For the Wanderlust, Acca Kappa has You Covered! Your Hair & Body That Is…

I’m really not a fan of year-ends.

I mean, I like the festivities and I think the holiday mood buzzing in the air, along with carols and whatnots, is totally fun and lively but do you want to know why year-ends aren’t my preferred time of the year?

Because no one is ever around! Everyone is jet-setting all over the place which truly isn’t my business but when it does come to business and work, it’s impossible to get a hold of anyone!

Every email I send out (almost, every) is met with an autoreply and it so happens that year end periods are the busiest for me because a lot of things have to be finalized, produced and prepared for next year’s ad launches etc. Of course there’s always the option of preparing ahead of time but unfortunately those in the business know what it’s like. No matter how much you chase your media partners, things will only arrive on your table (or inbox) the day they (the vendors) are flying off.


But of course, if the roles were reversed or if my job itself isn’t so packed during this time of the year then maybe I would join the bulk of people holiday-ing right now, enjoying the whole festive mood and period of the end of year.

If I were jetting off to a beach holiday maybe, or even a return to the metropolitian city of Japan, the yummy food in Hong Kong or the rustic and lovely beaten streets of Bangkok then I think I would certainly love to lug this little fella along with me.


It’s a given that unless I am going to Japan (solely due to my awesome hotel toilet amenities experience there), I almost always bring my own shampoo & conditioner.


I can skip out on bringing the body wash sometimes but given the sensitivity of my skin right now I would feel a little safer bringing something I know would keep my skin clean yet still nicely hydrated and nourished at the same time.


We all know how some hotels offer shower gels that strip your skin or worst yet, multipurpose bar soaps for handwashing and body washing. Eeps!


The body lotion bottle in here is a little small for my liking – only because you know me and my tendency to slather myself up almost every waking moment – but I’m sure if you’re only slapping it on after the shower and in the mornings, it’s really more than enough!

I think, even for me it’s good enough to last a little over a 5 day vacation (who am I kidding, it’ll surely last that) but I’m paranoid that way.


In short, if you’re flying off somewhere and are looking for a travel kit to meet your requirements of a nice Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and Body Lotion, all in the same matchy matchy scent at that, then this Acca Kappa kit would certainly be a good one to look into.

It’s a little luxurious I’m assuming (I don’t have the price for this, I’m sorry!) given that their body lotion I had reviewed earlier costs S$50, I am assuming this may hover about there or just below.


Though one assuring thing to know, given my experience with the brand at least, is that you would know that your skin and hair are in good hands because the last thing you would want, especially if you’re traveling to a whole different climate, is for your skin to feel itchy and dry or your hair to be all frizzy and static-y.


That’s bound to upset a trip or at least cause some annoyance so, it’s better to pack safe and bring what you know would work!

If you’re not thinking to travel, you’ll be glad to know that you can get all these items at full size at the Takshimaya counter too!

As mentioned in my earlier post, White Moss (the scent featured here) is one of Acca Kappa’s best-sellers so it’s certainly worth a look!

Purple Divider

Initially I had a plan for a ‘pretend-holiday’ where I lugged this along to my parents place during the period that my in-laws are out of town but plans changed and I guess we’re staying home the whole way so… I’ll just have to find a way to utilize this little guy in another way in future!

Maybe to Seoul next year?

It’s just a thought… we’re still working on that one!


Thanks for reading!

Acca Kappa White Moss Travel Kit is available at Beautique, Takashimaya Level 3. I’m not too certain of the price.

Sponsorship disclosure

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