All I Want For Christmas Is…

More lippies!

Well not exactly, but where makeup is concerned you really can’t go wrong with more lip products, right?

Unlike foundation or eyeshadow even, you don’t (or at least I don’t) feel this sense of guilt when you acquire another, even before you finish up any from the mountain that you currently have.

With the multitude of lip options available, from shades to finishes and textures, I think lip items are things I don’t mind having more, more and moarrrr of because they’re so easy to use, to change up, and to swap around that even having 100 at a go feels justifiable.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

What’s more these lippies here are miniatures! All the better to finish up and feel good about it, right? Though truth be told I think they’re too darn cute to use!


Long story short my beauty pals (Beauty Anonymous girls, Sophia & Mabel – Eliza, you’re missed!) and I did a gift exchange and somehow the bulk of the gifts ended up being lip products.

Apparently we’re on the same wavelength where makeup usage is concerned, heh! When in doubt, lips.

So anyway, let me digress to a shot of the night with the girls (and the gifts – pre-opening).

Back to this, this post is just a quick look at some of the items we had gift-swapped.

It’s a pointless entry, really, given I didn’t manage the time to swatch them for this or haven’t used many of them so I don’t have thoughts to share but I was shooting these for the fun of documenting it, while they’re still pristine, and thought why not just do a share-post.

In a way it also serves as a bit of an announcement that you’ll be seeing these lip products mentioned in LOTDs to come! Or if I feel so strongly about any of them I’ll dedicate a whole Look Feature / Review to them.

I am so excites, I can’t wait to slather them on! It helps that I haven’t tried any of these lip products prior – not the Melted Kisses (have been meaning too), not the Fresh balms (have been meaning to too), nor the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (have been lusting over them).

Let’s have a look!



This miniature set truly is very miniature but even then, each bullet is beautifully done and doesn’t feel cheapy in any way given the smaller size of them.

It’s one of those things that’ll be really cute to hang on a Christmas tree (hence the ribbon) if I had one!



The shades are simple and iconic ones from their Permanent line.


Left to Right: Penelope Pink, So Marilyn, Bitch Please

Next are Fresh lip balms!


Would you believe that I’ve never tried these given the amount of love this has received online?

I don’t know why but I know I’ve been meaning to, just that I never got around to it and I’m glad I can give these minis a go before deciding if I’m in the rave camp or the meh camp.


SuperDry Lip Crayon! I had no idea this brand did makeup, with such cute sporty chic packaging at that, and I love the shade that was picked out for me!

Despite its scary outlook, the product is actually a balmy sheer wash of color that’s great (and easy) to wear naturally or to layer over lip colors to change their hue.

It feels really moisturizing on as well!


This little Too Faced Melted Kisses set makes me so happy!


Mainly because I’ve been considering these myself and the question is always, which color to get without getting them all? So this set perfect answers that!

You have a nude, a soft pink, a vibrant fuchsia and a much needed red. It’s perfecto!



So that’s all the lip loving going around this Christmas from my end (from the girls) and while I don’t know about myself but I will say, for the girls at least, that I think we know each other and each other’s makeup preferences very, very well!


Do share, what are some of your beauty gifts this year? Or what are some beauty gifts you have given?


Thanks for reading!


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