Immortelle Atelier Take 2 – The Cocoon Mask Treatment!

Hello, I’m back!


Back here at Immortelle Atelier, I mean, since I haven’t been away from my blog so to speak.

I think I’ve been quite good with regular postings to the point that I may be flooding you guys a bit – my bad! Though there truly is so much to say and there’s so much going on right now (in the beauty world, opportunities etc) that I’m really thankful and partly swamped too.

A good kind of swamped I’ll admit and of course, I would rather be swamped with a million and one things to do rather than none, no?

Which is why I like to come back to Immortelle Atelier for that short 1-2 hour window where I can focus on absolutely nothing and just calm my mind, enjoy the facial procedure and come out feeling completely rejuvenated and fresh.

If my first take on Immortelle Atelier doesn’t sway you over to the facial world of calming massagings, soothing your senses and such (and you much prefer the quick-dry-and-go sort of facial), then I hope today’s feature on the Cocoon Mask Treatment I got to enjoy awhile back catches your eye at least!

I mean… it’s quite a sight really, the whole ‘cocoon aspect’ and as always, they’re offering great deals for my readers so read on!Grey Divider Before we proceed, here’s an idea of what the Cocoon Mask Treatment focuses on and what to expect with this Facial Treatment.

Suitable for all skin types (be it if you’re dry or oily), the Cocoon Mask Treatment seeks to enhance the quality of your skin by nourishing and hydrating it in a unique ‘cocoon’ masking method.

The Cocoon Mask Treatment

The treatment combines a mixture of effleurage (light) and therapeutic massages to help stimulate metabolism, circulation and also ease stress and tension on the face. Overall, that helps with fighting the ageing process, dulling skin and returns your skin to a youthful bounce and flush! Grey Divider So, as always, the lighting is a little dim in the facial rooms at Immortelle Atelier (all the better for your relaxation) so you’ll have to bear with graininess in some pictures. Though… I’m sure picture quality isn’t the key here ;)

Once More, The Room –

Just because I didn’t get to properly document the room and whatnot the previous time, here’s the fuzzy furry and comfortable carpet I was talking about. DSC00986 It’s a small touch but it makes for a comfortable experience such that you don’t have to remove your shoes and do a quick tip-toe over to the facial bed to evade the cold, hard floor. DSC00989 After getting settled in the comfy bed (this comforter is bliss, really), I took a quick selfie and announced that I’m ready to go~

Removing The Makeup & Talks –

As always the very first thing to do is to remove the makeup and my therapist was nice and thorough with it using a cleansing milk for the entire face (while doing a massage of course) and a separate remover for the more stubborn makeup bits around my eye area. Though I swear, I was already wearing the non-waterproof and fairly easier to remove liners and all! Heh! DSC00990 DSC00993 Aside from cleansing the face, my neck and décolletage area were not forgotten about and also received a nice cleanse!

Exfoliate & Massage –

Next up, exfoliating the skin! My therapist explained that she will be doing a massage to stimulate the skin and she will also be using an exfoliating product that feels nice and liquid (so it gives that perfect slip for a massage) yet contains gentle gritty bits that exfoliate the skin as she massages. DSC00995 DSC01004 As with the relaxing spa-sort of facial places, cleansing and massaging goes well past the face and neck, focusing on the decolletage area as well, which I personally really like. DSC01000 It’s like a wholesome relaxing experience with your upper-chest area, hands, shoulders and neck receiving the same amount of love. Because, you know, you can take care of your face alone but your neck is a tell-tale sign once aging sets in too! After the scrubbing, massaging and skin renewing process, my therapist proceeded to calm and soothe my skin down with a Maria Galland toner product (which was used repeatedly through my facial session) that felt oh-so-good on the skin. DSC01010 I would akin it to Japanese skin softeners – liquid with a nice slip but absorbs once you massage it in and leaves a light hydrating tact on the skin. Not heavy at all but it doesn’t dry the skin out like astringent toners do. This one helps to balance out your skin’s pH and moisture level too, which is why she likes slapping it on after any ‘strenous’ activity to the skin. Such as exfoliating, extracting etc.

Extractions Again! –

DSC01011 Speaking of extractions, that is the next process we moved on to, along with a little brow trimming which was very much needed. DSC01018 I’ve been managing my strays quite okay, not too diligently but just enough so they don’t stick out in eye looks but after this trim, I’m so glad to see my brow hairs all neatened in shape and length once more. I definitely needed that!

The Cocoon Process –

Now, this here is the fun part, the cocoon-ning! Perhaps by the end of this my face will emerge as beautiful as a butterfly, yes? Ha! So anyway, the first step to this is to slap on a mask that my therapist personally really likes and recommends to clients, especially Bride-to-bes! p.s. They do sell the mask alone, for your at-home use, at Immortelle Atelier too DSC01022 A versatile hydrating cooling mask, this can be worn as a face mask, slapped on liberally, for 30 minutes each time (used 2-3 times a week) or if your skin is particularly parched and in need of repair due to climate change, travel and such you can use it continuously (maximum of 7 days cause it’s quite rich) as a night cream each night. By the end of the consecutive use, your skin will look plumped, nourished and balanced again, almost like magic! Which I can imagine is why this mask would be recommended for brides-to-be or those who need to put their best-face forward at a particular event. DSC01026 The mask seemed to have a cool minty sensation on the skin, not the lip plumper sort, it’s a whole lot milder. After the mask has been applied, my therapist proceeded to place a gauze over my face. I’ve felt some facial places do this before but I had no idea the piece of gauze was this huge! DSC01034 It was only after, when I reviewed the blind shots I took, that I noticed how large a piece it is though it makes more sense as we go on. After the gauze comes the whole ‘cocoon-ing’ aspect of the treatment as a thick mousse / foam was slathered all over my face (over the gauze). DSC01036 This part was the most intriguing as I felt a dense and thick foam being slathered on my face, such that something was pressing down on me, but yet so gently at the same time. It’s peculiar, like dense and weighty but yet light. DSC01038 The point of this cocoon-ing process is to encapsulate your skin in these layers and layers of nourishment. The mousse / foam is a masking product as well (I forgot the name of it though) and helps to form a barrier around the skin to lock in nourishment and moisture while radiating a comfortable warmth – yes, it is warming, woots! This helps promote circulation and also betters the absorption of minerals and products that you are putting on your face. DSC01044 To prevent the cocoon mask foam from sliding off, the remaining bits of gauze were wrapped over my face, forming a ‘net’ of foam. At this point it looks like I have a meringue on my face and it’s so comical. But underneath that funny outlook, I felt very comforted and pampered with the minty cool sensation from the first mask and the gentle warmth of the cocoon foam. It did not feel uncomfortable at all be under all that and in fact, it was really calming. DSC01047 DSC01050

The Shoulder & Hand Massage –

What’s more while my face was under that mound of foam and gauze, I was treated to a shoulder massage (this is part of the whole facial experience I’m sure)  and it wasn’t just a quick rub and go. My therapist pressed away at the tension in my shoulders (I always have tension there, grr) and massaged my neck as well. Afterwhich, I thought I would be left to rest alone for a bit but guess what – there’s a hand massage to follow too! I’ve not been given hand massages much (except when I go for a body massage, which is quite expected) so I was nicely surprised when the therapist massaged both my fingers, palms, wrists and even upper arms. I didn’t take any pictures of these because I was too busy enjoying the process. My bad!

The Finale of Skincare & Scalp Massages –

After removing the whole cocoon gauze, which made my skin feel like it had been ‘unveiled’ as the cool room air gushed over my face once the warming masks was lifted. Once the residual of the masks were wiped off, the therapist went ahead to slap on some skincare for me, massaging it in thoroughly as well. Bliss! DSC01051 Did I also mention that the skincare she used is from Maria Galland? DSC01068 Really though, the moisturizer that they kept applying on me felt so amazing I feel that I might be swayed to pick it up the next time I come by. I’m serious. It makes my skin feel so smooth and soft, without being greasy, but nicely hydrated. So, so awesome, I tell you. DSC01053 And there was also a little scalp massage while we let the lotions and creams sit, woots!

Refreshed, Supple & Pampered Skin –

Post-facial, I immediately noticed (fluffy and still-awesome hair aside, thanks to these guys) that my skin looked really good!


Bad lighting, but here’s the ‘first look’.

I mean, that’s without a doubt given most often skin should look cleaner and fresher post-facial but given I had gone through some mild extractions and am completely stripped of makeup, my skin looked supple, plumped and most of all evened in skintone! It looks as if I were wearing some tinted product such that my skintone appeared more radiant, fresher and not blotchy at all given my recent bumps and spots (girly time of the month, don’t ask). DSC01073 DSC01076 Needless to say, my skin texture also felt a lot smoother and cleaner. While this isn’t focused on deep cleaning the skin, given my skin hasn’t clogged up loads since the last clean-out, the exfoliating and massage that went along with helped to rid my skin surface of dead skin cells and whatnot. This leaves me feeling all fresh-faced, clean and with a smooth canvas to slap on makeup once more! DSC01078 I’m really enjoying the continual skincare maintenance even if it means having to dash down to facial appointments after work and then dashing back after to my little baby girl at home. But it is nice to really indulge and pamper myself for that hour plus, and of course leave with rejuvenated skin that has been given its dose of TLC. Here are also some pictures of myself with nothing but foundation on, to show you how my post-pamper skin looks with makeup on – really more of showing the texture and how soft supple skin allows for optimal makeup application ;)


wearing Dior Diorskin Nude Fluid Foundation

Purple Divider This is my second trip to Immortelle Atelier and as always I can’t explain how glad I am to leave feeling rejuvenated both in terms of relaxation and also a cleansed and pampered skin!   While I don’t have a promotional offer for the Cocoon Mask Treatment for you (given it’s their most signature and best-selling one), here are the ones from before that I believe should still be offered.

Promotions For Icyabstract Readers!

Simply mention my name (Sara or Icyabstract) when you call to make an appointment and request for any (or both in 2 separate sessions) of the following promotions!

  • Promotion #1 – The Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Bring a friend along when you buy a Meridian Eye Care Treatment (S$48 for 30 minutes) and your friend gets to enjoy her session FREE!
  • Promotion #2 – Book A Facial & Receive An Eye Massage FREE Buy a facial session (any session to suit your skin) and receive the Meridian Eye Care Treatment for FREE!

The Cocoon Mask Treatment (seen here) retails for S$128 per session (120 minutes). Call Immortelle Atelier now (6259 9001) to enquire and book an appointment – they function on an appointment basis so no walk-in allowed. If you would like to find out more about Immortelle Atelier, head over and LIKE their Facebook Page for information on promotions and offers!

Immortelle Atelier is located at 101 Thomson Rd #02-08B, United Square Mall

Thanks for reading!   Sponsorship disclosure

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