My ‘7 Deadly Sins’ Where Beauty Is Concerned


I felt up for a quick ramble and happened to be reading this ‘7 Deadly Beauty Sins‘ tag from Musings and decided well… it seems easy and for the most part relate-able enough so, why not?

It’s also been awhile since I’ve done tags or since tags were a thing in blogs these days (it seems like the tag craze migrated to instagram…) so I guess it’s quite nice to be a little nostalgic about that trend we used to have.

So anyway!

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Greed –

What’s your most expensive beauty item?

Wow, okay… I seriously cannot recall this for the life of me because I’m so bad with numbers and worst at remembering them. You would think I would recall if its something that made a dent in my bank but… yeah my brain is consistent that way.

Though fine, I think something I considered quite a splurge would probably be my Tom Ford quad in Cocoa Mirage or maybe even the Tom Ford Shines in terms of ‘unit price’. Both of which oddly enough are things I haven’t mentioned on here. Though… I’m sure there are more things that break the bank but I can’t recall right now. Maybe it’s the brain’s self-defense mechanism – to forget, heh.


Wrath –

What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Hmm, cream blushes maybe?

I love the look of cream blushes on the cheeks, that natural sort of glowy radiance and in some cases that fresh glowy cheek look but for some reason, I just can’t stand cream blush on myself. I can’t stand the hassle of it, as opposed to how quick powder blush is, and also because I always have this need to powder my face down to flawlessness (that isn’t cakey of course) that sometimes it alters that look of freshness and creamy radiance that the cream blush provides. To the point that I think, meh, what the heck I should have saved the time and stuck with a powder blush so… yeah.


Gluttony –

What brand takes up most of your collection?

Well, I can’t say for sure really. I think my collection is rather diversed across brands and also prices – drugstore to highend so… I really can’t put a finger on this.

I do go through brand-phases on here where I ramble on about a particular brand for a bit before moving on but that’s usually due to a launch and it helps with keeping the though process flowing and categorized. I think at least.


Sloth –

What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?

That would be mascara.

I used to be all about mascara and couldn’t live without it because it helps complete the look and opens the eyes up but these days given the slew of things from eye infection / irritation to wearing frames year round now, I’ve stopped reaching for mascaras now. Skipping mascara slowly became a habit and something I chose to do because it felt a whole lot quicker and more fuss free to skip it. I don’t deny its eye opening and fluttery effects but I don’t particularly like the feeling of lashes on frames either.


Pride –

What product gives you the most confidence?

Can I choose 2…? Or maybe even 3? Ha

I feel that confidence is derived from a whole look that you are comfortable with so picking just 1 product alone is tough, unless you have awesome features and amazing skin that is. Of course, by then you probably don’t need makeup to be confident ;)

But, back to the question, I would say it’s a tie between eyebrow stuff, a good base (not necessarily high coverage, just skin-tone evening) and if I can stretch my options, maybe an eyeliner thrown. I think a basic look consisting of these items makes me feel good about myself and polished enough to put my face forward.


Lust –

Which item is top of your beauty wish list?

Wow, how about everything? Heh!

Right now perhaps I would say it’s the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow palettes? Have you seen those things, they’re so pretty and flowy looking while swatching intensely and seemingly smoothly. Of course I don’t need any more shadows and much as I want them I have developed a pretty good sense of self control in recent years, no thanks to the looming financial responsibilities of a family of course, so yes…  while I want, I really don’t need.


Envy –

Which makeup product/look is great on others but not on you?

I’m going to go with ‘look’ here and say that I am mad envious of people with pretty eyes. By that I mean the sort of eye with perfect lid space, double-eyelid spacings and the sort of eye shape that looks great photographed no matter from which angle.

I know my eye shots are quite alright but that’s only because I’ve come to learn how to ‘pose’ my own eyes. If I were being whiny, I would complain that my eyes are a little hooded so sometimes my double eyelids are uneven and when I do certain looks they may seem nice when I’m doing it and raising my brows in a way but once I’m done and return my eyes to ‘normal’ the whole look just seems to sag a bit.

It’s sad but I guess to a certain extent, my concern isn’t too much of a worry and I should be glad that my eyes are at most just a little itty bit iffy to work with. I wish they were like those envious perfect eye shape / lidded girls but ah well, you deal with you’ve got right? ;)

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Well I think after that I’m all rambled out now and I hope it was an interesting read for you too!

I’m curious to know what are all your answers to this 7 Deadly Sins tag so if you happen to feel up for a little sharing sesh or ramble, I would love if you did this up and linked back to me so I could have a read!

Lets reinstate that rambly beauty tag sharing community aspect we used to have? Heh

Eitherways, I would love to hear from you!


Thanks for reading!

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