Look Feature: MAC’s Fluidline Eye Pencil in Deep Blue Sea

It’s a tricky thing to transit from having my camera’s settings adjusted to shoot in bright, harsh, and warm daylight (at my parents place) back to my dimly lit room with the light source dependent on my table top lamp (which is pretty awesome but somehow not half as good as Mr Golden Sun).

Of course if I had a little more time to tweak and toggle through the settings, white balance especially, and learn how to angle myself once more to catch the light right it wouldn’t be a big issue but rushed mornings is all I have and I’m not entirely pleased with how the pictures turned out.

Some part of it is too contrast-y, too under and over exposed and more tweaking should be done…

Though thankfully regardless of all that it doesn’t take away from the beauty that is MAC’s Fluidline Eye Pencil in Deep Blue Sea.

This little guy was released with MAC’s A Novel Romance (yes that cheesball collection) and is a Limited Edition offering. Though, if you know MAC, you’ll likely see this being repromoted sometime down the line so… let’s keep a look out for that!


Because this is one beautiful beautiful Deep Blue (Sea).

It’s not even that deep that all you see is navy and black, the blue is quite obvious and especially so if your peepers aren’t obscured by frames (as mine are, gah). Yet even with their lovely saturation, the color is deep enough for some definition should you choose to wear it alone.

Though given my love for the dark dark liners, I would still tightline with some black should I choose to give the illusion of wearing this liner alone.

The liner gives a very smooth glide and doesn’t skip on my skin. It also draws on nicely and gives good pigmentation with just one glide so it makes it easy and quick to draw on.

As far as the wear goes, I mainly don this on my upper lids and I don’t have issues with wear there so I can’t be the best judge. If anything, it doesn’t imprint on my lids which some extremely creamy and smudge-able ones would even with my not-that-oily lids.

So with all that said and done, it’s a lovely blue-toned liner with a nicely creamy yet not overly slippery texture that is quite a joy to wear with the best part being it comes in an automatic format which means – no sharpening, yay!

p.s. with all the spotlight being on the liner, 
I would just like to quickly say that the eyeshadows 
are from Shu Uemura's Warm Hues Palette (from the 
Pret-a-Palette collection released awhile back).

Have you tried the MAC Fluidline Eye Pencils? Do you like them?

Thanks for reading!


MAC’s Fluidline Eye Pencil  in Deep Blue Sea is Limited Edition. I’m not too sure of the price.


Sponsorship disclosure

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