It’s Almost Friday, Finally!

I know, I know, I don’t normally post my little girl on here for my own set of privacy reasons though at the same time as she’s growing up to be such a cheery ball of sunshine, I can’t help but share her smiles and absolutely adorable moments.

At least I’m not constantly spamming pictures of her and only chose the ‘key’ moments to share.

Case in point, these pictures right here because I love them too much not to share. I love both the little cheeky model in it and also the equipment I used to shoot this – my Olympus EM10 + Olympus 45mm lens.

As seen in this old instagram picture of mine

This combo is my current go-to when shooting portraiture (or even toy shots at that) because of how perfect the effect is.

I’m really glad I went over to the OMD side of things during my camera hunt earlier this year and I even went a step further to acquire the Olympus 45mm lens.

I like cameras and have an interest in the bits and bobs but I was never one to amass an army of interchangeable lenses etc. Though now I can’t quite say the same… I seem to be mildly addicted to this lens-changing-for-situations sort of, well, situation.



Anyway, back to this.

I’m sharing some of my favorite shots from the bunch and that brings us back to the sentiment of how I wish it was the weekends already so we can spend more time with this ball of sunshine and have more ‘shoots’!

Little tods are only this small, squishy and fun-sized for so long so we’re going to capture as much of these moments as we can!

(pictures are kinda SOOC – only cropping and resizing was done, no color editing)

Cheeky shy laugh!

And one of my favorites because of how comical it is – there’s hubs and then there’s the girl confused on whether she should be cute or not (hence the cute ‘pose’ yet deadpan expression).

Grey Divider

So, phew!

This was a good break from the ‘usual schedule’ for me to sort out what I would like to say in posts to come.

I’ve got some Shupette mentions and some Surratt mentions coming up and I can’t decide which one to pop on first – Shupette because it is Limited Edition, or Surratt just because I’m just way too excited to share about (plus Troy Surratt is popping by our shores this weekend)?

Tsk, decisions decisions…. Though I think I’m going to do the ‘sensible’ thing and mention Shupette first, since it’s Limited Edition and all the hype right now, yes? That’s hoping it is still the hype after my belated-yet-to-come entry… that is!

Info, pics, swatches and looks about’em all coming up over the next week! :)


For now, I think I may want to put up a nail mention tomorrow, so that’s coming up!

I anticipate a bit of a ‘break’ / hustle over to my parents place sometime in December so I haven’t decided if I’m going to be scheduling posts up for that period or take a break but… I guess you could expect some entries along the theme of ‘being away from home for a bit’.

Though not as big a scale as my temporary move earlier this year, of course.


Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite / currently using camera at the moment?

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