LOTD: A ‘Dirty’ Warm-Hued Go at Shu Uemura’s Orange Eyeshadow Palette

You know that design term (tell me if they use this anywhere else) whereby they request for you to do a ‘dirty’ design of something when actually they could just say a really rough mock up?

Yeah, well I hate it when people use that, especially clients who probably only use it to sound ‘in the know’ but here I am using that term for this look that I want to very briefly talk about.

Again, it’s dirty, so it’s not the best representation of the product but some representation, before even more procrastination hits me (because this look is already 2 weeks overdue?) is better than none!

I do have a mind to feature more looks from this palette so, let’s see how that would work out!


So, again, this is a quick look I threw on in an attempt to play around with the new Shu Uemura Orange Eyeshadow Palette from their Vision of Beauty Volume 01 Brave Beauty collection.

I picked 2 colors (along with a sprinkle of the rest for cohesion-sake) to work with for this look due to the absence of time. I’ve had a bit of an adjustment to the reporting time at work these days hence mornings have become a little more rush-rush, especially so at my parents place but that’s another story…

It’s very much a orange-red hue-ed look with the bulk of the color / intensity coming from 2 shadows.

To give you a little explanation, here’s a look at the shades I plopped onto my look.

  1. was used for deepening the outercorners
  2. was used all over the lids
  3. was used as a brow highlight
  4. was blended into the crease

There, simple as that!

It’s an incredibly quick look to do, like I said – a dirty attempt at the Shu Uemura Orange Palette.

I have been feeling these warm hue-d looks once more and I think that the onset of Fall is likely shoving me towards this general direction. I like it warm and cosy right now with cranberry hues, amber tones and such while still keeping the look my kind of wearable!

That would mean, blended enough for some color and a bit of a glint to my eyes but soft enough that I can wear glasses with it and not look cray cray!


So tell me, have you gotten your hands on this Shu Uemura palette? Or checked out anything from the Vision of Beauty Volume 01 Collection?

Thanks for reading!


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