LOTD: The Maquillage BR722 Eye

I’m reusing a couple of pictures featured in a prior LOTD post… because why not, right?

I scrolled back to my old mention about this dearly beloved eyeshadow palette from Maquillage, the BR722 palette released last Fall, which I have given countless mentions about online (by this I mean Instagram mainly) because I love and reach for this very often.

So much more than you would imagine given the other options available.

If anything, I reach for this more than another equally beloved palette, the Lancôme Fraicheur Rosee one, because they serve varying purposes.

The Lancôme one is more appropriate for dressier eyes (e.g. if I have a girly get-together, event or something after work) while Maquillage’s is perfect for the everyday – the colors are all wearable and easy to slap on / blend together.

So with all that said, I thought it was about time I introduced how I wear the Maquillage palette.


Frankly speaking there are many ways you can do it if you feel up for swapping color placement daily but for me, the way I see this palette is pretty straight-forward and it’s a no-brainer in my usual makeup style to decide what goes where.


As I said, you can always mix it up but it’s easy slapping on 5 colors for me (I kid you not), or 4 at least, especially when they’re so beautifully neutral but with enough sparkle. It also helps that the shadows are just the right sort of pigmented – enough to lend shine, sheen and color but nothing that results in extra blending for that seamless… blend.

Enough talk, here’s the face (which you have already seen) but focus on the eyes this time, okay?

And then a close-up, which I didn’t post earlier.

The way I use this palette is quite simple and it’s a method I try to use for all eyeshadow palettes when I don’t feel up for experimenting. It’s like my ‘safe’ color placement.


  1. First I apply the top left color as a wash all over the lids (just under the crease)
  2. Then I apply the top right color to the outerhalf of the lid, for some color and warmth
  3. Next, using another fluffy brush I blend the shimmery mid-brown (bottom centre) shade on the outer-half and blending it into the crease
  4. For added definition, I use a pointed brush to dab some of that dark sooty charcoal shade into the outer-v (just a little)
  5. Lastly, I dab some of that satin bone white shade on my browbone with a fluffy brush

Grey Divider

Tada, it’s pretty straightforward isn’t it?

So, that’s that for this pretty random and impromptu post featuring one of my most used eyeshadow palettes to date.

It’s a simple brown palette that is a dime a dozen but the way this Maquillage palette shades work so perfectly and easily together for the everyday eye makes it truly of workhorse status. One that I can’t live without now even though browns / neutrals aren’t rare pokemons in the eyeshadow world.

I think I’ve said enough.

Tell me, what’s your favorite go-to eyeshadow palette for the everyday?

Thanks for reading!


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K-Drama Musings: When A Man Loves… (Tsk~)

Time out from the beauty spam!

p.s. Maybe spoilers so if you’re only at the beginning of this show, proceed with caution (or not at all).


It’s that time again, where I muse about something so frivolous such as my current K-Drama addiction or in this case, what’s currently on my playlist.

Because addiction isn’t quite the right term to sum this up, sadly.

Don’t get me wrong, I started this drama knowing it was a melodrama, which is a genre that doesn’t always sit well with me. If it’s got to be so sad and sombre and serious all the time, it had better be darned good!

In this case, even my adoration for Shin Se Kyung (the girl) couldn’t save the show.

It’s not a bad series and if anything I can’t judge because I am only half way done (episode 13 or so) and I’m already at the point that I have to make myself watch it and when I do it’s just because I want to get to the end of it and get it over and done with. As always in drama-land the whole dragging out a conflict and idiocy / misunderstands are aplenty and at this point I’m just over it.

This drama is quite cliched in many ways but how many other ways can you portray a melodrama, amiright?

But, yes, I don’t have too much to share about this show really except once I’m done with this (which I hope is soon because just get yo’ conflicts sorted already gurl~) I’m going to jump straight into a rom-com. Or something comical. Whichever.

I want some laughs.

Scratch that, maybe loads after this soap opera.

There’s enough pity in this show to make you feel the lead gangsta-man (Song Seunghyun who surprisingly looks well here)’s pain in his life but it’s quite sad (and maybe a bit gifted) that the writers are making me want to throw some at Shin Se Kyung’s character.

I caught some spoilers while searching up images for this post and I want to slap her character even more now.

Gurrrrrrl, you got such a good (ahem, rich) man after you, whatchu thinkin’?

But yes, that’s just me…

Tell me, do you fare well with melodramas? Or do you have good rom-coms to recommend to bring some laughs back to my life.

Thanks for reading!


Back to beauty news shortly, ya? ;)

p.s. Walking Dead is back~~~~ But I’m not gonna start until more of it is out. Meanwhile, I’m back on the Season 2 of Bates Motel. Norman you dark, twisted, lost thing…