OMG – It’s Already November!

Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaa!

I mean all this while I know that we’ve been progressing with the months of the year and that we’ve reached November but it wasn’t till a couple days ago when I actually stopped to think about the fact that we are in November!

Like egads! Where did the whole year go that it’s November already!

What’s more where my calender is concerned (blog-wise, work-wise and a little home-wise), the end-of-year is far from quiet and is usually a whole flurry of activities from rushing out stuff at work (peak period actually), and the whole holiday season in the blogosphere (another peak period) and some hustling and bustling at home to get the 3 birthdays in November sorted and the upcoming Christmas celebrations….


I don’t even know what’s going on anymore these days!

But anyway… this is really a pointless entry because I have no idea where I’m getting at with this. I don’t have much of a life or blog update – I’ve been quite happy with how my brain has been working, how I’m managing to snap shots here and there… I just wish I had more time in a day to really blast everything I have to say out there!

But yes…

I think I’m just taking another moment to sit back and look at the striked out months of the year and think to myself… Wow time really flies.


That whole reflective thought aside, I’ve really got a whole truckload of entries to unload on you!

So, so much to say but I guess the most exciting of all would be this – Surratt!

I’ll get to shooting these proper (with my camera, not just the mobile) over the weekend and then hopefully you’ll get some reading material about it next week – and maybe some looks thrown in too! I’ll try okay? :)


Thanks for reading!

Tell me, do you feel like time is just zooming by at 120km/h or is it just me?