Look Feature: Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liners Part 3 – The Colors!

Alrightey, Part 3, now let the fun begin!

This instalment is all about the coloured liners within the Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner set and when I say color, these are indeed pow to the wow.


Though of course, that’s my sentiment about it because as I had shared during my overview entry, somehow the consensus on how pigmented and intense these liners are aren’t exactly the same across the board. Some felt that the coloured shades could use more pow-wow though I think for usability (yet with enough of a color kick) these are just right.

Of the 3 parts, this features the most shades, 4 in fact – Gonzo, Voodoo, Vacancy and Stargazer – so let’s get started shall we?

We’ve got quite a bit of ground to cover!

p.s. there isn’t a sole feature for Perversion (also found within the set) because it’s a rich black that has been used one way or another in the looks of the other liners so you can take reference there.

Gonzo –





Starting off this coloured series with the one that I think is the trickiest to wear of the lot.


The trickiness stems from the fact that the shade itself is incredibly striking. Pair that with a creamy and smooth satin finish that I would consider rather intense and you get a shade that’s not something you’d choose to pop on every single day. Unless a vibrant streak of teal is totally you then you go girl (or guy!).

If you’re not one to shy away from bright colors then there’s nothing not to love about Gonzo – it’s smooth, opaque, creamy, intense and a beautiful color. Even the neutral loving me thinks it’s just one of those pop of colors that’s good to have around because you never know when you’re feeling a little spunky!

Even if brights aren’t your usual option you’ll likely warm up to this one just fine!

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion, Shupette Has It All Palette 
(Icy pale blue & Icy mid blue), Primal (Naked 2 Basics), 
Undone (Naked 2 Basics), Cover (Naked 2 Basics), 
Skimp (Naked 2 Basics), Gonzo 24/7 Glide-on Liner, 
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, Perversion 24/7 Glide-on Liner


Stargazer –





When it comes to colored liners you can never forget the gold.

Gold liner is quite classic and it works in many ways for people be it as a subtle highlight or a prominent feature. As a personal preference, I like my gold liner considerably subtle (definitely not the way I wore it here, ha).

In fact, I don’t actually reach for gold liners often because I feel the pairing of it with a crisp black liquid liner very… been there done that. That doesn’t take away from the fact that its a tried and tested combo but, it’s just not too exciting and still very cleopatra-esque to me no matter how many times I’ve tried it.

Though this time around to make it more exciting for myself I decided to really go out there with it and frame the eye in a pretty elaborate winged liner with some black as well, of course. It’s the sort of look I would probably do for my dance stages back in school but… somehow it didn’t feel too daunting to wear this to work either. Really, no kidding.

Sure it’s dramatic but maybe because Stargazer doesn’t have the liquid-gold sort of density and shine (it’s got a little hint of silver, somehow), it makes it a lot more wearable especially for those averse to wearing gold cause it’s usually ‘too much’.

Products Used: 
Urban Decay Primer Potion, Undone (Vice 3), Downfall (Vice 3), 
Reign (Vice 3) Truth (Vice 3), Stargazer 24/7 Glide-on Liner, 
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, Perversion 24/7 Glide-on Liner


Vacancy –





Vacancy is absolutely stunning. If you’re conservative about your coloured liners then greens and purples like this would be your very best friend because while they’re a nice pop of color, they’re really not too difficult to pair and too striking to wear.

Vacancy immediately brings to mind my favorite Solone eyeliner, unimaginatively named Emerald, except Emerald seems to have a more yellow-green tinge to it while Vacancy leans towards the blue-er side of things.

It’s a beautiful beautiful blue-green shade, really, and while I wouldn’t wear it every day I can imagine some people would!

Products Used:
Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base in 01, Lancôme Hypnose Star 
Eyes Palette in Au Natural Brun, Vacancy 24/7 Glide-on Liner, 
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, Perversion 24/7 Glide-on Liner (lower lid)


Voodoo –





Voodoo is a lovely purple (I feel like I use lovely for every color…) that’s got enough sparkle to it, that it glams up a look, while having a little depth to the shade as well – it’s not a stark magenta thats going to look like it’s hovering above your lids.

I think as far as prominent colored liners go, purple is always the easiest to wear, and easily the prettiest too, so I don’t have much to comment about Voodoo except that it’s gorgeous and it works.

You could even choose to wear it alone if you’re adventurous enough, or have voluminous lashes to frame your eyes but I always like that outline of black around my peepers because I need that definition.

I tried to wear this a little differently from Vacancy (which is how I always do my coloured liners) and did a little ‘bracket’ towards the outer flick of the liner as well but… that’s just me and having tried colored liners for too many days in a row, looking for something different to do.

Products Used:
Dior Backstage Eye Primer, Shupette Has It All Palette – champagne gold, 
pink and maroon-brown, Voodoo 24/7 Glide-on Liner, 
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, Perversion 24/7 Glide-on Liner


Purple Divider

Wow and there you have it, all 10 liners featured in my 3 parter about the Urban Decay TEN Liner set (and of course that overview entry) which you can revisit here if you happened to have missed any of them!

The Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Liner Round Up (Thus Far):

If you have noticed I haven’t done a sole look for Perversion because it plays a supporting role in many of the looks I have featured and it’s such a beautiful rich black that lasts well on the lids that I’m hooked on using it every day now! I think it’s been awhile since I’ve touched my HG MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved… Oops.

That said, I do think this Urban Decay TEN Liner set is a nice one to indulge in be it if you already are a huge fan of the 24/7s or if you’re new to these and want to get a set to check out a couple of shades at a go.

There’s a nice mix of textures, as I had mentioned, and colors within that you’ll definitely be able to put together a look be it if you’re thinking to go neutral, natural, glammed up or just want to be all experimental!

I, for one, am loving this set and while I’ve had it with me for about a month now (thank you for the super advance press piece, Urban Decay!), I still see myself reaching for some shades pretty often. To the point I’m a little worried about their life span but I’ve only sharpened the most used one 2-3 times so I think I’m still good!

That all said and done, I’m wrapping up my Urban Decay TEN Liner series and am glad I managed to push this out during this period where things are winding up and getting rather hectic.

I don’t want to make any promises yet but I do have a slew of posts I’m looking and hoping to put up, fingers crossed on that!


Thanks for reading!

Urban Decay’s TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set will retail for S$80 and will launch 1st March 2015.

The set is Limited Edition and Perversion aside, the other 9 colors are exclusive to this.

Sponsorship disclosure

Look Feature: Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liners Part 2 – The Sparkles

So, here’s Part 2 of my Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liners look feature and in this part I’ll be showcasing the ‘sparkle’ shades or the glimmer / glitter shades, whatever you’d like to call them really.


Compared to the other parts, Browns and Colors, this is probably the most brief considering it’s a showcase of only 2 shades – Glitter Rock and Moonspoon – though that said they shouldn’t be overlooked either because while the browns are practical and the colors are a nice kicker to a look, the Sparkles are the ones that truly shine.

Well, no pun intended but they’re so pretty (and easy, might I add for sparkles) to wear and don’t drag on the skin unlike other sparkly liners would. There’s still a nice glide to it though notably grittier than the mattes but no reason to deduct performance points of, that’s for sure.

That all said and done, let’s get to the looks! If you haven’t checked out my overview entry yet, you really should read that one first! :)

p.s. there isn’t a sole feature for Perversion (also found within the set) because it’s a rich black that has been used one way or another in the looks of the other liners so you can take reference there.

Glitter Rock –






I didn’t expect to end up liking this so much but I really do. It’s the perfect liner thats got enough shine and glitz to make your lids sparkle with the light but not so much that you look incredibly dressed up. Read: It can be work appropriate too, not just evening / night appropriate!

For a liner with some glitz and shine, it’s considerably creamy and doesn’t tug on the skin with wear. Since Glitter Rock is a rather light shade, I do recommend pairing it with your usual crisp and sharp cat eye with this atop for that added oomph to your look.

At least that’s how I’ve been pairing it every time I wear it. Crisp liner with a cool neutral eye and Glitter Rock as an accent on the lid, perfecto!

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion, Frisk (Naked 2 Basics), 
Primal (Naked 2 Basics), Undone (Naked 2 Basics), 
Skimp (Naked 2 Basics), Glitter Rock 24/7 Glide-on Liner, 
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, Zero 24/7 Glide-on Liner (lower lid)

Moonspoon –





Well, let’s not question the queer name and what it’s supposed to mean so let’s move on to the color.

The way I had worn Moonspoon here is actually over my black liquid liner so it serves more as this overlay of smokey grey and shimmer. On its own, Moonspoon (which apple autocorrect is so adamant to change to Monsoon) is definitely a darker shade than Glitter Rock but due to its glitter formula, the grey base is of a sheerer nature so it doesn’t quite lend the definition that I prefer.

Though of course you can wear this like how I had worn Glitter Rock – with Moonspoon on the edge of your black liner instead of overlayed, makes sense? – so it gives that mildly smoked out liner look and a hint of shimmer as well.

I think either ways Moonspoon is a lovely shimmery liner to own to either play up your usual crisp liner or to wear on its own for soft yet sparkly definition. The sparkles are absolutely beautiful too, might I add.

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion, Beauty Cottage Palette (Aphrodite, 
Helen, Medea, Calypso), Moonspoon 24/7 Glide-on Liner, 
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, Perversion 24/7 Glide-on Liner

Purple Divider

And voila!

I told you it was going to be brief, right?

Well, I know that I could keep these Look Features a whole lot more brief, because I did promise a one paragraph blurb but hurhur they all end up like a mini-entry, though I guess I just have so much to share and so much to ramble on about.

Either ways I hope that the pictures and my thoughts about it is useful be it in giving you ideas on how you can choose to wear all 10 shades should you be on the fence about the set and thinking – why would I need 10 new liners, right?

Well, I think the question should be why not!

That said, here’s a recap of the series thus far and stick around for the last instalment before this set’s 1st March launch date!

The Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Liner Round Up (Thus Far):

Thanks for reading!

Urban Decay’s TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set will retail for S$80 and will launch 1st March 2015.

The set is Limited Edition and Perversion aside, the other 9 colors are exclusive to this.

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Look Feature: Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liners Part 1 – The Browns

Hello you guys!

Show of hands, how many of you all (those who celebrate Chinese New Year, or maybe not!) are on leave from work today, or perhaps for the whole of the week even!

Well, lucky you! I may be wrapping up at work, which usually sounds like easy and quick business, but it’s turning out to be quite tricky with a good amount to sort so I do want to apologize for some backlog build up and all.

You know the drill, so much to say but so little time to put it all up!


If you’re back to work during this festive period or chilling at home on work leave and have a little time to kill then I hope my mini series of Look Features featuring the Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-on Liner Set will be informative and also a good read for you!

I aim to keep this as brief as I can (let’s see how that pans out) and let the pictures do most of the talking.

I do have some thoughts for each shade but I’ll keep it as short and sweet as I can! I hope you have fun seeing my take on the colors within the Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set and if you’re looking for more information about it, don’t forget to check out this overview entry!

p.s. there isn’t a sole feature for Perversion (also found within the set) because it’s a rich black that has been used one way or another in the looks of the other liners so you can take reference there.

So first up, the browns!


While the TEN Liner set has a good amount of colors and glitter liners going on, there’s also a nice mix of wearable and usable browns within and this entry will spotlight on those.

The TEN 24/7 Liners featured in this entry are Faint, Smokeout and Mugshot.


Faint –




This look is actually attempt number 2 with Faint because the first look I tried, Faint ended up too, well… faint.

As with Mugshot (which you’ll see in a bit), Faint is a beautiful and classic staple sort of a shade to have – a creamy smooth matte mid-tone brown that would be great to use all over the lids or to blend, if an eyeshadow. Though once you change it up to an eyeliner then the dynamics do shift a little.

As a liner, it’s most ideal for those who like their eyes done soft, in the case of a soft whisper and glide of color which isn’t my way of wearing liner but for the sake of showcasing the liner as a liner (because I always feel inclined to use this as a cream shadow base), I paired it with a pared down look of almost nothing on the lids except a sweep of skintone beige to even the lids out and provide a smooth canvas for the the liner.

Faint is kind of in the middle ground where my liner preferences are concerned – too light to offer definition and not flashy enough to be an accent liner – but I still saved a spot for it in my stash knowing that one day I’ll come to appreciate its subtlety!

You never know when you need a creamy matte cool mid-town brown, right?

Products Used:
I had forgotten to list it down for this particular look but it's simple enough it shouldn't matter, heh!


Mugshot –





Mugshot is a really beautiful brown actually. It’s nice and warm and with the right amount of depth and shine, I can see why this would be an incredibly popular and classic eyeshadow favorite amongst Urban Decay fans. As with Faint (pictured earlier) it is a color that works as an eyeshadow – easy to throw on everyday and also easy to smoke up for the night – but as a liner I feel it falls a little short.

Though I did like the way I wore it here because given how neutral and soft a color it is (as a liner) I felt like I could play it up a little more with some inner corner flicks and all.

Though color-wise, if you like that slight definition to the eyes but nothing harsh and in the case of Mugshot with a nice kick of sheen then I think it’s not too bad a color. The way I typically use Mugshot (when not doing a liner representation as I am here) is as a cream colored base which defeats the purpose of it being an eyeshadow-turned-liner but eitherways, it sticks and stays and works that way. It’s a pretty color no less and being exposed to it as a liner is making me curious of the shadow!

Products Used:
Dior Backstage Eye Prime, 5050 (Naked On the Run), 
Fix (Naked on the Run), Stun (Naked On the Run), 
Mugshot 24/7 Glide-On Liner, Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, 
Perversion 24/7 Glide-On Liner


Smokeout –





There’s nothing not to love about this smokey deep brown unless of course, you don’t like the look of smokey deep browns.

Much as my heart lies with the crisp and perfectly flicked deep black winged liner, every once in awhile I like to indulge myself with a smokey (but haute) mess of brown blends on the lids. There’s just something so casual, effortless and yet still sexy about a deep smokey eye and if that’s your go-to look than you’ll be more than happy with Smokeout in your inventory.

I paired this with a different sort of eyeshadow placement from my usual, one that would accentuate the smokiness of Smokeout – a look that starts deep and dark at the lash line and slowly feathers out towards the browbone, without any crease definition.

I think that’s my favorite way to wear Smokeout and I’ve revisited this look a couple of times already.

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion, DTF (Vice 3), 
Factory (Naked 3), Limit (Naked 3), Strange (Naked 3), 
Smokeout 24/7 Glide-on Liner


Purple Divider

Okay, I know we’re off to a very simple start here with the Urban Decay TEN Liners set because neutrals / browns ultimately are as such… neutral and brown so there’s nothing overly exciting about them but you have to admit that while they aren’t pow wow in visuals and not the most eye catching, they are the most reliable so I decided to kick start this series by showing you what are the looks you definitely will be able to get from this set and the looks that will be able to take you through your everyday.

Now that that’s sorted, we’ll get started on the Sparkles and the Colors coming right up, alright?

Am I doing good with keeping this short and (relatively) brief thus far?

The Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Liner Round Up (Thus Far):


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for looks of the rest of the liners!

Urban Decay’s TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set will retail for S$80 and will launch 1st March 2015.

The set is Limited Edition and Perversion aside, the other 9 colors are exclusive to this.

Sponsorship disclosure

Urban Decay’s TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set (Info & Swatches)

I know I’m a little to the party of these Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils but where permanent (fairly and mostly, that is) items are concerned – better late than never right?


The reason why I got on the bandwagon of these so late even though the world (okay I exaggerate, how about online realm?) was singing praises of it was because I am pretty nitpicky where pencil liners are concerned. Knowing these were of creamy nature, I just did not expect them to last on my problematic lids even if the raves were of how lasting these are.

I mean, my lids are a whole different league and what works on most people would still end up not working for me so… you can’t blame my skepticism.

Though I’m quite happy to report that after (finally) giving this a try with the Black Magic liner set (from the Holiday season), I’m a total convert and no matter how problematic and watery my eyes can be, these do stand the test of wear. Sometimes they don’t go unscathed but it’s good enough by my eye standards!

Almost good enough to rival the 7 year HG position that MAC’s Powerpoint Liner in Engraved has… no kidding!


So anyway, before we go into the 24/7 Glide-On Liners itself, let me first talk about this amazing set of liners you see right here that is very appropriately named, TEN.


the TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liners set comes with 1 full sized pencil (Perversion) and 9 other never-before-released Limited Edition colors that are exclusive to this set.

These other 9 colors also come in a shorter travel size, that while small is also a good enough size to use. Though if you do fall hard for any of the colors, it could be agonizing when you are nearing the end considering some of the 9 are pretty lovely everyday shades.

Smokeout, I’m looking at you!

Though I’m sure there are similar renditions in their permanent line up but… when we like a color we like that exact color, right? Even though a brown is just a brown.


During TEN’s initial release, which was sometimes in September for the US folks I believe, Perversion was still a fleeting favorite. It’s known enough from re-releases but not permanent yet. However, since then it has been given a permanent spot on Urban Decay’s shelves so Perversion is the only permanently available color within TEN while the rest are Limited Edition.


So anyway, lets have a look at the ten liners within TEN.


The options are a nice pick of colors ranging from natural and wearable to the bolds and brights. Urban Decay even threw in a couple of variation in textures and finishes as well and I’ll get to that with my swatches in a bit.




Now, I’m not too well versed with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow offerings but I believe that this set of TEN liners is actually a homage to some of their best-selling shadow shades.

I know it’s odd that given Urban Decay’s reputation for their color products I’m actually more drawn to their staples like loose powders, eye shadow primers and the likes but yes. So I can’t say I’ve used or recognize many of these eyeshadow names (Voodoo seems to be a tad familiar…) to compare it to so I’ll just go about sharing my thoughts of these as is, yeah?


From what I have seen online, since this set was out in the US a little whiles ago and only coming to us now, the opinions on this seems quite diversed. There are those who don’t particularly fancy this set and feels that it is sub-par in performance and then there are those who are quite contented with it.


I’m actually in the contented camp.

Because seriously, yes there are some shades could use more pigmentation and some don’t feel as smooth compared to the usual UD 24/7 Glide-Ons but I do think the different finishes account for the varying formulation – some shades glide on smoother and feel much creamier while others don’t.


Overall, I’ll just say that they don’t feel dry and they don’t drag on my skin. Some shades seem to have a little bit of translucence to them but I think maybe the US market is a little more nitpicky with intensity because I’m perfectly fine with a gold eyeliner not actually look like a solid line of gold.

That’s just me and my preference of that more ‘asian styled’ makeup where a soft glint is just perfect though it’s a fair warning that those who are looking for each and every color to be solid will have to approach with caution because they’re not all like that.


I’ve noticed that there are 3 main finishes – the Sparkles, the Shines/Metalics and the Satins.

The Sparkles have a faint level of base pigmentation with a really lovely speckle of shine and glimmer within it. These shades may not be intense but when worn over crisp black liner, either on top of overlapping, they turn out to be quite lovely.


The 2 left most shades are the Sparkle ones


The Shines/Metalics have a more intense base pigmentation as compared to the Sparkles but their formulation isn’t the smoothest yet. The consistency across all the colors aren’t the same either with some applying more evenly while others may appear seem a tad patchy. It’s scrutinizing it under a microscope of course because when worn on the eye it looks good enough to me.

Finally, the Satins. I would call them Mattes but there’s only one color amongst them that truly is matte. These, I feel have the best formulation amongst the mix but really, this is me being critical about them because I think they all feel ‘good enough’. The Satins are also the most intense and even in pigmentation and I especially love Smokeout because it’s such a perfect smokey brown. Now this, would be a color I’ll be sad about if its nearing the end which it might given I’ve been using it so often now.


The Shines / Metallics in the right and Satin finishes in the centre


Here’s a look at all 10 of them again with their proper names alongside for easier reference:



The Rundown (If You’re New to 24/7 Liners) –

So… I decided to give this a more indepth run down given that where liners are concerned, opinions and requirements may vary.


In terms of wear-time the only area that truly tests a liner is my lower lashline and also the corner of my outer-eye because every single liner smudges on there by the end of the day, even the best of the best that I have tried. The only question is how long does it stay on and how well does it smudge/fade away without a horrid panda eye effect.

Thus where colored liners are concerned, I can’t comment on those muchless the glitter ones (you shouldn’t wear those too near your lashline to be safe!) because when worn on the upper lids they all last well through the day looking good even after 12 hours.

For the browns and black, mainly Smokeout and Perversion, these last a good 5 hours before they do start feathering out a little on the lower lashline and fading away at the outer-eye corner but what I like about this (and the 24/7 Liners I’ve tried so far) is that even when it feathers, the concentration of the color on the lower lashline still stays so it looks smokey but not horribly so.

I can’t describe it really, but ultimately I still look presentable by the end of the day and not every single eyeliner does that for me on my lower lashline / outer eye corner so thats why these take the cake for me.

My MAC Powerpoint has been working well over the years too but I’ve noticed that it does fade in intensity on the lower lashline, hence I prefer the Urban Decay over the MAC right now.


I got a little too carried away by the liners that I forgot to mention this set comes with a cute sharpener as well. The sharpener comes with 2 ‘sizes’ for thinner or fatter pencils and I like that they provided one just for this set because I can has a dedicated sharpener for all my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Liners now!


There’s something joyous about simple things like this, no? Or perhaps mainly for the OCD.

Though the ideal situation would be if I can one sharpener for every single pencil, or at least every single color, but… let’s not go there.


So phew!

Okay I know this entry was especially rambly but I felt the need to have all bases covered because I know that personally when reading about eyeliners (especially those you would wear on the lower lashline), I do prefer things to be detailed and well accounted because… like I had said, I get very skeptical about trying new things.

I try them, of course, but that’s after a lot of affirmation about how it works so, hopefully my entry is affirmation enough to check out this pretty exciting set that’s coming your way in March!

I hope it’s not just my obsession with eyeliners that is sparking the excitement and enthusiasm in a ten piece liner set (of pretty good liners too) coming your way but that everyone else is feeling some sort of buzz about this too.

Eitherways, stick around and I’ve got a 3 part Look Feature of these coming right up. I hope to get them running consecutively before the launch of these babies (1st March), which is a perfect way to spend those ang baos* right? Though no promises since my blog schedule is so erratic these days.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

*red packet money from Chinese New Year


Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with more!

Specifically – The Browns, The Sparkles and The Colors! That’s how I’ve divided them for easier categorisation and showcase, that is :)

Urban Decay’s TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set will retail for S$80 and will launch 1st March 2015.

The set is Limited Edition and Perversion aside, the other 9 colors are exclusive to this.

Sponsorship disclosure

Aeon’s Spring Blossom Face Treatment – Spring-cleaning & Rejuvenating Your Skin!

Hey you guys!

I hope everyone is having a great Chinese New Year, if you celebrate it, soaking up all the festivities!

So… while we (girls, mostly) are usually quite diligent in prepping ourselves and our skin before Chinese New Year so we can put our best face forward meeting all the longtime friends or relatives, we often forget that our skin needs that extra touch of TLC after as well!



Well, long hours of wearing more makeup than usual, perhaps? Or the many late nights you spend catching up with a whole bunch of people be it friends or relatives? Some cases in which leading to donning makeup for more than 24 hours even?

Let’s not forget all the sinful snacking and meals that does take its toll on your skin due to fatigue, lack of water consumption, etc!

Thus wouldn’t you say it’s good to give your skin a good cleaning out after that that, a deep cleanse and a reboot, as you go about your everyday after the slew of festivities and walking out of the Chinese New Year flurry with brighter and fresher skin!


obviously this is a little fatigued and in need of cleaning!


The Spring Blossom treatment is aimed at deep cleansing the skin (I’ll go into detail a little later) as well as boosting your skin’s collagen production by both waking your cells and also through some collagen mask pampering. The mask is a pretty neat one so I’ll talk about it in more detail later.

While the treatment doesn’t out rightly proclaim for fresher, brighter, bouncier skin, all the steps included in Spring Blossom does work towards that and the end-result will differ based on how congested or in need of rejuvenation your skin is but I sure felt my skin a whole lot more refreshed, awake and perkier!

That’s saying quite a bit given the amount of love I’ve been giving my skin these days through various treatments / facial sessions!

So anyway, starting off this is the very first time that I had popped by Aeon Medical & Aesthetics Centre in the day and got to witness how the Chill Waiting Area looked like in the day.


My verdict? It’s definitely brighter and a whole different vibe from the chill evening setup but it’s lovely all the same – a quiet and nice area in the midst of the bustling Orchard Road.



Seeing pedestrians roam the streets like little specks while I was sipping tea in a relaxed environment added to the chill effect on my week day afternoon.


First And Foremost…

I probably don’t even have to photograph this anymore but somehow I always do. The first step, as always, is removing the makeup!




Deep Cleansing with Alginic Acid –

The first step in Spring Blossom, makeup removal apart, is the deep cleansing process.

This method of deep cleaning is a little different from what I know of deep cleansing as its not just targeted at removing dull skin from the surface and blackhead / dirt and congestion from under the skin.

You know how people often say that if you wear sunscreen you need to be extra good with makeup removal and face cleansing? They’re not wrong about that because metals (e.g. Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide) commonly found in sunscreen, and most other cosmetics actually, tends to be quite tenacious to remove.

This is where Alginic Acid’s method of deep cleansing comes in and sets itself apart from your usual dirt and grime removal. Alginic Acid has a certain polarity that allows it to attract these tenacious metals (which binds themselves to the acid) and in this process gets removed from the skin. Sounds simple, right?


Metals aside, Alginic Acid is also able to exfoliate your skin and rid the usual dirt and grime as well as remove the dead and dull skin cells on the surface of the skin for a brighter and more glowy complexion after.


Apart from its very invigorating effects, you’ll be surprised to know that this complex is also capable of immense hydration (more so than hyaluronic acid) so your skin is left cleansed, exfoliated and plumped.


Talk about an all-in-one!

I have noticed that in shots I had snapped of my skin after the therapist was done with this step, my skin looked instantly brighter and glow-ier already. I had also felt a mild skin tightening and tingling sensation after this step was over.



It isn’t a bad kind of tingly, it’s the sort that makes it feel like your skin is getting all plumped up and cleansed sort of a tingly…. It’s a little hard to describe!


Off to the Treatment Room! –

After that really long and rambly explanation on the simple and quick deep cleansing step, I swear reading about it is longer than the actual step itself, I was ushered to the treatment room to meet with Dr Kim for the next step.

As before, I was helped into a robe and also these cushy and comfy slippers!


Cool, huh?


The BBL Procedure for Skin Rejuvenation –

Okay… I can get a little technical here but I don’t want to lose you guys too so let me try to explain as much as I can without getting ahead of myself, alright?


This next step, BBL, is an aesthetic procedure that doesn’t involve any downtime and is noninvasive. In fact, it’s actually like IPL in the way it works – it’s still a pulse light – but the reason it is called BBL is because of this particular machine that Dr Kim uses.

The brand is one that one of the most innovative (and might I add costly) ones out there with a whole slew of features to make light treatment a whole lot safer and much more comfortable for the patient.


IPL is an aesthetic treatment that has been around for so long that it is quite a household name now, be it for good or for bad. I’ve had an experience with it (IPL) many years ago and I’ll say that if you ask me what I thought about it based on that experience, my thoughts would be – discomfort, mildly startling, a little scary.

Though this IPL experience, using this particular BBL machine at Aeon, does change what I know of Pulse Light treatments.


Firstly, the ‘head’ of it – the part that comes in contact with your face – has a precision thermoelectric cooling system running through it and it always feels cool on your face which definitely helps with reducing any discomfort you feel in the treatment. Dr Kim had also explained that this machine is reliable because the wavelengths it produces stays consistent through the entire process.

Which means if you select a certain intensity, it sticks to it.

I had no idea that some cheaper brand IPL machines out there actually fluctuate a little between ‘zaps’, now how dangerous is that! That is also the cause of some people receiving minor burns from IPL treatments.

Yet clinics do pass that off as ‘part and parcel’ of the IPL treatment and recovery process so… I’m telling you guys now that IPL shouldn’t burn the surface of your skin. It should bypass your skin surface and work in the skin, not work on the surface.


The BBL machine comes with cute little adaptors (that golden glint near the ‘head’) that Dr Kim had attached on for more precision when it came to smaller portions of the face. This way he can ensure that the correct area is targeted and he doesn’t risk burning the surrounding hairs in the process.

Overall, the treatment was comfortable and Dr Kim was patient to count down the first few zaps knowing my apprehension to IPL due to a prior experience and I’ll gladly say that this feels nothing like what I had encountered before.


Really, if you’re ever interested in any aesthetic treatments like this, RF or lasers, I urge you to have a go at it with Aeon because it is always a comfortable and effective treatment. Even when you’re doing things that would otherwise be a little unnerving.

One last note, the BBL machine is capable of treating different effects (by changing the light filter) but with this Spring Blossom treatment, the BBL is mainly targeted at rejuvenating the skin by stimulating your collagen cells for a refreshed complexion and lifted appearance.

It’s one of the milder treatments compared to the other procedures the BBL is capable of so if you’re concerned about how intense it is, you needn’t be.


The 92% Collagen Fibre Mask! –

So after the BBL procedure was done I was sent back to the facial room where the gel was promptly removed and my skin was nourished with a hydrating ampoule before we moved on to the next and final step of the Spring Blossom routine.


Before I started, I was informed of the steps and told that I’ll be doing a collagen fibre mask but I had no idea what to expect.

As it turns out, it really is a sheet of collagen fibre – with a concentration of 92% at that – that feels extremely silky, soft and smooth. Almost like velvet!


The true magic to this happens when it is applied to the face and a ‘stimulant’ is used to moisten the mask and bring forth the skin benefits.


This step is apparently a wildly popular treatment in Korea, especially so for Brides-to-Be as its quite an indulgent one using such a high concentration of collagen. The treatment itself is anti-aging and also serves to brighten and heal the skin as well as both infusing collagen and also stimulating collagen.



The end effect is really a brightened look and refreshed skin so I can see why brides-to-be would opt for something this lavish just before their big day so they can look their very best!


Here, this collagen mask step is also paired with a LED treatment which flashes 3 different kinds of light through the whole 20 minutes that you have the collagen mask on.

The lights are red, blue and infrared of which red and infrared are targeted at boosting the healing abilities of the skin while blue light zaps at bacterial (porphyrins, remember this?) within the skin.



All Done! Fresh Skin & A Brightened Look! –

So after that, we’re all done!

I was ushered back to the Chill Waiting Area for some tea and the sun was still out so I took this opportunity to snap some After photos with the best sort of lighting I could get – the sun!

But before we get to the selfies, wrapping up this Spring Blossom experience on the right (floral) note, I was served an exquisite Green Tea blend with rose and cornflower.

The tea itself is light and floral with the fragrance of green tea but without that strong sharp note of it that some people might not prefer. The tea is specially flown in from Jeju and if you’re interested to find out more about it (and the other teas this specific ‘tea house’ offers), Aeon has a coffee table book about it as well (pictured in the background)!


I really do miss snapping photos using the sun because you do get the most true color and imagery, without any harsh shadows from flash or lighting above.

I went a little overboard snapping pictures, as usual and while I didn’t have any makeup on (times like this I wish I had some brow embroidery done!) I think I still looked quite alright! My skin is nice and fresh, brightened in a healthy and lively way and also a little plumped and perky from all that collage stimulating and hydration.


I think the overall effect isn’t going to look like you’ve had a whole slew of treatments done, your skin will simply look ‘better’. It’s a different kind of effect from Winter Glow where you really have the multiple steps done to enhance the skin.

The Spring Blossom treatment truly leaves a lot up to your skin. Instead of trying to better your skin in appearance only, the Spring Blossom treatment cleanses and treats your skin from deep within so it naturally looks better. Whatever you see on the surface – that brightened fresh appearance – is a reflection of the state your skin is in, truly cleansed and awake!




As I had mentioned earlier, my face has been quite suitably pampered through many treatments of late that while I don’t see a world of a difference after each treatment, I do see some and I’m glad to just upkeep the maintenance of this glowy taut goodness.


Though the BBL treatment does focus a little on the neck and it is through my neck that I really saw the extent of the BBL skin rejuvenation.

My neck isn’t an area I focus a lot on, which I know is a sin because it still betrays the signs of aging, but I truly was a little surprised at how the skin at my neck did appear brightened and smoothed out, in comparison to its usual a little dull appearance with some fine lines even. Eeps.


Purple Divider

So phew, okay pardon my wordy ramble about a treatment again but I really like it that at Aeon Medical, Dr Kim does explain every single step in full detail and information to me so I truly understand all aspects of it and how it’ll benefit my skin.

Like Winter Glow, the Spring Blossom treatment is only available for a Limited Time only! Treatments will start on 1st March 2015 and it’ll likely run for 1 or 2 months. It’s best to stay updated with Aeon over at their Facebook page!

Trial Aeon’s Spring Blossom treatment at a special rate of S$190 (you’ll get the full works), exclusive to first time customers only!

Those interested (to book a slot or enquire if you’re not a first timer), please feel free to call Aeon at 6733 2002.

The Spring Blossom treatment commences on 1st March 2015 for a Limited time only.

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre is located at:
9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210

Thanks for reading!

Happy Lunar New Year Y’All! Plus My Very Simple CNY Nails…

Well… I’ll admit that throwing in my nails here is my attempt at giving this entry a little more content than the usual “HEY GUYS, IT’S CNY~ HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!” shoutout entry.

I mean I could really just do that since I’m pressed for time anyway (noticed my rushed typing tone? No? Okay…) but yes, really though, a very very Happy Chinese / Lunar New Year to everyone who celebrates it and for those who don’t, this year’s holiday falls on a pretty good break so have fun, go abroad or just chill at home since most shops outside are closed anyway, heh!

It’s the year of the sheep this year and time to tell myself that I have moved past the 24 years old / 2nd cycle of my horoscope mark and am moving into my mid-twenties. Gasp!

I know it’s still a rather young age but the continually growing number is starting to scare me. Like… time really really flies. Wow.

For all you know I could be looking back at this post in 2030 and feel like it was only yesterday that I typed this up. Eeps.

So anyway, about my nails…

I had a grand scheme in mind to do some nail wraps, perhaps, or throw on a little fancy manicure with different colors and perhaps some intricate patterns by busting into that Sephora Nail Art Kit I’ve gotten from their holiday releases last year but alas, time was not on my side so here’s my incredibly plain (in comparison to all the bling most people have) nail combo going on right now.

I wanted to paint all one shade (that 3CE VL04 shade) – thank you for this beautiful shade Eliza! – but I randomly dug out this lovely NARS red, the color I had on just before this, and couldn’t resist popping it on again. Even if its just an accent nail.

At least in this way if anyone is going to ask where’s my red for Chinese New Year I can point to my nails, right? Heh!

Purple Divider

And that’s that!

Super quick entry, which still isn’t as quick as I would like.

I hope everyone has a blast this Chinese New Year be it feasting or catching up with old time relatives / friends! I feel Chinese New Year is quite a tiring celebration but it’s lively nonetheless so no matter how much beef I have with it, a tiny part of me still looks forward to it.

Wrapping it up, my space will take a little break over the 3 days of CNY but I’ll have more posts coming back at’cha once Sunday comes around and more next week, definitely!

It’s like my very last burst of posts I have planned before New Job so… yeah. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some up after those but we’ll see.. All I’m saying is, thereafter, no promises. Heh!


In the meanwhile, have you read about my Clear SK Cellulite Buster Treatment and V Face Shaper treatment from yesterday? I’ve got 20 sessions (per treatment) to giveaway so go check those entries out!


Thanks for reading again you guys! <3

Get Your V-Line on With Clear SK’s V Face Shaper!

Here’s the second part of my Clear SK back to back pamper session, if you haven’t read about my Cellulite Busting one, do give it a read!

Plus I’ve also got giveaway sessions for the V Face Shaper treatment (first 20 readers) so read on till the end :)


Do I even need to explain what a V-line or V-face or V-jawline is to anyone anymore?

This term has become so commonplace in recent years with brands (mainly asian but a sprinkle of western too) riding on the hyped appeal of a slimmer and more contoured jawline.

I’m really not sure where the origins of this obsession came from but I’m going to say Korea since it seems to be something they’re rather hung up on – the whole V-shaped face, smaller face, slimmer face aspect.

I’m not saying it’s bad because ultimately I’m also suckered into the idea of a firmer and more contoured look, which does lend the look of a slimmer face, but I will say that whether one is able to achieve a V-shaped face is also largely dependent on our face shape and structure.

Some of us have more squarish jawlines so with that in mind while this treatment is termed the V Face Shaper, I do want you all to know that it is ultimately targeted at ridding excess fat pockets around the face (for a slimmer contour) and lifting the skin for a tighter and more lifted look.

It is a non-surgical and noninvasive procedure so there are limitations to it but if your concerns are primarily unwanted fatty pockets around some areas of the face – such as sagginess around your jaw, jowls, double chin problems, etc – and your skin feeling a little slack recently then perhaps this treatment is a worthy consideration!


Unlike the Body Treatment that I had done over at Clear SK’s branch at Novena Medical Centre (Level 10), this V Face Shaper is held over at their Clear SK Medi + Skincare branch so we took a stroll over to Velocity after my body treatment.

The treatment itself is largely… mechanical? I don’t know what other word to use but it’s primarily focused on the efficacy of the machines and is very efficient and quick.

There’s no massage or much of a masking session involved so if you work around the area and need to pop by for a quick session over lunch, it seems quite do-able.


Make Up Removal –

The first thing to do is to remove my makeup, of course, and the therapist kept most of my liner and eye makeup intact, focusing on removing makeup from the skin since that is where the procedure is done.


And of course here’s a mandatory snap of my skin before the treatment. I have gone ahead and done the whole front, left, right sorta thing for comparison but I’ll keep that till the end and show you the front one first.



Coating the Skin –

To aid with the glide of the machines and to serve as a barrier between the machine hand piece and your skin, baby oil and vaseline was used.

Baby Oil was primarily applied all over to give the skin some glide while vaseline will only be applied in specific aeas where the Ultrasound machine will be used (to zap and melt fats).


If your skin is sensitive or incompatible with these products, because I do know that vaseline and baby oil doesn’t agree with everyone’s skin, it’s best to voice out to your therapist!

I don’t have an issue with them, I don’t prefer but I can use them, so I went ahead with it anyway.


The Ultrasound aka Fat Zapping! –

The first step is the ultrasound treatment and the target points of this (along with how much needs to be done / how long) is largely dependent on your concerns. For example if you have a double chin issue then this would be done along your neckline to zap that portion out.

For me, my main ‘fatty’ concerns would be around my jawline.


I’ve been pigging out a bit of late and have noticed it for myself that my face has been looking rounder (especially in Bali photos, woe…). Whenever I start putting on weight on the face, it usually starts to show there first – little pockets around my jawline – and it’s most evident when I smile.


So for the Ultrasound step, the therapist focused primarily along my jawline.


The Ultrasound step isn’t painful and all you’ll feel is some heat along the skin. It isn’t prickling either, just warm, but if anything I found the noise it made to be more of a discomfort because of the high-pitched frequency.


I’m the sort that can’t stand two metallic objects grazing each other so… naturally that was a little gnawing to me but its a small problem compared to skin discomfort (which again, there was none).


Uni Polar Radio Frequency for Skin Lifting & Tightening! –

After the fat zapping procedure is the RF and I half expected the therapist to slather my entire face with vaseline given what I was used to with RF.

Most times the hand piece of the machine is warm and some gel is needed inbetween to lubricate and also cool off the skin but somehow, the RF hand piece used in this particular machine is really different.

The surprising thing is that this actually feels cool against the skin. I know, I was quite taken aback.


It doesn’t really transit to a warm surface through the course of the procedure either but rather a very odd thing happens such that while the device feels cool against the skin, but once it passes through, that particular area of the skin has this warm buzz to it.

It’s so fascinating really, yet the machine looks so ‘normal’ from pictures so I can’t quite explain it otherwise.


Your entire face feels like its emanating this heat and seems warm and flushed at the same time (like blood circulation going on) yet nothing feels hot and I’m not even sure where the heat is coming from.


Apart from following the contours of the face with the machine’s hand piece, the therapist had also focused around the eye contours to get some lifting and firming done there as well.



After having completed half the face, I was provided a mirror to see the difference (on the side that is done and the side that isn’t) and while the effects really aren’t as drastic because I have been quite good with maintaining my skin with treatments these days, the ‘After’ side does look perkier overall and my cheeks are definitely more lifted.


Your left = AFTER / Your right = BEFORE

I think if anything, RF wears off at my cheeks first compared to anywhere else of the face.

The contours are definitely firmer too and while it’s not the most evident in photographs but the lifted contour and bouncier skin effect is definitely more noticeable in person.


Hydrating Mask to Cool Off –

Cooling off the skin after both procedures, the therapist placed a hydrating face mask on me (as well as informed me to remember to hydrate my skin more after these treatments) and left me to relax in the room for a couple of minutes.



Some After Snaps (and Comparisons) –


So, as I had said earlier I think I’ve been quite good about maintaining my skin these days with the many treatments I have been going for, inclusive of continual RF maintenance, lasers and all that so frankly speaking I’m not going to expect a world of a difference with these pictures.

The key difference really is just a more lifted and firmer cheek high point and also my jawline being a little more defined with the bits of fat residing there being zapped away.

The marketing lady from Clear SK, Shermaine, had also mentioned that my issues were quite trivial and those who benefited most from the V Face Shaper treatment are those with more pronounced skin sagging / double chin issues.

Though for the rest of us, it helps to zap away those little small pouches of fats hiding along our jawline or unwanted parts of our face (cause fats in the wrong area is not gonna look cute) that makes our face shape appear rounder than we would like.

That is also where I found the most difference, not straight out in these Before After images (though there are differences) but rather in real life when I put my hands to my cheeks / jaw or when I’m taking pictures. It seems like there isn’t that much of a need to angle my face for a more pronounced jawline now.

So, speaking of Before and After, let’s have a look at the 3 angles of them!


Angling of my face was a bit off but the skin does look overall lifted and brightened!



The cheeks are noticeable lifted and ‘plumped’ up for a more youthful look!



The jawline contour fat-zapping is most obvious from this angle (maybe I have more fats there, hurhur)


It’s not that obvious, really, that people will be able to tell that you’ve done something but I’ve had a colleague ask (the day after my treatment) if I had lost weight since my face looks slimmer.


Cheap thrill, right?

Shermaine also noted that somehow my skin appeared brighter and fairer (almost) after the treatment though it wasn’t something that the treatment itself is targeted at doing. My only reason is perhaps the hydration from the mask and also glow / radiance from stimulating the skin’s collagen production during the RF procedure.


Unfortunately, as with noninvasive procedures and RF, the results are not permanent and if you’re visiting for the first few times, you will be recommended to come quite frequently so you can reach the desired face shape, after which maintenance would be the key.


While I’ve done many RFs, I think I haven’t quite touched on a treatment to help zap and work away at chubbiness in the face as well as sagging jowls and double chins so if these are your concerns then maybe it’s worth a look dropping by Clear SK and trying their V Face Shaper treatment out!

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GIVEAWAY! – Free V Face Shaper For the First 20!

In the joyous mood of Chinese New Year, ClearSK is offering 20 readers a FREE V Face Shaper treatment!

It is incredibly generous of them and all you have to do is fill up this form (and select V Face Shaper at the last option, OR the cellulite buster should you want that) and hit submit! If you’re amongst the first 20 to have submitted, Clear SK will contact you with regards on how to claim your voucher.

Disclaimer: I have no access to that form and contact / selections are made from Clear SK’s end :)


Thanks for reading!

Clear SK’s V Face Shaper retails for S$220 per session but they are offering S$98 for a trial session! Redeem that over here (scroll down)!

Clear SK Medi + Skincare is located at Velocity, Westgate & Yishun (locations here).

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Zap Cellulite (On Tummy or Thighs) with Clear SK’s Cellulite Buster Treatment – Quick & Pain-free!

To put this in the context of time, I popped by ClearSK the day after my return from Bali and what better way to ease myself back into work and the grind than an indulgent face and body pampering treatment, yes?


I’m putting this up a little belatedly (as with all my posts to come) because I’ve been busy clearing up at work – last few days and all – so don’t mind me and my backlog here! I’ll be splitting my ClearSK treatments up into 2 entries, this one about the body cellulite treatment and I’ll talk about my facial session in another post that is coming right up!

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner why not have some double happiness (shuang xi, a chinese term for the auspicious mood), right? Ha

Plus in another auspicious / joyous angle of Chinese New Year, I have 20 free Cellulite Buster sessions up for grabs so read on till the end!


Now… cellulite is a thing that plagues a lot of us and while the skinny ones may be able to shun from the obvious look of cellulite, it’s still something that they’re not spared from. Those cursed dimples on the thighs once you’re seated *shakes first*.

There are a couple of remedies floating around like dry brushing and also a multitude of products that you can use though none that I’ve really taken to because of how sensitive my skin (especially my legs) is due to another cursed condition, eczema.

While it seems like cellulite isn’t something most people pursue to fix first – it’s usually always hair and face pamper or body massages, yes? – it is something that imminently comes to mind when we’re faced with the situation of having to don a swimsuit or perhaps dying to fit into that mini skirt / shorts / dress.

While there are many listed causes to cellulite, it is usually a combination of factors such as the lack of exercise, excess intake of toxins (from ahem eating junkfood, especially over Chinese New Year…), and just the continual build up of fat under the skin.

So, while most may have the impression that Cellulite treatments come with a little discomfort and perhaps those with sensitive skin, like I have, may think that such body treatments will aggravate the skin too much, I’m actually happy to share that my experience with Clear SK’s Cellulite Buster was quick, enjoyable and my eczema didn’t feel aggravated after either!


I know it’s a whole lot of words here but there really isn’t much to show (without it being TMI) so I’ll run through the treatment with more words and if you’re interested I hope it’s helpful enough!

The Cellulite Buster treatment over at Clear SK mainly uses one machine – the Velashape II.


This machine is quite awesome in that it combines 3 different modes of treatment in each pass:

  • There is a bi-polar RF which helps to tighten and lift the skin
  • Infrared to help zap and shrink fat cells / fat cell chambers to lessen that dimpled effect you get with cellulite
  • Lastly as the machine runs over your body there’s a suction sensation from the vacuum and mechanical massage which helps to stimulate your body’s lymphatic system and increase metabolism of the fatty layer to promote shrinkage of the fat cells.

This movement of the massage along with the warmth of the RF and infrared treatment also increases the blood circulation and also stirs collagen production so the idea of this whole treatment is to target, zap and sap the fatty cells while toning your skin up through RF and maintaining that toned appearance with collagen production.


Image courtesy of Google, not me again

While it sounds like a lot is going on during the session, what you’ll be required to do is simply lie there while the therapist rolls the device’s head over your problem areas. Depending on the severity of your concern, the treatment typically lasts 10 minutes per body part.


My concern was how I had cellulite along the back of my thighs and a little around the bum portion so each thigh / bum portion received 10 minutes of attention from the machine and in all the procedure itself only took 20 minutes.

I felt no pain or discomfort, in fact the suction / massage of the device rolling across the skin feels quite enjoyable. If anything, I almost felt a little sadistic and glad because it really seemed as if those icky cellulite fats were being sucked out but of course it’s not done so literally since this is a non-invasive procedure.

Grey Divider

After the quick session was done, I was left to change back to my clothes – super duper quick really – and I took the change to really check out my pins.

Of course with one session you’re not going to see anything life-changing but I did feel like my thigh area seemed a little firmer and the dimples are definitely less present.

Cue mandatory squeezing thigh picture but really, the lifted feeling is more evident for yourself and when seen in person.


Of course if I sit a certain way there are still shadows of some of them but treatments like these do take continual maintenance especially because cellulite is recurring. No matter how much you’ve gotten rid of it the first time, its bound to creep back over time.

This cursed thing, cellulite!

While the treatment itself wasn’t painful, I did find myself with some light bruises over certain areas of my thighs when I got home. I bruise quite easily but it’s still worth noting so try not to the this treatment right before a big day, less you’ll get bruises over your thighs / problem areas!


So, that’s all said and done and let me leave you with a shot I don’t typically take of myself cause it’s so over the top, mildly TMI and frankly it doesn’t really show much either but… whatever, too many words so I gotta throw up a picture, right?


I’m definitely glad to have been introduced to this treatment and glad to know that there is such a quick, easy and relaxing method at zapping away at cellulite. While I still believe there are things we can do for ourselves to fight cellulite – like exercising and eating cleaner – they don’t prevent it entirely as well so it’s nice to know that we have this ‘aesthetic’ option to give us a helping hand and immediate boost!

What’s more after all the sinful feasting and snacking over Chinese New Year, it’s good to give your skin a little tightening and zapping to rid that sluggishnes and feel afresh!

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GIVEAWAY! – Free Cellulite Buster For the First 20!

In the joyous mood of Chinese New Year, ClearSK is offering 20 readers a FREE Cellulite Buster treatment!

It is incredibly generous of them and all you have to do is fill up this form (and select Cellulite Buster at the last option, OR the facial should you want that) and hit submit! If you’re amongst the first 20 to have submitted, Clear SK will contact you with regards on how to claim your voucher.

Disclaimer: I have no access to that form and contact / selections are made from Clear SK’s end :)


Thanks for reading!

Clear SK’s Cellulite Buster Treatment is available at S$340 per session or S$1458 for a package of 6 (pricing as of this date).

Visit this page for a list of Clear SK’s locations!

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New & Upcoming From Shu Uemura – Laque Supreme Swatches, Glow Creator Low-down & That Stunning Shu:palette!

Hello you guys!

I’ve got another rambly little update for you and this time it’s for Shu Uemura.

The preview wasn’t an extensive one and you know how when faced with a whole load of new and upcoming products you just get so focused on learning about it and playing with it that you forget to snap everything?

Yeah… that seems to happen to me quite often during previews. Though nonetheless, I still managed some shots of the new and upcoming stuff to Shu Uemura! I’m pretty excited about these Spring releases and I think it’ll interest some of you too!

I’ll be receiving some pieces from Shu Uemura at a later date so, you know the drill, I’ll have more information and pictures of those pieces to come.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at this brief and (I’m assuming) rambly overview!


Laque Supreme

Starting with something that is already out, the Laque Supreme, which will be added to Shu Uemura’s permanent line up of lip arsenals.


Off-hand, before I delve into press information about the product, my first impression and thought of it would be whipped, glossy and creamy all at the same time.

While there are some similar products out there looking to transcend the borders between a lipstick, lipgloss, lip lacquer and all (Dior Fluid Stick, YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush and maybe Lancôme Lip Lover, I’m looking at you), I think there’s a place in the makeup universe for all of hybrid formulas that brands seem to be coming up with.

I want to say that the Laque Supreme immediately reminded me of the YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush, which it sorta does in that mildly whipped consistency, but yet it isn’t the same thing at all.





Firstly the Laque Supremes are solely made for lip use and while they have that lightweight, creamy colored whipped thing going on, these do actually lay down a pretty mean color stain! Unlike YSL which mostly wipes away, save for the few stronger shades.


The Laque Supremes are quite intriguing and I’ve only had a go at it on the lips one time so far (swatches on the hands otherwise) and it starts out as this cool, lightweight and part glossy part creamy texture but once on the lips, it actually starts to set and that milky light color does deepen.

Hence I will recommend that you try out the color you hone in on on your lips first before deciding.





During that one occasion I tried this on, I applied it prior to a meal and allowed it a little while to set before I got started eating and even after, I noticed that the color was still evident on my lips. Though I did try a rather neutral shade so I can’t say to what extent did the color remain untouched but I’ll give you a proper review once I get my pieces!

Though long story short, there’s a good amount of variety across the 15 shades that are launched and while the range is pigmented I believe there are a few pieces (was it 3, or 5?) that are Limited Edition shades. I know one of which is the rich deep wine shade (WN1) but otherwise, I’m not sure of the rest.

I’ll update about this again but if anything, this is currently available so do head down to check it out!


Glow Creators

Next up would be the glow creators!


I know cream glow products doesn’t interest everyone but I will add that this seems to be the latest makeup trend, not that glow was ever out of trend, with brands putting out fresh glowy looks on the runway this season by not only using targeted highlighters but also mixing in glow boosting creams into foundations and dabbing even more to the high points just before the models hit the stage.

Glow can be risky business but I think these days brands are trying to make glow boosting creams a no brainer to use by allowing the finish to look natural yet the shine to still be dewy and bright!

I think amongst the glow boosting creams I’m a little obsesssed with right now, Shu Uemura’s Glow Creators seem to be of a more obvious and higher shine but it could also be due to me blending out a generous dollop across a small surface on my hand so… we’ll have to see how this performs on the face once I have it!

The Glow Creators will be available in 2 shades – Warm Glow and I can’t quite recall the other… Oops. I believe it’s Cool Glow? But basically the difference in the shades would be the color of the shimmers within with Warm Glow obviously lending a soft golden touch while the Other Glow gives a more porcelain radiant finish (more silver).


Don’t mind the stains the Laque Supreme had left on my hands…


Both are equally lovely and I’m sure when used in miniscule amounts across the face you may not see a huge difference in tone but I’m guessing most of us will ultimately reach for Warm Glow (unless you’re fair or mildly pink-toned, the other would be more suited) so that could be the most popular one once this launches!

I can’t wait to try this out on my face and showcase that since the swatches above doesn’t show the product in its full glory since it was blended out on a small surface area hence it looks quite concentrated and a little ‘much’.


Shu:palette – Exquisite Neutral Artist Palette!

Now this last one I am most excited about and also beating myself up a little for as I didn’t get to swatch all the shades involved for a thorough showcase but… if anything, all the shades within this Shu:palette are Permanent so I guess you can go check out the shades in the meanwhile if you’re contemplating it.


So… if all the shades are permanent, why bother with this palette, right?

Well, because it’s incredibly good value for money given the full-sized shadow pans within and it is also a really well curated neutral palette with a mix of textures, tones and depths. I know its impossible to have us just stick to one neutral palette our whole lives but if somehow you need to make that call, I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets the most picks.




The formula and pigmentation of the shadows are beautiful and quality isn’t compromised at all. The case itself feels sturdy enough, a little thin for my liking, but it looks like it should be able to hold its own should you bring it traveling.


There’s also a synthetic dual-ended brush within, Shu Uemura’s very first dual-ended brush, which works great with picking up colors as well so that could be handy on the go.



In all, I think this palette is one to look out for because of how stunning it is and you can never go wrong with browns, right? I’m pass the point of questioning why we need so many brown / neutral palettes in our lives but somehow we just do, right?


Sadly this will be Limited Edition though knowing the anticipation for this palette, Shu Uemura will start a reservations list a little closer to launch date (1st March 2015, ideally) but I’ll keep you guys posted!

I know I’m looking forward to get my hands on this, are you?

It will retail for S$160 which works out to be S$10 an eyeshadow and that’s not even considering the brush involved and the palette casing as well. I really think it’s not too bad!


So phew, there you go!

There are a couple more lowdowns that we got through the cozy gathering we had with Shu Uemura but I didn’t snap a picture of said collections so I didn’t bother giving much of a mention here though I’ll have some of those products coming in and I think I’ll save my words for the dedicated entry to come!

I think you’ve read quite a lot here already so I’ll let you go for now!

How’s everyone doing? All packed and set for Chinese New Year already? It feels like its happening so fast I haven’t even had time to properly get my things sorted, eeps!

I’m in the midst of a mini relocation (well, from my office desk of 2 plus years back home) and whatnot so I’m assuming that my blogging timelines are going to get a little delayed due to this change. It’s minor but there’s file transferring to and fro so my computer back at home is going to get a little messy for a bit so blogging may take a back seat meanwhile. And maybe an even further backseat once New Job starts… sigh.

We’ll see how it goes, alright?

Thanks for reading!

Nourish Your Hair & Scalp at Immortelle Atelier – Moroccan Oil Scalp & Hair Mask Treatment

Oops, this post has been a little long overdue and pushed back due to newer mentions but here I am finally getting it up!

Also, this was from January before all the recent face contour refining, lifting and slight cheek chubs zapping procedures (which I need to talk about soon too) and while editing these pictures I did notice that my face is noticeably fleshier (especially around the jaw) compared to the more recent shots of myself – instagram is a good recent reference.

I knew the recent treatments were doing good to define my jaw for a sharper contour but I never really noticed how much fleshier they used to be when I’m not angling proper for a selfie.

So anyway, back to this!


This trip to Immortelle isn’t the usual facial stuff that I do but rather shifting the focus to my hair and trying out their new Moroccan Oil hair pampering treatment!

As with my first entry about Immortelle Atelier, I have shared that apart from facial treatments, they provide hair treatments, services, and even make overs as well!

It’s a pretty well-rounded boutique where you can come by to get some pampering done and if you happen to have a big event to go to after, why not engage their make over services to show up with immaculately styled hair and an all done up face!


So anyway, about this trip, the hair treatment I was scheduled for – the Moroccan Oil Scalp and Hair Mask Treatment – is a really simple one.

The therapist explained that for the most part this is something you can do in the comfort of your own home though a good reason why you should still come down to Immortelle Atelier to have it done is because it’s definitely more pampering since it includes massages, hair washes and even hair styling after.

He mentioned that doing it at home is an important maintenance since no one is going to visit the salon every other day or every single week (unless you’re got time on your hands then, I envy you!). So while an indulgent (and more thorough) pamper is good, don’t forget that it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on!

Though I’ll admit that I can hardly find the time to do such upkeep myself at home, heh!

That said, let’s have a look at the quick hair pampering treatment!


The Hair Check –

The first thing the therapist did was to access my hair and scalp conditions to see what needs to be tweaked or done for my hair.


He noted that my scalp was actually pretty average and healthy, no real concerns to it (despite all those bleaching sessions, heh) but he was a little horrified at how bad my hair ends were.


Considering the new growth seemed decent and all was well he was a little taken aback by the split ends and knots there but I did inform him that I had a little stint with bleaching about a year ago so… that’s probably it.


Nourishing the Scalp –

After the assessment we began the session with some scalp nourishing.


To aid this, they used Moroccan Oil and the particular one used was infused with lavender so it lends a soothing waft that thankfully isn’t choking. I’m quite fussy where lavender scents are concerned and I will say this one isn’t too cloying and is relaxing enough.


The oil was carefully dropper-ed to sections of the scalp and gently massaged in first.



After the therapist was done covering all sections and areas, he proceeded to do an incredibly relaxing head / scalp and neck / shoulder massage.


As I had mentioned to him, if the chair were a little more reclined a la a massage chair I would have totally fallen asleep. Nevertheless, it was a very thorough and relaxing massage especially when it comes to scalp massages it’s so hard to find a good and thorough one out there.


After the massage, where the Moroccan Oil would have been properly distributed and massaged in by now, my hair was left to sit for about 10 minutes or so to let it condition my scalp and roots before I was asked to rinse it off.



Hair Masking & More Moroccan Oil! –

After rinsing the oil off, the next step is a hair mask meant to coat and condition your hair so that it repairs itself and feels ultra soft and smooth after.


A little dose of Moroccan Oil is also thrown in there to help give hair that silky finish and brilliant shine. Now I didn’t explain much of Moroccan Oil earlier because its quite a household name where beauty terms are concerned but for those who aren’t that in the loop of it, Moroccan Oil made a buzz in the beauty realm thanks to its light yet very nourishing texture.

It is well loved by stylists and beauticians for the fact that it is versatile and also effective in giving your hair a softer texture, a shinier finish.

The mask that was being used on me is by a brand called Caviar and this specific mask is high in protein (if I remember right) and it helps to repair damaged hair and also replenish the moisture and softness that is lost.

In all, everything is bringing me that one big step closer to having healthy bouncy hair once more! Something I never knew that I missed until I was presented with it once more.


After seeing the dire state of my hair ends, the therapist very generously spammed the Moroccan Oil dosage within the hair treatment and given how lightweight and easily absorbed Moroccan Oil is, I wasn’t worried about my hair feeling too heavy or oily after.


Once the mask was applied, it was left to sit for another 10 minutes before I had to rinse it off.


This time I don’t believe there was any shampoo-ing involved, just a thorough rinse off of the hair mask and I was sent back to the chair.


Finishing Touches & Styling! –

Now for some finishing touches, while my hair was still damp, the therapist attentively dropper-ed on some treatment for my scalp.


The treatment he had used is also by the brand Caviar and this particular treatment is great for fragile hair, in my case, and also for thinning hair since the Red Clover ingredient within boosts hair growth.

I searched up on it while doing this post and apparently it’s quite an intensive hair serum/oil of sorts that feels incredibly lightweight at the same time.


After the finishing touches were added, the therapist proceeded on with styling and asked if I had a recommend style or preferred look in mind.


I mentioned I liked some volume in my hair but otherwise, I want my hair to look effortless and natural – you know curving in all the right places, flowy but yet still bouncy?



The sort of natural that eludes people to thinking you woke up with perfect hair when in truth, a 30 minute blow dry styling session (because my hair is a tough one to blow-dry) was the cause of it.



Styled & Pampered, Rounding It Up –

While I didn’t request for any particular extravagant hairstyle to test his styling ability, I think capturing the right amount of natural and styled especially for hair my length can be a bit tricky – you want it to curl in like a natural wave (which frankly isn’t something that occurs naturally) yet prevent it from looking retro as well.

The therapist managed to nail that natural wavey look for hair my length, and I repeat this because this in-between length isn’t something you can just take a hair curler to else it’ll end up looking dated, and managed to give me that soft fluffy hair look with an effortless bounce.



I loved it and felt a bit of a pity that I’m only grabbing dinner after this session but I made sure to do a hair flip and toss whenever possible because my hair looked, felt and smelt so incredible.


I definitely walked out feeling like a million bucks after and the noticeable improve of texture in my hair was nice as well. Granted everything feels softer and better after a pamper, it’s nice to run my hands through my hair and feel it being silky smooth instead of straw-like and tangled.

Primarily at the ends which always tangles because they were so intensely bleached from before.


So rounding it up, it’s an indulgent treatment and not everyone has the time and thought to indulge yourself in a hair treatment all the time but if you’re looking for that extra pamper be it for a special occasion (like date night, Valentines day or just a fun girls night out) or perhaps doing some last minute prep for Chinese New Year then I think splurging time and moolah on some hair treatments sounds like a pretty valid thing to do!

I think that often times we put a lot of emphasis on our skin (and I’ll admit I’m guilty of it too) with treatments that sometimes we forget that refreshing and pampering your hair can do a lot for your look too!

The Moroccan Oil Scalp & Hair Treatment has a promo now – 3 sessions for S$220 (UP S$360)

If you want to do a scalp treatment ONLY, it is – 3 sessions for S$165 (UP S$225)

Please book an appointment at Immortelle Atelier via their webform.

Immortelle Atelier is located at 101 Thomson Rd #02-08B, United Square Mall

Thanks for reading!

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