On My Nails: MAC’s Sunset Sky (Hola, I’m Back~)

Hello there!

Whoa, it feels as if I had just crawled out from under a huge rock, a huge rock called work and life madness that is! I can’t say that things are all good and sorted because after one turmoil comes another but lets just say the bulk of the chaos, hustlin’ about and days of hardly any sleep at all are likely to be over for now.

It’s a different sort of busy-ness on hand but one that I can deal with enough to at least pop by and say a quick hi!

I’m still getting my brain back on track and getting myself oriented with beauty news, beauty loots that have come my way thus far and whatnot. I’m sorting out mentions so I can kick this space alive again but in the meanwhile… when in doubt, post a nail entry!


Though another reason I want to put up this mention as quick as I can is also because this should be available right naooo. Now!

I don’t know the take up of MAC Cosmetic’s Limited Edition product as of now (I need to be in touch with my inner MAC a little more these days) but if it’s anything like before, you better hurry down to a counter if you like what you see!

This nail polish – Sunset Sky – is a piece from the overly cheesy MAC’s A Novel Romance collection and I will admit that the promo visuals have me at a big NO. Though give the products a chance because there are a lot of gems within this collection, this being one of it!

Sunset Sky, this little reddish number, is one of the 6 polishes released with MAC’s A Novel Romance collection. All of which have a slightly cheery colorful yet smokey appearance.

In the photos above, this polish photographs a little lighter but I wouldn’t say this color is that dark either. The press visuals seem to picture this on the edge of vampy but it depends – under varying lighting conditions it actually appears a little lighter and more maroon/brown than purple/black compared to typical vampy tones.

Perhaps this picture below is a more true-to-life example:

I haven’t used MAC’s nail polish in such a long time (the last time being just before I delivered my baby girl, hurhur) that I wasn’t sure what to expect with regards to the formula but it’s safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

The formula was nicely opaque, creamy and easy to apply with one quick coat. The brush was great as well and helped the application along. It isn’t the most unique or special of brushes but it worked just fine.

While 1 coat is really all you need, I applied 2 just for the sake of it and also because I wanted to try and see if I could get that gorgeous pink sheen you see in the bottle on my nails.

Though sadly the verdict to that is, no.

I believe that is my only gripe with this nail polish because otherwise, it is pure perfection. The color is beautiful, the application was a breeze and if anything you can even skip a topcoat if you’re not particular. It isn’t high-shine but it doesn’t dry down that flat and muted either so it’s good enough.

I personally love shine so I went ahead with a top coat anyway but what you see pictured here is without the topcoat.

I think we’ve come quite far as far as MAC Nail Polishes are concerned and it could very well be a hit and miss situation but Sunset Sky is a true hit with me! I highly urge you to check this color out because it is a perfect transition to Fall nails if going straight out vampy is too much for you.

If red is too loud, vampy is too sultry and browns are too boring then this is a perfect combination that is lightweight enough for day, perky enough for color and yet deep enough to be chic.

On the note of A Novel Romance, here’s is another beauty that I have on hand and am trying / loving. I didn’t even wait to shoot it first before using it because it’s that lovely. I’ll talk about it as soon as I can but in the meanwhile I have a luggage to pack and lots of cupboards to tape up. Tataaa for now!

Have you got your hands on one already? Have you tried MAC Nail Polishes before?


MAC’s Sunset Sky retails for S$24 (if I’m not wrong) and is Limited Edition.

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