Swatches: YSL Fétiche Eyeshadow Palette (from Fall 2014)

I’m going to be really quick with throwing this entry up because, who knows how long this palette is going to stay in stock for!

Incase you haven’t heard, this is YSL’s Fétiche Eyeshadow Palette, or also known as the Leather Fetish Palette, from YSL’s Fall 2014 (Leather Fetish) Collection.

See, the problem with having both an authentic French collection name and an English translated name (to cater to the masses) is having about a million and one renditions to the way people refer to the product.

This little guy also goes by Fetiche Couture, fyi.

I fell in love with this palette at first sight and I feel that this is the perfect way that Limited Edition should be done.

You get glamour from the sleek gold trims, you get some punk and edginess from the contrasting soft leather surface, you get smokey from the beautifully deep shades while still getting wearability from the soft shimmer in the champagnes and browns to balance everything out.

It is absolutely perfect, which is also why I was surprised to find out (about early last week) that this palette was still in stock at our YSL boutique! I can’t say if it’s still there right now but I would urge you to hurry down (or call) to find out!

Before I plonk on more words, let’s take a moment to admire the beauty that is YSL’s Fétiche Eyeshadow Palette.

If your only impression of YSL’s Eyeshadow standards are from before their range revamp then let me say, put what you know aside. After YSL had reformulated and relaunched their eyeshadow palettes, they have been nothing but an absolute beauty to work with.

I don’t own any from the normal range to talk about but I will pick one (or some) up eventually given that I do have my eye on a few of them. But those are permanent so they can wait.

This one right here though is not and it is such a perfect combination of colors that I am a little surprised they didn’t pop a combo like such into their permanent line up. It is sexy, sultry yet mature and wearable all at the same time, while being decked out with leather.

That’s some killer combo right there!

So, as we were saying… the eyeshadows are smooth to the touch. Not to the point of being creamy but even for the shades with some shimmer strewn in, they didn’t feel gritty.

Some fall out did occur with the lightest champagne shade of the bunch but that is due to the more prominent flakes of shimmer for a particular effect, no biggie to me.

The pigmentation was also pretty awesome and if anything, these reminded me of Lancôme-style eyeshadows. They are nicely pigmented, enough to stand alone yet still effortlessly blend together without looking like a one-tone muck of color. The pigmentation is decent without being overly intense that the shadows are too difficult to work with / needs more precision and time.

I also appreciate the different eyeshadow textures and how they have played around with the shimmers within Palette Fétiche. Hence, like I had said earlier, if you’re a fan of smokey shades, neutrals or just totally suckered by how gorgeous this is, then you NEED it.

Yes. Need.

It is the perfect Limited Edition, and here’s another photo to show you why ;)

Enough of me yabbering about it, I’ve said my piece so if you’re curious about this gorgeous piece, then do drop by YSL to check this out and bring it home with you! It is Limited Edition so don’t hesitate!

The rest of the Fall 2014 collection is absolutely beautiful too, so give that a look while you’re at it. It is perfect pieces for you to channel your inner-rockstar, especially when it’s all sweater-weather of late. I think it’s not too awkward to be busting out your hoodies and leather jackets!

I’ll be good and post looks on it soon but I just felt I had to do a quick shoutout on here becuase talking about it on my instagram alone (and neglecting a mention on my blog) felt like I was betraying this space. Funny, I know.

So here you go, a quick mention but do check back or follow me on my instagram for looks to come using this sexy palette!

Thanks for reading!

Do you have this palette already? Are you planning on getting it?


YSL’s Fétiche Eyeshadow Palette is Limited Edition and available at YSL counters island-wide. I’m not sure of the price, sorry about that!

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