Urban Decay’s New NAKED Skin Powder Foundation & Concealer!

I mean, who wasn’t expecting this, right?

Image credit: The Velvet Undeground

Urban Decay has already nurtured a rather comprehensive and established (establishing?) NAKED range so it was a matter of time before they rolled out a powder foundation and a concealer to seal the deal, no?

Just a quick stock-check on the current NAKED offerings, we have:

  • Naked Liquid Foundation
  • Naked Loose Powder (and the pressed setting variant)
  • Naked Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Naked BASIC Eyeshadow Palettes (that double for brows)
  • Naked Glosses
  • Naked Beauty Balms (glowy bronzey primers of sorts)
  • Naked Illuminated Face & Body Highlighter
  • Naked Flushed Cheek / Face Colors
  • Naked Travel Palette
  • Naked Brushes

Are there more?

I spy some Naked themed 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils but that really just means brown and beige colored liners that are largely wearable and neutral. Though I don’t believe I’ve seen them around our shores?

Or could it be that I’m just not looking hard or well enough…

Either ways, the point of this entry is to say that if we see another reboot of a Naked On the Run palette, this one might just come embedded with a pan of powder foundation and a travel sized tube of concealer! I think that would be quite exciting, no?

Now all we need is a Naked lipstick range (cause I’m more of a lipstick person, than gloss) and a more compact / travel-friendly palette and we’re all good going Naked!

A girl can wish!

Image credit: The Velvet Undeground


Thus far I’ve heard some pretty promising things about both the powder foundation (Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation) and the concealer (Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer)! Given my laziness these days, powder foundation is something I am thinking to go back to so, let’s see how that goes once these hit our shores!

I can’t wait!

In the meanwhile, you can pop by Karen’s feature of the powder foundation, or Musings’ mention of the concealer to find out more.


Thank you for reading!

LOTD: A Little Iron Maid-in, REM, and Moderato with Balm Jovi


Today I’ve got a bit of a throw back LOTD for you. Actually, apart from this I do have a couple more ‘look back’ entries as I sift through my stash for things that I had once loved and give them some love all over again.


As much as I enjoy racing the clock with new launches and the rush of products to try and feature during the holiday influx, I quite like the aftermath where everything suddenly quietens down. Not entirely shush-shush of course since we’re already hearing some buzz from Spring collections and upcoming product launches.

I guess along with the lull I’ve been feeling (that post holiday haze), I have been drifting into a bit of a lazy makeup but in an effort to prevent myself from being too comfy with neutrals once again, I’ll attempt some stash revisits and put in an effort to doll up and document it. After all, who’s to know if I’ll be able to do it once my new job happens so… why not spam now at least, right?


The first on the stash-revisit or stash look back, whichever, list is The Balm’s Balm Jovi palette which I was extremely stoked to haul when I had first gotten my hands on it.

Sadly I only managed one LOTD feature of it which definitely doesn’t do this pretty palette of colors justice so, here’s another shot at it!

If you’re looking to get your hands on it, you can try TheBalm’s website or perhaps Sasa (locally) if they still have it in stock. I got mine from TheBalm when they had their half-off sale waaaaay back.


After opting for safe and neutral options with the palette the whole while I’ve had it (which I’ve only used maybe only 4-5 times, oops), I’m going for a little more color this time!




I feel purples like this, to me, still threads in the safe and neutral zone. Of course it isn’t as effortless and easy as browns but it’s still rather simple to pull off and pair.



I really love how REM looks. It’s a grey purple that is easy to pull off and may not seem like much but it has this gorgeous glint in it that flashes a little gold and a little pink as well. Absolutely beautiful to wear!




The rest of the face features products from Balm Jovi too – from the blush to the cheek highlight and also the lip color. I considered going with the red lip pan (or lipsynch as the palette calls it) but decided to go soft and natural instead.

I’m a little out of it with the red lip phase, too much bold in the holiday period, but I’ll go back to it again when I feel it.




p.s. spy the little photobomber at the back


Products Used:

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed

Vichy Normaderm Anit-Imperfection Hydrating Care
Shu Uemura Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder

Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Primer
Balm jovi – rem eyeshadow
Balm Jovi – Moderato eyeshadow
Balm Jovi – Iron Main-in eyeshadow
Balm Jovi – Adagio eyeshadow
Eyes Eye Do Liquid Liner
MAC Powerpoint liner in Engraved

Balm Jovi – Don’t You Want Me Blush
Balm Jovi – Solid Gold Highlighter (also Mary-Lou Manizer)

Balm Jovi lipstick pan in Milly


So that’s that! Kicking off the new year with some oldies! Given the quiet of this period I was mentally trying to work out posts and entries and thought I would do Surratt next but I’m afraid I’ll have to put that off a little bit more. I’ve got a ‘higher purpose’ for the Surratt Spam so in the meanwhile, more looks, more stash-lookbacks and also some upcoming stuff!

Yes, you heard right, the 2015 beauty calender is in motion!


Thanks for reading! Happy New Year once again!

I groan to think I’m already 25… mid twenties (not complainin’ about age, just saying). It’s scary how quick time flies, really!

The Icky Skin Moment…

Another post about absolutely nothing. No, really.

I should get into the swing of things now but I hate to say it, I think the laze of the Holiday period hasn’t quite shaken off me, even at work. Even though I’m dishing out emails and setting up files for print and web etc (I design at work), I still feel this lull about me, like I’m dragging my feet about through the day and all – how annoying.

I wish there was a pill to take to shake off the procrastination and sluggishness and to just get the brain into the full swing of things! Yeah, caffeine hasn’t been able to thus far either.

But anyhoo, this post is about my ailing skin condition right now and I have no darned idea why. My skin is failing on me and frankly, it isn’t that bad. It’s just a couple of spots popping up (like freaking all over…) but thankfully they aren’t scabby or have burst into a hot itchy mess on my skin etc.

They’re just bumpy and a little irritated, some itch when I perspire. Ugh, it’s all just so gross and throwing me off putting makeup on. I mean, I don’t know how I used to do it cause I know my skin used to be less than perfect, bumpy and all but I threw on makeup (crazy thick foundation too, eugh) as per normal.

These few days I’ve been going easy with sunblock and tinted moisturizer. I try to dress my lids up and keep the cheeks and lips natural cause I don’t want to draw attention to my skin and all.

Long story short, I want to do looks for you but I’m just feeling too icky about it. I have some that I had snapped before my sudden skin eruption (that happened over this weekend) so I’ll still post those up in the meanwhile and hope my skin gets better by then!

I think this outbreak is likely due to hormones getting out of hand because I’m not using anything new nor have I eaten anything random enough to cause allergies – and yes hormones but no not pregnant, I checked (tmi, but incase anyone asked).

So yes, I hope it’s my skin purging the bad of 2014 and welcoming 2015 with a new skin or something. Super lame, I know but that’s optimism, right? Heh!

Incase you’re wondering, no pictures obviously because zits aren’t pretty things to show but really, it isn’t that bad either.


Tell me, does anyone have tips on soothing irritated and bumpy skin? To rid the itch or to maybe help dry the spots up? I’m using Ettusais’s spot treatment now but these buggers are tenacious! Which means it’s hormones right?

But it doesn’t stop them from being so annoying :(

On a happier note, I solved one problem and that being the red eye syndrome you’ve seen on the blog (in LOTDs especially). I dropped by the clinic and am referred to see a specialist but until then I’ve got these amazing eye drops that get rid of redness in a *snap*.


Random ramble aside, I promise more beauty entries soon, here’s a preview of my first 2015 ‘launch / goodies’ post to come!

Okie dokes, I’m gonna go restart my brain for the umpteenth time and hope it’s on the right track this time!

Thanks for reading!

HAPPY 2015! – New Year, New Path!

Hello hello!

Happy New Year everybodyyyyy~

I hope that everyone had a smashing 2014 that was both memorable and filled with wonder! Here’s wishing everyone a great 2015 ahead where you never stop laughing at the small joys of life, never stop being inspired by the wonders life has to give and may we all show some compassion in this already cold and cruel world.

Onward to 2015!

So now, the serious stuff.

I could have saved the rambles and lumped my Happy 2015 greetings together with the 2014 round up but I wanted to address 2 different train of thoughts – 2014 being the reflective one where I give thanks and 2015 being the one I give you the low down of future plans and what to expect (or rather, not expect) from this space.

It almost feels a little sad saying that *cue tear drop emoji*


So anyway, in this entry I want to explain something I had hinted at within my last few year-end posts (quite annoyingly, might I add)… well, I didn’t tell a lot of people around me then but I think it’s quite safe to say now.

With this new year, I’m going to be embarking on a new direction and a new path. Simply said, a new job.

It’s completely daunting, it really is, but extremely exciting at the same time. I’ve got a place and I’ve got the time (or rather date) to start and it’s not till after Chinese New Year (formally, at least) and… yeah I have to say I’m looking forward to it but yet not quite at the same time.

The apprehension is only because this new space, I know, will demand a lot more time and energy from me. It even requires out of town trips (hence I mentioned in my round up that Urban Decay’s On the Run is going to get a lot of love from me) fairly often so I know without a doubt that I’ll have to sacrifice something and that is the amount of time spent on my blog.

I love blogging and I love rambling about makeup, you guys know that, but ultimately it is a hobby and based on priority at least, time should be better spent on my career, family etc before I indulge myself in my interests. That said, I know I’ll still be reading blogs and keeping in the know with beauty because that much I can still do. I think.

I’ll still be wearing makeup every single day, talking about it to my beauty pals and hopefully still sharing more instant and quick beauty mentions or obsessions on instagram but where blogging is concerned – with the time required to shoot photos, edit them and then write up paragraphs to go with – that would prove a little tricky and time consuming and I’m not sure if I can afford that.

I really don’t know how things are going to work out once I start but if anything I’m thinking of the worst case scenario where I will be buried by work and be absent from this space for awhile but… that may not be entirely the case so, we’ll see once I start!

In the meanwhile, I’m trying to get as many entries as I can up, perhaps do some stash-shopping entries and feature looks from items that I have forgotten about since we haven’t quite kicked into full gear of new releases and begun the influx of Spring 2015 products just yet.

Truthfully, I still hope to be around as much as I can but I’m certain that I’ll have no choice but to disappear for the start of my new career switch. You know how it’s like with new places and the demands it has.

Grey Divider

So, I just wanted to share that life update with you guys, as with every step of my life that I have shared so far.

You all, and this space, is still very much a part of me and I can’t imagine being without it. It’s just that in various points of your life you’ve got to focus on different things and perhaps this is the time for me to take a step back from here (for now, at least) and look somewhere else first.

That said I’m still around and not gone, at least until Chinese New Year (mid-feb) so don’t go running away yet!

Thank you for reading my ramble and again, I wish each and everyone of you a fantastic year of opportunities and growth ahead!

Happy 2015 and may this be a prosperous year for all!

P.s. A little late to mention but the surge in traffic here surprised me (after my instagram mention) and I hope the actual reveal isn’t as underwhelming. I’m not expecting again, nor am I relocating. A new job feels huge to me but maybe it’s not as huge as it sounds in the retrospect of life. Heh!

Top 10 Posts on Icyabstract (WordPress) in 2014!

Well, I wasn’t intending to do another ‘Most Popular on Icyabstract’ mention again, like I did last year with Onsugar, because I wasn’t sure if WordPress allowed for access to such statistics and all (since I’m on the free account) but as it turns out the WordPress team had sent out an incredibly cute WordPress ‘Annual Report’ for blogs.

It’s a lowdown of the happenings on your blog for the year (those with WordPress would know!) such as posting habits, the number of hits you get, demographic etc. Interesting stuff with a really cute design to boost so that sort of spurred me into creating this round up entry once more.

Though within the Annual Report, WordPress had only indicated the Top 5 entries so I went ahead to search through the statistical page and come up with a Top 10 instead! Because, 10 is more holistic, no?


The Top 10!

So anyway, here’s the Top 10 (ignore the home page before obviously that’ll garner most hits).

Now since you can’t click from within and you’re probably too lazy to search up said feature posts should you have missed it, I have them all linked below if you’d like to check them out.

  1.  Sephora’s Color Festival Blockbuster Palette For 2014!
  2. Surratt Beauty At Takashimaya! – Swatches & Pics
  3. New: YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush (Info)
  4. First Look: Shupette – Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld (Again!) Holiday Collection 2014
  5. The Lowdown – YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush (Cheek & Lip Swatches)
  6. New: Shu Uemura Brave Beauty 2014 (Info & Swatches)
  7. Sephora Hols 2014 – Sephora (The House Brand)!
  8. Sephora Hols 2014 – Tarte Cosmetics!
  9. Sephora’s 2014 Holiday Collections Are Upon Us!
  10. A Throwback LOTD – Lancôme Fraîcheur Rosée Eye Palette

If you ask me, I’m actually a little surprised at the results, especially when a couple of the entries mentioned in the rundown are ‘migrated’ entries.

Which means they were brought over from my Onsugar so I didn’t expect them to have many dedicated views (e.g. the Lancôme LOTD and YSL Baby Doll mentions) but I guess these items are popular enough themselves to garner some searches.

That aside, it’s also quite apparent how hot Sephora mentions are as well. I was a little surprised that a couple of entries aren’t on that list but, given how is calculated, it could be because those posts were rather late in the year.

Ah well, nonetheless, I believe I said it last year as well but it’s so interesting to see statistical things like that and uncover things you least expect.


Top Commenters!

That aside, they had also rounded up the Top 5 commenters to the site and I thought that was a really nice gesture.

Given how these days a large percentage of readers prefer to lurk (nothing wrong with that, I do it too actually, heh), comments are all the more precious and to know that you guys have taken time out to actually drop a note and acknowledge my entries truly mean a whole lot to me.

More than you can imagine really when all it takes is a sentence and then hitting the enter button so thank you Genevieve, Sharmaintang, Arielle Tan, doseofrain and mybeautysanctuary!

Do check out their sites as its all about beauty lovin’ too!


That said, have a great New Year everyone! We’ve put one foot in 2015 and now all we’ve got to do is just keep walking or running through it! Onward everyone!

I’ll be back with a proper 2015 entry because that contains said cryptic life update that I’ve been hinting at. I wanted to wait one more day at least, and not disrupt the whole festive holiday mood, before announcing it proper :)

Till then! Happy New Year and thanks for reading!