MAC Bugis and MAC TANGS (out today – 12th September!)


A Rocky Horror Picture Show

Moving on from cute, MAC’s got Halloween all planned out already. After all, being a makeup house for fun, bold and loud looks, how can they not join in where Halloween is concerned!

This collection ended up being way more extensive than I had imagined and I guess that makes it extremely handy too.

If you’re stumped on where to start shopping for some Halloween makeup essentials, why not check out the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection first!

The collection comes with:

  • 4 Lipsticks
  • 1 Lip Pencil
  • 1 Eyeshadow Palette
  • 2 Glitters
  • 1 Pigment
  • 2 Chromagraphic Pencils
  • 2 Greasepaint Sticks
  • 1 Powder Blush
  • 1 Sculpt & Shape Powder
  • 2 Nail Lacquers
  • 1 Set of False Lashes

Phew, isn’t that a lot of stuff for one collection? Given some are permanent items from the Pro range, repromotes and all but there are some lovely Limited Edition pieces too.

From the lot, I think the red lipsticks appeal most to be because I’m not the best smokey-eye wearer these days with my frames and preference for neutral browns. The Sculpt and Shape powder seems really pretty too and considering I don’t have one, plus this one being Limited Edition, that’s pretty much makeup speak for must-get… right?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show collection is likely to be launched late October.

Well, after all of that makeup galore, what’s pretty lips, cheeks and such without a perfected base?


Matchmaster Concealer

I’m quite unsure about this one, I don’t know if it’s out soon or already out but it is an addition to the existing Matchmaster range which consists of a liquid foundation that uses an intelligent shade technology to give you a flawless demi-matte finish.

The Matchmaster concealer comes in a twist-up stick form with a matte-steel barrel that makes it easier to clean than if it were a shiny silver.

I can’t speak for the shade selection and availability for this but I heard it has a fairly thick formula and works great with a combination of both fingers and a brush.

It’s best you check this out in person once it’s out, or if it already is!

Purple Divider

Wow phew, that concludes my MAC round up and it was sorta fun to just ramble about newly released and upcoming makeup, especially from a brand I used to stalk incessantly!

I should get back to some proper looks, mentions and such as soon as I can. As usual, so much to share with you all but no idea where to start!

I’ll get on it, I promise! Even if it’s boring press releases that are, while dull very very useful for making decisions when it comes to technological breakdown, or rambling about hauls, showcasing of stuff, I’ll get to it asap!

Thanks for reading!