Urban Decay’s New NAKED Skin Powder Foundation & Concealer!

I mean, who wasn’t expecting this, right?

Image credit: The Velvet Undeground

Urban Decay has already nurtured a rather comprehensive and established (establishing?) NAKED range so it was a matter of time before they rolled out a powder foundation and a concealer to seal the deal, no?

Just a quick stock-check on the current NAKED offerings, we have:

  • Naked Liquid Foundation
  • Naked Loose Powder (and the pressed setting variant)
  • Naked Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Naked BASIC Eyeshadow Palettes (that double for brows)
  • Naked Glosses
  • Naked Beauty Balms (glowy bronzey primers of sorts)
  • Naked Illuminated Face & Body Highlighter
  • Naked Flushed Cheek / Face Colors
  • Naked Travel Palette
  • Naked Brushes

Are there more?

I spy some Naked themed 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils but that really just means brown and beige colored liners that are largely wearable and neutral. Though I don’t believe I’ve seen them around our shores?

Or could it be that I’m just not looking hard or well enough…

Either ways, the point of this entry is to say that if we see another reboot of a Naked On the Run palette, this one might just come embedded with a pan of powder foundation and a travel sized tube of concealer! I think that would be quite exciting, no?

Now all we need is a Naked lipstick range (cause I’m more of a lipstick person, than gloss) and a more compact / travel-friendly palette and we’re all good going Naked!

A girl can wish!

Image credit: The Velvet Undeground


Thus far I’ve heard some pretty promising things about both the powder foundation (Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation) and the concealer (Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer)! Given my laziness these days, powder foundation is something I am thinking to go back to so, let’s see how that goes once these hit our shores!

I can’t wait!

In the meanwhile, you can pop by Karen’s feature of the powder foundation, or Musings’ mention of the concealer to find out more.


Thank you for reading!