Packing My Sun Protection & I’m Off to Bali!

Hello! So, pardon the relative silence on here this week as I’ve been a little caught up both working and packing because…. Hubs and I are going on an impromptu trip to Bali!

Like, tomorrow… like in less than 10 hours. Woots!

It was a spontaneous decision to go on a quick break before both our New Jobs and it was tricky settling on a time and all of a sudden this weekend looked pretty good so about a week ago we searched up on Bali (it was Bali VS Bangkok but Bali with its novelty prevailed) and got all our flights and hotels sorted with a week to spare to search up on places to spa at and eat at.

So long story short… We’re heading to Bali and while I’m really excited about this sunny holiday I can’t help but feel a little paranoid about it too so I think maybe I went a bit overboard packing sun protection but I thought I would share this sun protection mania I have with you guys and hopefully its helpful for equally maniac people.


It’s so ironic how obsessed I am about sun protection (primarily the face) these days when 5-6 years ago I wasn’t even an avid user of sunscreen. I cringe when I recalled the teenage tanning days without a drop of sunscreen and the times I’ve stepped out in the blazing afternoon sun to get errands without a slap of SPF. Eeps.

My paranoia probably started from being more educated and aware of what sun damage / photo-aging can do to the skin and also (my mom is going to kill me for this) observing my mom’s skin as she ages. Given that she had only started wearing sunscreen in recent years, after my constant chiding, to see the effects of prolonged sun damage and pigmentation show up on her skin reminds me of what could happen to mine. Since we have the same genetics in a way, right?

Prevention is better than cure, yes?

So… long story short, I like the idea of basking in the sun but I’ll probably only do it once I’m all loaded up on SPF and suncare, which some people might scoff at because why not just stay in the shade right? I know, it’s so ironic but I guess I like to bake and tan a little when I can without undoing too much of the care and brightening / whitening I’ve given my skin all these years.

Really though, 4 days in the sun can easily undo months and months of skin caring!



Leaders Clinic Sensitive Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++

Firstly and most obviously, sunscreen for the face! I’ve gone back to using this after I realized that the Biore Aqua one (the blue one) wasn’t enough sun protection for me to wear through the day. Granted yes you need to re-apply sunscreen through the day but sometimes we’re lazy to and if you spend hours in the office, it’s usually not too bad. But back to this, Biore no and Leaders Clinic yes. Hence, I’m back to it.



Lancôme Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation SPF 50+ PA++

You may think of this as a bit of an overkill, SPF foundation after high SPF product, but most of the time the amount of foundation you use isn’t enough to fully trigger its SPF protection anyway. You need a substantial amount smeared on and often times I don’t need to layer on that much foundation so the thought to bring this along was really just because it felt like a good idea.

If I were going to bring a liquid foundation anyway, why not grab one with a SPF rating of 50 right?




Boots Soltan Once 8 Hour Moisturizing Suncare Lotion (SPF50+ UVA UVB)

Because the sun not only shines on your face but your whole body as well, I figured I would finally give this body lotion packed with SPF some use. I’ve had it awhile but didn’t entirely enjoy using it for Singapore given the mild tact it leaves on the skin but since you need sun protection in Bali, I’m willing to live with a little tact so I don’t get baked. Plus I don’t tan, I usually burn… Or I tan and it peels away immediately, tsk.




Heliocare Ultra Capsules (Oral Sun Protection!)

Now this one is actually the star of all sun protection and I am ever so grateful to Dr Kim (from Aeon Medical – read about all my treatments there here!) for providing me with a bottle of this upon knowing about my trip to Bali! Plus I’m sure he didn’t want me to undo what brightening and skin lightening he has already done for me, heh!

A little more info about this, it’s basically oral sunscreen supplements and meant to be used for days where you’re exposed to prolong sun exposure and want to be protected from all angles. Though of course you can go ahead and take it daily too if you wish but for some S$80 for 30 capsules that would last about a month or so sounds a little pricey off-hand but if you were to average it out, it’s S$2 plus per capsules and I think it’s really not too bad knowing you have full sun protection all around – face and all aspects of your body.

I think bringing this to Bali really puts my mind at ease with the amount of sun exposure we’ll be under! I’ll update on it once I’m back though I don’t know what I can really share about it since sun protection is just that – if nothing happens to your skin, it’s even better!

Heliocare Ultra is available for purchase at Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre!



Kiehls Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque

After a day out in the sun, whether you’re all protected with sunscreen or not, the skin will still need a little cooling down nonetheless and there’s nothing better than a facial mask to help with that! What’s more when you’re in Bali, every moment should be a pampering moment right? I’ve been looking for a reason and time to use this Kiehls Whitening / Skin Brightening Mask and there’s no better time than now to nourish and protect the skin at night after a long day of sun exposure!



Aeon Pure White Vitamin C Booster

Not forgetting skincare! If its one area that I always overpack for a night’s stay or in this case, a short holiday, it’s skincare. As long as I’m spending the night, I’ll pack everything from facial wash to toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer, not sparing a single thing at all. In this case, continuing the skin brightening and rejuvenating thought process, I made sure to bring along Aeon’s Vitamin C Serum!

The active ingredient in this is L’Ascorbic Acid (my favorite skin repairing ingredient for its visible skin bettering / maintaining ability) and that helps heal photo-aging in the skin. There are some rumors about backlash of using L’Ascorbic Acid and then being out in the sun again but its generally unfounded. Amongst all skin brightening and photo-aging preventing ingredients, L’Ascorbic Acid is actually the most stable and does not trigger sun sensitivity. In fact it works well with sunscreen to protect the skin due to its anti-oxidant properties.

I’ve been incorporating this in my skincare routine for awhile now so I’m not actually switching out to it with this trip but I thought I would mention it anyhoo since it’s in line with the whole crazy sun protection / healing aspect. Plus! This doesn’t have that dreaded scent that L’Ascorbic acid typically carries. This uses Grapefruit extract for a more pleasant experience plus Grapefruit is also jam-packed with anti-oxidants!This is available for purchase at Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre too, which should be obvious since it’s a house brand. Oops, too rambly, moving on!



Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm SPF20

Lastly, now that I’m rambled on about the face and all over, lets not forget the lips! While Heliocare really covers every single aspect of the body already, it’s good to be doubly sure and having a lip balm that also lends SPF isn’t that bad a thing, right? I’ve had this Maybelline Baby Lips for awhile and I do like the US Baby Lips series and figured that one day, this clear balm with SPF will answer a higher calling rather than being one of 3 options (this, a red and a pink) at my desk at work… and I’m right!

Who knew I would go rummaging my stash for a lipbalm with SPF one day, ha!

Purple Divider

So phew, that long sun protection ramble aside, of course I packed other things like the remaining steps of my skincare, some makeup to go with and such but at the point of snapping these pictures I wasn’t quite done with the packing process (I am now, of course) so this was all it looked like:


But if you’re interested, maybe I’ll do another ramble on what I brought with me to Bali in terms of makeup, skincare and other miscellaneous beauty products. Of course that’ll be a good time for me to sum up my trip in some pictures as well. Keeping the entry a little bit about Bali and still makeup relevant ;)


So yes, goodbye for now and I’ll see you again shortly!

I may be gone for the week but I’ve got some little mentions coming up during my absence, so stay tuned! I may not be able to spread the word on instagram, being away, but if you’re subscribed to me here (sidebar) you’ll get a notification once new entries pop in!

Thanks for reading!

Aeon Medical’s Winter Glow – For Perfected Skin & A Glow of Radiance!

Okay… here it is!

Though before I start I must disclaim: Lotsa pics, quite a bit of words but a whole lot of awesome in this post ;) Just check out this before and after!

DSC01405 copy

Remember that awesome facial I was stated to do in my previous visit to Aeon Medical? Yet at that point my skin decided to troll me by breaking out so Plan Winter Glow had to be put on hold.

Though thankfully my skin has gotten a whole lot better since then, the breakouts have stopped and the spots are healing up nice and well, it was in better shape to undergo the Winter Glow treatment this time around.


I feel it was also quite an appropriate time to give the Winter Glow treatment a go since my skin was just getting better from an exhausting breakout that glow and shine were the least of its concern. In fact even my skin texture needed a little help and the sleepless nights / stressful deadlines I’ve been facing these days are of no help at all so a treatment to firm up my skin to give it that bouncy look, fresh radiance and a refined skin texture is very much welcomed!

If you’re looking for something like that to just perk your skin and complexion up in lieu of the upcoming Chinese New Year visitings, then read on to find out more about this pretty impressive (and pampering, might I add) Winter Glow treatment at Aeon!

So, as I had mentioned earlier, Winter Glow is an incredibly popular facial / treatment that Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre offers and it doesn’t help that this is a seasonal treatment, which means it isn’t going to stick around forever.

Primarily targeted for the end of year period (in conjunction with the idea of winter), this treatment was the answer to a refreshed, brightened and refined complexion even when your habits at that point are far from achieving that same rested and perfected skin effect.

You know how when you look at K-Pop celebrities and their skin is always so nice and smooth, taut yet bouncy and radiant (not the dewy BB Cream look) at the same time? That’s the softness yet polished look that Winter Glow is looking to achieve.

It’s a treatment that combines aesthetics (well, somewhat) procedures with pampering and relaxing steps like massages and masks so apart from delivering results on your skin, you’ll leave feeling relaxed and well rested.

I could go on and on about this, really, because I do feel quite strongly about it both in what I know of the steps already (because I’ve read about them / tried them elsewhere before) and also because I am rather pleased with the end results but I’ll control myself becuase I doubt you’ll want to see a whole wall of text alone so…

Let’s get to the treatment, shall we?


When I arrived, I was first ushered over to Aeon’s Chill Waiting Area (that’s what I’m calling this place from hereon) because I was quite early. I was offered a cup of tea and left to my own rather embarrassing selfie / self-timer devices so I’m mighty glad that this place offers complete cozy privacy.

Wouldn’t want anyone seeing my embarrassing behind the scenes antics, heh.

I know tea is tea but I do enjoy the different types of tea offered at Aeon. It’s like you get a random one each time and they’re all really yummy. I think I had a ginseng-something one this time around but I really can’t tell… it was good, that’s all I can say.


Makeup Removal –

After sipping tea and running to and fro taking self timer shots (so failed I must add), I was ushered over to the facial treatment room for makeup removal.



As usual, the makeup process was delicate and also meticulous. I especially like the gentle way they remove my eyeliner, because it’s generally quite effective (like 80% removal?) and the only parts that don’t budge are on my lower lashline, close to the waterline, so that tricky no matter who does it.

But anyway, that’s just makeup removal so… moving on!


Robe-ing Up With Cool Slippers! –

After all my makeup was removed, I was told that I would be moved to Dr Kim’s office for the aesthetic procedures since treatments that require aesthetic machines will be done there by the doctor himself.

While Jina (the kind and patient Clinic Manager) left the room to prepare a robe and these really squishy and comfy slip-ons for me, I decided to take this opportunity to snap some ‘before’ pictures.




I know the lighting and all isn’t the best but it’s obvious, to me, that my skin is facing ashen and fatigued days, looking a little dull and my skin texture suffering a little from the recent breakout. Needless to say, given that my skin isn’t going to be radiant or all bouncy and fresh.

Once Jina returned with the robe and helped me into it (along with the slippers) we shuffled one door down from the corridor into Dr Kim’s clean and bright office.



Clarity Laser Toning –

The first procedure to this treatment is the Clarity Laser Toning, a non-evasive laser treatment that targets and breaks down pigmentation in the skin in an effort to lighten them and give an overall brightened complexion.


This, was what I was most excited about because while I love the other treatments involved equally, I haven’t done anything to treat or better the pigmentation levels and uneven skin tone in an extremely long time.

To be nitpicky, I have noticed that my skin is getting a little darker at certain areas, mainly the crevices and while it isn’t an obvious thing it is the reason why I look that much fresher and better with foundation on even though I don’t have many issues with blemishes or skin redness.

If slight discoloration or uneven skin tone is something you’ve started noticing, then maybe you can consider some laser procedures because they really make quite the difference.


However Dr Kim did explain that since Clarity Laser Toning in used in conjunction with other treatments here, the dosage isn’t the most intense so the skin doesn’t have to go through too much. Those with more severe pigmentation issues may want to look at Clarity Laser Toning by itself.

As for discomfort, Dr Kim warned that I would feel a prickling sensation but frankly the only thing I felt was a tickle. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable but that’s me. If you’ve got a lower threshold then maybe a prickle but I doubt it’ll be in the area of pain.


Diamond Lift (RF + Magnetic Pulse) –

After the Clarity Laser Toning comes one of my favorite facial procedures, the Radio Frequency one. If you read my thoughts on the many facial sessions I’ve done through the years, you’ll know that RF always has this special place in my heart because of the very immediate and noticeable effects that you’ll be able to achieve.


I’m not the only one to think so as I have girlfriends who love RF as well and their eyes light up at the mention of it because they are well aware of what you can get out of it – a more refined skin texture, skin tightening and lifting, radiance and a flush from within.

If you’re facing pore issues you may also notice that your pores will diminish a little or become more uniformed in size.


So, the machine that Dr Kim uses is one that I have tried before – the Venus Viva with the diamond head – and his reason for choosing this is because it emits a Magnetic Pulse as well which somehow seems to tamp down on the discomfort of heat discharged from RF while not compromising on the efficacy.

Now, I’ve had my experiences with RF (and even the same machine at that) but I’ll say that this is possibly my most comfortable experience ever. There wasn’t a moment where the heat was uncomfortable or something I had to ‘bear with’ for a little bit of the sake of refined and perfected skin.


The gel that was used, I noted smelt really nice and feels good, was remarked to be quite a pricey one and one application was all that was needed through my whole procedure. The gel didn’t seem to disappear away and seemed to hold well as a lubricant / barrier between the RF hand piece and my skin.

It is also comforting to know that Dr Kim is doing the procedure himself – not a therapist or apprentice etc – and this is an option he chose to do because he feels that all aesthetic treatments, no matter how big or small, can go wrong when left in untrained hands (or rather trained but not Dr level, definitely) so he would rather assure the patients and handle it personally even if it means he’ll be busier.


To monitor the temperature of the skin, to ensure the patient is comfortable and to prevent skin burns (which can happen with RF, ouch), Dr Kim uses an infra-red thermometer and scans the patient’s skin every once in awhile through the RF treatment.

See what I mean now, dedicated and meticulous! You know you’re surely in safe hands here at Aeon.


Cleaning The Skin, Skincare Steps & Cocoon Mask! –

Once the more aesthetic treatments were done, I was ushered back to the facial room where my therapist (Esther) helped remove the remaining gel on my face with a lovely hot towel maneuver.

It’s not quite a massage but it was very calming and soothing a step.


Do I look ninja? Ha!


After the gel was removed, Esther proceeded to prep my skin with the many steps of a skincare routine from toners to ampoules (I love that they use this, because ampoules are not cheap!), rejuvenating creams and of course a moisturizer to top it all off and seal it all in.



In true Korean fashion, the many steps of a skincare routine isn’t compromised.



Once my skin is all nice and prepped with skincare, Esther continued the treatment by layering a mask on, followed by this detoxing eye mask which was really new to me.



Dr Kim spoke about it during my session in his office earlier and warned that if your eyes are really tired, you’ll experience quite a detoxifying effect and he wasn’t wrong. It’s a stingy feeling that isn’t painful but brings to mind this image that the mask is sucking all toxins from around my eyes and also infusing it with moisture at the same time.


At least that’s what it felt like, stingy but not scary and quite nice even. It’s like being sadistic to see dirt being sucked out of your face… yeah, along those lines.

After the first layers of masks, a gauze was laid over my face and the Cocoon Masking step begins.


The Cocoon Mask, as I had explained the first time I tried is is a mask that works to encapsulate everything within this self-warming cocoon of foam. The temperature is kept comfortable and what you get is this soothing sensation over your skin as you feel a light pressure from the foam on your face that is both comforting and also warming.

The mask itself contains nourishing ingredients to plump and hydrate the skin as well as stimulate collagen production within the layers of the skin. It also works to promote better efficacy of the masks (and skincare) laid underneath it as it envelops your skin.


With the Cocoon Mask on, I was given a very relaxing neck and shoulder massage that felt extremely legit! It’s something you would expect when you walk into massage parlors and while TMI, the therapist doesn’t skim over the decolletage area either.

That area gets some attention as well and I’m only bringing this up because I know of friends who have mentioned in passing that they do like it when that area gets a good dose of massage yet most places don’t focus on that – usually only the shoulders, neck and upper back.

No pictures of the massage obviously because I was too busy enjoying it to snap – plus it’ll be tricky to snap anyway so I only have words for that segment.

I was left to rest with the Cocoon Mask on for a little while more after and once time is up, Esther returned to remove and foam mask (very adorably shielding my eyes from the light while removing it) and while I couldn’t see my skin there and then I did feel that it felt very refreshed.


These pictures were snapped right after the Cocoon mask was removed and my face cleansed of the foam remnants. Looking at it now, I think my skin looks pretty amazing with a flush and glow being emitted from the skin.


Esther proceeded to re-apply some skincare products to my face again before announcing that I’m done and directing me to the Chill Waiting Room after.


So healthy and radiant, I love!



Post-Treatment Chilling (Awesome Tea + Post ‘Selfies’)

After the Winter Glow treatment,  I was served another round of tea along with some chocolates at the Chill Waiting Room and I took this time to take a couple more vain selfie shots because I felt so pleased with how my skin looks.


Granted I had no choice but to use the camera flash (which we all know is never forgiving on skin, too harsh and too stark), I think my skin looked pretty good given that!

Of course it’s got a little shine to it from the skincare laid on but I love how it has this fresh and brightened appearance, a bit of a translucence almost and of course that bouncy look to it.



eyebags cannot helped, heh maybe I’ll have Aeon help me with that sometime down the road…




I’ll say that my skin doesn’t need a whole lot of lift right now and my last RF session wasn’t too far away so the difference isn’t major but if you’re looking for a more perfected contour and could use a mild skin lift, you’ll see more viable differences in this aspect.




More ‘AFTER’ Shots! –

Now I hope you don’t mind if I just spam a couple more shots of myself but this time in a different time frame and context from the earlier one, which was right before the treatment.

These were snapped as I went about my daily life the few days after the treatment and it was a time that I was so happy with my skin that I actually skipped wearing foundation for a few days! I did the usual sunscreen and of course concealer under the eyes but that aside, and a little finishing powder for oil control, my skin was left to glow and shine through on its own.

Why cover it up when it’s looking so good, right?


No makeup! No brows even, oops.


Made up but without foundation – just concealer under the eyes and finishing powder (not tinted).


Lunch time selfie of a day without foundation – the skin still looks glowy and radiant because there isn’t any foundation to fade away and all!


Random selfie I took while OT-ing (after a whole day of work) – the concealer fading and liner smoking does make my makeup a little less than perfect but I think the skin is still looking pretty good after a whole day at work (no blotting too, oops).

Purple Divider

So, I know this entry has gotten exceedingly long but I had so much to share and talk about this treatment and even then this is me holding back on some parts of it already!

I could go on and on if I wanted to, I’m sure but instead, here’s this picture again to sum it all up.

DSC01405 copy

If you’re intrigued in Aeon’s Winter Glow facial so you can have your skin all perked up and refreshed for Chinese New Year, or if you want to treat a loved one to this so they can put their best face forward this CNY, I recommend for you to hurry and book a session (or package) now!

The Winter Glow facial treatment is a seasonal offering so it’s only around for a Limited time! Until Chinese New Year to be exact so, hurry!

There are some T&Cs to comply to given the immense popularity of Winter Glow, so here they are below:

Winter Glow facial is only available on weekdays from 10am – 5pm. Only first-time visits will be entitled to the trial / promotional prices.


Aeon is having a TRIAL promotion for their Winter Glow facial right now – S$190 for one trial session (full works, no different from mine) and entitled to sign on for a package of 5 sessions for S$2,500.

The usual price is easily double, so hurry and grab this promotion while it lasts! Also while the Winter Glow facial treatment lasts as it is only available till 18th Feb 2015.

Call 6733 2002 for more information & to make an appointment now.

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre is located at:
9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210

Thanks for reading!

LOTD: Make Up For Ever La Boheme Stash-Revisit

Hello! Hello!

Phew it’s been so busy these days that squeezing out time to edit photos have been proving to be a little tough hence my posts are a little more word-centric and frankly the content a little more of the ramble sort than the substantial content-packed ones I used to do. I’ll also admit that I did get a little lazy at the thought of blogging given the annoyance of deadlines and work piled up, plus just the need to relax and recharge at home these days. Oops.

Though I’m still looking to be present on here as much as I can until I get dragged off into the darkness and abyss of New Job, ha! So dramatic… I know.

So anyway, here’s another ‘stash-shopping’ look for you.

I haven’t got around to documenting more stash-shopping posts since mornings are so sluggish (and hence rushed) for me these days but here’s a look (back) at the Make Up For Ever La Boheme palette.

Flipping it (Make Up For Ever’s La Boheme palette) open after so long made me very inclined to do a champagne-peach-deep chocolate brown combo because that’s easiest and a look I know would work.

Though I decided to challenge myself a little, if you would even call this meekly act a challenge (ha), and make myself use a little of the greens in some way – anyway.


As mentioned, I don’t always plan my looks beforehand, unless it is a specific look I’m thinking to explore, so some mornings I do stare at my palette for a quick moment before realizing I don’t have time for that.

What happens after is a series of color mixing, patting, blending and hoping that whatever look it is that I am putting together would end up presentable to go out in and also would look nice once photographed else that would be a waste of a experimental morning and experimental mornings are quite precious to me!

They are the only time that I get to play around with makeup and photograph the looks because otherwise I can’t sit myself down over the weekends to spend a whole day doing up various looks and documenting it. I wish I could but unglamorous mommy-duties beckons.


So anyway, before this gets any longer, let’s have a look at the look shall we?


I started with the peach because that one is a really gorgeous color and something in me thought that pairing the aqua with it would work (on hindsight I think maybe green would be more earthy-matchy) and of course the dark chocolate brown outer-corner is a no-brainer.

It’s the darkest smokiest color in the palette and one that would lend most definition.


Though in the end I think I quite like how it turned out. It’s more cohesive in person because my camera likes to make everything stand out more in all the slightly iffy ways but even then, I think this looks quite nice!


Not a look I’ll wear often because mixing 3 different shades is too tricky for my everyday-brain but its nice now and then.




Other MUFE items I’ve used within this look is the Contour Kit that I really enjoy using though I try to save this for travel because it’s such a slim and sleek compact.

On the lips is another piece from the La Boheme collection, I believe, in the shade Folk.


There was a time I was all over this color and I can see why. It’s somewhat bold but in a Day makeup way. It hints at coral but is also a little pink. It’s quite lovely this one and I think I’m going to start using it again.



That said, I think Make Up For Ever is a brand that has many gems but yet somehow one I don’t check out often enough. Maybe because the HQ is in an area I don’t often frequent and while they have counters in Sephora, everytime I am there I always drift off to everything else and forget to take time to check MUFE out.

Though if you’re like me you can have a look at Make Up For Ever’s Collection Online to browse their offerings.

If it helps, I’ve got a promo code – ZASARA15 – for 15% off at Zalora should anything catch your eye! The code is valid till 1st May 2015.


So, that’s that, thank you so much for reading!

I was hoping that the madness at work will simmer down a little after this weekend work event but I think some other things are finding their way to the surface D:

It’s like this never-ending cycle of work but such is life, right? I only hope I can afford to spend a little more time on here before New Job starts! Spend a little time, chat a little more before a hiatus if that were to happen.

We’ll see alright? In the mean time, as always, thanks for sticking by!

My ‘7 Deadly Sins’ Where Beauty Is Concerned


I felt up for a quick ramble and happened to be reading this ‘7 Deadly Beauty Sins‘ tag from Musings and decided well… it seems easy and for the most part relate-able enough so, why not?

It’s also been awhile since I’ve done tags or since tags were a thing in blogs these days (it seems like the tag craze migrated to instagram…) so I guess it’s quite nice to be a little nostalgic about that trend we used to have.

So anyway!

Grey Divider

Greed –

What’s your most expensive beauty item?

Wow, okay… I seriously cannot recall this for the life of me because I’m so bad with numbers and worst at remembering them. You would think I would recall if its something that made a dent in my bank but… yeah my brain is consistent that way.

Though fine, I think something I considered quite a splurge would probably be my Tom Ford quad in Cocoa Mirage or maybe even the Tom Ford Shines in terms of ‘unit price’. Both of which oddly enough are things I haven’t mentioned on here. Though… I’m sure there are more things that break the bank but I can’t recall right now. Maybe it’s the brain’s self-defense mechanism – to forget, heh.


Wrath –

What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Hmm, cream blushes maybe?

I love the look of cream blushes on the cheeks, that natural sort of glowy radiance and in some cases that fresh glowy cheek look but for some reason, I just can’t stand cream blush on myself. I can’t stand the hassle of it, as opposed to how quick powder blush is, and also because I always have this need to powder my face down to flawlessness (that isn’t cakey of course) that sometimes it alters that look of freshness and creamy radiance that the cream blush provides. To the point that I think, meh, what the heck I should have saved the time and stuck with a powder blush so… yeah.


Gluttony –

What brand takes up most of your collection?

Well, I can’t say for sure really. I think my collection is rather diversed across brands and also prices – drugstore to highend so… I really can’t put a finger on this.

I do go through brand-phases on here where I ramble on about a particular brand for a bit before moving on but that’s usually due to a launch and it helps with keeping the though process flowing and categorized. I think at least.


Sloth –

What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?

That would be mascara.

I used to be all about mascara and couldn’t live without it because it helps complete the look and opens the eyes up but these days given the slew of things from eye infection / irritation to wearing frames year round now, I’ve stopped reaching for mascaras now. Skipping mascara slowly became a habit and something I chose to do because it felt a whole lot quicker and more fuss free to skip it. I don’t deny its eye opening and fluttery effects but I don’t particularly like the feeling of lashes on frames either.


Pride –

What product gives you the most confidence?

Can I choose 2…? Or maybe even 3? Ha

I feel that confidence is derived from a whole look that you are comfortable with so picking just 1 product alone is tough, unless you have awesome features and amazing skin that is. Of course, by then you probably don’t need makeup to be confident ;)

But, back to the question, I would say it’s a tie between eyebrow stuff, a good base (not necessarily high coverage, just skin-tone evening) and if I can stretch my options, maybe an eyeliner thrown. I think a basic look consisting of these items makes me feel good about myself and polished enough to put my face forward.


Lust –

Which item is top of your beauty wish list?

Wow, how about everything? Heh!

Right now perhaps I would say it’s the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow palettes? Have you seen those things, they’re so pretty and flowy looking while swatching intensely and seemingly smoothly. Of course I don’t need any more shadows and much as I want them I have developed a pretty good sense of self control in recent years, no thanks to the looming financial responsibilities of a family of course, so yes…  while I want, I really don’t need.


Envy –

Which makeup product/look is great on others but not on you?

I’m going to go with ‘look’ here and say that I am mad envious of people with pretty eyes. By that I mean the sort of eye with perfect lid space, double-eyelid spacings and the sort of eye shape that looks great photographed no matter from which angle.

I know my eye shots are quite alright but that’s only because I’ve come to learn how to ‘pose’ my own eyes. If I were being whiny, I would complain that my eyes are a little hooded so sometimes my double eyelids are uneven and when I do certain looks they may seem nice when I’m doing it and raising my brows in a way but once I’m done and return my eyes to ‘normal’ the whole look just seems to sag a bit.

It’s sad but I guess to a certain extent, my concern isn’t too much of a worry and I should be glad that my eyes are at most just a little itty bit iffy to work with. I wish they were like those envious perfect eye shape / lidded girls but ah well, you deal with you’ve got right? ;)

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Well I think after that I’m all rambled out now and I hope it was an interesting read for you too!

I’m curious to know what are all your answers to this 7 Deadly Sins tag so if you happen to feel up for a little sharing sesh or ramble, I would love if you did this up and linked back to me so I could have a read!

Lets reinstate that rambly beauty tag sharing community aspect we used to have? Heh

Eitherways, I would love to hear from you!


Thanks for reading!

K-Drama Musings… – Birth Of A Beauty & Inspiring Generation (Age of Feeling)


It’s been awhile since a K-Drama post because the dramas I’ve been catching these days are a little… so so?

One of them I really tried to like but eventually I just couldn’t get the hang of it and stopped. While the other, I do like and it’s a pretty good one but it’s not the usual genre of dramas I go for so there isn’t all that rom-com fluttery fun that makes me feel inclined to watch it, but yet its still quite good.

So… that is why I’ve been a little lacklustre to document them but I thought I would share my thoughts a little about what I’ve been watching on the tube right now (or what I tried to watch) before talking about my most recent obsession in another musings post.

So… Birth of a Beauty.

I had high hopes for this drama, very high hopes, because Joo Sang Wook!

I think he’s a pretty good rom-com actor, delivering a heartening and yet also comical role in Cunning Single Lady (I quite liked that drama) and then there’s also the incredibly gorgeous Han Ye Seul along with a plot of transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan with revenge thrown in, that’s got to be something, right?

Wrong. For me, at least.

There’s just a little too much cray in the show and while Joo Sang Wook can be quite the exaggerated joker, I think the (probably deliberate and scripted) whackiness that he and his tag team partner Han Ye Seul delivered is just a little too much. Way too much. But on that up side, they’re both really talented to deliver such whacky and weird scenarios.

Even with a sombre over-arching story about an attempted murder and conspiracies, I just can’t start taking the show seriously because of all the cray. And I thought the amount of whackiness in Surplus Princess was over the top, this is tipping even ‘over the top’ over the edge.

But of course, that’s just my thoughts because this show does have its own fanbase that was sad to see it finish up and go so if light-hearted and at times embarrassing / exaggerated comedic antics are your brand of humor then maybe you’ll come to appreciate this show more than I did.

I was just so disturbed to see the beautiful Han Ye Seul act like a sampat mad-woman but… I guess she did really well in that sense.

*sampat – Singlish (or Hokkien?) lingo for someone who is… a bit whacky, crazy, kinda embarrasing but totally not in the endearing way. Unless you’re blind in love or something.


Moving on from all that fluffy cray cray to something completely solemn and different, the next show I want to share a little about is Inspiring Generation. Which is also known by another name as Age of Feeling.

Apart from saeguk (period dramas), the next genre I’m not the most keen on would be action-ish dramas.

The whole heavy mood, dark backstory and loads of killing / blood involved, set in a rather quaint time-frame sort of action dramas.

It’s usually a little too heavy and serious for me since I watch dramas to chill and laugh off the day’s stress. So why did I end up starting on Inspiring Generation even though I knew it was an action focused film set in the 1930s?

Well, part curiosity and part Song Jae Rim.


Even though I knew his role here was rather small and his screen time infrequent, I guess it also helps that the lead actor was one I used to fancy, Kim Hyun Joong (though my respect for him is a little tainted due to the abuse incident…).

So anyway, I would say contrary to Birth of A Beauty (and what a turn of events it is, choosing the action over rom-com) I actually quite like Inspiring Generation.

The story is captivating, the set up and props are quite mesmerizing and I love how Im Soo Hyang plays Tekuchi Gaya – she’s so badass and skilled a swords… woman(?) and yet poised and elegant at the same time. Plus her hair, makeup and wardrobe is always on point.

I think of the whole cast she’s probably my favorite character even when she isn’t actually the protagonist. It’s complicated… it always is with dramas like these.

But yes, it’s a nice show to watch along the sides and while I don’t feel compelled to watch it (I can go 2 days before deciding to watch the next episode), when I do I’m not disappointed with the cinematics, fight sequence etc. It’s all quite well planned out and I guess if you’re looking to catch something different or if action packed dramas are your thing, this is a nice watch.

Who doesn’t like meaningless (okay, there’s meaning but its all so shallow cause its ~back in the day) fist fights, somersaults all over and knifes flying through / slicing the air.


Purple Divider

There you go! That’s quite a ramble for some simple and quick drama talk. I just wanted to air my thoughts on the two things I’ve been trying to catch / am catching right now.

Though that said, I finally caved and just the other night Hubs and I sat down to watch our very first episode of Pinocchio (The K-Drama one).

This drama had been recommended to me by so many that I just had to watch it and I will say that I didn’t regret giving it a go in the end. In fact, I think this is fast becoming my next new drama obsession. I’ve never felt so compelled to watch the next episode of the drama since… Man From the Stars, maybe?

I’ll talk about this once I’m a few more episodes in. I’m not at episode 2 only and I’m so obsessed already! Are you catching Pinocchio too or have finished watching it already?


Thanks for reading you guys! And sticking by this almost ‘filler content’ period.

I’ve got a number of treatments to talk about real soon and I am excited to share (as I received good results from them) but I do want to know… how do you guys feel about treatment entries?

I know I tend to get quite lengthy and indepth in them because I feel that people want to know everything but do you all prefer a more skimmed approach and just focus on pictures and some before and after thrown in etc?

Would love to hear your thoughts and for those who love treatments (facials, hair treatments etc) entries, stay tuned alright!

Fixing the Icky Skin Situation – Acne Facial at Aeon Medical


Sorry I couldn’t get this post up sooner due to the many matters on hand right now but here’s a lookback at a facial session I’ve done at Aeon Medical about a week back when my skin was facing pretty dark times, breakout and all, and how Aeon Medical helped me through it by de-congesting my skin and nourishing it so that it would heal quicker and better.


So after my quick little introduction to Aeon Medical (shortened because it’s easier to type), my next visit – this post – is a treatment based on the skin results that we had received via the Skin Analysis.

Initially Dr Kim had plans for me to do one of their best-selling procedures, the Winter Glow, which from his description does sound pretty darn amazing. I can see why Winter Glow was one of their best-selling treatments and slots were snatched up so quick they had to halt the promotion.

I know this entry isn’t about Winter Glow but let me explain that a little about that first because it is the next treatment that I had done and I am absolutely in love with it and will write about it asap, because I feel this need to share.

So, Winter Glow is really all about getting that perfect lifted, lightened and fresh face appearance. It’s most ideal for people with pretty good skin already, looking to simply better their skin or perhaps address eensy-wincy problems of dullness and lack of radiance to the skin.

The procedure itself combines laser (for skin brightening), RF (for skin lifting and pore tightening) as well as a blend of Maria Galland products (only the best, nourishing and luxurious) while ending off with a Cocoon Mask (the one I’ve tried, to smoothen, repair and overall relaxation / energizing of the skin).

All that combined into 1 treatment when if you were to go anywhere else this would probably be 3 different treatments where 3 different sessions would be required. So, tell me, doesn’t this sound amazing?


Though, I shan’t get ahead of myself because while I was scheduled for that, my skin just wasn’t cooperative and was in pretty bad shape.

I don’t break out often these days and even then it’s that lone spot or two, hardly ever this bad! So, my skin really couldn’t have chosen a better time to freak out on me… though no matter because upon analyzing my skin condition Dr Kim had the proper fix for me.

Given, he did explain that what they do in the Acne Facial (the treatment prescribed for my current skin condition) isn’t entirely ground breaking or too far different from maybe deep cleansing facials offered at other places, the idea is that this is simply a stepping stone – Step 1 – to the final goal of having better skin.

What’s more to allow one place to continually work on your skin would give both you and the clinic / salon experience to see how your skin reacts and understand the different stages and phases your skin goes through.

That said, let me walk you through the Acne Facial session I had, best recommended for outbreaks or those in need of decongesting your skin, where my skin was properly cleansed of oil clogs and also given some acne-controlling and healing treatments.


The Holding Room –

Before I start, I want to introduce you to that other holding room I had mentioned during my initial entry.


The room that is decorated all plush, cozy and posh, complete with lovely diamante in the furniture, a stunning modern chandelier and even fairy lights to add to the atmosphere.

I haven’t seen this place in daylight but I am going to guess that it looks best at night.



And a frivolous thing to point out, but gives you a clearer idea of their meticulous nature, when they serve tea they provide you a saucer to remove the tea bag to.


After a little bit of photo snapping and tea sipping, I was ushered to the facial room after a quick conversation with Dr Michael Kim.



Makeup Removal –


As always the first step is to remove the makeup and while this step is quite commonplace everywhere, I think one thing I’ve noticed about Aeon Medical is that they are incredibly meticulous in everything that they do.



It’s not something I can simply pin-point and bring to light but the sense that you get through the course of the facial, the attention to small things and time spent on the smaller things as well shows that trait. It’s likely the Korean influence of things, where being efficient, meticulous, effective and also soothing is important.

Here’s a look at the bumpy and annoying spots that littered my face and plagued my skin for a whole week.




They don’t look that bad in pictures but in person, trust me, it isn’t pleasant.


Extractions –

While I have said that I don’t mind the idea of extractions and (in fact) welcome them, when my skin is flaring up as such I actually cringed for what’s to come when the therapist informed me that she would be starting with the extractions.


I think my treshold for pain isn’t too bad so I was able to sit through it and not disrupt or disturb the therapist when she was busy getting the gunk out of my face.

Even on spots where it did hurt a little more – and she always checked if I’m alright – I said I’m okay so that she would continue as per usual.


I’d rather sit through that short ordeal of pain and have the icky stuff removed than opt for the easy way out and compromise on that!


Ampoules & Ultra-sonic Machines –

The next step was an ampoule – specifically for acne skin because it was both healing and also acne fighting at the same time – that was first dabbed and massaged into the skin.



To allow even better penetration of the ampoule and amplified effects, an ultra sonic machine was used to further ‘massage’ it in.


The head of the machine is this huge and smooth metal ‘bob’ (for lack of a better description) that the therapist slowly massages across all surfaces of the face – nose and little nooks and cranies like the small space between the nose and lips.


The machine starts off feeling cool but slowly warms up. There is no pain or any sort of prickling sensation, it just feels like this bulbous massaging machine that’s actually quite comfortable. I’m sure the effects are transmitted via ultrasound that you can’t feel anyway.


The Finishing Masks –

I like to think of a basic facial’s steps like a night time routine so the ampoule and ultra sonic step would be the the ‘active ingredient’ or the ‘serum’ part of the routine and this (masking) would be the nourishing and healing one which wraps it all up.


The first mask that was applied is a Sulfur Mask. Sulfur is a key ingredient for acne skin types to use because it helps draw impurities (like sebum and dirt) from the skin while tightening the pores and give your skin an overall clarity.


After the Sulfur mask was applied, the next step is to place a modeling mask on just to keep everything under wraps. It’s quite a common practice with most facials it seems as I remember even the old school facial sessions I attended as a teen doing something similar.

My guess is this helps to further nourish the skin and the encapsulating aspect of the modeling mask helps enclose it all and ensures absorption and all that.



I was left to rest, and let the mask set, for about 15 minutes or so before the therapist returned to remove the hardened masks and cleanse my face.

She also went ahead to put on some toner, and moisturizer (from Maria Galland, woots) to my face to help wrap up the facial session. Again, as with Maria Galland products, it felt really nourishing when she was massaging it into my skin and while it may feel rather thick initially, it sinks in eventually (relatively quick) leaving your skin soft, smooth and nourished.

I think I’ll really just cave eventually and get myself a Maria Galland moisturizer, they’re amazing.


That final step wraps up the whole routine and that was it but I wasn’t sent off empty handed with raw and sensitive skin.


Given my skin condition right now and how it requires special care, so they don’t clog or get inflamed, Dr Michael Kim ‘prescribed’ me a couple of Aeon’s house brand skincare products to use.

They’re pretty simple yet targeted (for Acne skin) stuff – a facial cleanser to properly clean out the infected areas (not to be used daily less it dries the skin out), a water-based moisturizer (so that normal moisturizers don’t clog the extracted spots) and a Spot Treatment that flipping hurts but I know it’s drying out the zits and killing the bacteria in the meanwhile.

I’ll do up a more indepth post to talk about their skincare products given that this post is running long and contrary to my usual impression of a clinic’s house brand, these aren’t basic in any sense and actually address the skin concerns in a very refined way – both purpose and also the texture / experience of using this. It could even standalone as a skincare range I’m sure.

So, more about these soon, alright?


Though meanwhile, back to my face!

Here’s a look at how it was right after the facial (which isn’t something I’m jumping to show because the spots are raw and red) and in comparison how much everything has healed in the span of a week.


Right after the treatment


Right after the treatment

Makeup-wise, I went with tinted moisturizers and lightweight yet nourishing stuff that offered a slight dose of coverage for skin tone evening purposes as opposed to a full coverage foundation. I even skipped concealer on the spots because – why clog them?

I didn’t know how I used to manage or prefer heavier foundation coverage on my bumpy breakouts back in the day but it’s not something I would feel comfortable with right now.

P1070057 copy

The next day, with tinted moisturizer (makeup)

P1070058 copy

The next day, with tinted moisturizer (makeup)

So after that scary ‘after’ image, here’s how it my skin looked a week after the Acne Medical treatment. With religious use of the skincare products provided to me, of course.



The skin healed incredibly quick, at least by my standards (I usually take awhile to heal), and I think the extraction definitely helped because all that congestion and gunk was removed so my skin can heal better without any ‘disturbance’. The treatments also probably provided some nourishment and help to nourish the skin and speed up the healing process.

Not to mention the skincare products I was sent home with that helped with after-treatment care as well.



Of course it takes the skin a lot longer to recover from the acne pigmentation (the slight darkness after a spot heals) that occurs even after the skin is healed and the bump is gone but I’m glad I got a little help Aeon’s Winter Glow facial treatment to lighten and brighten the skin! :)

That post is to come, real soon, because they’re only offering it (Winter Glow) for a limited time so the sooner I get it up, the better for you all!


Purple Divider

Thanks for reading!

Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre is located at Scotts Medical Centre @ Pacific Plaza (9 Scotts Road, #06-02/03)

Call 6733 2002 for further details on treatments, pricings and to make appointments.

For those curious about the Acne Facial I had done, mine was a little customized for my skin condition, breakouts by slightly dry, so what you get should you sign up may vary pertaining to your skin’s needs.

In terms of price, it’s around the range of S$1,000 onwards for a package of 5 sessions because where acne is concerned, follow-up is best but they do have individual sessions should you want that. Where skin is concerned, it’s always best to call to enquire for more accurate information!

On My Nails: Dior Spring 2015 – Cupcake Sprinkles On Nude Nails ♥


If you know how cute this manicure is (credits to the polish, not my creative effort) you would understand why I absolutely had to pop in a heart icon in the title. It’s just too cute, too girly and so sweet!

Not the kind of nail combo I always go for but like something I mentioned to a colleague, it’s Spring and it’s time to let our inner-girlishness out to play!


As mentioned in my brief Dior Spring 2015 overview, there are a couple of other nail polish colors offered – a creamy peach and a vibrant salmon sort of red-pink – but what I have on hand to show is this girlish and perfectly demure beige-pink.


It’s almost nude but it has just enough pink to tip it over to a ballerina sort of elegance with a soft shy air to it.

The other polish, and possibly the star of the lacquer line up for Spring, is the Eclosion Topcoat.


I wasn’t following Dior’s Spring release too closely so I was quite intrigued when I uncovered this from my press bag and while I have mentioned time and time again that I don’t like grit on my nails, the cute mix of pastel bits varying in colors and shapes were just too adorable to resist.

While I could have done a pretty simple all nude-pink look with Lady and the Eclosion Topcoat alone, it just wasn’t ‘me’ enough and I wanted a punch of color to offset the sweetness a little so I popped on some teal (shade is Cote d’Azur) from Madam Glam.


I still haven’t got around to talking about my Madam Glam package in its entirety but I guess until then I’ll stick to featuring some bits and pieces of the polishes that I was sent.


I think I’m quite pleased with the final manicure and it’s a little more ‘effort’ than my usual so I think I’m going to wear this on for a little longer just to make the time spent on multiple painting sessions a little more worth it, heh!


Though okay, I feel I must share some thoughts of the polish, for those who popped by to read what I thought about them. Apart from seeing swatches alone, that is.

Now, usually Dior polishes need no introduction or review because after their recent reformulation, they are all lovely gel-effect polishes that apply wonderfully, have a gorgeous functional brush and dry well without causing troubles.


I’ll say Lady is largely like that – it’s quite smooth, color is of good pigmentation and it dries down well to a nice and shiny finish. Though I can’t say I know much of that because I always use a topcoat anyway.

But I did notice that Lady isn’t quite the cream of the crop where Dior polishes are concerned either, such that while it works pretty good for Dior, it’s not the smoothest I’ve tried from the brand.

Something about it makes it a little ‘clumpier’ than usual and not as sheer and smooth on but eitherways, the brush is just as perfect and functional so eventually it all works out.


As for the Eclosion Topcoat, you might want to know that the bits are rather dispersed.

It’s not a bad thing because the idea of it is a sprinkle of gritty bits, much like cupcake toppings, but you do need to fish about a little if you don’t want to have too different a distribution on your nails overall.


I haven’t tried removing it yet so I can’t judge if it will be a pain but I always assume it will be anyway.


So there you have it, a little look at whats on my nails right now!

I’ve got some belated mentions – stuff that were on my nails that I had shot but not mentioned – which I’ll probably compile into an entry or at least post up real quick without too many words. I’m guessing not everyone wants to read my rambles all the time, heh.


Thanks for reading!

Dior Vernis in Lady and Eclosion Topcoat are Limited Edition (for Spring 2015).

I don’t have the price for now (sorry about that!) but these are already available at Dior counters island-wide!

Sponsorship disclosure

A Peek at Dior Spring 2015 (Photos & Swatches)


Sorry I’ve been away, somewhat. The busy-ness isn’t letting up yet and I had hopes that things would get a little smoother after this Saturday (a work event) but from the looks of it it seems like a steady stream of things flowing in with very immediate deadliines. Tsk!

Eitherways, I’ll try my very best to come back with more detailed product run downs or features of these items soon. I hope, at least.

Since they are already out at Dior counters (yesss, go check it out), I felt I should at least pop up a mention of the items that I have on hand so if anything catches your eye you can head on down to swatch / check it out.


So, Spring….


I like the idea of Spring where everything is so soft, fluttery and clean. Though where makeup is concerned, Spring is often the least exciting because everything is so soft, so light and so sheer.

For Spring 2015, Dior decided to introduce us to their Kingdom of Color which while fancy isn’t all that colorful.

It’s cute, it’s sophisticated and it’s all very Dior but if your idea of Color is loud, bold and bright then this Kingdom isn’t going to excite you very much.

I’ll get to the rest of the collection’s pieces in a bit but let’s have a look at what I have on hand first.


Starting with one of the more excitable (in theory and buzz) releases from Dior, the Dior Cheek & Lip Glow, this is a multi-purpose product for use on both the cheeks and lips.

The bottle is incredibly adorable, designed much like a lacquer except with that iconic Dior Addict ‘knob’ atop the cap, which by the way is removable for an easier to handle wand grip. See, very much like a polish.


I’m not the biggest fan of cheek and lip multipurpose items because I like my lipsticks and my powder blushes enough but I did take a liking towards YSL’s Baby Doll Kiss & Blush so I guess I was expecting this to stir up my heart in the same manner but it’s sad to say that I felt a little underwhelmed.


The first thing you need to know is despite its very intensely saturated outlook, that bright cherry red bottle, the liquid within is sheer and clear. It seems to adopt the concept of a lip and cheek stain except in a more viscous (yet still somewhat watery and light) texture.


Though while soft in pigmentation (from what I gathered with hand swatches), this does leave a pretty mean stain and very quickly at that so I’m presuming while it leads you to think it’s all aqeuous and light, you should blend and move fast with it.


I’ll report back on how application works out. Though I’ll say, I do like the adorable ball of an applicator and I think overall it looks cute and very pretty but somehow I just expected a little bit more to sweep me off my feet, or something…

We’ll see what I think about it again once I get to using it on the cheeks and lips. Perhaps it’s a better performer there.


Next up would be some Kohl Liners.


These are fashioned like chubby eye pencils that you can use either to line your eyes with or as a cream colored base for your shadows.

Breaking away from the light and fresh theme of Spring, the shades offered with the Kingdom of Color collection is largely smokey and dark, probably to compensate for the liner portion of this Spring Look.


The ones that we received are Pearly Silver (039) and Smokey Black (099). I think I would work a little better with the Smokey Grey, Smokey Brown or Smokey Blue option (the other colors available) but no matter, lets see what we can do with this Yin and Yang!


I’m thinking smokey look but that’s quite standard and boring, right? Let’s see if we can inject a little bit of Spring into all this default smokey-eye-ness.


The kohls are quite creamy and nice, saturated enough but not so much so that it slips and slides all over. Though I would still think that it’s a little too creamy for me to feel safe wearing as an eyeliner so perhaps I’ll start with using these as a cream colored base first.


Last but not least, the Dior Nail Polishes!


The only color missing from the lineup is Glory (and apparently one more – Majesty – which flew under my radar) which is a vibrant color that looks like it has its place in Summer collections. It’s not quite a peach, not quite a cherry-red but it’s vibrant and yet milky all the same.


The other color, the one that I have, is Lady – the softer and more demure counterpart.

Lady is a beige pink that seems to look largely pink once swatched but can lean a little beige in some photographs or lighting.


Though the star of the varnish line-up really is that topcoat you see right there, called the Eclosion Topcoat. It looks messy and ‘too much’ from the bottle but trust me once you brush it on it’s quite a spaced out mix of ‘confetti’.

As what a friend of mine said when she saw me swatch it on my week-old manicure just to test it out, it’s like a baby shower party on your nails and that’s not wrong.

It’s no obnoxious, it’s gently done and yet cheery at the same time with the mix of soft pastel confetti pieces. I’m not one who likes to wear glitter or any grit on the nail becuase of the hassle of removal but for this I think I will gladly make an exception.


It’s just too cute! Like everyone who has swatched it would say, it looks like cupcakes on your nails!

I’ll have my turn at swatching it and get back with pictures!

Grey Divider

My own pictures aside, here are some official ones with the rest of the pieces of the collection!

There is enough information online so I’m going to skip the press-style entry this time around but as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask away!

Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face Palette (Limited Edition)


5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in House of Pinks & House of Greens (Limited Edition)


Dior Vernis in Majesty, Lady, Glory and Blossoming Topcoat (Limited Edition)


Rouge Dior Baume in Palais & Cotillon


Diorshow Kohl Professional Hold & Intensity Eye Makeup (Limited Edition)


Dior Cheek & Lip Glow (Limited Edition)


Sorry I don’t have the prices of these as I wasn’t provided them and haven’t got the time to pop by a boutique to enquire!

So, that wraps up this brief and initial impression of the Dior Spring 2015 collection.

I have been using some of these for awhile and have formed a bit of an opinion since drafting the outlines of this Overview up but I’ll save my opinions for the individual showcase entries to come! I hope I’ll be able to get to it soon.

I know I haven’t been around as often as I was during the end period of last year but that truly was some spam moment on here and while I enjoyed it, I can’t afford that same time right now. Though I’ll do what I can of course!

I have more entries in mind and a lot drafted, some part edited pictures lying around etc, so I hope to get all of that up as soon as possible, thank you for reading!

Introducing Aeon Medical & Aesthetics Centre

So… whenever aesthetic clinics come to mind, people usually think – sterile, clean, efficient and, well, effective.

Typically the words, pampering, comfortable, and thoughtful (in terms of service and amenities, I mean) aren’t things that would go hand in hand with the initial impression of aesthetic clinics.

While I’m not quite one to say, given I have limited experience with aesthetic clinics and hardly any (truly) aesthetic procedures done, I will say that I have experienced clinics that aspire to be more aesthetic focused hence the vibe of the place is centered around the efficiency of their state-of-the-art equipment and clean surroundings as opposed to the soft, plush comfort and service you’ll get at your regular spa / beauty salon.


Why am I bringing this up? You may ask.

Well, since my introduction to Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre, I have popped by their place twice and in those 2 short experiences that I had with their staff and also the doctor (Dr Michael Kim), I will say that it has largely changed my mindset about aesthetic clinics.


Sure Aeon is efficient and very much still an aesthetic clinic with lasers, needles and all sorts of aesthetic procedures (they do Medical Facials too, btw) but somehow the vibe of the place is attentive and largely service oriented so that you feel comfortable and welcomed at all times.

I am always warmly greeted when I step into Aeon and the facilities offered in the Centre are thoughtful and cozy (classy too!).


Now, I don’t mean for this entry to get too loaded with words but I feel that some points need to be highlighted and explained because, contrary to what we mostly know of aesthetic clinics, Aeon really stands out with their hospitality, patient staff and of course effective treatments.

As of writing up this post, I haven’t tried the treatments for myself (yet) but am scheduled for some, to better my skin and self, so I’ll share about them once I’ve gone through with it.

I can’t wait, really!

I know it’s almost funny to say that you can’t wait to get procedures, aesthetic or medical, done because it can be daunting and, truth be told, scary but trust me that at Aeon you will be well taken care of and pampered – in true Korean aesthetic clinic style, according to Dr Michael Kim.

It’s quite hard to really capture the feel of the place in pictures so I tried to do up a little video, that hopefully is fun for you to watch as well. After all, I have to make up for this wall of text, right? Ha!

The video is right at the end but I suggest you read more walls of text first! So you’ll know what I’m actually doing within the video and what I would like to showcase!


The Visits And Discussions Thus Far!

To give you an idea of what I had gone through thus far.

My first visit was really a get-to-know-me and consultation session where we discussed what my skin concerns were, what I wanted to do or fix, that sort of a thing. I think generally a lot of my concerns were more prevention than fixing a ‘problem’.

I think ultimately there are little bits and pieces I would like to be perfected (don’t we all?) but for the most part I am comfortable in my skin and confident of my own appearance. Plus, if I whined too much about my skin concerns I know some of you guys out there would kill me for it, heh!

So, the second visit was a skin check and I had to be present with zilch makeup so the doctor will be able to properly analyze my skin using the Visia machine.


I’ve actually tried a skin analysis with a similar machine a couple of years ago.That was the wakeup call to start slathering on sun block and take better care of my skin so needless to say I was nervous about seeing my skin this closeup and on so many different levels once more.

Nervous but yet also curious.

Now I’m not going to divulge too much about the happenings because this trip was the one that I video-ed a little about, just to really show you how comfortable and nice the clinic is. There is also a separate room for an even quieter and chill alone time but that isn’t pictured because it’s mainly for patients to rest after a treatment or to wait while letting their numbing cream take effect so I didn’t want to go there and disrupt anyone if they were there.

That room will have to wait for another post!


Hotel-esque Powder Rooms and Lounging Areas!

But anyway, I guess I’ll highlight a couple more things that I genuinely liked and feel comforted about Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre upon speaking to Dr Michael Kim and being there myself.

Firstly, I love how luxurious and well equipped their powder room is. It’s where you are brought to wash your face prior to your treatment (if you’re doing a facial they will cleanse your face too, no worries) should you want to and it’s got super cute headbands and hair ties for you to choose from! All just to help prop your hair up while you wash your face, too cute.

What’s more they provide combs (that were really clean, I must add) and even hairspray for anyone to fix their hair with after a facial or aesthetic treatment. The whole room feels like a toilet walkway in the hotel, so luxe and so pretty.

The ‘general’ waiting room is also a favorite of mine because of how chill and bright the whole place is, almost as if it were a hotel lobby. There are drinks by the side you can help yourself with or have the kind staff prepare for you. The whole chill and comfortable vibe of the place really takes your nerves off any procedure that you’re looking to do.

Dr Michael Kim had explained that with this clinic, what he had aimed to do is to properly bring over the Korean culture of clinics. Not just the treatments and the efficacy of it but also the service and the vibe because in korea, service in clinics is a huge thing! I agreed that local aesthetic clinics aren’t quite the same as Dr Kim’s description of Korean clinics. The treatments itself is the star attraction and focus isn’t placed as much on service since the idea is if you’re visiting a doctor, you can’t expect to be treated like royalty, right?

In a way there’s nothing wrong with that general aesthetic centre mentality but I guess Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre is bridging the gap between clinical efficiency and also indulgent pampering.

If you, or anyone you know, are/is looking for a place to consult for aesthetic procedures or for skin bettering options, I do highly Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre.


Objective (and Comfortable!) Consultations


I know this is getting lengthy but I do want to mention a final point – unlike other places where consultation can feel a little daunting either because the doctors are looking to sell you treatments or not properly listen to your concerns before recommending a treatment, I will say that is completely not the case here.

Dr Michael Kim listens extremely attentively about all your concerns and objectively consults with you about how much of a concern an issue is and to what measure should treatments be done.


Such that you don’t have to go through with too invasive a procedure when the result could be achieved through a milder way, or if a certain treatment would leave little to no effect on you (psst, I had no idea that people with chubbier cheeks should actually not go through with Botox because it’s not as effective, no aesthetic doctor would tell you that!).

Truthfully Dr Michael Kim will discuss all matters with you objectively and his presence and tone is calm and comfortable to be around too so trust me, it will be a completely changed aesthetic experience from what you know or have experienced before.


The Nitty Gritty Stuff…

If you need anymore reassurance about Dr Michael Kim, a little backstory about him was that he started as a Family Physician when he first arrived to practice medicine in Singapore.

It is required, by law, that all foreign doctors are registered and licensed before they are allowed to practice privately and own a clinic and Dr Michael Kim is fully registered and also a member of the Singapore Medical Association and Society of Aesthetic Medicine of Singapore.

He had also explained that his time as a family physician has also allowed him to treat other common illnesses and further understand how the body works which helps give him a more holistic idea about aesthetics. While not completely related, a good doctor is one that understands the whole aspect of the picture and sees the whole being, rather than skin being skin and hair being hair separately.

Purple Divider

If you’ve always been too afraid to step into an aesthetic clinic but yet so curious about it at the same time, I really recommend Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Clinic.

In this day and age where almost everyone is getting some aesthetic treatments done to better their skin (be it IPL, Laser or others), it’s really not so much a taboo anymore to consult and understand your skin a little better.


I think being informed about how you can better yourself (with the right person, definitely) is good to know and whether you want to carry through with it is a choice you can then make after.

There’s no harm in knowing, right? ;)


Okay, enough talk, here’s the video! Enjoy! :) – Watch it on Youtube here.


Thanks for reading!

LOTD: Champagne, Browns & Coral with YSL


Sorry I’ve been busy again and haven’t been able to post as regularly as I would like. Loads to sort and a couple of huge events (at work) coming up. Le sigh!

That aside I’m also taking a little more time to plan my posts, something I never really cared to do but now given the impending absence once New Job starts, I’m thinking to see if I can do up some posts and have them scheduled for that period so at least the absence wouldn’t be so apparent. Or at least it’s something we can slowly ease into… either ways!

Moving on! Here’s another LOTD I managed to pull out while searching the stash for things to revisit and give some love to once more.


Most of these items aren’t that old actually. They haven’t been around since the start of time, e.g. the start of my stash but frankly, if they have they should be tossed already!

This look started as a random reach for products I had a mind to use and along the way, once I became aware of the subconscious YSL theme to it, decided to just go all out and throw on some YSL for the cheeks and lips as well.

It’s not entirely a YSL look because I’m lacking where the brows and loose powder is concerned but for the bulk of it – color products and base – I guess you could say it’s looking quite YSL-ish.



On the eyes is the YSL Leather Fetiche palette but instead of the smokier sultry shades, I opted to go for the warm and soft neutrals within.

Now I know this palette is Limited Edition and it’s a total tease for me to feature it once more but somehow, I really like reaching for this on days I’m not sure what to wear and not too sure how neutral or how smokey I want to go.

It’s a lovely palette but of course many feel the same way given how it was out of stock incredibly fast. My bad.




On my cheeks is a YSL blush I’ve received a good while ago but not given an individual mention to.


Having said that, it has actually popped up a couple of times in some LOTDs / Look Features, except without a nod its way.

So, just to pop up a quick elaboration of it – it’s a nice blush to use and as its name (Heart of Light) goes, it has a mix of blush pigments and a sheen / highlight ‘center’ that allows it to give both color and also a little illumination to the cheeks.

They use illumination but I say soft sheen.


What I especially like with this blush is that you don’t get powder kick-up even if you’re in a hurry and recklessly stab your brush into the pan.

The level of pigmentation also sits in a comfortable zone that lends color but isn’t too intense at first dab which makes it great for rushed mornings where you need to grab, dab and go. You can build this up should you wish but even in instances that I do, it still applies naturally. The color didn’t end up looking stark and the sheen is so soft it doesn’t show up metallic.

I know I said the blush is ‘simple’ but it’s the sort of simple that makes you reach for and use this effortlessly, without thinking, and that sort of simple is what makes products good.


So okay, I rambled too much on that.

For the lips, I have on YSL’s Baby Doll Kiss & Blush because I felt I’ve neglected these for a bit.


It doesn’t help I have them stashed at a rather hard to reach area in my drawers – no space, oops – but I should display some shades on my vanity so I can give them more use again.



Products Used:

Surratt Expressioniste Rechargeable Brow Pencil in Brunette

Vichy Normaderm Anit-Imperfection Hydrating Care
YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder

Lancôme Eye Base in 01
YSL Leather Fetiche Palette
Eyes Eye Do Liquid Liner
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in Black Market

YSL Heart of Light Powdered Blush in 7 Rebelle

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush in 04 Orange Fougueux


And that is that!


Grey Divider

I’ve started working on some look features of upcoming products so the stash-revisitng series has since been halted but I did manage to do up one more stash-revisit post so I hope to get that one up soon! I just haven’t got the time to resize the images I had shot.

Yes everybody, the wheels are in motion for the makeup realm of 2015!

In the meanwhile, yes between all this busy-ness and entry scheduling, I also want to share this Aesthetic & Medical Center that I have been introduced to recently. I am hesitant on branding this place as an Aesthetic clinic, even though yes they do excel in aesthetics, because it scares people into thinking up a cold, hard and sterile environment when my impression of Aeon is actually this wholesome skin-bettering place that offers both medical and aesthetic procedures in an extremely comforting and spa-like environment.

That’s the best of a couple of worlds combined, I can tell you that!

If you follow me on instagram you would have an idea of what to come, somewhat, but the reason why I’m so enthusiastic to share is because I’ve looked through their portfolio, spoken to their doctor (who is the most polite and humble doctor I’ve ever met, I can say that) and seen the results they have to offer for major and minor treatments so I’m glad to have been introduced and can’t wait to be on my path towards a better skin and better apperance!

I’ll definitely keep y’all in the loop of all my visits to come so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, thank you for reading! :)